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Boxer In My Boxers

By wwright1956

submitted January 20, 2007

Categories: Exotic, Surprise

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For many years I lived alone after my divorce. Relationships were difficult for me and the memory of my ugly divorce deterred me from desiring another marriage. At the age of 35 I stayed horny all the time but masturbation was boring. On occasions I went into town to an adult bookstore. It was easy to find a cocksucker there and the relief was pleasurable. One Friday evening my friend Larson called to ask if I would keep his dog for the weekend while he was away. Since I was lonely I decided it would be fun to have a dog around the house. I had seen Larson’s dog on two occasions. It was a very large male boxer. I was a small man and he was nearly as large as I was. His name was Bruno and he was a very nice looking full breed. His size made him just a little intimidating. However, he seemed mild mannered and smart. Bruno was also very well house trained so I knew the pet-sitting job should be a breeze.

Larson dropped Bruno off a couple of hours later and after Larson pulled out of the driveway I took the dog inside. I watched a movie and petted the gentle giant. Bruno made good company and I enjoyed having him there. After the movie I undressed and prepared to take a shower. Bruno followed me and watched my every move. He stood outside the shower as I bathed and waited for me to finish. As I stepped out to dry off the unexpected happened. Bruno jumped me from behind and knocked me to the floor. Before I could get up the big dog mounted me. “Get off!” I yelled in a panic as I felt his large wet cock press against my anus. Bruno growled loud and mean in my ear and I froze in fear. His big paws held me tight beneath him and with a few hard thrusts he drove his slimy dick into my ass. I yelped in pain as he forced it deeper but in fear I laid still and allowed him to rape me. I had no idea that large dogs could have dicks larger than my own. Bruno’s cock was a full eight inches and thick. His tight hard nuts were also larger than mine. I felt them slap against my own balls as he fucked me. Deeper and deeper he pushed and shoved his massive hard pole until it was fully embedded in my ass. Tears came to my eyes as he screwed me fast and hard. I felt my anus stretch wider as a hard knot formed in his cock. Soon we were locked together. The large hard knot in his pole was inside of me and he was ramming his dick mean and hard. “Get off!” I yelled in agony. Bruno snapped at my ear and growled again so I shut up and let him fuck. It hurt my anus but at the same time I felt a certain ecstasy from it. No man had ever fucked me yet now I found myself being raped by my best friend’s dog. It was embarrassing but I was too afraid of the dog to struggle. Bruno rammed and thrust repeatedly as I lay in the floor grunting and moaning. My ass hole was hurting more and more as the big canine humped me harder and harder. Bruno was reaching his climax and would soon ejaculate inside me. I nearly cried to think about having dog semen being shot up my ass without my consent. However, it was a rape I dared not report. Finally Bruno did his dirty deed and I felt the hot jism shoot deep into my rectum. He stood quietly over me a moment then tried to get off of me. It was useless; the hard knot in his cock had us locked firmly together. Every time he attempted to pull out it hurt me and I whimpered in agony.

I lay there a long time before his cock came out with a wet “pop!” Relieved it was over I lay still. Bruno snorted and walked back into the kitchen for a drink of water. I slowly got up and sat on the toilet. I was so embarrassed over the whole ordeal I softly cried. Now I was afraid of the dog and had no idea what I was going to do with him the rest of the weekend. My butt hole was slightly bloody from the assault and slimy dog semen dripped out of me. After getting my ass cleaned up I got back into the shower. I felt better after a hot soapy soak. When I got out I quickly dried off and went to see what Bruno was up to. He lay in his bed looking at me with an innocent gleam in his eyes. “That was a dirty rotten trick.” I said to him sternly. Bruno looked up and cocked his head. “Woof.” He barked in a whisper as his stubby tail wagged. Damn he was cute but now he made me very uneasy. I turned out the lights and went to bed. The night had been too emotional and I felt so violated. It took a while to fall asleep. I kept thinking about what had happened. I even got an erection that put a serious strain on the front of my boxer shorts. “Hum, boxer shorts?” I thought, I wondered where that term came from.

