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Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty Parts 10 - 14

By blkjockTX

submitted November 27, 2006

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Interracial, S/M, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty Part 10

The drug run that Ty took turned out badly…he was caught by the cops speeding back into town with two kilos of cocaine and promptly locked up awaiting trial. So in the meantime Jason moved into his place, and apparently took over his cousin’s lucrative dope dealing business, as well as Ty’s girlfriend Tiffany.

I moved out of the bedroom in my mom’s place and into the small guest house in our backyard. It had only been a few weeks since the second encounter with Jason, and already I had been totally dick-whipped by him. He had a key to my place and it seemed as if he was constantly hanging there. What was unique was that when he was over we weren’t always fucking (although we did that a lot…we both were obsessed with each other); a lot of the time we just hung out, talking, watching TV, listening to music, playing cards…just enjoying each other’s company. I truly was falling in real love with him.

My days of being pimped out came to an end. Jason made it clear he wanted me all to himself, and I had no problem with the request. Instead, he put Tiffany to work in a strip club, which effectively kept her away from their joint most of the time, allowing him to hang with me. He told me that she was too nosy, so he began running his business from my place. He went through Ty’s stuff and retrieved all the flicks his cousin had made of me getting fucked by Ty and other dudes and destroyed all of them except for the one of me and Jason’s first time. Just like his freaky cousin, Jason liked to sit and watch the taped fuck session as he and I went at it.

It was early one morning after a lonely night alone in which I had worked my ass over with the vibrator Sam had bought me months ago. After taking a long hot shower, I was knocked out in my bed, naked under a thin sheet lying on my back. However, I slowly came out of my sleep as I felt something firm and long under the sheet probing my hole. “Uh,” I moaned as the wet object slowly entered me. It was a nice long finger gently working inside of me, and it felt good, making my boi cunt stir and begin to moisten. I stirred around, my eyes still shut as I was still halfway asleep, thinking I was experiencing an early morning wet dream. After a few seconds, the finger was withdrawn and replaced by a cold wet tongue that first licked all around the opening before plunging deep up in me.

“Ohhh,” I moaned aloud, my eyes still closed, but my legs spreading thanks to the good feelings the expert tongue had me experiencing.

Finally after several minutes of the rim job, which halfway thru became both a rim and good finger fucking, my dick was rock hard bouncing up and down on my stomach when suddenly it all stopped. The next thing I knew I felt the heat of a hard mushroom head dick slowly pushing into me, and then the full length of the rock solid dick swiftly penetrating me.

“Uhhh!” I cried out, my eyes jerking open and squinting from the early morning sun shining through the window.

“Take it baby,” Jason moaned as he grabbed my legs and forced them into the air opened wide, and then forcefully rammed his dick up inside me. “Give me my boi pussy.”

“Jason!” I gasped as he fucked me hard, making me lose my breath and then try to back away from him.

“Where you going baby?” he asked and grabbed by thighs and pulled me back onto his rod. “Don’t run from the dick baby. Yo’ nigga needs to bust a nutt, and I know that tight wet pussy wants this Miami nigga’s dick.”

I could smell alcohol on him, so I knew he had to be either drunk, high, or both. He picked up his pace and I almost cried. He hadn’t bothered to lube his giant piece and it was actually painful. Tears formed in my eyes. “Jason, please,” I begged him.

“Please what nigga?” he laughed and fell on top of me, forcing his dick all the way into me roughly. Without a pause he started humping into me, holding me by my head with both his hands as he licked my ear. “Take my dick in yo’s sweet ass pussy baby. Make me nutt like you always do. I need to shoot this cum so bad. Cry for me, baby. Pretend like you a little 14 year old virgin girl and I’m raping you. I wanna shoot my nutt up in that virgin pussy and get you pregnant. Can I do that little bitch?”

The pain by now was subsiding, and I nodded at his request. There was nothing I wouldn’t deny this man. I wrapped my longs legs around him and began to cry and whimper.

“That’s it baby,” he sighed and then started to pump me even harder. His dick began to bang my prostate, and my pleasure ride kicked in.

“Is daddy hurting you?” he breathed into my ear. “Is daddy hurting yo’ virgin girl pussy?”

I knew what he wanted to hear. “Yes sir,” I cried. “You’re making me feel so nasty.”

“Fuck yeah!” he yelled and then kissed me and rammed into me harder.

“Jason!” I screamed out and after he rammed me again, my dick shot straight up and unloaded a huge load of cum.

“That’s it you nasty little bitch,” he moaned and pulled out. “Open yo’ mouth!”

As soon as my lips parted he shoved his throbbing pole into my mouth and yelled as he nutted a bucket-full of thick cream down my throat. He pushed his dick all the way down my throat and rubbed my face in his pubes, then pulled out to allow a stream or two of cum to jet in my face and across my lips. Then he reached over to my nightstand, grabbed my vibrator, turned it on and shoved it up my ass.

It only took a second for me to shoot off again. “I love you Jason,” I sighed as sheer exhaustion overtook me. I was back asleep in seconds…


Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty 11 Ty's Dad

Jason took an extended trip back to Miami for a couple of weeks, but a new stud was living next door temporarily in Ty's house. It was Eddie, Ty's mechanic father who had just gotten out of prison on an assault charge. Eddie currently lacked employment, so he set up shop fixing cars under a tree in Ty's backyard. Thus I always had a perfect view from my bedroom window of Eddie daily works in the hot sun, most of the time shirtless. His body was like that of a Greek god, rippled with muscles and perfect form, and watching him made me hot.

