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Caught Naked in the Creek

By hitchcock

submitted November 14, 2006

Categories: Summer Adventures

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I loved to go to the local swimming hole in the summer. Always lots of local young guys jumping and hot-dogging off the awesome rope swing. I had done it a lot too, and was pretty good at it. The creek was pretty deep, and the tree that the rope was tied to leaned way over the creek about 50 feet up, so the swing "ride" was pretty far out and you could fly out and almost the whole way back, then drop into the creek at the deep spots. It was important NOT to drop into the creek in the shallow spots. THAT hurts a lot. The bank up from the water's edge was pretty steep, and so to get back up to the swing after jumping you had to climb up a series of huge tree roots. It was best to jump with a buddy, so you could toss the rope back up to the next guy. Getting the rope back up alone was nearly impossible. At the top of the rope an old bike's handlebars were ties which made the grip a lot easier.

I was from out of state, attending college in this small town, and working over the summer on campus. This place was SO HOT in the summer. I was glad my campus job was air conditioned, but just walking back to my apartment I'd be drenched with sweat. Some college friends had told me about this great rope swing swimming hole in the creek that runs through campus, and showed me the trail to it, so when we were off work, we'd go there to cool off and practice our jumps.

One week my roommates were all gone for the week on a vacation trip, so I was alone after work, and decided to take an evening jog. I took the trail that would lead to the creek, hoping there'd be someone there so I could jump a little. I was wearing only my running shorts with a jock -- which I could easily also wear in the creek--and sneakers, of course. By the time I got to the swimming hole I was sweating and very overheated. I could hardly wait to jump into the cool creek waters.

I paused as I came to a spot at the edge of the field, right at the top off the steep bank where the trail forked off, leading down to the water and the rope swing tree. I hear male voices and splashing, so I moved on. As I climbed down the steep bank I could hear young guys obviously enjoying the water and the rope swing. They were egging each other on, laughing and bragging about how far they would swing on the next jump. When I arrived at the bottom of the slope, where these guys were, they looked up and smiled and asked if I wanted a turn, so I did ... saying something about being really hot and sweaty from running. I only glanced quickly, not wanting to stare, but my impression was that there were three guys, possibly recent high school grads, maybe just off from working construction-type jobs, as they were wearing cut-off jeans and had greasy black smears on their hands. They were all barefooted, and standing there panting and excited to take the rope swing when it was their turn.

I climbed up the trunk's tree-fort-style steps to the second-to-top step, grabbed the rope swing's bike-handle-bars and launched off into the heat of the evening. As I swung outwards, I lifted my feet to the handle-bars and locked my knees over it and hung head-down and hands free for a moment as I swung back up the bank and out and over the water again. Switching back to the standard position quickly I saw the deep part and dropped, for a very refreshing splash in the creek.

When I resurfaced the guys on the bank were cheering. They acted like they had never seen such a stunt, so I tossed the rope up to the next guy in line and he tried it. He couldn't quite manage to get his feet up, so his "jump" was less than stellar. He did manage to split open the seam in the crotch of his shorts. He got back to the top of the slope, and in line to jump again. He was a few rungs down from where I had launched from, and I was next. I was standing right below him, and I looked up to check out how high he was, and there was his butt. He wasn't wearing underwear -- there was a huge hole in the seat of his shorts. It was only a quick glance, but his balls were clearly visible, and it turned me on! He launched away from the tree and dove.

I was next. I was hoping my rapidly growing bulge in my shorts wasn't so obvious as I took my turn. The shock of the cool water helped knock my raging boner back to semi-soft, so I took my time getting out of the creek. I climbed back up the bank to the jumpin-off spot.

When I got back in line, I was behind the guy they were calling Pig, and he was being teased because his shorts were too loose and starting to fall off. He had to keep pulling them back up. His pubes were dark, and the edge of the shorts was only being held from falling by his almost erect dick. I could also see his ass crack clearly as his pants slid down his hips and he jumped off the rope swing. His pants kept slipping down as he flew through the air, and by the time he got to the farthest part of his trajectory, the shorts were down to his knees, and he was flailing on the rope, desperately trying to keep them on, since his hands were locked on the handlebar. His balls and cock were flying around in front of us all. Rather than fall off and dive into the creek, he stayed on the rope, and swung up towards us instead. The guys were shouting madly at him to "take it off, take it all off" and laughing loudly as he swung out over the creek a second time. They tried to grab his shorts off from around his ankles as his swing brought him closer to us on the hill, but he was too far away.

This time he dropped off and hit the water, and as he fell the shorts came off the rest of the way. He came up laughing, and chasing his shorts that were now floating down the creek. As he waded over to the edge to climb up the swing again, he was holding his now shredded shorts, and he wasn't even trying to put them back on. The other guys were laughing so hard and mocking him for being naked and being so stupid, I felt sorry for him.

I said, "Why don't we all swing naked, then he won't feel so bad." I was up on my higher rung and was about to launch off the tree when I felt someone grab the waistband of my shorts. Pig was saying "Okay, you first!" as I dropped off the tree into the air. I left my shorts behind... and it felt great. I kept swinging like I always did, and tried not to let it phase me. I was now over the creek in just a jock strap, and the guys were hooting with glee.

When I climbed back up to the tree trunk the guys were still laughing, and wrestling back and forth in an apparent attempt to rip shorts of the other two guys who were still dressed. Before long all our shorts were in tatters and thrown into the creek, and my jock strap had been torn off me, and we were all naked. We decided to keep jumping, and it was great fun to do it naked. We had lost all inhibition. Before long I had a huge raging hardon.

I swung into the creek one last time and stayed on the far side of the creek, sitting with my legs and waist under water near the shore. I just watched them jump a while, while I rested, and tried to calm down my cock.

It soon got too dark to jump, and they discussed how they were going to make it back to their houses without their pants. They had shirts and socks and shoes in a pile a few yards away, and the car they had come in, so they piled their things into the trunk, and got in the car and drove off--still butt naked and laughing.

I swam back over the creek and climbed back up to the rope swing and jumped one more time alone, enjoying the freedom of a naked swim in the humid summer evening air, and realized I couldn't get the rope swing back to the top alone, so I was done. Then I remembered I would have to jog back to campus and to my apartment naked! It was almost pitch black now, so most of the way back was easy. I just ran in the shadows and made a mad dash to the door when I saw no one was nearby. It was so exciting to be outside in the nude and in a fairly public place. I was glad the roommates were all gone, so I stayed naked inside a while longer.

That night I jerked off to a new fantasy about skinny dipping with guys and cocks and diving, and that great feeling of water touching your whole body with no clothes in the way. I was already planning my next evening jog to the creek!

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