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My First Fuck

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Date: January 1, 2007 From: Steve Subject:

Please email me with your experiences, thoughts and ideas and I promise to rise up to the occasion and respond hard and tall. I make it a practice to respond to all emails that I receive but grandfathers over 65 years are always a special treat.

The beach still had those cold morning breezes when I arrived. It was only 9:30 a.m. and there were hardly any people there. I had been thinking about coming to this beech for months, it was a clothing optional beach and rumor had it that it was also gay. I would have been too nervous to come here when there were a lot of people here, watching me strip to my swim suit, thinking that I may be a fucking faggot. I did not even know if most people did or did not take everything off since the sign specifically used the word “optional.” I thought by being early I would be less conspicuous in my swim suit even if most people were naked since I would already be down on my towel. I was only 14 years old and a young 14 at that. It seemed like each of my friends had a bigger cock and more hair around their balls than I did. It was a real thing with me and I tried to avoid taking off my clothes with my friends and I was sure not going to do it with a bunch of adult strangers, possibly gay too.

The idea of me being gay was hard for me to even intellectually understand let alone emotionally accept. I come from a rural area where boys are boys stuff and it was not only acceptable to hate those fucking queers it was encouraged. For a long time I knew I had sexual feelings for men but could never attach those feelings to the word “queer” without feeling desperately trapped within my own desires. I tried to push my gay sexual feelings out of my head but I could not. I was in a constant battle within myself to kill or at least push down my gayness as far as I could and then I would be flooded by these sexual passions that would not stop. I felt like I was being split emotionally into two people. I was having one of those internal conflicts before I got to the beach, telling myself that I was not queer but desperately craving any sexual contact with a man, particularly an older man. As always I tried to push it out of my head and tell myself that no one would even suspect that I was gay. I was safe from being found out. I thought or maybe hoped might be more accurate that as people arrived and saw me sunning myself in my swimming trunks they would think that I was some boy that had come to the beach for an early swim and was now just resting.

Resting like hell! I was hoping that I could see naked men all around me showing their cock and balls and, if some of them were queer, they might start touching each other down there, maybe even with their mouths. I could feel my cock getting hard and it was at a really bad angle inside my swimming trunks the way it was bent. I turned on my stomach so nobody could see me and laid my dick flat against my stomach pointing toward my belly button. When I first got to the beach I could feel my cock shrivel up to practically nothing, it felt like it even inverted in on itself and now here I was with a hard on. I had tried to come to this beach so many times building myself up by not touching my cock or letting myself cum until I was a little crazy thinking and wanting it so much. The night before I’d plan to come, my cock would just stay hard all the time and when I would start to walk to the beach I would be light headed from the excitement of it all. Every other time except for today I would lose my courage and go back home to sit on that toilet and jack myself off. During those times even though I had not let myself cum for a week or longer when I would cum I would hardly be able to feel that wonderful twisting pleasure in my balls. I was too disappointed and frustrated at not being on the beach with all those naked men for the cums to be any good.

The beach started to fill up, there did not seem to be any women. I jumped when I saw some movement to my left but it was just some guy putting down a blanket. He was the kind of guy that really turned me on. He was somewhere in his fifties, stocky with a beer belly and hair all over his body. All I could think was that this was a construction worker or something like that. It had to be something physical given his height and weight but mostly his powerful build. He caught me starring at him as he was taking off his shirt and pants. Even after he caught me starring, I could not stop, it was like I was in a trance the way he excited me deep inside. I did not get a hard on, the situation was much too intense for that. He smiled and said “Nice day. Have you been here long?”

It was hard for me to find my tongue let alone get it in gear and start to talk but I answered “A couple hours ago I guess.” He wasn’t wearing underpants or a swim suit but wore a black jock strap. As he was crawling around on the blanket arranging his stuff I could not help but stare at him. He was so sexy to me and when I looked down at my hands they were shaking. When I looked up, he was on all fours with his ass directly facing me. He had muscular hairy ass cheeks with thick tufts of hair in the crack of his ass. I found my hard on and the damn thing was tenting the front of my swim suit.