It turned out that my mother and Ty's father had been classmates in high school, and she invited him over to eat dinner with us one night. I noticed during the course of the evening out of the corner of my eye that Eddie kept staring at me with a weird look and grin on his face, but I really paid it no attention.

So a week later it was another hot Texas afternoon. Before getting in the shower I had glanced out my bedroom window and admired the beautiful sight of Eddie working hard under the hood of an old car. I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard someone knocking on the front door. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and went to answer it.

I opened the door to a smiling Eddie. "What's going on lil' dude?" he grinned.

I inhaled deeply at the sight of him. He was wearing loose baggy blue jean overalls with no shirt underneath, muscles bulging. His caramel skin was glistening with sweat. I instantly moved my hands in front of my crotch, as my dick immediately swelled.

"Hey Eddie," I stuttered. "I just got out of the shower."

"So I see," he replied and then licked his sexy lips. "You wouldn't happen to have a cool drink for a hot ass nigga would you?"

"Sure," I nodded. "Come on in."

As he followed me inside and to the kitchen, I felt the unmistakable currents of sexual electricity flowing. I poured him a glass of lemonade and he sat down at the kitchen table.

"Let me go put on some clothes," I managed to say and quickly made an escape to my bedroom. As soon as I got there, I dropped my towel and started jacking my hard dick, my eyes closed and imagining Eddie's hot body naked.

"Looks like somebody is horny," I heard Eddie's voice say.

My eyes flew open to see him standing in the doorway rubbing a prominent bulge in the overalls. I was speechless, just standing there in front of him totally naked and clutching my still-hard dick.

"So check this out," Eddie said as he walked into the room. "I was sitting down in Ty's basement to watch some DVD's and there was one labeled BAD BOYS. So I pop it in expecting to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, but instead I see you getting fucked by my boy. Some wild shit, huh? You know I had some of the tightest holes ever when I was locked up, and from the way my boy had you moaning and cumming over and over it looks you as good as any bitch. So how's about you let me show you how a real black daddy fucks a tight ass pussy?"

By this time he was standing right in front of me, and he had already unbuckled his overalls. They fell to the floor to reveal his magnificent body. He wore no underwear, and his 9 inch dick was sticking straight out.

He put his strong hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. "Get on them knees and suck this big daddy dick boy," he demanded.

As soon as I came face-to-dick with his beautiful piece, which was nestled in the middle of a thick black bush, he grabbed his dick and shoved it into mouth. Without playing around, he immediately grabbed the back of my head with one hand and started face=fucking the hell out of me. Taken by surprise, I initially gagged as he rammed himself all the way down my throat.

"Suck this dick boy!" he yelled and rubbed my face all in his sweaty crotched.

After a few moments I got used to his pole and began to perform my usual oral magic. It didn't take long for me to have him moaning and leaking precum down my throat.

He went on face-fucking me for a good ten minutes before pulling out of my mouth. He slapped my face with his big hard sloppy wet dick. "Yeah, bitch,” he said and yanked me up off my knees. He pushed me up against the wall with my back to him. "Spread them cheeks. I'm about to plow yo' pussy ass."

He spit on his dick and down my crack and pinned my hands above my head on the wall. Before I could even prepare myself, I felt the hot throbbing head of his dick at the entrance to my ass, and in a split second he rammed half the rod into me.

"Aggh!" I cried out in pain, but he showed no mercy as he shoved the full length into my quivering hole. I felt my legs go weak and turn to jello, but he held me up and began to brutally fuck me against the wall.

"Shit boy!" he yelled as he bitch-fucked me so hard he knocked a picture off the wall. "This ass is tight as shit! C'mon and take this big black dick like a good little pussy boy!"

"Uh, uh, uh..." I moaned as the pain turned to intense pleasure. His dick filled me completely and instantly hit my hot spot. "Oh shit!" I yelled and my dick began to spray the wall with semen. My hole opened up considerably as my dick shot off, and Eddie responded by fucking me even harder.

"You bitch ass nigga!" he yelled as he sweated profusely all over me. "You gonna make me cum like a muthafucka!" He pulled his dick out and turned me around. "Get on yo' knees!"

He pushed me down in front of him and pointed his huge dick at my face. I didn't even have a chance to open my mouth before Eddie's dick began shooting stream after stream of thick semen all over my face. He forced it into my mouth, and it just went on shooting for what seemed like an eternity. There was so much cum that it flooded my throat and started pouring out of the corners of my mouth.

When he finally stopped cumming, he quickly pulled his overalls back on and smiled at me. "I'll be back for more," he promised and then was gone...


Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty, Part 12

Before Jason made it back to town, Eddie had royally fucked me daily, sometimes twice a day, for a straight week. Eddie always fucked me during the day, either in my bedroom or in the back of Ty’s mammoth Ford Excursion SUV that sat parked in Ty’s garage.

Eddie packed up and left for some job in Louisiana just days before Jason returned. Once my Miami thug was back, I had eyes only for him…

So my affair with Jason had been in effect for going on three months when one day he suddenly announced, after a hot fuck session on the floor of my bathroom, that he had to handle some business back in Miami and would be gone for two or three weeks…again.

