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Taking It Up the Ass Rape Style

By GayBrit

submitted November 28, 2006

Categories: Military

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. Then cause I wanted it...

Many, man, many years ago when I was a small boy LOL please I am six feet and two hundred pounds of hairy muscle... With a nice 10 inch cock about 6 around with a large crown and if I do say so my self rather large low hanging balls that slap the shit out of whoever I am fucking. But when the chest hair came into play also when my cock and balls dropped I also became a total rebel. I thought the only things in life were cunts and tits. It wasn’t until I had two choices in my life and they weren’t either of the above did my life change.

As I stood before the judge and was told at 17 and 7 months either prison as an adult for seven years or the marines, I decided the Marines. I am now 39 and I am still in the Marines. Balls to the ‘don’t ask don’t tell.’ Trust me if you tell or ask you will defiantly get a good piece of hairy ass and balls and a good ass full of young cum of mouth full depending on your preference. I like to take it at both ends and if they are available double ass fucking if I can get it and trust me you can get it. But I digress.

I was led away to the truck that was taking me to the base. Camp Pendleton... What a shit hole. Anyway, the first thing I had to do was get a total physical. The nurse (male) and doctor (male) and also the MP’s...were in the room with my self and 15 other degenerates. We were all told to strip. It was freezing in that fucking room. I was like no fucking way am I taking my clothes of in front of a bunch of redneck sheep fuckers. I refused. Big mistake. I forgot I was in the Marines now. I was held down and the every last piece of decent clothing I had stolen was torn ripped and shredded from my body. As each piece was pulled off of me I took a good beating. By the time I was naked and sprawled face down on the floor I was bleeding from my nose, mouth and hands from fighting back. I was also hard. That was strange. Hard. And I mean as hard as a rock. I know when I had gotten into some good fights I had gotten a hardon but it was from the aggression right. Well all I had to do then was find the first open cunt and just fuck it. I think I have fucked more cunts outside slamming the whore holes up against a wall in some alley or store front than I have ever done in a bed. Well as I was dragged to my feet by the MP’s and my rock hard cock came into view I knew that my life was going to be a living hell. The room went silent as they viewed my rock hard pre-cum dripping cock. Then it became open season. FAG, FAIRY, HOMO, COCK SUCKER, ASS FUCKER, QUEER, it all came out.

After about two hours of this I was finally led into the medics room. There was the Doc, a nurse and an MP. My cock had gone soft by now. At last. First they cleaned me up. I was told to do the usual. Arms up checking my pits. Heart lugs and all the stuff slowly working their way down my body. They skipped the cock, balls and ass and went to my hips legs and knees. I was still standing there naked. I finally thought it was all over. Was I mistaken. I was then told to face the Doc.

He had pulled up a chair. He reached over with his hand and took hold of my nuts. No warning just grabbed them. I went to lash out at the fag and then took a swift punch to the face from the MP. Damm he was big and fucking handsome... Did I just think the MP was good looking. I relaxed and let the doc do his shit and my head was reeling from the punch. I looked over at the MP and I saw that he was looking at my cock in the doc’s hand. I then looked at the medic. He too was looking at my cock. What I hadn’t noticed was that my cock had started to get hard in the docs hand. I was liking all the attention... I thought this was strange. I then looked down at the doc and looked straight into his eyes. He nodded to the MP and he turned toward the door. I was thinking it was all over. He opened the door and told the other MP’s to take the guys to get kited out. He then closed and locked the door. Strange. The door hadn’t been locked before and most of the time the door had even been left open.

After the doc had pulled on my balls a couple of more times and made me turn my head and cough he removed his hand from my balls by bringing his hand up by now my totally rock hard pre-cum leaking cock and stroked it a couple of times making the pre cum bubble in my piss slit. I was told to turn around. I was a little embarrassed by my hardon. But hey it’s just us guys so really who cares and I was still sure the MP and the medic were looking at it.

As I turned I was told to lean on the table and spread my legs and it was time to check my ass. I was also told to put my hardon down between my legs and not on the table as I would be more comfy. I actually think they were being nice to me now. I then heard the doc squirt some stuff on his hand. I think it was KY. I had used the stuff once when a cunt I was fucking wanted it up he ass. I had a feeling that he was going to be sticking his fingers up my ass. I had done it to my self before when I was jerking off. Well actually I really like to finger my hole. I had gotten a couple of the cunts to do it to me when they were blowing me. They loved my cock. Either in their ass, cunts and especially their mouths. I would jack off a couple of times a day and at least once of those times I would finger my hole. Well back to the doc. I felt him rub the lube around my ass hole. I let out a small groan. If felt cold and made my hole wink.

