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A Hot Night With Matt and Jeff Hardy

By hardyluva2006

submitted November 2, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy, Wrestling

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on a cold night, i went to a wrestling event and i got backstage passes. i was soo excitied cause i finally got to meet my idol, jeff hardy. after the event, i went backstage and i saw that no one was in jeff's locker room. i walked and waited for him and i heard the shower running. when i did, i decided to...look around. i saw his closest and i saw his clothes....he had Kikwear, Tripp, and alot of great clothes. then i saw his boxers on the ground and i picked them up and took a quick sniff....they smelled of sweat and cum. this got me really turned on and i instantly grew hard. i was rubbing my 8 incher then the water stopped. i heard 2 voices in the shower and i dropped the boxers and sat back down as if nothing happened, but i was still hard! then i saw not only jeff but i saw matt too!!! when they came out, they had their towels wrapped around their waists....this turned me on even more!

"hey dude, what are you doing in here?" jeff said to me.

"uh......i'm a fan of yours and i have a backstage pass to meet you" i said

"thats not all you have" matt said to me, looking at my rapidly growin hard on

"oh....um....i was just.....uh"

"its okay, dude. you were sniffing my boxers" jeff said

i immediatly started getting embarassed and they both started walking towards me.

"we know you like us" matt said

"yeah....its okay....we just wanna have.....fun.....with you" jeff said

"arent you two straight?" i said

"yeah but we're on road and we have no time to see our chicks.....so.......we want you" jeff said as he was ripping my shirt off.

my heart was racing!! is this for real? is this a dream?

they both took off my pants and boxers and exposed my thick, hard 8 inch cock.

"damn, jeff....he's liking this!!! he'd be perfect as our bitch" matt said while he was rubbing my nipples with his fingers.

"you want that, bitch boy?" jeff said

while i was moaning, i was saying: "ohhh matt.....jeff....make me your dirty little bitch......oohhh yes......make me your cum slut"

having said that they both bent me over.....i was sucking matts cock through his towel and jeff spread my asscheeks apart and started fingering my hole. matt was moaning and as soon as jeff stuck his fingers in me i let out a huge moan...

"yeah bitch, you like that?" jeff said

"ohhh god jeff! please dont stop..aaahhh.....oh god that feels so fucking good" i said. matt took off his towel to show me his 9 inch cock. he shoved it all the way down my throat and i started to gag and choke on his dick..

"yeah bitch....choke on this fat dick...mmm"

just then, jeff took off his towel and shoved his 8 1/2 inch cock in my ass without no lube or condom. tears were comming down my face as jeff pounded my tight asshole with his throbbing cock.

"hey jeff, his mouth feels like a bitch's pussy" matt said...shoving his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth. his balls were slapping against my chin and jeff's were slapping against my ass cheeks....

"yeah? well then i'll have to check out his mouth later then" jeff replied

"switch!" matt said

they both fucked me really hard...i can see why their last names are hardy...