When he got settled sitting on the blanket he looked over to me and said “Wow, when I was your age I was always getting a hard on as well. It was like my cock didn’t know how to get soft, I even pissed most of the time with a half hard dick. Gym classes were the worst. All that nakedness in the showers with cocks and balls flopping all over the place. But thinking back on it, I had some difficulties with it too. Are those gym classes a problem for you?” I did not say anything. I was too embarrassed to tell him about my small dick and that I did not have enough cock hair. He asked me “What is your name, my name is Bill.”

“I’m Danny” I replied.

He said “The gym classes were a problem for me because my cock was always hard and the damn thing is so big. Was it that way for you?”

It was difficult but I had to say something so I told him the truth “No, just the opposite.”

“What do you mean,” he said “you don’t seem to have any problem getting a hard on.” He paused for a few seconds and said “Oh, you think that your cock is too small, don’t you?”

“And I don’t have as much hair as the other guys do, either.”

The man stared at me and said in a very serious tone “You and everybody other boy has thought that at one time or another. Listen it is none of my business but you are still growing up give your body a chance. I know that I sound like your father or something but boys your age grow into men all with the same basic equipment. Yes, some are bigger than others but if you decide to judge yourself based upon the size of your cock or judge any man based solely on the size of his cock that would be just plain dumb, unfair too.” He seemed to drift off to his own thoughts about what he just said.

I understood what he had said to me but somewhere in the back of my mind I thought “Sure it’s easy for you to talk with a big fucking cock swinging between your legs.”

Once he broke out of his own thoughts he half laughed and said “Besides did you know that some men completely shave off the hair around their cocks? I don’t know maybe it’s some arty thing, I even heard that they do it to make their cock look larger. What a bunch of crap. I like to see hair around a cock, I like the feel of it, I even like the texture of it on the sides of my face.”

“I know one way to get your cock bigger.” he said. “Try to keep it hard as much of the time as you can.” “What makes you get hard Danny, tell me about it and as we talk about it I just know that your cock will get harder and harder until it feels like it’s going to break. Oh shit, I can feel mine starting to harden up just talking to you this way.”

I could see the pouch of his jock fill up. I didn’t know exactly how big he was but there was no question in my mind that it was big. I could not believe that he was talking about hard ons with me. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that cock hair on the sides of his face comment but I did think that it might mean he was gay. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up because he probably just thought I was some kid and it really didn’t matter. All I knew was that I never thought anything like this would happen to me and it was so exciting my heart started pounding very fast.

He said “Well come on Danny tell me what makes you excited.”

I said “When I see men in their undershorts. I’ve never seen a man in a jock strap before or talked to any man about hard ons. That stuff sort of excites me.”

“Why?” he asked me “Because it is me, because it is a hard cock, because I am a man?”

“Yeah for all of those reasons but particularly because it is you and I’ve never talked with a grown man that had a hard on before. I can’t explain it exactly but it is your muscles, hairy body, because you’re older, I guess because you are a man and that excites me and makes me want to be close to you.”

“You don’t talk a lot Danny but when you do, you can really say what you feel.” Then he added “How about if we practice our hard ons for a while talking and watching other guys go by. I think you might like cock too, I know I surely do.”

Now there was no doubt in my mind because he said that he liked cock so that had to mean he is gay.

We sat there watching guys walk by and I could see the fat head of his cock trying to slide out of the side of his jock pouch. He said to me “What do you think of that?” There was a man I would guess in his late thirties walking along the shore line holding hands with a boy about my age. They were naked and fully hard. “They have been having sex with each other for the last year.” He told me. “Does that excite you? You mentioned that you liked the idea of me being older. Does the idea of that young boy being with an older man turn you on?”

I could hardly move let alone talk. He had hit directly on my biggest fantasy. “Yes, very much. That is who I want, an older man.” I answered. “What do you think they do together Danny? What would you like your older man to do to you?”

I had hardly even let myself think about it and here he was asking me to talk about it with him right there on the beach with him in that black jock strap and his big cock pushing at the pouch to get out. Before I knew what I was doing I had reached down and squeezed my cock.

“That’s it Danny, grab that fucking dick and squeeze it. Do you feel that warmth surge through your body when you do that? I want to feel it too.” He said as he reached down and squeezed his cock giving out a small moan of pleasure. He pulled out the front of his jock strap and the head of his cock stuck out. It was sort of red and purple. I had never seen anything so exciting in my life and I grabbed myself and squeezed again this time letting out my own moan. He said “But I’ll bet you’ve known about this stuff for a long time. You probably have fucked around a lot already.”

