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Rest Area Fun

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It was a Wednesday night, around 9:00pm, mid-October 2005. I was 38, 5'-8", about 190#, goatee, a bear. I was driving back from visiting relatives in the countryside, my balls were full, so I decided to make a stop at this famous rest-area. In Ste-Madeleine, on the A-20 westbound. I never had anything there, but it seemed to me this time the timing was good. I parked my car and saw 4 other cars parked there as well. The first one, a Honda, was parked to my left at the far end of the parking lot, about 75ft from me. The second one was about 40ft to my left. The third one was right in front of the small building and the last one was about 50ft to my right. I stopped the engine, leaving the radio on, lit up a cigarette and started observing. Should I say prowling?

In the Honda, the guy was sitting there, just like me. The remaining cars were empty. I finished my smoke, exited my car and aimed at the building. When I opened the door, this old guy was coming out, about 70y.o. Not my type.

I got in the men's room, and went to a stall, the middle one. This bathroom has three stalls lined up at the back, 2 urinals to the left and 3 sinks to the right. I took my time lowering my jeans and taking off my jacket. The stall ‘to my left was busy. I sat down, waited while I looked at my neighbours feet, hoping for a sign, any sign. Nothing at all was happening, and after maybe 5 minutes, my neighbour started to pull his pants up. Thinking this was it, I did the same and exited my stall. As soon as my door was open though, I saw the guy standing at the sinks, washing his hands.

He was about 45 y.o. light brown hair, mustache, 5'-10", about 180#. I walked toward the sinks, looking directly at him. As the water was running from the faucet, did I feel some precum leaking from MY facet? I think I did. As I was finishing up. the guy exited the room, without giving me any signs whatsoever. I exited.

As I was getting back in my car, I saw him in his, starting the engine. All the other cars had left, including the Honda. I really thought this stop was a waste of time, and was feeling bummed. Now, where would I find some easy sex?

The other car backed out of his space. That was it, I thought, now my dog is really dead. He kept on backing up, then shifted on drive, only to re-park his car. Now that was strange....And exciting...My dog was not dead after all! Now I wondered how to play my game. I mean, what was he up to? I thought I could take a hike in the neighbouring woods, but it was pretty cold for outdoor sex...So I decided to go back inside. I entered the foyer, and looked at the roadmap on display. A few seconds later, the door opened and in he came. He stopped, visibly surprised that I was still in the foyer, pulled himself together and went back to the men's room.

I followed. He was at the sink. I don't know why, but this time I was surprised. I went back to the middle stall. Lowered my pants in a frenzy. He entered the same stall he was in earlier, pulled down his pants. From the position of his feet, I could tell he was facing the partition between us. I bent over, peaked at his side. He was crouched, his pants down to his ankles. He had hairy legs, up-tight balls; couldn’t see his cock, but the shadow on the floor clearly showed a jacking-off motion.

Right away, my hand went under, to his side, telling him to pass his cock under. He did, of course. 7" cut, and fairly large.

I started to blow him the moment his cock was far enough on my side to allow me to blow. I couldn't take his entire shaft in my hand, because of the partition, so as I was nibbling on his cock-head, I was jacking him off with one hand.

It was only a matter of 1 or 2 minutes before he started shooting. A small load, really, but very white and thick, spurted on the brown ceramic tiles. A nice contrast I have to admit. He got up, pulled up his pants, and exited. I did just that too. But when I exited my stall, he saw him. He was standing at the urinal, jacking off a still hard cock, keeping himself at a fair distance from the urinal, allowing me a full view. I joined him, pulled out my still semi-hard cock, and brought it back to its full hardness with my hand. I than reached out to touch some cock. And started to jack him off once again. He did the same. With his free hand, he lifted his shirt to play with his nipples. I noticed a fairly hairy chest. There we were, two strangers, with each other's cocks in hand, staring each other's in the eyes.

He brought his face a few inches closer to mine, I followed his lead, and we started to explore each other's mouths with our tongues. He had a nice thick tongue, drooling with spit. He backed out a little bit, took his cock out of my hand, and resumed his own masturbation. I grinned at him, staring straight in the eyes and said: "You. I gotta suck you off". Looking at his smile, I crouched down and went to town! He wouldn't let me deep-throat him though, as he always kept his hand on his shaft, my mouth providing that extra wetness we all enjoy so much. I was stroking my dick with my right hand, while my left one was roaming through his fur on his belly. It wasn't all that long before he stepped back a little, and started shooting a new load right on the sleeve of my leather jacket. My load went on the floor and some on his shoes.

We packed up our goods, relieved. He left. I went to the sink, cleaned up the biggest part of his mess, but left some of his spunk to dry up on my sleeve. I got back in my car. I made it home about 45 minutes later, all the time looking at the traces of a stranger's load on my sleeve. And what do you know? By the time I got home, my balls we full again...

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