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How I Lost My Virginity

By mista_romantic

submitted May 15, 2007

Categories: First Time, Mature, Older/younger, Outdoor Sex

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I was 18 years old and had never been with either a girl or a guy; I was very shy and not the greatest looking guy around. My parents had a border staying with us, who was working for the steel works in town. He was in his 40's and quite handsome. We used to spend a lot of time together and always seemed to talk about sex, He would tell me about all his sexual adventures with the local girls he had fucked; he even told me about the time he fucked my sister. Every time he would tell me his stories, I would have to go and have a wank to relieve myself afterward, because it turned me on so much.

One weekend my parents and sister went away and Darren and I were left with the house to ourselves. He was at work and I lay around all day waiting for him to come home. He came home after his 12hr shift and was dirty and sweaty. We sat on the sofa watching TV together when he asked if I had, had sex yet. I replied that I hadn't and he asked if I wanted to ask him any questions. I asked him what it was like to get a blow job and what it involved.

He laughed and without saying a word he was in front of me sliding my pants down. He slid my pants right down and took them completely off. Then he started to kiss my already hard cock and he licked along the shaft. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good. He started to suck me into his mouth and just as my cock head passed his lips, I exploded in a built up lust, spraying his mouth with my cum. He swallowed it all and smiled.

He sat back next to me on the couch and said it was my turn now. I looked at him puzzled as he dropped his pants. I didn't do anything at first, so he grabbed my head and forcefully placed his cock in my mouth. He was standing in front of me now with his cock half way in my mouth. He told me to suck it, so I just started sucking it like a lollipop. He seemed to get frustrated and told me to keep my teeth out of the way. He then grabbed my head and started fucking my face. He was thrusting so deep, I was gagging, but every time I gagged his tempo seemed to speed up; then all of a sudden he tensed up and as he pulled his cock back. He started cumming in my mouth, filling my mouth and spilling out the sides. I tried to swallow his load, but kept gagging. I managed to swallow most of it, and the rest was all over my face.

He stood in front of me still, and wiped his cum off my face with his dick, and kept feeding it to me that way. He kept doing this until it was all gone, and then instructed me to sit next to him. As he sat down, we both sat there as he stroked my cock. He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said that I wasn't a girl; how could I? He slapped me across the face and said I was more of a girl than most real girls, and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was scared and shocked, but I agreed nervously to be his girlfriend. He said my nickname was going to be Suzie, as he had always liked that name.

He continued to stroke my cock and then said we should go out to his caravan in the backyard, as this was going to be our home now. We lay out in the caravan stroking each other while watching porn and cuddling and kissing. He kept telling me he has loved me for so long and how happy he was that I was finally his. I loved hearing him talk like that and was getting close to coming, when he stopped saying that I wasn't to come yet; I should save that for later. He instructed me to keep wanking him as he searched through his top draw; after a few seconds he withdrew his hand from the drawer holding two dildos and some lube. I looked at him strangely; he explained that he was going to prepare my tight virgin man pussy for his 8" cock.

I got nervous and pleaded with him not to, but he slapped me across the face again saying that I was his girlfriend and that I should be begging to be fucked by him. He yelled at me to beg him to fuck me, so in a whimper I begged him to fuck me. He grabbed the bottle of lube and applied it to his cock and my ass, sticking his finger all the way up my hole. He placed his cock at my entrance and pushed in very slowly. I was screaming and crying; he was silent as he eased his cock into my ass. He stopped once he was completely in me and held me forcefully as I tried to break free. After a while I calmed down and he began to slowly fuck me. The pain was excruciating and tears where rolling down my face, but I was silent while he continued to fuck me. He kept telling me how much he loved me and that I was his forever, when all off a sudden he pushed in real hard and then froze. I felt his cum flood my sore ass; he fell back off of me and lay on the bed. I just knelt there sore and used for what must have been 10 minutes.