“Have not.” I said to him. “I have never been with anyone.”

“Do you know what guys do when they have sex Danny? What do you think that the man and boy do when they are together?”

He was treating me like a child so I said in anger “Well they kiss and suck . . . I guess.”

“Danny, do you want me to tell you what I would do if I was with that boy?”

I could only nod, yes.

“First of all he is very young and because this may be his first time, I would be very gentle with him. I would excite him and, I’m very good at that Danny, but I would do it very slowly so that his excitement could build and he could fully enjoy the power of wanting it so much that he could barely stand it. I would begin by taking off each piece of his clothing. Pausing as I took each piece off to touch his body, slide my fingers over it, softly kiss it, even lick it. But I would keep his little undies on and save that area until he was really ready because it is the most special area of all. I would put my face close to his face so that he could feel the heat of my skin and I could feel the heat from his skin on mine. Using one fingertip I would touch his face by outlining every feature. I would outline his mouth before touching the fleshy part of his lips. I would slide my finger past his lips and press on his teeth until he opened his mouth and begin to suck my finger. It is only for practice Danny because he would suck other things later, much larger things. Now I’ve got to squeeze my cock a few times as well. I am so fucking hard and this pouch is hurting me. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to slip off this jock strap and give my cock and balls a little room.”

He stood up to take off his jock. He was not embarrassed at all. He faced me put his thumbs in the waist band at hit sides and in one fluid motion pulled it down and let it fall to the ground. His cock was very hard and wet but it didn’t slap his stomach the way mine would have because it was too big and heavy for that. It just seemed to sway from side to side and then I think he pulsed it making it rise and fall before me. He still made no attempt to sit down. He grabbed his cock with one hand and began to milk a clear sticky fluid from his piss slit. I knew it was pre cum because it happened to me too but not so much of it. Several fingers were covered in his juice when he asked me “Danny, would you like to taste it?”

I did but was afraid to, what if someone were to see me, what would this man think of me if I went around eating guys pre cum. So I shook my head no.

He began to lick it from his own fingers and said “Too bad, it tastes so sweet, so special.” That is when he reached down and milked his cock again but this time he put his fingers wet with his cock juice through my lips into my mouth and I sucked on his fingers and licked off the cum.

He sat back down on the blanket and pulled his bag over. He took out some sun tan oil and spread some of it in the palm of his hand. “Don’t want to burn my little guy.” he smiled and said to me. With his left hand he used his fingers to hold his hard cock at the base and positioned his cock straight up just under his right hand. He grabbed the oil bottle again and squirted more oil on his dick before sliding the hand that he had already greased up and down his shaft. He was moaning and half grunting as he slid his hand up and down his cock, stretching his feet and curling his toes. He pulled his hand away from his cock and said “Jesus, I almost lost it and came.” “Want to slip off those swimming trunks and grease up your cock as well?” he asked. I shook my head and he said “Still shy, maybe later.”

“Where was I?” he said. “Oh yeah, I was just about to kiss you, I mean him. I would slide my tongue along his lips and wiggle it until he opened his mouth. I would hold my mouth on his and put my tongue in his mouth. Have you ever French kissed?” He asked me.

“A couple of times with girls at parties and stuff like that.” I told him.

“That doesn’t count.” He said. “Until you licked tongues with a man, Danny you’ve never really kissed. It really feels good. I remember the first time I did it I almost came. God it is such a turn on. I love to kiss. Most of the time from there I would work on the boy’s nipples. I don’t know why it is but most young boys don’t realize that they have tits. That someone playing with your nubs can make you feel like their touching your cock. But boys like to have their cocks touched directly and that is where I would go next.” As he was saying this he would pinch and twist one nipple and then do it to the other one.

“I’m not going to tell you about how I would slip off his undies or lick his cock and balls. I want you to be able to find out that by yourself when it happens to you. But I will tell you about how I would let him suck my cock. Have you ever sucked a cock Danny, say one of your buddies that you chum around with?”

Again I nodded, no.

“But do you think that you would like to try that?” He asked me.

