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Farmboy Load


submitted November 30, 2006

Categories: Tales From The Moviehouse

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When I arrived there was one other man that I could see and one in a booth. The one I could see was older, gray and thin on top wore glasses and was thick bodied. He immediately locked on to my trim form and watched as I walked the corridor. I made sure to check him out and nod in greeting as I walked by. I looked at the light on overhead and wondered whom, what and if he was willing to play.

To my slight surprise, the man I could see had moved from the game machine to leaning against the wall beside it and was lightly fondling his cock.

“Just us?” I asked.

“And him.” He said and pointed to the light. He went on to tell me that he’d been there for a few and no one had come along before me. All the while the fondling of his cock steadily grew in intensity and had soon converted to a purposeful grope. I watched blatantly and wondered just how much dick the guy had. After all, I was feeling mighty cock hungry. I decided to bide my time and play the machine.

That turned out to be a good decision for before long, the other guy emerged from his booth. He was taller than my six-foot standing, trim like myself, but about ten years older. Salt and pepper slick style with no facial hair. He’d clad himself in some well-worn jeans and old work boots that made me stare almost long enough to lose my turn at the game. I gawked and gamed until he went back from whence he came. That’s when the other guy really got started.

He pulled down the zipper of his slacks and eased a few thick fingers inside. The way he groped the meat inside had me again watching, again wondering, and I had to comment.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked.

“Eh, just trying to get a hard-on, that’s all.” He replied and gaped his zipper so as to let me see.

“Is it working for ya?” I asked as I sacrificed the last turn of the game to watch him play.

“No,” he said and headed toward the bathroom. “I need a little help.”

While he was there, the salt & pepper haired guy reappeared on the scene. He and I looked at and over each other for occasional long moments, but never uttered word one. Nor did I pick up any indication of interest from him. So, I dropped another coin in the machine and began another game. He chose a room on the other end of the corridor to view movies in, and the guy in the glasses reappeared from the bathroom just as he closed the booth door.

I watched him as he reassumed his place against the wall and continued playing with his cock. In the meantime, I pulled the zipper of my jeans down and eased a few fingers in to play over my cock. He and I stared over each other and held pointless conversation just to keep it hot. I pulled out my cock, kept it behind my hands and stepped to him. He returned the unleashing, but I got to see his six-incher in all its uncut thickness. When I moved my hands, his hazel eyes flew open wide and he whistled in admiration.

“What a cock!” he whispered to have me grin. Just as we reached out to grope each other, the salt & pepper haired guy reappeared and cancelled our action. He quickly disappeared back into the first booth he was in and we were as quick to resume our fondling. After we had hand massaged each other to full erection, he told me he wanted to be mounted. Before I could tell him he was barking up the wrong tree, he asked what I was interested in sexually. I simply went to my knees and slurped his thick cock into my mouth. He let me suck it for a minute or so, then eased me away and excused himself to obtain more coins.

That’s when I noticed the door where the lanky salt and pepper haired guy was, stood slightly ajar. I moved quickly there and looked in to find him already on the look to the corridor. I nodded in gesture, he opened the door and I felt the rush. He had that cock out and it hung a good six inches soft. That dick was thick with foreskin, which covered a classic, stout mushroom head. Made my mouth water so bad to suck it, I had a hard time telling him what I needed to.

“The other guy is gonna want to come in.” I finally said as I looked into his blue eyes.

“Oh, that’s fine, I like threesomes.” he said freely and eased a hand over my cock, then helped me ease to my knees. That dick was hard within just a few sucks of my adept oral gap. His long fingers were on my head and scraping over my scalp-cropped hair. His words of coercion, though unnecessary, were music to my ears and served their purpose well. From the corner of my eye, I saw the other guy walk by and look in. I waved him in, he whipped out his cock as he stepped closer and the hard-on he had worked on in the corridor came swiftly and easily once my tongue again cruised over the head of his meat. In the reverse Oreo was just where I wanted to be.