I awoke the next morning to find Bruno on the bed standing over me. He had already pulled the cover off of me and was staring me in the face. “Good morning.” I mumbled as I petted him. Suddenly he grabbed my groin in his mouth and gave me a low throaty growl. “No!” I yelled in a panic. He applied more pressure and I knew exactly what he wanted. Slowly I rolled over and he turned me loose. Then he bit into the seat of my underwear and yanked hard. Bruno ripped the fabric away from my butt exposing my nude ass. His cock was already sticking out and dripping. I buried my face into the pillow and arched my butt up for him. Bruno then mounted me and like before poked and rammed at my ass until he was inside me. It didn’t hurt as bad this time since he already had me stretched but I was still a little raw from last night. I certainly knew better than to resist him. Deeper and deeper he thrust until he was all the way inside and the hard knot began to swell inside me. Once locked in Bruno rammed harder than before. He was a mean fuck and proud of his large cock. I groaned as he screwed me good and deep. This time I tried to relax more and as I did I found it to be pleasurable. My dick even got hard as he thrust inside of me and I soon found myself about to ejaculate. I now desired him inside me and so I slowly reached back and pulled his hips against me. “Fuck me Bruno, fuck me!” I pleaded in a horny fit of desire. The big dog snarled softly and thrust harder as if he understood what I said. I felt my sexual passion reaching it’s peak and suddenly my cum shot out onto the bed. Bruno continued ramming away at my wet hole. It was the most intense climax I had even experienced.

I felt Bruno ejaculate deep in my bowels and the warmth of it filled me. “Oh, good dog.” I mumbled. I was exhausted from such wild sexual pleasure. Bruno lay on top of me knowing he would have to wait before pulling out. The hard knot in his cock locked him firmly inside my ass. I reached up and rubbed him behind the ears as he licked the side of my face. “You like that tight ass, don’t you boy?” I asked as he licked me. Finally the moment came and he yanked free of me with a “pop”. I fingered my ass to see how large he had opened me up. I was surprised at how large my butt-hole was. Bruno’s fat cock had really ripped me open good. Bruno jumped down from the bed and barked for me to let him out. I got up and stepped out of my torn boxer shorts. Bruno grabbed them up and ran down the hall. When I got into the den he had placed them in his bed and was now standing at the door. I let him out and went to the bathroom to clean up.

After breakfast I took him for a long walk followed by a short drive. He licked me often and seemed happy to be with me. Later that day I was cleaning the house when I noticed Bruno lying in his bed licking and sniffing my torn underwear. His cock was half hard. I began to get an erection thinking about him fucking me. I wanted it again so I stopped and undressed before him. Bruno stood up as if he knew what was going on. I got on my hands and knees and backed my butt up to him. He sniffed and licked my hole sending erotic shudders up my spine. Bruno then mounted me and held me tight around the waist with his big paws. It didn’t take him long to get his meat inside me and I moaned with passion as he drove it in deep. “Good boy, Bruno!” I encouraged him as he poked it deeper. With steady thrust he worked it all the way in and I smiled with pleasure as the hard knot began to swell inside my anus. “Fuck me Bruno, fuck me hard!” I whispered breathlessly as his cock teased my prostate gland. It felt so good and my ass was so wet with desire. As soon as Bruno’s knot locked us together I tightened up my ass around his throbbing pole. My whole body quivered with passion. He rammed me hard and shook me violently. I yelped in pain not expecting him to screw my ass so rough. Bruno snarled in my ear and so I arched my back to allow him full access to my bottom. He seemed to swell up inside me larger than before and it was starting to hurt. “Easy boy.” I pleaded but he growled and thrust harder. His nuts were slapping against my own and this was causing me a great deal of agony. “Oh, easy!” I begged. Bruno barked loud and growled as he thrust even harder. It was clear to me that he preferred the rape approach to sex. Suddenly I felt his strong jaws clamp down on the back of my neck. He softly growled as he held me down and fucked me mean and hard. His balls were beating the hell out of my tender nuts. I reached beneath my belly and held my nuts to ease the pain. Bruno bit down harder on my neck until I put my hands back in place. He wanted to hurt my nuts with his rough pounding. Obviously it turned him on to feel our balls beating hard together. I was nearly in tears by the time he unloaded. My nuts ached and my anus was raw. I was unable to reach a climax due to the rough treatment.