“Yes, I would but I’m sort of afraid that it would be dirty or taste badly but most of all I don’t see how it could be possible. My mouth is not that big. But I have thought a lot about doing that. It excites me to think about sucking some guy. Sometimes when I jack off I get carried away and think about sucking one guy after another, twenty or thirty guys maybe.”

He said “It’s not so hard Danny if you have someone that knows what they are doing to teach you.” He turned his body toward mine so that he was facing me. “For instance” he said “with my cock you could probably only get the head of it in your mouth. That’s enough Danny to let you suck on him but then you could use your tongue to lick all around it if it is too big. As far as taste and smells, if a man has washed himself all you smell is the soap. Myself I prefer it if a guy has not washed for a few days. I like that musky male smell of a man combined with his sweat and a little piss.” “Don’t make that face, Danny.” he told me. “When you talked about me earlier, you said something about being with a man. Smell and taste is part of a man, you’re not turned on by a bar of soap are you?”

He did not say anything for a few minutes but then he said to me “Now come on, Danny, this is a nude beach take off those swimming trunks and give your equipment a chance to breathe.”

I wanted to but I was also afraid. I seemed to be afraid of so many things. Would someone see, would he be turned off by my small cock, would people then know I was gay? I had to stop all of those voices. I wanted to do it. I just did it. I wasn’t going to stand up to take off my trunks but I just slid them down and wiggled my ass on the towel to get them off. I was stark fucking naked. Shit my cock was starting to get soft. Now he would really see how small my dick is. I couldn’t look at him. I was too embarrassed.

“You have a beautiful cock, Danny. I don’t know why you would think it is small. If it is anything, it is perfect. This probably the first time you have ever been outside with other people around when you didn’t have any clothes on. Isn’t it wonderful?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said.

“Just relax. Spread your legs and let the sun warm your balls. I still haven’t told you about the best thing of all that I would do with that boy. I would fuck him, a long deep fuck. To me that is the best part of sex and I don’t care if you are getting fucked or fucking someone else. They are both good but I think it is more special to get fucked. The way you talk about cock, Danny, I know you want it. I think you need cock. There is no other way for another guy’s cock to be part of you then when you are getting fucked. The feeling is incredible Danny. You can feel that cock entering your ass and your ass just opening up to receive it.” “Here put some oil on your dick.” he said as he threw me the sun tan oil bottle.

I was fully hard now and oiled my cock just as he did. Just as I slid my hand up and down my cock a few times, I heard him say “Stop or you’ll cum.” He was right in just a couple of strokes I was ready to shoot.

“I bet you didn’t know it but just like some men have tits, some men have a pussy too. I’m luck I have both.” He said as he pinched his tits. They were all red and I knew that they were red from his excitement the way he would sigh and moan each time he touched them. “There is nothing like it. Once you get fucked Danny you are going to want cock up your ass all the time. You will know what it means to be possessed by a cock, when you want a cock to be part of you, when you want another man inside you. Just imagine lying on your back with a man shoving his hard cock inside you. Maybe even rubbing his hard dick on your cock and balls as his tongue is fucking your mouth. That hot moist tongue slipping around in your mouth until he finds your tongue and they begin to mate as they slide and slip around each other. That is when I would pull my mouth off his and stick in a couple of fingers in my mouth to get them slick with spit. I would get them all slippery and wet and as I bent my head to start to French kiss the boy again, I would find the entrance to his pussy and begin to play with his pussy lips as I stuck my tongue in the lips of his mouth. I would work my fingers on his hole slowly because it is not something you rush, he has to want it, he has to be ready for it. Once I got my fingers inside, I would go to a special place that every boy has in his pussy and touch it, rub it. Guys have done it to me and I know how good it feels and that would be when he would relax his ass because it feels so good and he would begin to moan in pleasure. But he would want even more pleasure and want me deeper inside him. That is when I would tell him to wrap his legs around my neck and open his ass to me so that I could fuck him with deep long strokes. What do you think he would say Danny?”

“He would say that he wants you deep in him. He would open his ass to you and tell you that he has a pussy. That his pussy needs to be fucked. He would beg you for your cock. Each time you asked him that question, he would say please fuck me. I need to have your dick in me. Shove it in deep and hard. Just please fuck me.” I couldn’t believe I was saying these things but it was like he was fucking me with his words and I did want him to fuck me. I did want his cock inside me.

