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Rural Delights

By jaap

submitted November 6, 2006

Categories: Sex On The Ranch

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My friend Erwin had invited me to the farm of his parents, who were away for a whole fortnight! Only his friend, a well built boy of about 22, was present. We had to do some farm work but the time left was long enough. Bored by the TV and telling stories, we thought about another game: sex. Marco said: 'Let's have some fun and do some heavy fucking'. I at the age of 20 was still a virgin but I had heard from Erwin who was four years my senior, about his many adventures with other men and was quite curious to have other males fuck me.

Okay, said Erwin, but we Rick (meaning me) has to agree and will lose his virginity. Well, I thought, it has to happen some day and why not here with those well built and horny friends. So I said that it seemed a wonderful idea.

All three of us had removed our shirts and showed a good tan and especially a wonderful torso. You could see the bobble in the trousers of Erwin become bigger and bigger. Marco had a very small swim slip that covered almost nothing and I had my jockstrap. The boys said that this was not only a game or an initiation but also an exam. Should I pass it then I could take every boy in the village to have sex with. That seemed fine by me.

We crossed the fields to find a secluded place to have sex. Erwin and Marco disposed of their last clothes and meanwhile continued to grow. Who first? they asked me. I preferred to give the first fucking to my friend Erwin. He stood behind Marco and slowly inserted his dick in the awaiting ass of the boy. Marco cried but Erwin put his hand over Marco's mouth. Faster and faster went his dick in the ass of his friend. He rammed it in and out and his victim slowly seemed to enjoy it. Fuck me harder, Marco cried, with your whole dick in me.

That gave Erwin the drive to ram his load into the other. He shot not once, but several times, and seemed relieved after his last shot. After that we had to toss who would be the active party in that second round.

Of course, I lost, and prepared myself to be fucked by Marco. But both boys said that I had to do part of the exam. They took me to a tree and bound me, my arms at a branch, the feet at to stones. First you will have tot be shaven said Marco who produced a large razor and soaped my dick and balls. I feared to be castrated but he only shaved my genitals. After that came my arms, legs and armpits. My wrist was also well done. They discussed shaving my head hair off, but I was saved by a friendly voice, who asked if I was the virgin to be fucked.

Erwin answered that today I was the slave whom everybody could fuck. Let me first ram him, said Brian. He threw his clothes away and showed powerful shoulders, a well developed chest and his treasury: a very long and thick dick. I asked myself: how can I take that load, but Brian was already inside me. I felt every thrust he made far in my ass. It gave me a lot of pain, but gradually I became accustomed to it. Brian was wonderful and fucked really well. But he was ready too soon. Meanwhile other men and boys had assembled round the tree. They were equally aroused and began playing with their dicks.

Okay, said Erwin: tomorrow we continue and then Rick will still be the slave to be fucked by everyone.

But I still had to pass the other parts of the exam.

To be continued