Bruno shot his wad and tried to get off of me too soon. The large knot held us together and he turned around in his effort to pull out. We staying in the floor butt to butt until the knot went down and he pulled himself free of my ass. I laid flat on the floor as he went back to his bed. My asshole was soaked with dog cum. He had shot an enormous load. After regaining my strength I went to the toilet to dump the hot semen out. It was far more than I expected. No wonder he was so aggressive. Upon cleaning up I went to him and hugged up close to his big strong body. “Thank you Bruno but next time not so rough.” I chatted as he licked my face. We stayed around the house the rest of the day doing very little, watching TV, eating, etc. He was a good dog.

That night I went to bed naked and called Bruno to sleep with me. As he hopped in the bed I noticed his cock was hanging out a little. I petted him and worked my hand down to his groin. Bruno lay on his back and seemed to smile as I stroked his cock. “No boy, I’m not going to suck it.” I said as I watched it growing harder. “Woof!” he softly barked. “No, I just can’t” I replied. Bruno reached down and licked it himself as I watched. “I wish I could suck my own dick.” I commented with a grin. Bruno got up and mounted my face. He growled in a mean tone as he thrust his cock at my lips. “No!” I yelled. Bruno then turned around in a 69 position and grabbed my nuts in his mouth. I gasp in pain and before I could close my mouth Bruno shoved his dick in it. I gagged and tried to pull free but Bruno applied pressure to my balls forcing me to suck his cock. I gagged as he fucked my mouth. The whole time he held my balls firmly in his teeth daring me to stop. Slowly he screwed my lips as his cock got bigger and bigger. Soon he reached a full erection and I had nearly eight inches of thick dog cock down my throat. However, the worse was yet to come.

The hard knot began to form and Bruno pushed his cock deeper into my throat wanting the knot in my mouth as well. I was afraid I would suffocate if he locked that big hard knot in my jaws. I reached up to pull him back but he bit my nuts so hard I quickly turned him loose. Soon the hard knot filled my mouth spreading my jaws wide. I could barely breath through my nose as Bruno fucked my mouth deep and hard. I was being raped in the mouth by a dog and had no choice in the matter. I didn’t want him to rip my balls off but I didn’t want dog cum down my throat either! The hard knot soon locked into place and I struggled to breath as he thrust at my throat with his throbbing hard pole. I felt his pre-cum spurt as he humped. His thrusting yanked my head up and down on the pillow. The mouth rape continued for a while then finally his hot jism flowed and I could feel it squirting down my throat. My eyes watered and I gagged but my jaws were stretched wide and locked open by his big cock knot. Bruno unloaded down my throat turning my nuts loose as he whimpered in delight. It was a huge load but finally he finished and stood quietly waiting for the knot to go down. I struggled to breath and I wanted to vomit all at the same time. The big knot was slow to go down and I was about to cry. I tried to think of something else but it was hard to do with a dog cock locked in your mouth. Nearly ten minutes later it popped out and I gasped for air with my newly found freedom. Vomit soon followed. It was a sickening taste. Bruno lay beside me watching. Bruno was satisfied with himself for successfully mouth raping me. I knew I had to do anything and everything in my power to prevent that from ever happening again. I wanted his cock in my ass, not my mouth. I had to say one thing for Bruno, he was smart and knew how to get what he wanted.

After getting cleaned up I crawled back into bed beside him. He was affectionate as if to let me know how much he enjoyed sex with me. I fell asleep holding him close to me. The next morning I woke to find him licking my ass. I rolled over and he tongued me good. My cock was fully erect and I wanted his dick inside me. “Fuck me boy, fuck me!” I begged as I rolled onto my back and raised my legs up. I pulled him between my thighs and guided his cock to my hole. Moments later he answered my request. He rammed away at my ass as he licked my face. Just like the morning before he fucked me until I lost my load. My hot jism shot up onto his belly as he drove his pole deep inside. Minutes later he unloaded a hot wad. Bruno then rested himself on top of me as he waited for the knot to go down. I hugged him and petted him as we waited. “Good boy Bruno, you ass fucking stud.” I whispered. He finally pulled free and jumped down from the bed. He then barked a few times and I got up to let him out. Bruno’s hot jism trickled down the inside of my naked thighs as I walked. After going to the bathroom to clean up I let the dog back into the house. As I made coffee the phone rang. “Hello.” I answered. “Good morning Larson, how’s it going?” I asked. “Oh, what time?” I asked when he told me that he would be picking Bruno up later that day. “Yeah, 4 o’clock, that’s fine. See you then.” I replied then hung up. I looked at Bruno. He was stretched out in this bed with my torn boxer shorts in his mouth. “You’re going home today.” I told him. Bruno raised his head with my underwear hanging out. “Adorable, just fucking adorable.” I chuckled.