The man grabbed the oil and put more of it on his fingers but then used it to also grease his ass hole. I sat there watching as he slid his fingers in and out of his ass moaning in pleasure, telling me how good it felt. With his free hand he tossed me the bottle and said “Finger fuck yourself, Danny.”

I felt so dirty there on a public beach with oil all over my hand as I stretched it underneath my balls to find the crack of my ass, my hole, my pussy. I tried to do it too quickly and when I forced a finger inside it really hurt and burned.

“Not like that.” I heard him say to me. “Just play with the outside of your asshole and then after a bit gently push at the opening.”

In no time I had several fingers up my ass as I finger fucked myself. It felt so good and I didn’t care who heard my moans of pleasure.

“Good boy” he called me. “I can see that you have the makings of a real pussy boy who knows maybe even a cum slut.” Then I heard him say ‘Do you like it Danny? Do you want to get fucked?”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying “Would you fuck me mister, I’m so fucking hot. Please help me. I can’t stand it.”

“Stop now” he told me “before you cum. I can tell that you are right there on the edge. I don’t want you to cum yet were going to do a lot more stuff before I let you cum.” Then he asked me “Do you want to go for a walk in the dunes. There is a lot of action in there. We might see guys sucking cock. Shit Danny, we might even see a few fucking. If you want we could even play around ourselves.”

I reached over for my swimming trunks to put it on.

“What are you doing?” he said to me. We don’t need to put anything on to go for a walk on the beach. We can just walk around there naked.”

“But what about our hard ons?” I said to him. “Everybody will see us walking around with a hard dick and they will know that we are looking for sex.”

“That is exactly why we should go naked. Enjoy being naked. Enjoy showing off your beautiful hard on. We want them to know that we are out looking for sex.”

I felt a surge go through me and I know my cock got harder than it had ever been before just thinking about doing it. Walking around naked, showing our hard cocks as we looked for sex.

I stood up. Now I could really feel the sea breeze on my cock and balls. I looked down at my cock and it seemed to be raising and lowering in rhythm to the beat of my heart. He grabbed my hand as we walked just as the other man and boy had done. As we walked there were several guys alone lying on their towels. They would stare at us when we passed. A few guys tried to talk to us but we just kept on walking until we came upon two guys that were kissing. As we approached them, they just kept on kissing and ignored us. Bill said to them “Do you mind if we watch? The boy is new to all this and it would be so exciting for him, me too. I like to watch.” One of the guys stopped kissing the other one and said “Do what you want. Just shut the fuck up.”

Bill had brought a towel and put it down on the sand. It wasn’t long before the couple’s kissing turned into cock sucking. I guess they knew each other fairly well because without a word they slid into a 69 position and started to suck each others cock. I had never even seen a picture of two men sucking and here they were doing it right before my eyes. One of the guys would pull his mouth to the tip of the other guy’s cock and slowly wiggle his way down the shaft until his mouth was next to the other guys pubic hair and then repeat it with a couple of fast sucks only to pause again at the tip and begin to work his way down. The other guy was licking on the cock head of his friend as he jacked him off and used his fingers to play with the guy’s ass. I guess I had not breathed for a while because I gasped and then took in a large gulp of air. That is when I got my first French kiss. He put his mouth on mine and just as he said he would we began to press and lick our tongues together. I held onto him as tight as I could so that he would not draw away from me.

When we paused in our kissing he looked down at his own cock that was wet with pre cum and asked me “Do you want to taste it?” I didn’t hesitate to put the head of his cock in my mouth and lick it clean of pre cum. I felt his hands on my shoulders pulling me up off his cock. “I’m about to cum Danny and I don’t want to cum yet. Don’t suck me anymore because I won’t be able to stop you and I’ll cum.”

He kissed me again but this time licked down my chest to my cock and sucked it in his mouth making it feel incredibly warm, slick, and electric, all at the same time. I felt like I was on fire. He said “You too. I’ve got to stop or you’ll cum Danny. Can you wait a little longer?”