"Before I leave I'm gonna take you for a weekend and give you something to remember," he told me the week before he was to leave.

The night before he left he took me to a Motel 6 on the other side of town and we got blitzed on over two 8 balls of crystal and a generous supply of poppers. He fucked me for two days straight with his hard dick, his wet tongue, and a new dildo and vibrator he had bought me. On the second night, with him so high he barely knew what his name was, he went out in the afternoon after fucking me and making me swallow a gallon of his cum. He came back a couple of hours later with a Frederick's of Hollywood bag and a big bag from Macy's. In his other hand he was carrying what I recognized as one of Ty's multiple digital camcorders.

I was laying on the king-size bed naked on my stomach watching a hardcore porno on the TV while taking steady hits of dope.

"I wanna do some freaky shit baby," he slurred as he opened the bag and began to throw the items in it on the bed next to me. First out of the Frederick's bag came two pair of crotch less silk panties, one pair white and the other red. The out of the Macy's bad came a short girl's dress that looked like a uniform for Catholic school, a pair of good girl white shoes, a pair of sexy stiletto heels, a selection of Cover Girl makeup, blood red ho heels, and white and black fishnets stockings.. "You wanna play dress up? Me and you gonna make our own little fuck film so I can take it with me to Miami and watch it while we have phone sex every night. Take this shit and go change. I want you to be a cheap hooker first."

"Okay," I replied simply, so high the only thing my eyes saw was his sexy body in baggy jeans and a tank top, the hard fucking between Mr. Marcus and some bitch on the TV, and the constant smoke coming from my pipe. When I tried to stand up, I stumbled and fell to the floor, and Jason laughed. He helped me up and to the bathroom.

"Yo' ass is so fucked up you are over and out!" he laughed and kissed me gently on the lips. "I bet that pussy is just buzzing now." He slapped me hard on my ass and left me in the bathroom.

It took me nearly an hour to transform myself into Monique the high class call, and I must admit that I looked pretty hot. I strutted out into the bedroom. Jason had transformed the room into the set for a porno, with hazy lighting and candles burning, a spotlight over the bed, and sexy music in the background. The camera was sitting above the bed.

He was sitting in a chair by the bed in only his Hilfiger red white and blue boxers, his dick hard and sticking straight up as he hit the pipe full of pure dope.

"Someone order a slut for the night?" I asked seductively as I slowly switched over to him. I was wearing only the stilettos, black fishnet stockings, and the red panties, along with some Slut Red lipstick. "I'm Monique, and I'm here to do whatever you want."

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout," he smiled, licking his full lips as he looked me up and down. "You a good ho? I need a bitch that can go all night, take all this dick without complaint and make a nigga nutt over and over."

I crawled up onto his lap and licked his face. "Daddy, when I get finished with you, you are going to want to pay ME. Now let me hit that pipe so we can get the good shit going."

"You got it ho," he replied and put the pipe between my lips. When he put the butane lighter to the bulb the fluffy white smoke instantly began to twirl in it, and I closed my eyes as I inhaled deeply.

I don't know how long I sucked on the pipe or how much crystal smoke I took in, because my vision was a total blur when I opened my eyes. I realized Jason was carrying me in his arms over to the bed, where he threw me down on my back. I barely made out that he was walking over and connecting wires from the camera to the TV, and turning on the camera. Moments later he was straddling my chest and forcing his precum leaking dick into my mouth while he hit the pipe at the same time.

I was so out of it as I royally sucked him that I must have blacked out. When my senses came back to me and I opened my eyes, my wrists were tied to the bedpost with the stockings. My legs were spread wide and Jason was eating the hell out of my ass while fingering it at the same time.

I looked over his broad shoulders at the TV and caught sight of the entire scene, and the sight made me moan out lustily and shoot a load off from my dick.

“You nutting again you nasty bitch?” he asked as he took a break from hosing my hole. “That’s the third time in a half hour, and all a nigga has done to you is face fuck you, finger you, eat you, and work that pussy with this dildo. Here, hit this.”

He shoved some poppers under my nose, and in seconds I was blown into another world again as I heard him switch on the vibrator.

It had to be at least a half hour later when my senses returned, and by this time Jason was on top had my legs in the air and spread wide as he slowly pushed his dick in and out of my quivering boi pussy. I was still wearing the crotch less panties, which by this time were soaking with the juices from my ass and the volumes of semen I had apparently been shooting off.

“Fuck me nigga,” I moaned and pushed my ass up on his dick. The feel of the stockings restraining my arms turned us both on even more. I was his total prisoner, his sex slave, and I was loving it, and him, so much I wanted to cry in joy. “Do whatever you want to me nigga and get that hard nutt.”

“You back with me now?” he asked and pushed his pipe deep into me until his big balls hit my ass cheeks, making me gasp and open my legs even wider. “Time to turn the freak level up.” With his manhood still ball deep inside me, he reached up and grabbed the lubed dildo that was on side of me and a fresh vial of poppers. “Take as big a hit as you can when I tell you to bitch,” he instructed as he took the top off the popper.

“Yes sir,” I slurred. A minute later he thrust the poppers under my nose and I took as much in as I could. As I was doing that, he quickly pulled his dick out up to the head and began to insert the dildo into me.

