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Tom Welling and Me

By Chris_bo39669

submitted November 28, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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A few months ago, I had the pleasure on meeting Jared Padalecki face to face (so to speak) while vacationing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I had gone back in hopes of meeting Tom Welling, who was simply my most favorite actor ever. I was a little nervous and intimidated because everyone who had met him told me that he was huge and stood about 9' tall. Of course, the ones who told me that were shorter than me so I guess they'd think that. I walked into a coffee shop and sat down to drink some coffee and eat a couple of donuts. I finished eating and drinking and walked out to smoke. While I stood puffing my cigarette, a very tall, muscular figure strolled up behind me and said, "Excuse me, sir, but you really should quit smoking. It's not good for you." I turned around and there was Tom Welling! He stood about 8 inches taller than me and when I looked ahead, my face was dead even with his belly. Tom looked down at me and smiled and said, "Hi! I'm Tom Welling. You must be Chris. I've heard so much about you from Jared. He really thinks highly of you." Then we shook hands. Tom had a very strong grip and a huge hand! He and I talked for a bit and then he asked, "Would you like to come see something?" I said yes and wondered what he wanted to show me. We walked to his truck in a nearby parking garage and he looked around suspiciously and then told me to get in the driver's seat and start it up. So I did. Then Tom took off his shirt and flexed his muscles for me and he got in behind his truck and lifted up on it. Then he ordered, "GO!" I tried but the truck couldn't move! I was amazed! Tom had the same strength that his character on 'Smallville' had. But that was all, thank goodness. He didn't have heat-vision, x-ray vision, superspeed, etc. But boy, was he ever strong! He held up his truck for several minutes telling me to go and holding the rear end of it. I was getting horny watching Tom's six-pack and bellybutton and seeing his chest and arms flexing and straining. I could see the veins in his neck, arms, chest, and shoulders sticking up. Finally, Tom put the truck down and let it go. Then he came around to the driver side and had me slide over. Then he drove us to his place. He laughed about the lifts as we rode and picked at me about the expression on my face. He then noticed my raging hard-on and said, "Why, Chris! I'm impressed!" I tried to hide it, but it was too late. Tom realized that I was getting embarrassed and said, "Sorry, man. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. But I've never seen a guy get erect over watching someone else lift heavy stuff." When we arrived, Tom picked me up onto his belly like a toddler and carried me into his apartment. My cock was so hard at that point. I had my legs wrapped around Tom's waist and my arms around his neck and shoulders. Tom held me tight and carried me to the bedroom where he laid on his back and let me lay on his belly. I dry-humped Tom's six-pack and kissed his chest muscles and nipples softly, then I sat up on his lower abs and felt the ripples in them and touched his bellybutton. I ran my finger around the edge of his navel and kissed it and Tom laid there getting his own erection. Then he unzipped his slacks and pulled his massive cock out and I started pulling on it and the head of it was getting really wet. I kept jacking Tom's cock and then I started sucking it and tasted his precum. Tom was playing with my dick and pulling on it, and playing with my nipples and touching my navel. Then I asked Tom if he wanted to fuck me and he turned me over and started running his 10 inch meat in and out of my tight ass. Then I felt Tom's jism squirt up into me and he let out several long spurts. Then he let me get back on his belly and I humped until I came. Then I rested my head on his chest and Tom held me there on top of him and kissed me. I fell asleep on his awesome abs and we slept that way all that night. When I woke up, he was smiling and rubbing my back and running his fingers through my hair. We kissed passionately for a good 30 minutes and then he got up, picked me up and held me on his belly hugging me tight and he promised that he'd never let anyone hurt me and that I was his newest best friend. I just wrapped my legs and arms around him and held on to him. For the first time in years, I felt so secure and safe from the world, up there in Tom's muscular, strong arms.

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