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By JeJe

submitted February 13, 2007

Categories: Wrestling

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John Cena licked his lips as he sped down the Vegas Strip in his BMW sports car with the music blasting. He was heading back to his hotel room and rest up before a live RAW the next night. He looked up in the mirror to adjust his shades. He cranked the radio up full blast and sang along to the radio. When he finally arrived to his hotel room he heard the shower running. He figured his boyfriend Shelton Benjamin. John was sweaty and decided to step in the shower. He peeled away his clothes and opened the shower door.

"Hey baby," Shelton said running his fingers through his wet hair. He gave John a kiss on the lips.

"Hey love," John said closing the shower door. The warm water felt good against his skin.

"How was your day?" Shelton asked lathering up John back.

"Great. What you been up to today?"

"I thought about you all day."

"Well, wanna order dinner? I could go for some gourmet."

"Sure babe."

John noticed Shelton’s cock growing hard as he soaped up his chest. John was growing hard himself. He hadn't had sex with Shelton since they last took a shower together a few months ago. John hadn't had sex in a few weeks. He planned on making love to Shelton tonight. He was tired but was horny as hell.

After their shower, John and Shelton ate their dinner candling and romantic. They fed each other and sipped each other's wine. John loved being around Shelton because he could be himself. John was wearing a blue mesh shirt and gym shorts that were two sizes to small that really accented his ass. Shelton had on his Tommy Hilfiger J-string. After dinner Shelton lay down and started to gently massage his cock. His cock was semi-hard and begged to be sucked. He knew John would but he decided not to bother John and went to sleep horny.

The next morning John went to the arena early at around 10 A.M. He parked his BMW next to a shinny blue Cadillac Escalade sitting on 22s. He knew that was engine car. He saw "the Whole f'n Show" spray-painted license plate on the front bumper. "Maybe I'll get lucky," he said to himself, "maybe I'll get lucky."

John walked into the locker room to see a phat butt right in his face as he swung open the door. Triple-H was bent over lacing he boots.

"What's up triple H?" John said coolly.

Triple-H looked up and flashed a toothy grin. "Sup man?"

"Nothing just thought I'd get here before everyone else so I could work out."

"Oh, cool me too. Guess we'll be the only here for a few hours." Triple-H said adjusting his thong under his tights. He had on yellow spandex tights a little tank top and his black boots. "Well I'm gonna start my work out and I guess I'll meet you in the gym."

John got dressed for his workout in his sweat pants and wife beater and entered the arena gym. Triple-H was bench pressing. John stretched and walked over to Triple-H. "Need a spotter?"

"Sure man, that'll be great." Triple-H said. "Put another 50 pounds on there for me."

Triple-H already was benching 270 like it was nothing. John added the weights and spotted triple h. triple h strength was really impressive. John kept looking at Triple-H’s bulge in his tights as he lay on the bench. Triple-H steadily benched the weight. John started to drool as triple h bulge grew and grew.

"Damn, triple h, you got to be packin' ten," John said. He knew Triple-H sucked dick. He heard Shelton talking to Andrew once.

"John, I know you're a fag, so why don't you stop the teasin' and start pleasin'?" Triple-H said sternly.

John grabbed triple h nuts and pulled down his shorts. Triple-H sat up and began to roll his neck around while John began blowing him. John teased Triple-H’s sweaty crotch with his nose. Triple-H giggled and pulled down his thong. Triple-H’s thick 13-inches were ready to be sucked. John licked the pink head softly. Just was he was ready to take the whole thing, the door burst open.

"John? tTriple-H?!" Rick Flair’s voice interjected. Rick was one hot piece of ass. He was also a regular of Triple-H, who’d sucked off Rick few times and Rick was packing some serious heat at 14 inches. He was thick as fuck. Rick sucked off Triple-H, but he didn't like it. He wanted to fuck Triple-H’s sweet ass.

"It's a party," Triple-H said laughing.

John kept his head in Triple-H’s lap. He slowing began sucking down on Triple-H’s big cock. Triple-H moaned loudly and nearly pissed as John took his whole cock down in one motion. John started rapidly sucking and sucking while Rick got butt-ass naked in front of Triple-H. Triple-H grabbed John’s head and buried his nose in his shaved pubes. Rick was a total top and dominated.

While Triple-H hadn't been fucked by him yet, he wanted to find out. John got off his knees and stood up and disrobed as Rick came over and kissed him. John didn't know Rick but was about to get to know him.

Triple_H got on all fours and began sucking furiously on John’s cock. He took John’s entire dick. He sucked fast and deep. John moaned and began to tear up. John felt total ecstasy. John moaned.

"Suck me!" he squealed.

Rick came back into the room greasing up his dick. He held triple h back down as he slowly slid in his 11inches.

"OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Triple-H screamed as Rick penetrated his anus. He felt sheer pain. He stared to cry.

John laughed and grabbed Triple-H’s head. Rick smiled as he began to tear that ass up. He went in deep. Pulling it out and putting it all the way back in. He tore it up fast and hard slowing down in the middle of the fuck. While Rick handled the butt John was getting sucked great. Triple-H never stopped sucking. John pulled out of triple h mouth and busted a nut all in Triple-H’s face, jizzing about 9 shots of cum on his face. John laughed it up. John was still hard and wanted some of Triple-H’s sweet man pussy. He spit on his cock and prepared to double-fuck Triple-H.

Triple-H, John, and Rick alternated into a sandwich position. Triple-H cried hard as he was double-butt-fucked by the two studs.

"John!!!" Triple-H screamed.

John moaned as he felt his dick sliding in and out of Triple-H’s hot ass and touching Rick’s cock. Another half hour passed as John pulled out and got a mixture of sweat, blood, cum, and piss all over his cock. Rick nutted in Triple-H’s ass and loved it. Rick got John’s number and went to the locker room to change. John felt great. He continued his workout and got ready for RAW.

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