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Reverse Oreo


submitted December 13, 2006

Categories: True Stories

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I’d had a few drinks before arriving there, and was feeling much hornier than when my day had finally begun. So my main objective was to simply find a willing guy, suck his cock and retreat back home. But once I was among the competition, and saw what there was to choose from, I was much more willing to stay longer. The first guy to catch the gaze of my chocolate eyes stood six foot two and weighed about 177 pounds. Had brown eyes, hair and a thick moustache. Angular, full, attractive face with a body that kept me occasionally gazing over him. His chest was high and somewhat built, and from what his right fitting shirt showed, he had a nice, flat stomach. While standing close, I leaned aft and gazed down over his wide back, then at his solid looking blue jean covered ass. Certainly liked all I saw and boy did he ever show interest in what I have to offer. He gazed over and at me for long periods at a time, which gave me the distinct impression that he not only wanted his thigh buddy sucked, he wanted it sucked well. Which I was quite capable of, which seemed the main reason I showed him interest. But then, there was the other guy that caught my eye… Full head of curly blonde hair, height around five foot ten and a half. Oval face, nice cheekbones and a thick moustache hovering above a real sensuous looking mouth. The kind that set my mouth to watering right quickly. Made me want to kiss it from just one look. His gray-hazel eyes stared into my chocolate ones with pure manly interest as he smiled. The parka he wore hid his upper body, but the jeans did all to show off his manly ass. Certainly something to catch and hold my attention. I couldn’t decide which one of them to get with first, so I decided to bide my time and see which one became most opportune. The dark haired guy and I stood nearest to each other for the longest time. Aside from the obviously lusty stares we exchanged, I wondered what sort of mansexual acts he had running through his mind. I clued him in to my wonder by waiting till he was again looking my way, then sliding a finger along the outline of my pocket dragon. Which bulged prominent and commando down my right thigh. He watched my action, licked his lips for that minute or so. Then with a gingerly nod and the rise of a brow he stepped to me and eased his big hand in where mine played. I sucked a breath, grinned like a maniac and stared into his eyes the whole time. Those eyes opened wider the further down he slid his fingers. When he got to the ninth inch of my cock, his mouth was open in pleasant awe. To up the ante I took things a step further by removing his hand, then my cock from my jeans through my zipper. Knowing full well that if another guy were to walk by, I’d be unable to quickly stuff my hardness back into my pants. My horny state and where we were made me care not. Luckily, it was the blonde that soon walked by. And though we were quick to have ceased our play and I covered my erection with my coat, we got a stare and a knowing grin as he entered the stall behind us. I knew he’d be back before too long, so I continued my play with the dark haired guy. “He’s gonna come out of there in a few.” I told him. “Do you mind if he sees what we’re doing?” “You’re the one with your cock out.” He replied and continued to stroke and stare down at my rigidity. “I want him to see what’s happening because I want to get with him.” I furthered. “Both of us?” He asked with a stare so heated that I wiped at my brow. “Sure, if that’s what the both of you want. By the way, what do you want?” “I want to get my cock sucked or maybe get in a fuck. You?” “I’m just hungry to suck cock. Be it yours, his or both, which would be better for me.” “You’d suck both of us?” He said again, but with a hint of sexual interest that piqued mine ever more. “Get us all together and it’ll happen at the same time.” I replied, stepped closer and added more force in the slide of my hand over the bulge in his jeans. The instant after the blonde opened his stall door he seethed and moaned with full carnal approval, while looking at the dark haired guy as he played with my cock. My Adrenaline rushed hard through with his bold speed in getting a hand in while he gazed over my trim, six-foot form. His soon became the only hand on it and he stroked it for a while. I sighed, seethed, growled and groaned at his expert manipulation of it while I went for his zipper, to find his cock and balls were already out and waiting. The simple act of lifting the bottom of his parka gave me the absolute access to his tools. “Boy isn’t that a nice package!” I proclaimed while staring into his eyes with a wide grin of appreciation. Being that I so adored the color of his eyes, the gaze lasted a few while I got used to the feel of his meat. He quickly turned the gaze into a kiss I wasn’t expecting, but wholeheartedly welcomed. As we wrapped up in each other, my alcohol fired mouth went hard at his peppermint flavored one. Mingling eager tongue and meshing my black moustache with his blonde one. The dark haired guy stood behind us grunting, sliding hands over us and talking us up the entire time. I was unable to retain my chuckle at his amazement after the kiss was broken. “Let me guess, you two know each other.” He said. “I don’t think so.” I replied then looked into the handsome face of the blonde stranger. “I don’t know you, do you know me?” “Never seen you before in my life.” He huskily replied then went back to slurping over my tongue while I groped his blonde balls with one hand and the tool box of the dark haired guy with the other. “The stranger factor