“Ohhh!” I moaned as he started slowly pushing both the dildo and his own dick into my stretched and sloppy wet man cunt at the same time.

“You like dat, huh my lil’ bitch?” he asked and then licked the side of my face as he continued to tunnel into me with the dildo and his dick.

No words could come out of my mouth, only animalistic moans and groans. The room started spinning and bright loud colors flashed before my eyes. I felt Jason put his mouth over mine and ram his tongue down my throat as both poles pushed all the way into me. “Shh”, he whispered with a laugh. I couldn’t tell, but my moaning had grown so loud that he kept his mouth on top of mine, and then when he removed his lips he replaced them with his hand.

“Yeah, that’s it bitch!” he exclaimed as he fucked me briskly. “That’s what you want you nasty fucking ho! You a ho for muthafuckin’ dick bitch!” He roughly then shoved his dick and the dildo all the way into me, and my legs flew apart, my boi pussy flinging violently up to meet and greet the poles using me. Abruptly Jason pulled the dildo out and threw it onto the floor and then proceeded to hammer into me as if he were trying to tear me in two.

My screams were muffled by his hand, which I bit into like a rabid animal in the midst of my uncontrollable sexual tsunami. My dick began to shoot like a water cannon, first quick streams of white semen. Then my dick just kept going, shooting over and over until the cum was clear and sticky. My boi pussy contracted and squeezed Jason’s dick so tightly that he too screamed.

“Open yo mouth bitch!” he commanded and yanked his dick out of me. At the very second he placed the throbbing head at my opening lips, his dick let loose a flood of cum all over my face before he shoved the head in my waiting mouth. His dick kept flooding salty cum into my mouth for an eternity, and I greedily devoured it all.

I passed out with his dick still oozing nutt down my throat….


Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty, Part 13

When I came to hours later, it was around nine the next morning and the sun was shining brightly through the closed blinds of the motel room’s window. I guess what brought me back to consciousness was Jason’s hard dick moving back and forth in my mouth. He was standing on side of the bed with his dick hanging out of his jeans.

“Yeah, take yo nigga’s nutt down yo’ throat,” he moaned and rammed his dick all the way into my mouth. As his wiry pubic hair smothered my face, I opened my eyes just as Jason’s dick erupted and a nice thick stream of salty cum cascaded down my throat.

“You are a fucking expert dick sucker even in yo’ sleep!” he exclaimed as he pulled his dick out. He quickly zipped himself up and pulled his keys out of his pocket. “I’ll be back in a few baby.”

Before I could say a word (I was too busy licking my lips in delight) Jason was out the door.

About ten minutes later there was a knock on the motel room door, and I thought it was Jason. So I rose from the bed in nothing but the white crotch less panties and school girl shoes and flung the door open. Imagine my shock when on the other side of the door I found not Jason, but instead Sam (my former dope dealer, the cute ass white boy who had fucked me and pimped me out for almost a year) and his roommate Jake. Looking past them into the parking lot, I saw that Jason’s SUV was still gone.

“What the fuck?” Sam laughed as he looked me up and down. “I know it’s been awhile Johnny, but I had no idea your cute black ass had gotten this turned out!”

I quickly retreated back into the room and they followed me inside, closing and locking the door. I grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around me, trying to shake the dope-induced fog from my head.

“What are you doing here Sam?” I asked in a daze, falling into the chair by the bed as I felt Jason’s hot cum dripping out of my ass and down my leg.

“What I guess is your exclusive boyfriend now kept calling me on my cell over and over looking for some ice,” Sam answered as he walked around the room, checking out the filming system. “You still making nasty pictures Johnny?”

I nodded as my head rolled round and round. “Special occasion for my baby Jason.”

Sam laughed. “So he’s your baby now? Word around the street is that you and that hot pussy you got have turned the Miami thug straight faggot. That you two are in love and all that jazz.”

“That’s true,” I mumbled and crawled back onto the bed. I suddenly felt so hot and horny that I fell onto my back, spread my legs, and began to finger my used hole, making myself moan and wiggle around in lust on the bed.

Sam was excited by the sight. “Johnny dude,” he said as he rubbed his crotch through the gray warm-ups he was wearing, “how much shit have you smoked?”

“Dunno,” I moaned, taking one of my fingers out of my hole. It was covered with Jason’s nutt, and I put it in my mouth and sucked it furiously.

“Well we just saw your lover boy passed out on the other side of the motel in his Expedition with the engine going. We tried waking him, but he’s so stoned he’s gone,” Jake said as he watched my sex-scapades with growing interest. He turned to Sam, who was leaning against a wall stroking himself as he too watched me. “This shit is fucking wild, Sam! I wish he would have been dressed up when I fucked him way back,” Jake exclaimed as he picked up the pipe sitting on the dresser. It was still full of dope, and Jake helped himself.

“You wanna get fucked some more Johnny?” Sam asked as he pulled his own pipe out of his pocket.

“Yes,” I groaned. “I need more dick.” I rose from the bed and stood, wobbling on my jello-like legs. “Let me take a shower first.”

When I got to the bathroom door I stopped and turned to face them. I put my index finger to my lips and hissed with a mischievous smile. “We can’t let Jason find out, or his will beat the fuck out of you two white boys,” I warned them in all honesty. “I don’t want to cheat on him, but he got me so high that I HAVE TO HAVE MORE DICK!”

