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The Hot Plumber

By erik_hunk

submitted August 17, 2007

Categories: First Time, The Trades

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The plumber was a really big guy, a solid hunk; tall and muscular, about 40, dirty blond short hair, moustache and goatee. When Jim saw him, he was stunned. He was a boy of 18, with a nice wrestler body – medium height, well muscled, smooth skin, cropped dark brown hair, good looking face. He was still a virgin, he was attracted to men but was afraid to show it, so he concealed his sexuality and used to jerk off dreaming of strong men… men just the kind of that hunk of a plumber that was fixing the tub faucet. His parents were out and he was on vacation, waiting for college to start.

Jim couldn’t keep his eyes away from that plumber. He kept going in and out of the bathroom, asking if there was something he needed, trying not to show his excitement under his jeans. When he saw the guy take off his t-shirt, he shivered – what a perfect strong torso, hairless, with small nipples, and he could see the hair tufts under his armpits, something he always found very sexy.

At last, the plumber finished his work, and stood before him, so gorgeous Jim stuttered when asking him how much he owed him. The guy was in no hurry to put his shirt on, and sort of strutted before the awed boy. “So it’s time to pay me.” His voice was deep and warm. “Yeah… I guess so…” Jim felt stupid and small in front of that hunk. The plumber smiled, and looked him in the eyes. Jim shivered. “H…how much do I… do I owe you?” “Well…” The guy looked him over, as if he was appraising him, which made Jim feel smaller and more excited. “I guess… How do you wanna pay me?” “Uh… Cash?” “Could be… But working made me horny… I’d take a blowjob from a cute boy like you.” And he stroke a very considerable bulge under his pants. Jim was stunned. Could he have heard right? He looked at him, not knowing what to say. The guy smiled. “Come on, boy, do ya think I didn’t notice how you look at me? Sure you want it.”

And before Jim could react, he grabbed his head, slowly but deliberately, pressed his hand, moved it over his neck in a rough caress, and pulled him toward him, till Jim’s face was against his chest. Jim felt his manly smell, his warm skin against his face, and couldn’t help it: he rubbed his cheek on the hard chest muscles and pressed his lips against his nipple, and moved his tongue tentatively over it, licking him. It tasted so good! He sucked it gently. “That’s it… Good boy…” The hand pulled his head down, slowly, and Jim let his tongue run over his chest, his belly, his bellybutton, the string of soft hair under it, and fell on his knees. The guy had already pulled down his pants and underpants, and Jim found himself facing a big erect cock surrounded by a bush of light brown curly hair. “Yeah, baby… Take it.” Jim had never seen another cock so close, and he was excited and somewhat afraid. But desire took him over, and he touched him with his lips. He ran his tongue over the shaft, so hard and warm, and reached the glans. The musky smell of that gorgeous sex inebriated him. He opened his mouth and took the head, licking it and wetting it with his spit, then swallowed that meat slowly, feeling its hardness, till he had about two thirds in his mouth. Then the plumber pushed his head forward, and Jim gagged as the cock went all the way in, till he felt his nose in his pubic hair and the tip of the dick in his throat. He inhaled deeply, finding he could accommodate it, and felt more and more excited, and started to suck it, moving his mouth along the thick meat, ever more eagerly. He was feeling a sense of exhilaration, sucking on that dick, tasting it, smelling it, massaging it with his tongue. He was feeling hot, and when the guy pulled his t-shirt, he raised his arms and let it go. Bolder, he started touching him, pulling down his pants, feeling his hairy thighs, his muscled ass.