All of a sudden the gentle rubbing was replaced with a searing pain shooting through my hole as though it was being ripped open. I screamed in pain. I lifted my head to turn and look at what was behind me. My face was then pushed down into be table. I could feel two hands on my back two on my ass and then two on my head pushing my face into the table. The pain shot through me again and again and again. Finally a voice in my ear said, “Relax your hole bitch or it will hurt even more the second time. It hurt so badly. I knew I was getting fucked. Really I was getting raped like a whore. My ass was being ripped apart. The pain was too much to bear and I let out another scream. Then louder than my scream came a manly grunt and then another. I could feel something wet running from my ass. The man fucking me had shot his load up my ass. The hands on my back finally let up and I could move my head.

I turned to see the MP removing his cock from my ass with blood and cum dripping from the tip of his cock. The MP then picked me up and flipped me on my back. As he turned me over I could see the other two in the room had removed their scrubs and were rubbing their hard cocks. The MP spread my legs apart and the medic came between my legs and rammed his cock into me. But as I was about to scream again the doc shoved his cock into my open mouth. With the words being spat from his lips, “suck it or die mother fucker” I did as I was told. The medic was thrusting into me as though it was the last fuck he was going to get. He tensed up and shot his load into me. My cock was so hard I needed to touch. He mused have sensed this cause as he ripped his cock from my ass the doc pulled out of my mouth. Moved around the table and shoved his cock into my bleeding hole.

I could feel the cum and blood being used as lube. As the doc slammed into me right up to his balls the medic took my cock in his mouth and sucked me like no whore had ever before. I shot my load almost as soon as my cock touched his tongue. The medic kept sucking my cock and swallowing my load. Oh by the way, the pain in my ass had left after the medic had finished fucking me and now I was actually enjoying the feeling. The doc was fucking hard and fast and my cock responded by never going down. As the doc unloaded into my hole my cock shot a second load into the medics open mouth.

They had all finished with me and checked me into the infirmary. They had taught me a lesson I would never forget. After a week my ass had healed and I think my cock had stayed hard the entire time. When I finally got into the barracks I was almost a hero cause all the guys thought I had gotten the shit kicked out of me. What they didn’t know was that my shit and bad attitude had been fucked out of me. For twelve weeks of boot camp I had been revered for surviving and still being the best at all the requirements. What they didn’t know was that every night I had gone to bed closed my eyes and seen in my mind the MP the doc and the medic all naked and hard getting ready to fuck me and use me. I would jack off and cum almost straight away.

One night I was jacking my cock real hard. I think I must have woken a couple of the guys cause when I opened my eyes there four other guys all standing over my bunk all jacking off in time with me. All of a sudden the blanket was ripped off of me and I was laying there naked with cock in hand and cum landing on my face and chest. The guys all looked amazed at not only the amount of cum but the distance it had traveled. I think they also liked the size of my cock.

That’s when I felt it. A warm mouth enveloping my still hard cock and swallowing the cum that was oozing from my piss slit. It was also when I heard the first of many grunts and one of the guys let his load shoot onto me and the guy sucking my cock. Then another guy exploded and another and another and another. I could feel the cum all over my body. I could also fell the most wonderful mouth sucking another load out of my own cock. That was it I gave out a moan and my load shot down the throat of the guy on my cock. He swallowed real good.

He removed his mouth from my cock. I just had enough time to see some of my load running from the corners of his mouth when he shot his load in my face. I lunged off of the bunk and managed to get his cock in my mouth as he shot. I sucked his cock real good and swallowed his cum as it shot from his cock. Buy now we had woken the rest of the guys in the barracks. They all slowly came to and came to ward the six of us. They could all see I was covered in cum and I also had a cock in my mouth. I think in my mind I knew what was coming next. Two of us just looked at each other and headed of to the showers.

We stood in the middle of the showers stroking each others cocks, kissing deep with our tongues with our eyes closed. We could hear the sounds of spit being hawked up and cocks being jacked. We the two of us finally broke apart standing around us were another 25 guys. All hard and stoking their cocks. I think most of them looking back were straight. This was when I realised I was a bonified cock sucking homo cock loving fag...

My hole twitched...

More to cum...sorry come. And then there was the cum...