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Me and Jared Padalecki

By Chris_bo39669

submitted November 27, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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A few weeks ago, I was up in Vancouver, B.C., Canada on vacation. I had taken a couple of weeks off from delivering mail and went up there in hopes of rest, relaxation, and maybe getting to meet some of my favorite stars, like Tom Welling, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and a few others. I had been walking around on the streets on Vancouver for several hours and I got hungry so I went into this bar and grill and ordered a ribeye steak w/ potatoes and a green salad. As I was eating my salad and waiting on the steak and potatoes, I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone watching me. I looked up and saw Jared Padalecki in the flesh, standing there looking for someplace to sit. I nervously raised my arm up and waved to him. Jared saw me and walked over. He sat down beside me and shook my hand and said, "Hi. I'm Jared. Thanks for offering me a place to sit. This place is crowded at this time of day." It was about 7:00pm. I said, "No problem. I'm Chris. I'm from Mississippi. I run a mail route there." Jared noticed my deep southern accent and said, "Hot dang! Another southerner! I was beginning to wonder if me and Jensen were the only two around here." We talked forever about movies, hunting, video games, food, trucks, and four-wheeler riding. Jared ordered himself a steak and potatoes and even ate a green salad w/tons of Ranch dressing. I said, "Golly, Jared. We have a lot in common, don't we?" Jared said, "Yup. It looks that way. Say, what're you doing after you leave here?" I told him that I'd probably go back to my hotel room and watch tv for a bit and then go to sleep. Jared invited me up to his apartment room to play video games, drink a few beers, and maybe watch wrestling or a movie if I wanted. I gratefully obliged. I'd never met a real celebrity before and certainly never been invited to go hang out with one. Jared even paid for my dinner along with his. He said that it was his treat b/c I was his new friend and he wouldn't dream of letting me pay for a meal while I was with him. I thanked him and we caught a cab to his apartment. When we got there, I was amazed! Jared's place was imaculate! Everything was neat, organized, and he had one hell of a stereo system. He had a huge 51 in. HD TV and had Directv. His bed was king-size and it was a sleep number bed. It was really comfortable. I sat on it and almost fell asleep within 5 min. Jared went into the kitchen and pulled out a 12 pack of Bud-Light and handed me one. Then he and I sat on his couch (which was a sectional) and we drank and shared stories from our childhoods. Later on that night, we had both gotten a heavy buzz from the beer and Jared kept urging me to drink another with him. At one point, he laid his head against my shoulder and asked, "Please??" like a young child. So I agreed to have one more with him and he got up and grabbed two more, one for me and one for him. We sat there drinking and watching "girls gone wild". Or so I thought. Then I noticed that the girls were actually guys and then my eyes focused and I saw their dicks swinging as they ran on a beach. I said, "Oh my Lord! Jared, this isn't girls gone wild." Jared swigged the last bit of his beer and said, "Naw, really? How long did it take you to figure that one out?" Then he put his hand on my knee and rubbed it up my leg to my crotch. I shuddered and Jared grinned. "What's a matter? Aren't you having fun?" he asked. I gulped hard. I wanted him, but I was too nervous. What if it was a trick to see if I'd feel on him and then he'd jump up and laugh in my face and call me horrible names like the kids in High School did. But Jared did just the opposite. He told me that he understood how I felt and that he would never do that to me. So I started feeling on his chest and he unzipped his parka and had nothing on underneath. I played with his bare nipples and rubbed his tight six-pack and ran my fingertip around the edges of his bellybutton and then stuck my finger in it. Jared smiled and I saw the outline of his cock through his lounge pants. Jared sat up and took his parka off, then he unbuttoned the fly on his lounge pants and his 10 in. cock bounced up out of them and laid against my hand. I felt on his tummy some more and rubbed his chest, which he flexed and even playfully danced at me. Then he put my hand around his massive shaft and I began slowly jacking him off. I was breathing harder and soon, I had Jared's man-meat in my mouth sucking it and deepthroating him. Jared was breathing hard too and he unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out and started pulling on it. Then I straddled Jared's belly and humped it for a few minutes. Jared asked, "You wanna go in the bedroom and finish?" I said, "Sure". So we got up and I led Jared by his dick into the bedroom and he pulled my pants off and started putting his cock into my tight ass. Then once it was in, he began to rock it slowly and sensually back and forth. Then he got faster and harder and he laid out flat on my back. I could feel his cock inside me and his abs and chest against my bare back. Jared laid there humping and screwing me until finally, I felt his hot cum squirt up inside my ass. Then he got off and rolled me onto his belly where I sat up on him and rubbed my dick against his belly until I shot my hot load on his abs. Then I laid on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep like that until the next morning.

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