With that I fell into the bathroom and managed to climb into the shower and turn on steaming hot water. I ended up sitting down in the tub, and then lying on my back with my legs spread wide. I took the handheld shower head and put it right up to my pulsing boi pussy and blasted the hot water into it, moaning loudly and uncontrollably as a result.

After thirty minutes of me being in the shower, Sam barged in the bathroom with the Catholic school girl plaid skirt and the white stockings yanked the shower curtain back, turned off the water, and shoved his ice pipe in my mouth, then heated the bulb.

Instinctively I sucked. Sam’s supply was even more potent than what Jason had had, and I instantly felt my dick harden and my ass twitch.

Sam had so gotten to know every detail of me sexually that without a word said he knew exactly what I was feeling. He helped me out of the tub, wrapped a towel around me, and proceeded to gently dry me off. Then he helped me into the skirt and the stockings. After that he led me back into the bedroom.

Jake had already stripped off his shirt and was sitting on the edge of the bed intently watching the rough footage of my fuck and drug marathon with Jason. He had his jeans unzipped and his dick out stroking while sucking on a pipe.

“You are one hot faggot boy,” Jake said with his eyes glued to the TV. “Jason is a lucky man.”

I nodded and allowed Sam to lead me to the bed. “Please don’t tell Jason,” I whispered to him as he pulled the pleaded skirt and viewed my pulsating hole.

“I won’t,” he reassured me. He pushed down onto my stomach and within seconds had pushed the skirt up and began licking my ass.

His mouth was a hit. “Hell yeah Sam!” I yelled in lust. “Jake, come let me hit that pipe and then let me please you!”

Jake didn’t need to be asked twice. Meanwhile Sam took a hit of the pipe and held the smoke in then wrapped his cold lips around my man cunt and then blew the smoke in me. The sensation was indescribable, and I moaned out, “Please fuck me. Use me like you used to Sam.”

“In good time Johnny,” Sam replied and fingered my hole to my pleasure.

After a while the scene was me sucking Jake’s generous jock cock off as Sam worked my hole first with his tongue and then the dildo. When Sam pulled out his own poppers and took a sniff, I immediately felt his thick dick jump around on my leg and grow rock solid. I knew what was next.

“Brace yourself Johnny, ‘cause your white daddy is about to take this black cunt for a ride again,” he said as he lubed my hole real good with KY. It didn’t take long for him to comfortably guide his dick into me, and I loved the familiar feeling of him inside me. My hole perked up accordingly and welcomed his cock back. The good sensations from Sam resulted in me taking Jake’s dick all the way down my throat, and me burying my face in his thick blond bush.

“Oh yeah!” Jake yelled and grabbed my head to keep his piece firmly implanted down my throat.

Sam was so overtaken with the heat and softness of my hole that he was rendered speechless. He had forgotten how excellent fucking me was, and he had to close his eyes and cease even moving his manhood in me to keep from nutting so soon.

When Jake finally released his tight grip on my head, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and replaced it with the ice pipe. After a few hits I was once again launched into outer space, and I blacked out.

This time when I came to I was on top of Sam, riding he big white dick like I was at a rodeo. Jake was sitting over in the chair stroking his dick and talking on a cell phone, excitedly describing to someone how much of a whore I was being and loving every minute of it.

“Dude, the black bitch boy is on fire!” Jake exclaimed into the phone. “He can’t get enough cock down his throat and up his tight pretty black cunt! I’m getting ready to dip my stick back into that hot pussy in just a minute!”

That was all I paid attention to as far as Jake’s conversation with. I looked Sam in the eyes and smiled. “I’m going to make you cum hard right now big dick white daddy, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

“He shook his head. “Johnny baby, your cunt feels so fucking good! I can’t cum this soon!’ Sam pleaded, grabbing hold of my waist and I hopped up and down on his pipeline of a dick. But I was in control, and I made my ass squeeze his tool so tight that he had no choice but to flood my insides with a hot steady stream of cum. He yelled out in both pleasure and frustration, and after his dick stopped shooting it remained inside me, hard as a rock. It was

Jake paused his conversation as he looked over at us. “Sam, dude, you two have been fucking for AN HOUR! I want to get in that pussy before you tear it all up!”

Sam again shook his head. “Partner I’m telling you I ain’t getting out of the heaven for a while. If you want some, you’ll just have to join me.”

My eyes widened and I stopped riding.

Sam smiled at me. “You wanna feel two big white dicks in your cunt at the same time Johnny? Become my ultimate nasty bitch?”

“Dude, I gotta get me some good black pussy! Talk to you later!” Jake yelled excitedly into the cell phone and then snapped it shut. He jumped to his feet and stripped out of his jeans and boxers in less than five seconds.

My mind was racing--two dicks at once? Two big crystal-enhanced dicks at that!

I was about to lodge an objection when Sam shoved fresh poppers under my nostrils. I saw stars as Sam grabbed my hips and began to ram his dick up in me.

The next thing I knew Jake was turning the camera on to record us, and Sam’s dick going in and out of my flaming boi cunt lit up the TV screen. Within moments Jake was on the bed behind me, and more poppers were placed under my nose.