is what makes it all the more exciting.” I told the dark haired guy after the kiss, then went down on haunches to get a better look at the balls of the blonde. Just the way the jeans made them jut out at me was enough incentive to make me descend and lick them. Boy did the mansweat on them taste good! Fresh, with that clean and wonderfully masculine saltiness. Made my hungry mouth water for more. Those buddies were about the size of a mature green walnut, obviously five days shaven, tight in their sac yet willing to be worked loose by my adept tongue. After licking them wet I eased closer to him and slurped those fuckers in. They filled my mouth just enough to make me have a bit of difficulty in rolling my tongue the way I like over a set of manballs that nice. After what seemed just about a minute of oral working, he sucked a breath and pulled back from my action. “Damn! You do that really good!” He heaved and slid a finger into my mouth as I stood. I sucked on the thickness of it for a few seconds, then reached behind me for another feel of the dark haired guy. He lifted his shirt and I slid a hand over his hairless chest. Just after he gasped a fresh breath, I found and pinched his nipple. He stepped one closer, wrapped a hand around my trim waist and eased his head down onto my shoulder. He then moaned with pleasure when I slid a hand further down his torso, stopped at and delved a finger into his hair-fringed and ingoing navel. A minute or so later the three of us were moving into the stall together. Their vascular poles were out, my knees were down on the tiled floor and my mouth was open. Ready, willing and hungry for one or both of them to be stuffed to it. That of the blonde was the first to cross my lips and I took it in with gusto for it had grown into something much nicer than when I had licked his balls. Eight full inches long and just over a fist wrap thick enough to make me want more. Especially after I so easily throated it fully. I had to force myself to cease beating my meat so fast, so as to take on the cock of the dark haired guy. Let me tell you, his cock was a whole other story. It had grown to about seven and a half inches long and gotten substantially thicker in its uncut state. He was sure adamant about feeding that throbbing fucker to me. Got hold on my head with both hands, turned it to just his stud meat and talked to me like he should while he fucked my face. “Take my cock in your mouth! Suck that cock, man! You like to suck on my uncut pecker, don’t ya!? Here cocksucker,” He said as he slid it from my mouth, then wrapped that thick thumb and forefinger just behind the head. “Let me give you a taste of that foreskin! Ain’t that what you really want? Oh yeah, that’s right! Drag that fucking tongue all over it! Stick it right there man, uh huh, lick all around that skin and tongue that head for me. Sure would be nice having you around to keep my skin clean and I could let you use that mouth on my cock all day!” “Or as long as he’d prefer to.” The blonde added, removed his parka then eased his cut poker into the path. While gluttoning over all the inches I had at my oral leisure, I moved high on my haunches, worked my jeans past my knees and knelt back before the guys. The more I stroked my nine inch nightstick the more I felt it necessary to take it easy. The blonde had the cock I wanted in my mouth at that point, and as I slid hands further up his humpy 160 pound torso, the more he became the man. Accompanying the flat stomach was a high, well-built and solid chest. All of which was covered from stem to stern with j u s t more than a shadowing of the light blonde hair. His furriness was soft and seemed to whorl in places, especially around those bite-sized nipples. I could not help but groan right loud about the nice bars of muscle his abdominals tensed into when I played fingertips hard over them. After playing with his sensitivity a few more times, and loving the almost verbal reaction he gave, he helped me to standing then practically wrapped himself around me. I reciprocated by getting grip on his firm and lightly haired ass, then adding a grunt enforced volley of thrust as a supplement to our manhandling. After a few minutes of frottage he forced us apart with a growl, then looked down at my cock as it throbbed before us. “That’s a big fuckin’ dick you got there!” He said with heated enthusiasm. “It’s all yours if you can handle it.” I told him as his long fingers wrapped around it. He jacked it and seethed for a few minutes, then eased it between his hairy thighs as he moved back toward me. Boy was I quick to begin thrusting to and further groping over his body. I tell you, we were hitting together hard enough before long, to smack just about every other time, and d a m n did it ever feel good! His body was so solid; his ass felt so good and with our bodies being trim we fit together rather well. Along with our loud grunts sending echoes off the walls of our enclosure, the dark haired guy continued feeding our frenzy by going on about how well we were getting on as his precum drooling cock dragged further down my right side. Once he got behind me and I felt those hands massaging my full ass cheeks, I knew who was gonna take that fuck he spoke of earlier. The thought of him getting nicely wild behind my lanky frame made me start to think about what had yet to happen. Then that hot blonde pulled me along with him as he sat and slid that stiffer back down my throat just as the dark haired guy slid a wet finger over my hole. Boy did that make me hotter for that fuck! I bucked back at the finger and again swallowed what was being fed me to have that hot and hirsute man tell me how good I had he and his cock feeling. “Ah yeah man! Do those lips ever feel good on my