Those guys fed me but well. They fed my ears with all of their scorching fuck talk and commands of how good they wanted, and were getting their cocks sucked. I got my mouth fed with one mans’ cock and suddenly the cock of the other guy took the place of it. At one point those fuckers stuffed both their cocks in my big mouth and had me really hot and groping over them both. The lanky fellow stood me up and repeated my action on myself and the other guy. Yeah, I watched it and liked it, but standing before them was not where I wanted to be.

So I got back down on my knees and let them feed me those cocks like I needed. One, the other, both, repeat until the lanky guy gained and decided to keep possession of my orality. He told me I was going to suck his cock till it shot that load. Meanwhile the other guy beat off and told us how bad he wanted me to stick my long, black cock up his ass. The lanky guy asked if I was ready to take his load, then told me it was coming to me before I could think to respond. All the while he moved me, closer to the guy with glasses who stroked his cock faster the closer we got. Just as the lanky guy began to shoot his load, the guy in glasses eased his cock in my mouth and also unloaded his cum onto my tongue. I swallowed their loads down, thanked them for the man heat then watched as they exited.

After I stood in there for a moment or so and savored the flavor of what I’d just eaten, I exited back into the corridor; to see a guy beside the game machine I had been playing previous. Since he wasn’t facing me, I checked him out as I walked in that direction and immediately liked what he presented. Light blue button down specially monogrammed ruck shirt covering his built upper body and wide, solid looking back. Painter pants in blue covered what looked to be a solid manly ass. He didn’t have a lot of ass, but it was muscular and manly. I remained just a few steps from him when his turn ended on the game, and then he turned and looked in my direction.

Our look told me our interest was mutual, but there was something about this guy that made me furrow my brow in wonder, through my smile of interest. We greeted each other with a silent nod during the eye-fuck; I liked his round handsome, hairless face and sweet smile. Then he went back to playing his game and I dropped a coin so as to play mine again.

We kept the quick looks going between turns, then somewhere in the middle of my game, his ended. I noticed that though he didn’t move from the machine, his interest was all in my direction. I could feel his bright blue eyes as he stared the length of my backside, then I looked to see his interest was in the game I played. I stepped aside so as to let him see, and then the questions began. I explained the game to him as we meat gazed each other, during which time I saw his cock throbbing high up against his zipper. He looked down at my cock, back at my eyes then asked if there was anything else to do in that place.

“Sure there is.” I said. “As soon as I finish this game we can go and find out how it’s done.” I didn’t know or care what he wanted; I knew my place was to be on my knees before him. Then as soon as we selected a door to get behind, things began to move in that direction.

I watched as he unfastened his pants and also smiled wide at the fact that he was going commando. I also understood why his cock bulged so high against his zipper. His cock was 6.5 inches long, of average girth, and he dressed toward his belly. Yet it stood out from his wiry pubic bush like a favorite arrow. Jutting, throbbing, drooling precum and ready for any action that could come its way. I wasted not another second to get on my knees before it and just watched for a few seconds. Then I reached out and touched the drop of precum, strung it out and brought the finger to my lips. He seethed as I flashed out my tongue and licked the juice away, instantly satisfied with the manly taste of it. Then I moved closer, got my nose right up against it and got a good sniff as he pushed his pants to his knees.

“Ah, man!” I said after inhaling the clean, yet manly smell of his meat. I felt the rush roll through my six-foot kneeling and then gripped his legs for support.

“You like that cock!” He whispered loudly. I moaned louder, licked the precum away, and then looked up into his wide blues as I swallowed it down. He smiled, placed a hand on my head and then I went down on his meat.

The more I sucked, then more that cock throbbed and pushed the precum out for my tongue to taste. The more he moaned the more his hands eased over my head and the harder he tried to get grip on my cropped black hair. The built stranger talked to me, with me, at me, and at times for me. He talked about me and my mouth and how good it all was to his cock. He asked me if I could ease off a bit for he liked how I treated his dick and he wanted it to last, if I didn’t mind. I agreed with a nod and moan, released his cock from my oral grip and immediately used the opportunity to see more of him.