Later that day I got in the floor with Bruno and wrestled with him. He was very playful. I kept my pants on to avoid unwanted activity. Everything was going fine then suddenly Bruno grabbed my crotch in his mouth. I could feel his teeth through the fabric of my pants. “Easy boy, easy.” I attempted to soothe him. Bruno shook his head fast and hard hurting my balls. “Okay, boy.” I submitted and began loosing my pants. He shook me hard again and I realized that wasn’t what he wanted. “What is it boy?” I spoke softly to him. Bruno then turned me loose and pushed me onto my back with his big paws. In a flash me was mounting my face as he turned to grab my groin once again. “Oh shit, not again!” I whimpered as his hard cock slapped me in the face. I tried to push him off but when I did he applied more pressure to my nuts and shook me hard. I cried out in pain then quickly took his cock in my mouth to avoid a repeat. Moments later his dick was deep in my throat and the knot began to grow. I hated this but had no choice if I wanted to keep my nuts attached to my body. Bruno deep fucked my throat until he got his knot into my mouth. It quickly enlarged until my jaws were locked open. His pre-cum trickled down my throat as he thrust. Slowly he released my groin from his powerful jaws. I was mouth raped for nearly a half hour before he shot his jism down my throat. I gagged but had no choice but to lay there until he could pull out. Bruno humped my throat a few more times and his cock began to swell again. “Shit! He’s going for a second load!” I thought as the throat fucking started once again. Sure enough he fucked and screwed fast and hard, banging my head on the floor as he worked on another climax. My jaws were aching from the pressure of being held wide by his doggy knot. I thought he would never get his nut. I then noticed that I was getting an erection, a good one! I began to jerk my cock and soon felt the need to unload. Just as Bruno was dumping his second wad down my throat I unleashed a huge spray of semen into his face. It felt good to unload but it felt even better when Bruno began licking my cock. He lapped up the semen from my cock and balls as he waited to get free of my mouth. By the time he was able to pull free he had completely cleaned up my ejaculation. “Good boy.” I bragged on him as I got up.

“Ding dong!” the doorbell rang as I stood there with dog cum in my mouth. I quickly went to the bathroom and spit it up. “Ding dong!” it rang a second time and Bruno began to bark. “Coming!” I yelled as I checked to make sure the floor was clear of sex fluids. I opened the door and Larson was standing there smiling, “How’s my boy!?” he called out as Bruno jumped into his waiting arms. It was then that I noticed how plump and round Larson’s buttocks were. I wondered it Bruno was fucking him on a regular basis. Most likely he was since I doubted he was raping all their neighbors. “You two get along alright?” Larson asked as he stood up and began to gather up Bruno’s bedding. “Yeah, sure. He’s a good dog.” I replied nervously, “No problem.” Larson petted Bruno a moment then said, “You know Sally and I broke up because of Bruno, don’t you?” “No, I didn’t. What was the problem?” I asked curiously. He smiled and said, “Oh, she kept him one weekend for me and claimed Bruno raped her.” My face blushed as I remarked, “Really?” Larson looked down at Bruno who stood there with big innocent eyes, “He does stay rather horny but I doubt he’d ever hurt anybody.” He said. I looked down at Bruno and he winked at me. Honestly, I’m sure of it. He even had a big grin on his face when he did it. “Oh, by the way,” Larson said as he headed for his car, “Any chance you could keep him again next week-end?” before I could answer Bruno looked at me as if waiting to hear the answer. “I don’t know…” I started to say just as Bruno gave a low growl staring right at me. “Yeah sure, what the heck.” I complied with Bruno’s threat. “Great, see you next Friday then!” he said as he turned and put Bruno in the car. As they pulled out of the driveway I went back inside. I suddenly panicked when I realized that my torn boxer shorts were in Bruno’s bed. Larson had to have seen them. “Oh well, I guess he’ll rip another pair of boxer shorts off of me next week.” I mumbled with a slight chuckle.