By the time Jake’s dick began to slide into my ass as Sam slowly fucked me, I was screaming and crying out in both pain and pleasure, but no sound was coming out of my mouth. The feelings washing over me were unlike anything I had ever experienced, and the excitement to my prostate was too much. My dick began to shoot and seemed as if it wouldn’t stop and I had the most powerful anal nutt EVER. My ass muscles tightened so much around the two monster invaders that Sam’s heart began to beat so fast he feared he would go into cardiac arrest.

“Oh fucking shit!” Jake yelled as he sunk the entire length of his pole into me. Seconds later his dick unleashed a furious torrent of semen deep into my bowels and he yelled like a bear that had been shot through the heart. He collapsed onto my back and began to drive his stick into me with wild abandon.

Sam too cried out as his roommate’s spewing dick banged against his own as my man pussy continued to squeeze the life out of both men.

Out of nowhere I seemed to gain superhuman strength and decided to firmly take control. As my cunt continued to spasm, I twisted my ass around back and forth on both dicks, wincing from the pain but determined to show the men I was the best ass or pussy they would EVER have.

“What…in the…fuck…is this…bitch…trying to do?” Jake could barely get out.

Sam couldn’t speak as his dick again began to shoot deep inside me. He was torn between pulling out of my hole and staying buried deep. It all felt so good that a part of Sam’s brain was telling him he should throw in the towel.

Jake by this time was totally over the edge, his eyes rolling to the back of his head and his dick erupting over and over inside me. Their mixed semen began to seep out of my tightly plugged cunt, and I leaned down and sucked Sam’s tender and enflamed nipples.

“You black bitch!” he yelled and finally pulled his dick out, and it promptly shot off such a gusher of a nutt that it splattered all three of us.

Sam’s exit created a release for Jake, who pulled and forcefully pushed me onto my back. He pointed his flaming dick straight at my face and proceeded to coat it with such thick white seed that by the time he was finished I looked like a ghost.

When the dicks and my pussy finally stopped cumming some ten minutes later, I collapsed on top of Sam’s muscular chest while Jake mindlessly fell onto the bed on side of us. I took one hand and grabbed Jake’s still throbbing dick, and with the other hand did the same thing to Sam.

We must have passed out like that, because the next thing I knew the slamming of the motel room door made my eyes jump open.

“What in the motherfuck is going on in the bitch?” I heard Jason’s voice yell as I realized I was clutching to big white dicks in my hands…

TO BE Continued

Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty, Part 14

"Since yo’ bitch slut ass wanna always have a dick up yo’ pussy so bad that you let two honkies double dick you, I got something for you,” Jason spat angrily a week later as he went about fixing up the basement of Ty's place late in the evening. He was making up the sofa bed, stacking fresh lines, putting out an assortment of drugs, and fielding calls left and right on his cell.

He had surprised me by unexpectedly coming into town that afternoon, and the entire time we spent together he acted cool and silently towards me up until about ten o’clock when he told me to go to the basement. He followed me down and promptly pulled out a huge crystal pipe and bong that he proceeded to load full of the best Mexican meth.

"Take off yo' muthafuckin' clothes ho," he demanded as he pushed me down onto sofa bed on my back.

I obediently stripped naked and smiled sexily at him, thinking that he was finally ready to gift me with his precious dick again.

“I want yo tramp ass to smoke every last bit of this dope bitch, he commanded nastily and shoved the pipe between my willing lips. “I’mma make you higher than you’ve ever been tonight bitch.”

Jason was well aware of the fact that the higher I got the more unsatiable I became. Dope turned me into the absolute dick-obsessed slut… That's the main reason for the incident at the motel. I was so high I literally could not get enough pieces in my ass and mouth.

“I know all about how Ty turned yo’ faggot ass out,” Jason revealed as he kept feeding me more and of the potent drugs. “He turned you into a total ho…said you and that man pussy was making him $1500 a week.”

“See, I have lined up some straight ass niggas from a couple of the dirty sex book shops, as well as a few who just got let out of jail and that halfway house downtown,” he went on as he made even more white smoke swirl in the pipe. “Real thug niggas who ain’t had no good pussy in a while. For the lovely discounted fee of fifty bucks a piece, they get into the lil’ party we havin’ down here tonight…all the dope and liquor they want, and each one gets to wear yo hooker ass boi pussy out.”

I was already getting blasted hard, but my mind was still sound enough to understand Jason. I moaned and tried to move towards him.

"Please don't make me Jason," I moaned. "I just want you to fuck me. I love you and your big dick baby."

"Fuck dat!" he snapped and lit the pipe again to my lips. "I was really feeling shit for you until yo' slut ass had to go taking Sam's white boy dick. Now I gonna give you just what you want. You'll be so fucked up you won't even remember how many niggas are gonna use and wear yo tight pussy out tonight. So suck the crystal ice up bitch!"

Suddenly, Jason pulled a large capsule pill out of his pocket and shoved me over onto my stomach. Before I knew what was happening, he shoved the pill deep into my ass.

"Oww!" I cried as he flipped me back over and put the pipe back between my lips.

Jason laughed. "That's ole Jason's ice bomb," he explained. "Capsule full of this meth...once that shit hits yo slut ass system, you'll wanna have every dick in Houston!"

In a few short minutes I was in another world, stars appearing in my eyes as the room began to spin round and round.

Seconds later the doorbell rang, and this night of gangbanging was underway. Through my blurred vision I saw a group of four men descend into the basement, led by a laughing Jason.