“Do me a favor.” I asked and gazed into his eyes.

“Anything.” he replied and made me grin.

“Turn around so I can look at your ass. I checked it out in the corridor and thought it looked good.” While he turned his backside to my admiring brown eyes, I watched as the screen lighting made the light hair that covered it almost glow. We mutually moaned, groaned and seethed as I pushed, pulled at and caressed his manly and muscular cheeks of ass. To ease a finger down the valley between and feel the hair residing there made me want to venture further; spread his cheeks and get a good look at his manly hole. But knowing my own weakness for the guilty pleasure that good look would ultimately lead me into made me follow the force of refrain. I closed my eyes, touched his cock and felt glad when he once again turned back to facing me.

“Do you mind if I sit while you take care of me? It’ll sure make it easier on my legs.”

“Not at all.” I replied and watched with interest as he pushed his pants to his ankles and spread his thighs. I went right back down on that dick and got to eating hungrily, only to have him ease me away and again ask for a slowdown.

“I want what’s in there.” I protested. He chuckled and squeezed my shoulder.

“I want you to have it, but see, I normally don’t cum quick, but you…man, your mouth is something else. Tell ya what, give it to me slow and I promise to reward you with a nice load.” His words made my cock throb.

“Oh yeah? How nice?”

“A mouthful if you can handle it.” I took another look at his cock and not-much-larger-than-my-own balls as I smiled in thought about what he was saying.

“You’re gonna give me a true mouth full of cum?”

“If you can handle it, I call it a farm boy load.” I could not maintain the chuckle.

“Are you a farm boy?” I asked to have him laugh.

“Yes, in fact, I really did grow up on a farm not far from this area.”

“So you really know what a true farm boy load is. Well, damn it all right, to experience that, I’ll suck your cock just as you tell me to.”

The handsome stranger didn’t have to tell me anything about how to suck his or any other cock. My oral experience went back way further than he could ever imagine, and I enjoyed the beginning of my showing him just how experienced my mouth was. I sucked his cock slow because I wanted to feel the contours and veins of it on my tongue. Also, a slow suck in the position I was in made it easy to see his face if I so desired, and I did so often.

“Hope you don’t mind if it takes a little while.” He said as he continued to massage my shoulders and upper back. I moaned pleasurably, shook my head no and slid both hands down his hairy calves. To get that meat in my throat was easy and thrilled me to the depths of my balls. I did it in sets of three, with each sinking lasting just slightly longer than the last. Only three because that’s all it took to get his hands on my head and feel them shoving me down for more while he fuck talked my ears off.

His reaction on the release was half physical; he gasped for breath and cast those blue eyes down at me while his hands almost juggled my head between themselves. Then it was half verbal; he uttered words I heard and understood at times and they ranged from ‘yes’ to my being called some sort of cocksucker. Didn’t matter to me, in fact it turned me on all the more to hear him tell me what I am and what I love to do, and I swore the man had full awareness of the fact. For the sake of what he promised me, I surely hoped he had the awareness.

“Oh, man, that feels so fucking good! Yes! Work that tongue like that, yeah!!! Keep it up and you’re gonna get it, I tell ya!”

Well of course I kept on with the speedy slap of tongue, tip drag action over the flare on the underside of that throbber. I watched his crotch patch as I sucked that meat all the faster in my ultimate stage of eager hunger to feel and taste this phenomenon.

“It’s gonna shoot right to ya! Oh you cocksucker! I love your fucking mouth and it’s gonna…cum!!!”

A Shot came that made me swallow. The Blast that came next made me swallow twice. Then the Stream began to run and forced me to gulp three times. The River forced me to clamp those lips tighter and swallow faster; motherfucker. Then it quickly became an Ocean of a load. Yes that was what that former farm boy shot into my cum loving oral gap. Yes, I really did handle it all and he told me how impressed he was as I continued to clean his cock and balls of my drool. I was glad his cock stayed hard throughout my cleanup, and as he stroked my head he asked if I would be around for a bit longer.

“Sure.” I heard myself say, though I knew full well I should’ve been on my way.

