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Tom and Jared, Part 1

By ChrisBo

submitted October 28, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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One hot August morning, Tom Welling had gone to a coffee shop before he had to get to the studio for the "Smallville" filming. He got a large cup of coffee with sugar and creamer and went on to work. That evening, when they'd finished filming, Tom ran into Jared Padalecki outside. Tom and Jared were great friends and had been since filming "Cheaper by the Dozen".

"Hey, Tom. How's everything going?" Jared asked.

"Fine, I'm just a little tired now. I'm about ready to go to the apartment and shower and rest".

Jared said, "Cool. Hey, I just got a brand new ATV. It's really nice. Wanna see it?"

"Sure", Tom said. Jared had bought a nice, new Honda Rancher. Tom sat on it and started it up. He revved the motor a few times and then shut it off. "This is nice. Where'd you get it?" Tom wondered. Jared told him that he got it from a place in San Antonio, TX. and had it shipped there. He was thinking about riding it on some ATV trails in the countryside.

Tom said, "Well, would you like to come up and hang out for a bit? Jamie isn't there and I get bored and lonely and would like company sometimes."

Jared said, "Sure, just let me put my machine up and I'll be there in a few." Jared started the engine and didn't notice Tom slipping around behind the ATV. Tom's shirt was unbuttoned and sweat was glistening off his awesome six-pack and a trail of it ran into his bellybutton and back down into his jeans. Jared shifted into first gear and when he pressed the gas, Tom suddenly picked up on the back end of the ATV and stood there holding it back.

At first, Jared wondered why he wasn't going anywhere and then he looked back and saw Tom standing there holding him back and grinning with that cute little boyish grin that he had. Jared tapped on the gas and the ATV just kept spinning its wheels helplessly as Tom stood there lifting it. Finally, Tom eased it down and the tires made a squealing noise on the asphalt. When Tom let go, there were two black spin marks and Tom laughed.

Jared said, "Do it again. That was cool." So Tom did. Jared sat there spinning and staring at Tom's bellybutton and six-pack and noticed that Tom's left nipple was showing too. Jared's cock stiffened as he watched Tom's ab muscles flexing and heard the tires squealing and motor revving. Then Tom put him back down and Jared went on to put up his cycle.

Tom stepped out of the shower and had his towel wrapped around his waist when Jared knocked on the apartment door. Tom answered and Jared came in. "Hey, you want a beer or something to eat?" Tom asked.

"Michael cooked some barbeque the other day and it is slammin'!"

Jared said, "Sure, but only if you have enough. I don't want to put you out or anything."

Tom snickered and said, "Well, if there wasn't enough, I wouldn't offer any."

Jared chuckled and went into the kitchen to get some food. As Jared ate, Tom went into his bedroom and put on a pair of gym shorts and decided that they were good enough, since it was still hot and the ceiling fan only seemed to circulate the heat. "I've got to remember to notify the maintenance dept. about putting some more Freon in the A/C", he thought. When Tom came out, Jared was sucking some barbeque sauce off a piece of sausage. Tom watched Jared take the sausage and push it back and forth through his lips. Tom felt himself getting hard. Jared had also taken a whole six pack of beer from Tom's fridge and drank it down.

Tom lay on his back on the bed and Jared came over and plopped down beside him. "You ever think about foolin' around?" Jared asked him.

"No, I haven't", Tom said uncomfortably. Jared said, "Man, I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's just that you made me horny earlier when you were holding my ATV back with your shirt opened. I liked seeing your abs and chest muscles flexing while you did it." Tom said,

"Well, I got a little horny watching you eat that sausage. It made me wonder what it would feel like if you did that to my dick."

Jared was quiet for a minute and then looked into Tom's eyes and said," I'm willing to find out if you are." Tom said, "Okay." So, Jared straddled Tom's hips and started playing with Tom's nipples, circling them with his thumbs and thumping them playfully. Tom felt his cock growing harder and stiffer each second. Then Jared leaned down and kissed Tom's nipples and licked on them for a few minutes and then began kissing each ripple in Tom's abs.

Tom, meanwhile, started tugging at the buttons on Jared's shirt and opening them to reveal a sexy six-pack and nice chest. Tom ran his fingers over Jared's abs and into Jared's bellybutton and then played with Jared's nipples. Jared kissed Tom's bellybutton and licked in it a few times and then he started feeling Tom's massive cock. Tom moaned and writhed a bit as a wet spot formed on the front of his shorts. Tom was unzipping Jared's pants and Jared's 10 inch shaft fell onto Tom's belly with a thud. Tom licked his hand and rubbed his belly with it and Jared began running his cock over Tom's belly, humping him.

Tom wrapped his thick, muscular arms around Jared and whispered, "I'm gonna hold you just like I did your ATV." Jared giggled and kept humping Tom's belly. Then Tom stopped him for a minute and stuck the head of Jared's cock into his bellybutton and Jared humped Tom's navel for a minute. Then Jared got off of Tom's belly and started licking Tom's dick like a sucker, up and down, and then sucking the head of it. Tom's toes curled and his legs were tense.

Jared deep-throated Tom and kept sucking his huge cock. Tom had taken hold of Jared's dick and was pulling on it and stroking it. Jared tasted Tom's precum and started jerking Tom off and Tom shot a huge load of cum all over his belly and chest and then Jared licked it off and laid back. Tom got on Jared's belly and humped for a bit and then sucked Jared's cock. Tom pressed his thumb into Jared's navel and Jared lay there, getting wetter and stiffer. Tom sucked Jared so hard that when Jared came, the first 3 squirts went down Tom's throat and then Tom finished him by jerking him off.

Then they laid in the bed holding each other, Tom laying there with his head on Jared's chest and kissing his nipple a little bit. Then they drifted off to sleep.

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