Within the next fifteen minutes or so I was laying on my back spread-eagled, as my head spun around and around with wild colors dancing before my glazed eyes, several men had surrounded the sofa bed and were fondling my naked body as they laughed and joked with each other.

"Yo Jason," one of the strangers said as he rubbed a rough finger around my asshole, "you wasn't lying when you said this was a hot little bitch! This slut's asshole is already hot as an oven and dripping wet like a pussy!"

I was completely delirious and could only moan lustily as I felt a finger enter my hole.

"Somebody put something in that bitch's mouth to shut her up!" Jason yelled from the othe rside of the room in between taking hits on a blunt.

"My mother-fucking pleasure partner," another voice above me replied, unzipped his pants, and shoved his semi-hard fat dick into my mouth.

As I began to work the dick between my lips, making it go rock hard within seconds, another finger was stuck into my ass while someone began to play with my nipples.

This went on for what seemed like and eternity with different dicks taking turns getting a full oral massage. More dudes had entered, and a few of those thrust into my mouth couldn't take the intense pleasure. As a result I was the recipient of two or three generous loads of cum down my throat. The fingering of my ass turned rough along with the pinching and licking of my erect nipples, and before I knew it my dick was shooting off its first load of the evening.

"You niggas afraid to fuck that ass or something?" I heard Jason call out after the fourth dude nutted in my mouth with a slew of profanities. He strolled over to the bed and promptly stuck a bottle of poppers under my nostrils. "Take a deep breath bitch!" he yelled at me.

Of course I obliged and promptly was launched into outer space.

"Let me get up in that pussy!" someone yelled.

I felt someone pull me by my legs to the edge of the bed.

"Somebody hold this bitch's legs up!"

This first ass-taker happened to be Jason’s stepbrother Damon, a nineteen year-old caramel skinned linebacker for on the University of Miami football team with a monster 8-inch soda can dick. Damon first crudely finger fucked me for about ten seconds and then pulled his fingers out, shoved them into my mouth, and then abruptly rammed the full length of his dick up into my guts.

"UGH!!!" I yelped and bite his fingers. I tried to back up off his massive dick, but the two dudes holding my legs up held onto me with tight grips as they laughed.

"Where you going bitch?" one of them asked and promptly shoved his long charcoal 9 1/2 incher into my mouth while the dude on my other side licked his fingers and then used them to torture my nipples.

"Hot ass pussy..." Damon mumbled, his eyes closed tightly and sweat forming on his forehead. He screwed his massive shaft into me, hitting my man pussy from all sides.

Out of nowhere Jason appeared above me again with the poppers, which I inhaled so deeply this time that I lost consciousness for just a few seconds, only to come to just in time for Dude #1 with his dick in my mouth pull out and shoot his 3 streams of cum all over my face.

"Goddamn!" Damon yelled at the sight of my face getting sprayed in nutt. He yanked his dick out of my hole suddenly, jerked on it two times, and then unleashed his own torrent of semen all over my face while Dude #2 rammed three fingers up my boi cunt. I cried out as my legs shot straight up into the air, and my dick once again blew cum all over my stomach and I shook with my first powerful anal orgasm that threatened to suck Dude #2's fingers completely up into my body.

The next thing I knew, Jason was wiping my all that cum off my face with a hot wet towel. As he did that someone was playing around my throbbing asshole, which was dripping wet, with a lubed dildo.

"Alright niggas, my turn to get some more of this ass pussy," a familiar voice called out as I was flipped over onto my stomach. I managed to open my eyes and focus on the wide screen in front of the bed displaying the sexcapades to see none other than Ty's horny big dick daddy Eddie spitting onto my hole and he jerked on his already hard monster.

Eddie gently inserted the giant mushroom head of his dick into me and then collapsed onto my back. "Ready for some more of this nigga daddy dick?" he whispered into my ear, licked it, and then slowly pushed his big pole into me until I felt him grinding his wiry pube hairs against my ass.

"Take this daddy dick you little dick-loving ho," he whispered into my ear and started picking up his pace.

On cue, another dick found its way into my mouth as Eddie's fucking became more brutal, making my still hard and leaking prick rub back and forth against the bed. My eyes were shut tight as my ass muscles clamped down with a vise grip around Eddie's tree trunk of a dick. I smiled as my dick spilled a couple of streams of nutt onto the bed below me.

"Hot tight pussy boi bitch!" Eddie yelled as he grabbed me forcefully by my shoulders and brutally assaulted my ass. That made me slip and apply a bit of teeth to the dick sliding in and out of my mouth, but that only seemed to excite its owner, as he grabbed my head and pushed the long stick into the back of my throat in an apparent attempt to knock a hole out of it.

"Give me that nutt daddy!" I cried out with a mouthful of dick, which soon became two dicks at once. Yet again my friend the poppers appeared under my nose and this caused me to wiggle and I squeezed my ass muscles so tightly around Eddie's embedded monster dick that he yelled out like a tiger.

"Lockdown pussy bitch!" he screamed and seconds later I felt my guts getting sprayed by shot after shot of his seed. When he finally pulled his dick out, it was still shooting cum all over my back. One of the dicks in my mouth also began to shoot, and the other pulled out as my throat was flooded. I tried to swallow it all, but cum soon was dripping out of the sides of my mouth.

