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Tom Welling: The Jealous Lover

By Chris_bo39669

submitted November 27, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Jared Padalecki sat on the couch at his and Tom's trailer and was watching TV. He was somewhat sad b/c he and Tom had just had their first real argument. It all happened about 2 days earlier.

Tom and Jared met years ago when they were filming "Cheaper by the Dozen". They had hit off best friends after the first two days of filming. Jared had been noticing how built Tom was and Tom noticed how nice Jared's ass looked. One night, Tom called Jared and invited him to his trailer in the woods for a few drinks and some Play Station 2 gaming. After a while of getting his tail whipped in Resident Evil 4, Jared grew tired of playing.

He was buzzing heavily from all the coke and crown he drank. Tom turned off the PS2 and they sat and talked. Tom inched closer to Jared and brushed his hair from his eyes. Jared looked at Tom and said, "What are you doing?" Tom blushed with embarrassment and said, "Sorry, I just thought that..." Jared shushed him and leaned into Tom and began to kiss him passionately on the lips. Tom responded by sticking his tongue into Jared's mouth and they frenched for what seemed like hours.

Then Tom unbuttoned and removed his shirt, revealing massive pecs, nips that were perfect for playing with, a very nice 6-pack, and a cute navel with a small trail of hair leading from it to his shaft. Jared kissed Tom's nipples and licked on them and pinched them playfully. Tom was pulling at Jared's shirt and Jared stopped long enough to remove it and then he proceeded to lick and kiss every inch of Tom's awesome upper body. He ran his fingertip around the edges of Tom's bellybutton and kissed it and dipped his tongue in and out of it a few times.

Then he unzipped Tom's jeans and kissed and licked his way to Tom's massive cock. Tom was playing with Jared's nips and touching his navel and feeling Jared's growth through his sweatpants. Jared began sucking Tom's dick and stroking it softly and Tom moaned. Then he pulled his sweatpants down and Tom started pulling on Jared's dick and stroking it. Tom's cock was getting wet and soon, he emptied his hot cream down Jared's throat and then he began to suck Jared's dick. Jared whispered, "Show me how strong you are."

Tom turned Jared over and shoved his cock into Jared's awaiting ass and started to slowly rock it back and forth, while Jared groaned and curled his toes. Tom kept fucking Jared's tight ass and soon, Jared felt Tom's hot cum shooting up inside of him. Then Tom pulled out and lay on Jared's back, kissing his neck and shoulders and then hugging him tightly. Jared whispered, "I love you. You wanna hook up with me?" Tom replied, "Mmm-Hmm" while his face was still buried between Jared's shoulders.

The next day, Jared went to leave Tom's trailer and heard a noise, like metal grinding. He walked around behind the trailer and gasped at what he saw! There was Tom Welling, shirtless, and bench pressing a Caterpillar DC8! Jared had never seen this kind of strength before and the shock made him inhale deeply. Tom heard Jared gasp and set the bulldozer down and walked toward him. Jared said, "Don't come any closer!" Tom replied, "Wait! You don't understand! I won't hurt you!" Jared took off running to his truck, jumped in it, locked the doors, and fired it up.

Tom reached down, took hold of the rear bumper, and lifted it as Jared sat trying to leave. Jared didn't know what was happening at first. He kept pressing the accelerator but the truck wouldn't budge. Then he saw Tom in his rear-view mirror and then turned around to see Tom's muscular body through the back glass. Tom kept holding Jared's truck and wouldn't let it go anywhere. Jared called out, "Come on, dude, let go!" Tom yelled back, "No, not until you get out and talk to me!" Finally, Jared realized that Tom wasn't going to let him go anywhere so he stopped spinning the wheels and turned the truck off. Tom set the back end down and walked around to Jared's door. Jared unlocked the door and cowered in fear but Tom opened the door, pulled Jared out, and gently carried him back to the trailer, where he explained to Jared that he really did have super-human strength, or "Samson-strength" as his brother called it.

Jared was still a little frightened, but when he saw that Tom wasn't going to hurt him, he relaxed and cuddled against Tom's chest and said, "I'm sorry, Tom. I didn't mean to act so rude. But I was pretty freaked out." Tom smiled and said, "It's okay. My family was freaked out to when they learned of this. Hell, I was freaked too, but I know how to control it so I won't hurt anyone." Jared then looked at his watch and said, "Shit! I gotta go! I'll be late!" Tom looked at the watch too and realized that they would both be late for their film shoot that day. So they both took off and got to their places of filming. Later, Jared went home with Jensen Ackles and they had some drinks.

Jensen had a nice townhouse with a big, heavy-duty iron gate between two concrete pillars for posts. Later that night, Tom came by and wanted Jared to come home with him. Jared met him at the gate and told Tom that he had too much to drink and was just going to stay the night at Jensen's house. Tom grew jealous and said, "So, you're in love with Ackles huh? I thought you loved me. I thought you said I was the one for you." Jared was drunk and spouted off, "Yeah, you are. But Jensen is my best friend and my first blow. So just go on home and I'll see you later." Tom was wearing a tight sleeveless T-shirt and jeans. He approached the gates and tried to intimidate Jared by pressing his forehead to the gate and saying, "So, you're not coming with me, huh?" Jared grew agitated and said, "NO, not tonight! Just go home and I'll see you later!"

Tom shouted, "Fine, stay here with your new lover. See if I care!" Jared said, "I will, thank you! I need a real man, not some blubbering titty-baby like you!" Suddenly, Tom ripped his shirt off, took hold of the iron gates and with all his strength and might, he tore the gates, posts, hinges, and all up from the concrete base and lifted them to his shoulders and packed them to a hill nearby. Then he set them down and walked back to where Jared was standing. Jared sobered up quick when he saw that and said, "Okay! God, just don't hurt me! I'll come with you!"

Tom smiled and said, "I thought you'd change your mind." Then Tom got the gates with posts and all still attached and placed them back into the ground. Jared's cock stiffened as he watched Tom's biceps bulging and veins sticking out of his neck, arms, chest, and shoulders while he carried the heavy gates. Then Tom picked Jared up and carried him on one shoulder to his car. When they arrived at Tom's trailer, Jared couldn't wait to let Tom fuck him again. Tom gratefully obliged and filled Jared with his hot cream. Then Jared fucked Tom and nutted inside of him and they lay there holding each other. As Jared drifted off to sleep on Tom's belly, he heard Tom say, "I'll never let you go. I love you too much!"

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