I nodded yes and I heard first one of the guys of the couple we had been watching grunting and then the other guy. They were both cumming. After they were finished, they each slid onto their back to rest. Their cocks were both slimy with cum. I saw, Bill, lean his head down and take the cock of the one nearest him in his mouth. He sucked and licked it clean and then motioned to me to do the same thing for the other guy. I remember leaning my head forward and lapping at his cock with my tongue to get the cum before I took his soft cock in my mouth and sucked it clean.

Bill said “Come on Danny, I want to find us some fucking. Then we can cum.” We walked a bit more when Bill stopped and looked ahead. I could not see well but it looked like there were several guys together.

“Yeah that’s what we want. They are having a three-way, I know we will see some fucking now.” He said to me.

By the time we got to the trio of guys one of the guys was on his back while another guy was on all four’s over him. They were in a 69 position sucking each others dick but the one that was knelling on all fours was about to be fucked doggy style by the third guy. I saw the one kneeling on all fours stop sucking for a minute to tell the guy that was about to fuck him “Hurry up, slide your cock inside me. I don’t know how long I can hold off cumming and I want to feel your dick in my ass when I do.” That is when Bill said to them “Do you mind if me and my son watch, maybe even get in on some of the action?” I don’t know which of the three answered but one of them said “Who in the fuck cares, just no more regular talk this is a fucking orgy.” Bill turned to me and pointed to the man on all fours “He has a pussy Danny. See how hungry he is for cock.” Bill slid his fingers in the crevice of the guy’s ass and started to finger him. “Nice and slick” he said and then added “He already greased his ass for his fuck.” He then reached over and grabbed the cock of the third guy that was about to fuck him and said “Feel that hard dick Danny it is all greased and ready.”

Bill pulled my hand over and guided it as it slid up and down the guys cock but then he continued to pull it until I had my hand on the other guy’s pussy. “Slide a bit of your hand in him Danny. He will like that.” I started with a couple of fingers but I soon had half my hand inside him. I could feel Bill starting to play with my ass pushing on the lips of my asshole. It didn’t hurt because he didn’t force his fingers inside me but it felt so good that I found myself pushing my ass back toward his hand trying to get part of it inside me. Bill stuck his tongue in my ear and then began to French kiss me as he began to finger fuck me.

I found myself moaning and sweating as I opened more of my ass to Bill. Bill said to me “‘You have a pussy Danny. You lucky boy slut.”

The guy waiting to fuck the other guy said to Bill “Is he virgin? I’d sure like a piece of that tight ass.”

“ Could be?” Bill said and then added “It’s his first time. We’ll see after I fuck him.” I wasn’t shocked by what Bill told him. He talked about me as if I wasn’t there. I wanted to have sex and I myself did not know how far I would go.

As Bill and I removed our hands from the guy’s ass the man kneeling behind him positioned his cock in front of his ass hole. He had a really long cock, thick too but it was the length you noticed. He first slid it in a couple of inches, hardy stopping and then continued to slide his cock inside until his cock bush was touching the other guy’s ass cheeks. Once he got it in neither of them moved for a couple of minutes until the guy getting fucked pushed his ass back trying to get the other guy’s dick even deeper in his ass. Then they began a rhythmic fucking. It was as if he waited for the guy on the bottom to let him know he was ready. There was no more gentleness involved. The guy on top ploughed his cock forcefully in the other guy’s ass and the guy getting fucked was moving his pelvis and milking the guy’s cock that was fucking him in a synchronized movement.

I could feel Bill’s fingers in my ass again. Feeling his fingers inside me as I watched that fucking got me hotter and hotter. It was so dirty. It was so nasty. My mind was getting fingered along with my asshole. “That’s it Danny work that fucking hole. You are one of those special lucky boys that have a pleasure hole not a shit hole. I have one too. I love my pussy. What do you call it Danny?” he asked.

“It’s my boy pussy, I’ve got a cunt.” I told him.

Bill pulled from his bag a chain with clips on the ends which he said were tit clamps. As he was kissing and fingering me he told me to get his tits ready for the clamps by licking and biting on them. It was amazing how big and hard his tits got in my mouth but it was even more amazing the way Bill was almost begging me to keep on chewing on the nubs of his tits. It must have made him feel very good the way he was moaning and squirming. He pulled my mouth off each tit and slid on a clamp. I could tell that the clamp bit hard into that tender flesh the way he seemed to bow his back to try to lessen the pressure on the chain attached to each of the tit clamps. After a few minutes he put my hand in the middle of the chain and told me to yank it. When I did Bill breathed in a lot of air and then just held that air without breathing. “Now bite on the very tips of my nipples Danny.” And as I did he said in a very quiet almost desperate voice “Please don’t stop.” Whatever he was feeling was very intense.

