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By Ghost

submitted November 28, 2006

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex, Tales From School

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He was the worst and everyone knew it. He was huge. Everyone in the school was afraid of him. I avoided him as much as possible, and had been lucky enough to avoid a beating at his hands... until now.

Everyone knew me. I was one of the smartest kids in my class. I wasn't exactly a weakling like the stereotypical "nerd," but I also hadn't ever been in a fight in my life.

He cornered me outside of gym class, and demanded my lunch money. I had skipped breakfast that morning, as I often did, which is one of the only reasons I was stupid enough to say no.

"No?" he sneered. "I don't think you understand me, homo. I want your money. That means I'm going to get your money. Got it?"

"I don't have any," I said, desperate. I knew immediately that was a mistake.

"Don't lie to me," he said angrily. I tried to jump out of the way as he punched me hard in the stomach, but there was nowhere to go, and I doubled over, completely at his mercy. He grabbed me by the collar and slammed me headfirst against the wall. I saw stars, and then I saw him standing over me.

"Get up," he demanded. I was done fighting, and I did as he said. He reached into my pocket, and pulled out the three dollars Mom had given me that morning. I didn't even react as he spat in my face. "Don't ever lie to me again," he threatened.

I started to walk away, and felt him grab my underwear band. Oh God, now he's really going to humiliate me. Sure enough, he yanked the underwear upward, and I screamed. The pain sent me to my knees, and by the time I was about to get up, he was in front of me. His pants were unzipped. Before I could react, he shoved his dick in my mouth.

I was shocked. But before I could do anything, his hands were on the back of my head, holding me there as he thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"You like that, faggot?" he spat. I was crying. He just kept thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Within a few minutes, he was tired of that, and he dragged me to a nearby stairwell. I was numb with fear and shock at this point, and I didn't even fight as he pulled down my pants and threw me down on the stairs. What happened over the next few minutes... well, I try not to think about it.

He zipped his pants back up and he threw me down again, this time facing him.

"I want you to meet me in the bathroom every day before lunch," he demanded. "You'll give me your money and suck my dick…every day. I might bring friends. You'll suck for them, too. Or I'll find you, and rape you to death. Understand?"

Still catching my breath and scared to death, I nodded.

After kicking me hard in the stomach one more time, he walked away, leaving me to catch my breath and contemplate my fate.