I was crying and he asked what I was crying for. I didn't say a word, so he asked again. This time grabbing my face and holding it within inches of his own, I said that I was sore and I wished he didn't do that to me. He said that it was my duty as his girlfriend to have his cock inside my man pussy, and that with time I would come to enjoy it as much as he did. He went on to say how good I was and that he was so proud to have taken my virginity.

He got up and went and got me some clothes for me. He presented me with a white bra and panties set and a little pink nightie. I got dressed in the clothes and lay on the bed next to him. He told me that from now on I was to wear my new clothes while I was in our caravan and that I was to do everything a good housewife would do. I was to clean for him and basically do everything for him whilst we where in our caravan (trailer). Our caravan was a large van that my parents had bought to travel around Australia, so it had shower, toilet and all the modern conveniences. It was going to take a lot to keep it clean and I was dreading it, but I nodded and agreed. He kissed me saying, “You make me so happy Suzie, I love you so much.” I replied that I loved him too.

We fell asleep in each other's arms that night and I woke in the morning to him kissing me. He had a huge grin on his face, so I asked what was going on. He said it was a wonderful feeling waking up next to me and that he was so horny. I felt his cock and it was hard as a rock. I went down on him straight away without him asking and remembered what I had learnt to give him what must have been a good blow job, as he came within minutes. I also swallowed all his cum this time. I kept sucking till he told me to stop. I slid up the bed and gave him a big kiss, and with a huge smile I told him that I enjoyed my breakfast. We both laughed and carried on kissing and cuddling all morning.

Later that day my parents arrived home and I asked if I could move out to the caravan with Darren. They said they couldn't see why not if it was okay with him. He just smiled and said that of course it was. So we moved my stuff into his van that same day. We talked all day after I moved in and I was so in love with him. He told me that our sex from now on was going to be me giving him head and he will fuck me, he will wank me while he fucks me so that I can cum during our sex. I smiled and said that he was caring and considerate to me and that I loved him so much.

We lived this way for about a month; I would clean for him and fuck and suck him whenever he wanted it and we would always kiss and cuddle for hours each night. I started becoming a girl, his dream girl. I was waxing each third day and making sure my makeup was perfect before he arrived home. One night he was running late and I was horny as hell, so I got dressed in my sexy black bra and panties with matching black stockings and lay draped over the bed. He walked in and looked shocked and horrified as his mate quickly followed. I tried to cover up but it was too late; his mate had already seen it all. He walked over to me and slapped me, saying how trashy I was and that I was nothing but a slut. I started crying saying I was only dressed like that for him and that we had never had anyone over before.

He said he supposed it was okay then, and he introduced me to his mate Mark. I said hello shyly and they sat in the living area talking while I got dressed. I put on my black dress with my fake breasts on under my bra. I guess Mark was cool with the fact that I wasn’t a real girl, as he seemed to check me out all night. We talked for hours and after a while Darren told us both that he wanted me to suck Mark off, as Mark hadn't been laid in a couple of years. I gave Mark head, savouring every moment and really working his cock. I pulled his cock out and wanked him off over my face. He loved covering me in cum. I wiped my fingers over my face and licked them clean, and sat talking with them till Mark left.

Darren and I went to bed and Darren fucked me so hard that nigh, I came without him touching me. After we finished he said he loved me and asked if I still loved him. I said I did, he said that he was so jealous seeing me with Mark, but that it turned him on so much. That weekend Darren, Mark and I went camping and I sucked and fucked them both all weekend long.

Darren and I lived together for 4 years, and during that time I serviced a lot of his friends and watched as he fucked other girls, which always broke my heart. He used to get upset if I even looked at another guy and I got slapped a few times when we got home for talking to someone and supposedly flirting. But no matter what, I loved him so much. My parents never caught on. It ended when he left me for his current wife. He said he wanted kids and with me it wasn’t possible.

I still love him and have fucked him a few times since we split; I also fuck his mates still on a regular basis. There’s one guy named Tony who say's he loves me, but I am still confused. I think I will always love my Darren

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