Bill grabbed my hand again and put it on the cheeks of the ass of the guy that was doing the fucking. He was wet with sweat and when Bill led my hand into the crevice between the two cheeks I could feel the wetness of his sweat that pooled there. On my own I got my fingers on the guy’s asshole and began to play with it, sliding my fingers in and out. The couple began shoving at each other more vigorously saying things like “Harder”, “Slut”, “Please”, “Fuck”, “Dick Me.” Once the guy doing the fucking had cum he slid his cock out of the other guy’s ass. His cock was still rigidly hard as it glistened with cum and ass slime. Every few seconds there would be a small jerk and a little more cum would come out of his cock.

“Touch his cock Danny. See how it feels to hold a cock fresh from a fuck still wet with the smell and feel of all that shit slime and cum.” I was afraid to grab it and Bill sensed that it was because of the slime of shit. He said to me “There is nothing wrong with a little shit. You will even grow to enjoy it. You have a pussy Danny and will probably know the feel of many cocks that have fucked you, so start to enjoy it now don’t be afraid of it.”

He grabbed my hand and he slid it up and down that dirty cock and then pulled my hand over to the guy that was freshly fucked. His hole was wet with cum and I could slide my hand easily inside his ass. Here I was with my hand wet with the cum from one guy’s cock and shoving it up another guy’s freshly fucked pussy. The third guy of the trio went to work on both of them. He seemed to savor the sex tastes and smells licking until they were both clean.

Bill and I were back on the blanket. He kissed me and fingered my ass as I played with his dick. I pulled my mouth from his and moved down his body to his cock and balls. This was my dream for so long. I thought about it so much in the last year that it almost felt like I could taste and feel cock and balls. But now it was real and I knew that I could do anything I wanted with them and he would let me. Finally here was my fantasy before me and I could hardly believe it. I wanted to crawl inside his cock and balls. I wanted to become part of his cock and balls. Bill broke my stupor by grabbing his cock and holding it as he pointed it toward my mouth.

I bent my head and managed to get the head of his cock inside my mouth but there didn’t seem to be any more room to pull in any more of his large cock in my little mouth. I started to suck like a vacuum as hard as I could. He said to me “Lick it Danny, it feels better.” I didn’t know exactly how to lick him so I moved my tongue everywhere in different directions and speeds hoping that I would do something right. That is when it clicked in my brain that I actually had a cock in my mouth and I stopped trying to figure out what I was supposed to do and just enjoyed the feel of that thick hard cock sliding under my tongue. I hoped he would let me lick him forever. I felt his hands on the side of my face as he brought his lips to mine and we once again kissed. “Do you like to suck me, do you like my cock in your mouth?” Again, he started to finger my ass and I just seemed to let go of everything as he held me in his arms.

“So much. I can hardly believe it’s true. I thought about it and hoped for it so long.”

“Did you think about sucking a lot of other guys, Danny? Tell me who you thought about sucking off.”

“There were so many guys I wanted to suck. I would be in a store, ride a bus, even when I went to church and I saw an older man I would think about it. It seemed to get to the point that sucking cock was all I thought about.”

Bill said “I understand Danny but who specifically did you think about?”

I wanted to tell him but I knew that what I wanted was a very bad thing. If I told him he might think I was disgusting and want nothing to do with me.

When I didn’t respond Bill said “Well if it was always older guys and since you are still fairly young did you want to suck your Daddy.”

“Maybe?” I admitted.

“Danny, I think every boy has thoughts about being with their father. So what, I did too. This turns me on Danny tell me what you would have liked to do with your Father.”

“When he got home from work and went into the bedroom to change his clothes I thought about going with him and as he took off his clothes I would take off mine until I was naked. Then I would think about showing him my hard on. He would tell me he liked my hard on and would ask if I wanted to see his. I would nod yes and he would ask me to take down his underpants so I could see his dick. Once his underpants were down, he would say to me “I know you want to suck it. Go ahead, Danny, I would like that. I would suck his cock and he would do stuff to me not just with cocks but asses too.”