Without a break I was flipped onto my side and yet another dick shoved up my stretched boi pussy and another into my mouth. This process of dicks fucking me from both ends went on for another hour or so with me placed in types of positions.

"Aiight niggas!" Jason yelled out as yet another huge dick pulled out of my ass and shot thick pearly nutt all over my ass cheeks as another sprayed my face and chest. "Time for halftime so I can clean this nutt-faced, cum-leaking pussy nigga slut up! Somebody help me get this bitch to the bathroom. I know he can't walk!"

"I got first play on that pussy at the start of the second half!" an older dude wearing nothing but a jockstrap, which threatened to be ripped to pieces by his rock hard 11 inch dick sticking straight out and curving towards the ceiling, who looked half-Indian exclaimed as he inserted a butt plug into my asshole, trapping the buckets of hot cum inside me. And then Eddie and another guy picked me up and followed Jason to the bathroom upstairs.

When I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror I should have been ashamed. I was covered from head to toe in the semen of over ten or more different men, as well as my own. I had lost count after four at how many times I had cum myself.

"Gotta get you freshened up again bitch," Jason explained he I was placed into the bathtub, which was full of warm water and Victoria's Secret bubble bath. Jason was obviously fucked up by this time, and he was stumbling all over the bathroom. He turned to Damon and Eddie as he pulled a big ice pipe full of dope from his pocket. "Aiight you two, I got it from here."

Jason pushed them out of the door and slammed it shut and locked it.

He turned to stare at me with pure lust in his eyes. I was soaking in the tub with my head back against the tile wall allowing my muscles to relax when I felt my face being slapped by Jason's hard, pre-cum dripping dick.

"You fucking ho ass slut!" he snapped and spit in my face. "Opening my eyes I saw him sucking deeply on the pipe as he held a flame under it with one hand and furiously jerked off his dick with the other. "Open yo bitch ass mouth!" he demanded but began shooting off a tidal wave of cum before I could do so.

I had just finished cleaning all the other thugs' cum off my face and now here I was again looking like a used condom about the face. He laughed and scooped a huge load of his nutt off my face and forced me to lick it off his hand before he zipped himself up, took one last hit off the pipe. He threw two or three more towels into the tub and turned the shower head on steaming hot. He placed a Fleet enema bottle on the side of the tube. "Wash that cunt out good bitch."

"What about the butt plug old dude put up my ass?" I asked.

"Leave it in," he stuttered. "Bring the Fleet with you back to the basement so when his nasty ass is done with u can clean that pussy out. Hurry up and clean that pussy so I can make some more money ho!" he yelled and then walked out the door, in his intoxication leaving it slightly ajar.

I went about freshening myself up and couldn't help but to wiggle the butt plug around in my swollen-lip cunt. I moaned and jacked on my dick, my eyes closed and my dick leaking a good amount of clear pre cum.

As I withered around under the falling water moaning in lust, I didn't hear the bathroom door open and closed and get locked and then the visitor strip out of his clothes.

I didn't realize I had company until I felt my body being sensually scrubbed with a Loufa sponge. Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see Jason's stepbrother Damon naked on his knees next to the tub, his stick at full attention as he licked his lips.

"Yo pussy was so muthafuckin' good you made a nigga develop a soft spot for you," he said and smiled as he continued to wash my body. After he had cleaned me thoroughly, he helped me out of the tub and wrapped me in two huge fluffy white towels and dried me off, making me stand with my back to him, my hand against the wall.

I was completely dry, and horny as hell, when I felt him pull the butt plug out, to which a steady stream of sticky cum poured out of my ass and down my legs.

"Don’t worry baby," he said as he gently rubbed my asshole. "I'll fill you back up." He licked his long fingers and then fingered me good and hard for a minute or two. Then after he got my hole good and open, dripping wet in anticipation of another hard dick, Damon stuck his fingers, wet with my boi pussy cream, into my mouth.

I sucked his fingers greedily, moaning in slutty desire and savoring the sweet taste of my pussy juice.

And with that he rammed his big dick up my stretched man pussy full length, knocking me up against the wall.

I yelped with his fingers still deep in my mouth, and it turned the football boy on even more. He pushed me even more onto the wall and went to fucking me in earnest. He was ramming me so hard that the various stuff on the medicine cabinet above the sink started falling to the floor, glass bottles shattering.

He didn't care, and neither did I. He was battering my hole rough and hard, and in my high state I dreamed I was a 12 year old virgin cunt little girl getting raped by my older brother, used like a whore by enjoying how he was making me feel so nasty and cheap. My moaning and whimpering grew louder and louder along with his panting and dick ramming, and the entire medicine cabinet fell into the sink with a loud crash.

"What the fuck is going on in this bitch?!!!" I heard Jason yell from outside the locked door. He yanked on the doorknob, and then suddenly the door flew open thanks to a hard kick from him.

Poor Damon was so caught up in my hole, which I was purposefully tightening and milking his hard good dick, that he totally didn't realize we had a visitor.

Jason picked the medicine rack up out of the sink and threw it across the room. It hit the wall and shattered all over the floor. Neither Damon or I saw Jason pull a Glock out of the front of his pants and point it at Damon’s sweaty back.

"Damon, you bitch ass nigga!" he yelled angrily. "Get yo muthafuckin' bitch dick up out my bitch before I shoot yo ass right now!"


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