dick! It just loves how you suck it and let that spit drool all over those balls! Oh yeah! Keep sucking my cock and get them fuckers all wet for me.” Hearing him talk about them only made me go to those delicious orbs, lick them clean of my saliva and then some. The hair that graced his toned torso seemed to never end and I was only able to hungrily follow it further down to his perineum. I dragged tongue slowly over the hardness of the muscle; he seethed loud, tensed and eased his body slightly away yet pushed on my head in full encouragement. When I added a casual light bite to the equation he groaned really loud and spat a speedy string of fuckspeak, which I could only respond to. “That’s right man, get on down there and lick your hot spit off them balls!” He plainly called while sliding fingers through my black curls. “Keep that hot tongue working over those nuts! Drive me wild with that fucking tongue of yours! Damn can you ever use that son-of-a-bitch!” By that time, the dark haired guy had already gobbed a massive amount of warm spit over my round brown and was telling me what he was going to do to me while working his thick thumb over, around and ever the more into my hot hole. I moaned ever louder with each attempt, until he finally pressed the head of that cock to my hole. The heat of it relaxed me instantly and I began pushing back to take that cock. All the while grazing face over the hairy tool box of the blonde. Once that cock eased into me and he’d fed me a few short and easy thrusts, I began giving my all in taking it further up inside me. I absolutely l o v e d the position I was in; head in the taut and hair-laced belly of the blonde with my mouth full of his manmeat. Fore arched by a dark haired, thick thumbed ass-fucker, and stroking my cock for all it’s worth. Yet the longer those hot and equally horny bastards fed trouser trout to my holes, the more I wanted and loved it. I grunted, growled, moaned and groaned with all the sexual heat emanating through our shared mansex, and those guys only called more reaction from me. “You like having your mouth full of cock, don’t ya!?” The blonde called. “Yeah, you like using that hot mouth on a man ‘cause you know you can drive him fucking crazy with it, right! Ain’t that right, you hot mouthed cocksucker you!” “Is that how you do it!” The dark haired guy continued before I had a chance to moan in answer. “You get your face down in his crotch while you take my prick up your hot ass! Then you s u c k that cock and run your hot tongue all over those balls! You get those balls in your mouth and suck them fuckers like he says! Yeah, that’s right, man, you take them balls in and suck ‘em while I fuck my cock up your manhole! You like to have a hot cock up in your hole, don’t ya man! Tell me you like how I use my cock to fuck you! How I keep slamming it all up in your hole!” I groaned in absolute agreement, and the full knowledge that if he didn’t cum soon, his talk and my steady cock stroking was gonna make me. So I eased off his latexed boner, released mine while listening to him draw breath, then slammed my ass back down onto it. He groaned, gripped my hips then ground that entire dick in me and just held it there. It felt so good I couldn't help but spit out the balls of the blonde. “Fuck me!” I loudly grunted, reached for and ground back to him. “Keep fucking all that cock in my hole!! Come on, man, give it to me good! Feed my hole while I suck this big dick!” “Yeah, you get that cock hungry mouth of yours back down on that dick!” He told me. “Suck it all in your mouth, take it all down your throat!” His command was my reality as he began to thrust again and the blonde only revered my action. He lent me every type of help out possible to keep my oral gap busy over his tool. I felt like the filling I was, proudly acting as the binder that kept my Caucasian equation in one piece. I felt greedy for what I was getting, and especially for the position I willingly put myself in. The more I thought about it the harder I went at getting those cocks off. “Keep sucking that cock, man ‘cause you’re gonna make me cum! Come on make me shoot that load!” The blonde called while the dark haired guy moaned really loud. “Too late,” He then said fast. “That dick is gonna cum, ooh yeah! Here comes that fucking load!” Every hair in the patch on my lower back seemed to stand on end when I heard the snap of the rubber being pulled off his cock. “Me too! Oh, oh let me get it man!” The blonde growled then pulled his gun from my mouth and began to jack it. I could only groan a bit while I attempted to watch the dark haired stranger shoot that load over me. “Shoot that cum AAHH YEAH all over my back!” I yelled as the masculine heat and wetness skittered halfway up my back in great, sensatory gobs. “Yeah coat me good with that load, man!” I bent further forward in relief with the heated shiver that coursed through and got my face splattered by the load of the blonde as it charged forth. The heat of its plentiful quantity on my cheek, completely covering my nose and dripping off my lightly whiskered chin helped pull my load from me and it clodded heavily over the floor and my boots. “Damn, that ass was great!” The dark haired guy said, heaving for breath while easing his cock over my hole. “Sorry I don’t have anything to clean us up with.” I handed him my red hanky; he wiped my back, his cock and then handed it back so I could somewhat clean my face. The manner in which the blonde used in handling his cum made me rush. He simply used his shirt to rub it over his toned torso and then tucked it into his jeans. We gave farewell gropes as we checked ourselves for stray cum, then exited the stall. The was complete. GRIFFIN

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