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Indonesian Hot Rough Sex

By apenis4me

submitted April 5, 2007

Categories: Asian Delights

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Some years back I was working as a Security Guard for a shopping Mall. A Filipino girl I really liked worked for a coffee Bar. I had put a lot of time & effort into getting to know her. But another guy a Cleaner who was Indonesian was hanging around her. Anyway while doing my roving foot patrol on the mall I ran into a mate who was a Prison Officer who was doing his shopping & after a short chat arranged to have a coffee break & meet up later on.

At 11 I met Murray at the coffee bar where my girl was working but the cleaner Juan was there, I bought the Latte's & Cake & returned to a table near by. It was then the Murray asked if I knew about Juan. I asked what he knew of him. He said he was a real sick bastard. & I should warn the girl off. I asked what he meant. He said he was a real kinky person, would root anything, & he meant anything at all. He said he had done time for raping a number of girls some years back & while in jail was known to get into some real kinky rough stuff with other inmates. Water Sports, gang bangs he'd even bragged about having sex with ponies, Dogs, & filming his exploits. And added that he'd raped quite a few boys & Men while out of prison.

I must admit my cock started to get semi hard & I'd started to ooze pre-cum. I really fancied Mary the Filipino but nothing like a fat hard man's cock riding you especially an aggressive shag.

While chatting with Murray, Juan walked past & it appeared he recognised Murray & couldn't get away quick enough. Murray then left, Mary didn't have any customers, so walked over & asked if Juan had been bothering her. She said Oh he was okay, I told her best if she avoided contact with him & I told her why. She went red; I assured her the information was correct.

Well Juan, was back at the coffee shop later that afternoon & as I walked past he abruptly walked out giving me a filthy look & Mumbled something as he past me. After I had locked up the mall and set the alarm. A figure came out of a door way. It was Juan; he was furious and blamed me and Murray for the falling out of his friendship with Mary. I said yes I had heard of his exploits with women and men and added bestiality. That got him even more enraged. I added that I heard he liked to speacialise in rough sex. He started to breathe even harder and quicker. He was really pissed off big time. I said, “Look, you want to root the fuck out of Mary, but it's not going to happen so why don't you fuck me instead?”

Juan just looked at me, saying "What?" I reached out and started to rub his cock's mound through his Track Pants. He asked if I was serious. I said, “I’ll take what ever you want to dish out.” I opened my Delica Space Gear People Mover's rear door. Folded down the middle and rear row of seats to make up a bed. I closed the rear door, opened the sliding side door, and started to remove my pants and Wincheater. Come on let's get it on I hear your well hung & know what to do with it.

He climbed inside. I pushed a button and closed the electric curtains all round and put on the fluro lights and laid on the make do bed. He undid the tie cord and his briefs were tenting. He was hard as hell. He removed them and his cock was huge, long foreskin Fat cock and nearly 8" long with a huge pair of balls. We started with a 69er, sucking probing and tasting every millimeter of each of our cocks. Then he removed his cock from my mouth climber on to my chest pinned my arms with his knees and force fucked my throat. I nearly chocked on his love pole. He turned me over, and then bit my neck with a love bite. Asked me if I had any lube; I directed him to a storage compartment.

He squirted some into my anus and started to rough finger fuck me. Then he said, "That's enough now you’re going to pay.” He pulled the waist cord from his track pants and made a loop and placed the loop over my testicles, and then he climbed on my back and started to press his fat cock head into my anal entrance. He placed all his weight on his cock, forcing it deep inside of me.

I let out a yell that would wake the devil himself. Then he yanked and yanked on the cord around my balls. He pulled out then dove back in harder and faster with each thrust. I thought my back side would split in half. He pounded me for what seemed like ages and ages. I thought his cock would never cum, but cum he did. I have never had so much cum blow into me. It was like buckets of it.

We had regular sex for about 18 months then he moved back to Jakarta.

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