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Kinky Slave Story...Mansmells

By footmaster

submitted November 11, 2006

Categories: Discipline

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I come home from a long workout from the gym... I have Adidas sneakers, ankle length white socks, shorts and a t-shirt on. I sit down on the couch and my slave starts to worship my feet. I found him online and immediately made him my bitch, my slave... He is on the floor where he belongs... He asks, "Sir may I service your hot sweaty feet?"

"You better bitch" I say, with a smirk on my face.

He takes my sneakers off and sniffs them. They are rank from a sweaty day at the gym. The smell gets him hard but he is not allowed to touch himself. I then rub my sweaty socks in his face, shoving them in his mouth. He moans and begs for me... "Please sir give me your feet, I deserve to be on the floor with your feet"

So I stand up and he lies down on the floor. I stand above him and put my foot down on his face. For good measure I spit on him and remind him how much of a worthless slut he is.

I tell him enough, and we go back to the couch. He takes my socks off with his teeth, smelling my bare feet as he slides the socks off. He then starts licking and sucking on my toes, one by one. My feet stink. It turns him on.

He then moves up to my sweaty crotch…he sniffs my crotch and puts his mouth on my shorts where my dick is. I push him off, take my clothes off, and demand he lick my sweaty hairy asshole clean.

I sit on his face, rubbing my hole over his mouth and nose. He does this for a few minutes; I get bored with it and make him sniff my pits.

He buries his face in my rank pits. The smell even starts to turn me on. Then things get rough. I decide he's had enough, and since am bored, I’m pissed at him. He needs to learn how to service me like I want. So I smack him around a bit. I pull his hair and demand he call me sir. He obliges.

I shove my sweaty sock in his mouth. I get some rope and tie his hands behind his back. I spit on him... "Fucking slut, you don’t deserve to touch me at all... Faggot you will learn how to please your master."

He moans and I hear him beg me to punish him. I smack him, "again sir" I smack him again and again...

I push him down on the ground and I start smacking his butt. I stand over him and I shove my toe in his ass...loosen him up, then I ram a fat dildo, with NO lube, right up his ass. He screams…and I mean he screamed! So I take it out of his ass and make him lick all the ass juice off of it. I sit on his back and pull his head up by the hair. I spit in his face. I turn him around and cock smack him.

I bring him to my bed and spread his legs and ass apart. He is face down. I tell him that he needs to be fucked like the bitch he is. He is almost passed out from the beating I gave him. I then tell him I’ll rape him...which I know deep down he wants.

I shove my fat cock in his ass and I pound. And I pound. I tore his ass apart. I came on his face, threw him off my bed and went to sleep.

**fiction, but fun**