“Just slide his old shorts down and start licking his cock. You are a horny little bastard Danny. Who else did you think about sucking off you little cock sucker?” He asked me.

“I imagined doing the priest when I served mass and thought about most of my teachers. I even imagined being in a room with all of them and the coach telling them that I was a dirty queer who was so crazy for cock that I could never get enough of it. Then I would suck the coach followed by each of my teachers as I went around the room.”

“Do you like me finger fucking your ass. Does it make your pussy feel good inside?” He asked me.

“I never thought anything could feel so good.” I told him. “When you do it I feel like you are touching a place deep inside me where my sex exists and the more you touch it, the better it feels and the more I want you to touch it.”

“You are a special boy Danny and I’d like to do something really special with you now. I want to use my cock in there rather than my finger.”

As he and I were playing around and talking all three of the other guys sat around touching each or sucking each other now and then but most of all they were watching and listening to us. I said to him almost in a serious tone “Yes, I want that.”

“It is going to hurt Danny but I think that you are such a horny little guy that your pussy will even feel good this first time. Reach into my bag and grease my cock and I will grease your pussy inside and out.”

I did as he said and poured some of the clear liquid from the bottle on his cock and begin to slide my hands up and down his beautiful thick shaft. I used both hands. He took the bottle from me and greased his fingers and slid them in and out of my ass. Just when I would get comfortable he would add another finger. I don’t know how many fingers he had in me but my ass felt so open, so spread out inside.

“Come here Danny and straddle my legs as you face me and lower your pussy on my cock. Take it really slowly and if it hurts stop or even pull off my cock until you are ready.”

I did as he told me and it was a slow process and it did hurt but I also felt things in my body that I never felt before. As I pushed my ass down on his cock I could feel him enter me, sort of spreading me open. It was so sexy and you are together and inside a person in the most incredible way. Finally, he was fully inside me. I felt so full inside that I felt a little panic that it was too much for me to take and it could hurt me. That is when he started to kiss not only my mouth but all over my face saying every thing would be all right that I just needed to relax. He said when you feel okay shove your ass down on my cock and I can start to fuck you.

It was not long before he was shoving that big cock inside me and I was crying out “Yes, deeper, fuck me harder.” The pain was gone but the fullness was still there but it turned into a good fullness.

I heard one of the trio of guys say to Bill “We want a piece of that tight boy cunt too. Tell him that now before he cums so he agrees to anything as long as you keep fucking him.”

As Bill continued to fuck me he said “Did you hear what they said? They want to fuck you too. Should I stop fucking you unless you agree to fuck them as well?”

I really didn’t focus on his question I just did not want him to stop. So I said “Please don’t stop. Keep working your cock inside. Don’t take it out of me.”

Bill said to me “Don’t worry I would never do that to you.” Then he turned to the trio and said “No promises guys, sorry.”

I could not hold back my cum any longer. Bill seemed to trigger it with his cock rubbing so deep in my ass. I could feel something go into a knot inside my ass twisting through my balls as it flooded into my cock and the rest of my body. I couldn’t stop yelling, it seemed to be part of the cum. After I was done Bill continued to fuck me and soon my ass started to feel good all over again. When Bill came he held his cock deep inside me as he used his hands and chest to hold me to him. When he was done his cock slipped out and he rolled to the side. I leaned my face forward and took his freshly fucked cock in my mouth sucking him tenderly as I also cleaned his cock.

The guy that had been fucked during the three-way laid next to me and began to kiss me. He kissed differently from Bill in a new but still exciting way. I felt him grab my legs underneath my knees as he pulled my legs to my chest exposing my pussy. Another guy from the trio knelt near my ass and positioned his cock at my entrance. The other guy began kissing me again as the other one began sliding his cock up my cum filled ass. I started to protest but then my mouth and ass were alive again and I didn’t want them to stop. The guy that was kissing me moved his body so that his legs were straddling my head when he fed me his cock.

I don’t know who came first, when or how many times but it seemed like there was a large crowd of guys around. I reached up to another one and he spread my legs for his fuck as yet another guy shoved his fresh cock in my mouth. Then the crowd of guys formed into two lines each waiting their turn.

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