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Dicked by Ex-father-in law

By fellayshio

submitted March 31, 2007

Categories: Sex On The Ranch

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I had been separated from my wife for about three months and in that time I had experienced and learned to enjoy male sex after getting horribly drunk one night and meeting a guy in similar circumstances and we ended up spending the night together and sucking one another off and after that I got a taste for it and graduated to fucking guys up the arse and although I preferred being a top I copped dick up the arse myself but only with the right guy.

Anyway I had begun hanging around a couple of male venues in the city and this particular afternoon I was at my favourite steam and spa club relaxing in the dark steam room and waiting for another hard cock or cocks to join me - I did not have to wait long when this guy came in and sat close to me on my left side and in seconds he was slowly stroking my six inches of hard uncut dick meat so I took hold of his hard cock - it was a good inch longer than mine and a bit thicker and was uncut - being cut myself I have a curiosity with foreskins and I toyed with his as I stroked his big hard dick and he got off the bench and stood up and put his hands either side of my thighs and went down on me swallowing my throbber in one mouthful as he began an expert suck job - I was so turned on and balancing on my hands I raised my arse off the bench and my throbber was now even deeper down his throat as he sucked me off like there was no tomorrow - I was close to nutting and suddenly he spat my throbber from his mouth and quickly climbed up on the bench and knelt straddling my thighs as he lowered himself onto my throbbing fuck pole until I was balls deep up his incredibly tight arse and he began to ride me like a bronco as I fucked back until I could not hold back and blew my nuts off as my hot cum leaked out his arse and all over my upper legs.

He stuck his tongue in my ear and whispered "Thank you Mike - I've waited years for that" I could not believe he called me by my name - the voice sounded familiar and as he hopped off me and headed for the door I was in hot pursuit and when we both got outside into the dimly lit passage I recognised him as Frank -my ex-wife's father. My ex-wife was ten years younger than I and her father was eight years older than I. He was good looking and well built - although not huge he had a nice physique and still looked good for his age. All through my marriage he and I had been good friends and I would never have thought he would be into other guys.

He looked at me and smiled rather shyly and said "So - don't look so surprised - I hope you're not embarrassed or feel any remorse about just fucking me" and I grinned embarrassingly and said "Well I was not expecting to run into you here let alone putting my dick in you" and we both laughed and he said "Let's hop in the spa and chat" - all the time I had been checking out his cock and naked body and liked what I saw and in reality I now wanted his beautiful cock in me.

Sitting in the spa he said "Yeah - I've wanted to get it off with you since the first time I saw your naked bubble butt arse - remember that night I sprung you chockers up my daughter in the back seat of my car - I had been watching you for about ten minutes before I let on - I couldn't get over your nice firm arse and big nuts and I got so thick in the stick I had to fuck my fist as soon as I got in my room" - I grinned and he said "Yeah - and whenever you stayed over I always found some excuse to walk in on you in the shower just to see your nice naked body and cock".

I then said "How did you know to find me here then?" and he smiled and said "I've been coming here for years and saw you a couple of weeks ago in the car park as I drove by - I've checked the car park out regularly for your car and bingo saw it here today" - he reached over and grabbed my semi hard cock under the water and I did likewise with his and we had one another hard and throbbing in no time and he said "Look - I'm not gonna beat around the bush - I wanna fuck you - I wanna fuck your horny arse right off" and I said "That's fine with me - but not here -let's go to my apartment and fuck in comfort". We were dressed and out of there and in my apartment within thirty minutes where we quickly stripped one another naked and fell to the floor in a greedy 69er cock sucking little session and after five minutes or so I was so hot and horny ready to get fucked my my ex father-in-law's nice hard cock.

We got up and went out on the balcony and closed the plantation shutters and turned the ceiling fan on full speed as Bent over the table and parted my legs and poked my arse upwards as he knelt behind me and tongued my arse crack slicking it all up and when he flicked the tip of his tongue in my arse hole I moaned "Ooooh fuaark - yeah - fuck me - stick your big cock in me - ooooh - ooooh yeah" and he had spat on his big hard fucker and now had it buried up my arse as his wiry pubes grinded against my arse cheeks and he began grunting as he proceeded to fuck me faster and harder as I pushed back to meet his every fuck thrust as our big heavy balls bounced off one another's as we fucked like there was no tomorrow until he slowed down and moaned "Fuck - I'm gonna shoot - oooh - ooooh" and I felt his hot jism plastering my insides as he pulled me off and I shot my load off all over the floor and he collapsed over me and whispered in my ear "Yeah - this was worth the wait - I knew you would be one hot fuck".

Needless to say that was not the last time we fucked - in fact we fucked one another for about two years after that and it just got better each time then unexpectedly he got ill and passed away.

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