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The Most Cocks I Sucked In A Day

By bearchum

submitted February 7, 2007

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, True Stories

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I answered a poll on another site on what is the most cocks have you sucked in one day. And this prompted me to write down about that day. Hope you have fun reading it, I sure had fun doing it!! My record is 17. It happened last July in a sauna in Toronto. But before I got there, I stopped in a abs where I sucked #1, rather small and thin. Than the sauna:The place is dark and has glory holes all over. Plus it has a dark galeery in the back. The place was crowded on wed. at lunch time. Within five minutes, I was in the back corridor and foun myself in a cocksucking galley. I was trying to adjust my eyes to the very dark place, as someone grabbed my crotch. I wanted to go on, having not toured the place yet, but nevertheless fondled the guy's crotch as well. The package I felt made me change my mind. I got on my knees and 2 cocks (#2 and 3) were at once aimed at me. I sucked them both, but no loads. One was about 7 in. cut, fairly large, with tight balls and a metal cockring, The other one was shorther, thicker with a little foreskin. Staying on my knees, I just waited what must have been less than a minute and sucked #4, 5.5 in. uncut, real hard. He shoot is load in my mouth, withdrew and as I was gulping his load, #5 landed on my shoulder. I turned my head to see a nice one, 7.5 cut,straight, hard, nice width, one that fills my hand, yet i can circle it. With a nice set of ball, fuzzy, dark hair, held tight by a leather cockring. I took it by the base, held it at my open mouth's height, and as the cockhead was halfway in my mouth, #6, hit me on the cheek. I kept sucking on #6, but I looked sideway. I saw a nice cut cock, dark with a P.A., that was rubbing against my cheek. As #5 was fucking my mouth, #6 was getting closer to my mouth. Eventually, #6 landed on #5 as only his head was in my mouth. #5 stopped fucking me and, beeing a cocksucker, I took both cocks in my mouth. As I was having fun with these two cocks stretching my mouth, I felt #7 on my right shoulder, coming from the back. Slowly, #7 made its wy to my my face. It was about 7inches, thick, cut, with a slight downward curve. There I was, 3 hot cocks in my face, taking a first taste of #7, when I noticed #8. Around 7.5 inches, average with, veiny, dark, big head with a metal cockring at the base and a leather one circling the balls.

I kept on sucking on #7, while jacking off #5 and 6 for a few moments, than moved my head to honor #8. I spend the next 5-10 minutes sucking randomly at those dicks, happily swithcing from one to the other, sometimes taking 2 at a time. As I was indulging in all this cocksucking, This whole moment really started to sink in. I haven't got in more than 30 minutes ago, and already I was beeing gang banged by these feeders. I listened to the typical sounds of a bathhouse: The footsteps of horny men roaming the place, looking for hot sex. The moaning of men who had found some. The constant noise of doors beeing opened and closed. Sometime, some dirty talk beeing whispered: "Yeah, suck on this meat", "good cocksucker", "That's it, all the way"....And the smell of such places, a sweet mixture of sweat, dried and fresh cum, the perfume of poppers that constantly lingers in the air. And I kept on sucking these 4 cocks, taking them as far as they would get in my sluty mouth. Enjoying the distinct smell of each man's groin. My nose tickled by various pubic hair.

That's when #9 joined in. Short, stubby with a lot of foreskin. A rather heavy set daddy owned this new one. I sucked on it immediatly, not wanting him to feel left out of the action. All that time I had 1 or 2 cocks in my mouth and 1 in each hand. A fellow cocksucker kneeled beside me to share the suckfeast I was having, and I was more than happy to let him join in. So were the feeders up above, as I saw them move about to give this new mouth a try. Funny thing how, when in cocksucking mode, a man is willing to get as many cocks in his mouth as there is candidates to feed. And when in the feeder's mode, one just can't have enough mouths to service him!

This went on for a few minutes, and than I felt one the 2 dicks in my mouth starting to unload. AHH! the sweet taste, a cocksucker's ultimate reward. I don't recall how many squirts he produced, but remember vividly my mouth beeing coated all over with it. Some spewed out on my goatee. The other cock, the one that hadn't cum withdrew. I took in in my hand, started to stroke it, all slippery with a mixture of my saliva and the other one's cum. I gave it only a few strokes and it started to unload all over my face. By the moaning I heard beside me, I realized that other cocksucker also had some load to swallow.

Than, after 1 or 2 minutes, everyone started to move about, in search of some more fun. I was left on my knees, my face coated in cum, and still savoring what remained of cum on my taste buds. I wipped my face with my towel, raised to my feet and decided to resume surveying the place.