“Good. So you liked my farm boy load?” he asked and stared with all seriousness into my eyes as I knelt there before him.

“Hell yeah! I’ll certainly remember it, and what a load like it is called. It has been a while since I’ve has a load even close to what you just fed me, and even then, I couldn’t take it.”

“Could you go for another load like that?” His words left me only able to stare at him for what seemed a minute.

“Sure, now are you gonna tell me that you…” I stopped speaking and fell into open-mouthed, chuckling amazement when he began to nod with absolute cocky certainty.

“Give me about thirty minutes or so, let me take a piss and get something to drink and we’ll get together and work another load out.”

“Wait,” I said and placed a hand on his broad shoulder. “Will the next load be like what you just fed me?”

“It should be.” he said with a confidence that could never be seen or heard as bragging. At least not by me.

“You have a nice cock for sucking,” I told him, to have him smile, and then he pointed at mine.

“How are you hung?” He asked and placed a finger on the end of my cock. “I noticed you didn’t take your cock out the entire time you worked on me.”

“It’s nine inches long and cut. I didn’t take it out because I didn’t feel the need.”

“I’d like to see it when we come back. I’m not big on it, but I do taste cock every now and again. I’m actually more for shooting my load on a hot ass.”

“I can’t help but ask, is every load like that?”

“I’d say ninety-nine percent of the time I can shoot at least that much. Besides, you kept my cock hard after the load, so I gotta get it off again. Are you up for doing me again?”

That’s when I laughed. “Take your break, get with me and I’ll answer that and almost any other questions you may have.”

It was during the break that he took full advantage of my big-mouthed invitation. We covered first cock, past relationships, and the current cock situation we shared. Through it all we stood close, played the games on the machines, and fingers inside of zippers. My mouth watered to feel his thick cock back within its confines, and I was glad when he finally said he was ready.

Though I got immediately on my knees after we secured ourselves behind the door, I kept my word to him and unleashed my cock.

“Wow! Now that’s nice!!” He whispered with full excitement and total admiration. What do you like to do with that…how many inches is that cock?”

“Nine, and I’d like to find out what you can do with it. At another time because you know why I’m back here. Yes?”

“By all means.” He said and lowered his pants.

I kept my cock out as I went back down on his cock for the second time. He showed his appreciation with an occasional stroking, an upward pull toward himself and a roughly gentle fondling of my balls, after which time he got grip on my hand and placed it on my cock. I took the hint and began to slowly stroke my cock for his excitation. But the entire time, my goal was to feel another farm boy load blast into my mouth and make me swallow the ocean it becomes down to my greedy guts.

When I lowered my position and got a taste of his balls, he changed position so as to afford me more access and I couldn’t have asked for more. While I licked his hairy, husky balls I went just below them and got a look at his manhole. It was puckered tight, hairy as one could want and it pulsed ever so with the beat of his excitation. We groaned in synch as I watched my finger drag slowly over that temptation, then I was back on that meat and sucking for the load that waited within.

To my delight he didn’t slow my oral assault, he instead fed it perfectly by not only telling me to suck his cock, he thrust that meat to my face and touched the back of my throat with it. He told me if I kept letting him hit that spot he was going to give me what I wanted; albeit sooner than he was ready to give it. I knew what I wanted, so I made damn sure he hit that spot as much as he needed.

Then my mouth was again quickly filled with his farm boy load. Though I followed what I thought were the exact same swallowing technique as the first time, I gagged slightly on that second one. He wanted to force it down my throat and let it all blast right down. I, on the other hand, was determined to take, taste, and then swallow every drop of that load.

My simple change of position made me win the right, and then we relaxed into a heap of man heat in the corner of the bench for a regroup. During which time he again complimented me on keeping him hard enough to want to shoot a second load, and he said I handled the second load, to his surprise. As he stood to pull his pants up, I licked the drop from the head. He chuckled as he nodded and got a thumb and forefinger around his meat. He squeezed out a gob onto the thickness of his index finger on the opposite hand and put it to my lips as our eyes met.


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