I found the glory hole corner, wich consists basically of 2 parralel corridors separated with plywood boards with plenty of glory holes. The place was crowded, at least 15 guys were there. Random sex was everywhere, as it seems that everyone was partaking one way or another. All the glory holes were manned. I continued to survey the place, but found out that most of the sex was either at the glory holes or in the back corridor. I decided to return to the glory hole section, and as I walking in one of the corridor leading to it, I noticed, out of nowhere, a cock sticking out of a glory hole. It was about 7 inches, uncut but with not much foreskin, sticking straight ahead. It bounced as the owner heard my footsteps approaching. So there I had #10. I mean, did you expect me to overpass such a free cock? I got down on my knees, cupped the balls in my hand, and proceeded to blow this one. I immediately started to deepthroat that dick, and when it was nestled in my throat, I started to suck on it. One or 2 minutes of this and I felt cum squirting down my throat. I remained like this for the few squirts and than withdraw some so that I could have a taste. Salty, thick. Very tasty in my opinion.

I continued to the glory hole section, was the action was as hardcore as it was 10 minutes ago. I stood there, enjoying the sight of so many men doing what they like best. Throatfuckers putting cocksuckers at work! The place was so crowded that I actually hd to squeeze my way through all these men bodies to get close to the gloryholes. It was amazing, I had never, in my life, such action. As I neared the glory holes, a saw a cocksucker getting to his feet ready to leave. I made a bee-line to take his place.

I kneeled in front of the hole, and almost immediatly was offered #11. 6 inches, uncut, with a metal cockring. I gulped it down, and started to enjoy! Out of my peripheric vision, I saw that the action all around was not slowing down a bit. On my left, the cocksucker was taking a hit of poppers, and he passed me his bottle. Very generous of him! I took a huge hit, without removing the cock from my mouth, gave him back the bottle, and, as the buzz was taking me to new heights, I just dove and sucked hard and fast. The cock withdrew after a few minutes and was replaced by #12. From this pint on, I have no clear recollection of the cocks that I was offered. But I do know that I made it to #16. I stayed at my post for surely half an hour, taking every cummers. I never really decided to call it a quit, but by then, the action had slown down, and after #16 had shot his wad, no more cocks were presented to me. I stood up, decided to take a break and went to the reception to check out the time. It was 1:15. Lunch break was over and the place was rapidly emptying.

I walked around, looking at guys, when I saw, in a dark corner, a hot man sprawled in a sofa, getting a blow job from an older daddy (round 50) kneeling in between his legs. I stopped to watch the show. The feeder, who looked italian, hairy, late 30's, was riding high on poppers, taking hits after hits. I kept on watching the older guy's head bobbing up and down on what look to be a very nice cock. 8 inches, dark, thick. I could not see if he was cut or uncut as the head never exited daddy's mouth. It went on for probably 10 minutes, all the while, guys were passing by and attempting to join in, but the Italian guy kept pushing them away. After a while, daddy started to slow down in a way that I could tell he was getting exhausted. Of course, one may think he was not as dedicated as a cocksucker should be. But who knows how long and how many he sucked that day! Who I am to judge! So daddy finally raised to his feet, said something to this fucking hot feeder and walked away.

The Italian guy, aware of me beeing there, looked at me, and motionned me to take his place. I walked over, kneeled down between his legs. I took his dick in my hand, gave it a few strokes, and this feeder offered me a hit of his poppers. I took a deep hit, gave him back to bottle, and went down on his hot rod. It was cut. And still gleaming with the saliva of the previous cocksucker who had serviced him, and maybe some other ones as well. Who Knows? Anyway, as he kept sniffing on his poppers, I went down and his cock seemed it was taylor-made for my mouth. A nice widht that filled my mouth just enough so that my tongue still had some room to roam. Stretching my jaws just so much that I didn't feel any strain in my muscles. Filling my throat just deep enough so that I wouldn't gag. All you cocksuckers out there know exactly what I mean, and you understand the thrill to have one of those to play with. I sucked away, and even if this guy was not a talker, he sure was a moaner, letting me know he enjoyed my way of servicing him. As I blew him, I was jacking off at the same time. Feeling so fulfilled with his manhood, smelling his manly body, looking up at his hairy belly was too much for me. I lost my load, and some hit him on his legs. Feeling that hot stuff on his body, sent him ovreboard as well, as he held my head still with both his hands, and he started to raise his pelvis to fuck my face as drool was overflowing my mouth. He than stopped, halway in my mouth, nd started to cum. Solwly sipping out of his cock, onto my tongue, and eventually all over my mouth.

Toronto was the first stop on a road trip that took me to Winnipeg, with stops in Saugatuck (MI) Chicago, Milwaukee Baraboo (WI) and Minneapolis. In all, a road trip in wich I got a total of 40 cocks in 18 days. But that lunch hour was the best!

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