After a while, the plumber pulled him up, hugged him and kissed his mouth, deeply. Jim pressed and rubbed his body against that hunk, moaning. He felt his hands pulling down his jeans and briefs, moved his legs and kicked them away, happy to be naked in that guy’s arms. They were both completely naked now; the guy lifted him and made him sit on the lavatory, bent down and started to suck his dick. The sensation of having his cock wet and sucked by that warm mouth was amazing, and looking down and seeing that hunk servicing him was almost more than Jim could bear, he had to grit his teeth not to come. The plumber sucked his cock and licked it, then licked his balls and groins, and pulled his legs up to access his butt. Jim moaned delighted as he felt a wet and probing tongue around his asshole, then licking right inside the hole, sending waves of pleasure and lust through his body. And the guy’s hands were caressing his thighs and his ass cheeks, his thumbs pressing on each side of the sensitive hole his tongue was stimulating.

Then the plumber got up, bent over him and started French-kissing him, rubbing his strong torso against his, one arm around his shoulders in a passionate hug; with his other hand he caressed his ass, slapped it gently, then started fingering his asshole, wet with his spit. It was a wonderful sensation, that probing finger stretching and circling his tight hole, and Jim, in a haze, thought he was in heaven, in that big hunk’s arms. Feeling the man’s finger made him realize he was going to fuck him, something that always terrorized him when he imagined it in his erotic fantasies. But now he wasn’t afraid, he was so excited, so happy to be at that man’s mercy, that he wanted to be fucked, he wanted to belong to him in every way, to lose himself in that embrace.

He knew he was going to lose his virginity, he was going to be fucked in the ass, and he itched for it. The very thought of it made him crazy, and he found himself spreading his legs as wide as possible and tensing his asshole around his finger, moving his hips sensuously, lusty moves that nobody had taught him but his sexual instinct drove him. When he felt the thick cock’s tip pressing against his hole, he had a moment of panic – it was now, this was it!

He struggled to get free, but the man kept him tightly in his arm, he whispered: “No… I…I never…” Then the guy kissed his earlobe and whispered: “Relax, baby… You’ll like it.” His warm voice calmed Jim instantly, and he relaxed in his arms. And when the guy pushed, Jim pushed his ass against him, eager to take him. He clenched his teeth, getting ready for the pain. His hole was wet, and the plumber’s cock-head opened it, making him feel a fullness stretching him, uncomfortably but not painfully, like he was taking a big crap. He breathed deeply, and felt him get inside him, slowly, inch by inch, stopping and kissing him passionately, then pushing another inch inside him.

It was a strange sensation, physically uncomfortable but so sexy he just wanted it to last forever. He was his, he belonged to this man. When he felt the guy’s pubic hair rubbing his hole, he understood he was all the way inside him, he was no virgin anymore. Then the guy moved his hips, rotating his cock inside him, stuck to the balls, stretching him, massaging his insides, it didn’t hurt, the feeling of pressure spread through his whole body, a new kind of pleasure, and Jim found himself rotating his hips too, to feel him better, and moving in slow thrusts around his pole.

And then the plumber started pumping him, slowly at first, but soon speeding up, and the feeling of that stiff cock inside him, in and out, stabbing his ass like a piston, sent him waves of wild pleasure through his body. Jim moaned loudly, and heard himself saying: “Yes… Yes… More… Give me more… Aaahh… Yeaaahh…” And the plumber gladly obliged, pumping him faster, strongly, like there was no tomorrow. Jim moved his hips, rotating his ass and thrusting it forward to meet his lover. He cried and moaned like a madman. The guy pulled his legs up, resting his feet on his shoulders, entering him deeper and deeper. Jim yelled, out of control. He didn’t even feel his climax coming, he felt the warm jets of his own cum on his chest. Excited, the guy rubbed the sticky jism over the boy’s chest and made him lick his fingers. Jim tasted the salty cum hungrily. “Like it, huh? God, what a bitch you are, boy!”

Then the man picked him up from the lavatory and they both fell on the floor; he took his cock out of the boy’s ass and stuck it in his eager mouth, and cam in long massive jets of creamy sperm. Soon Jim’s mouth was overflowing, and he swallowed it delighted, licking his lips so he wouldn’t waste a single drop.

The man relaxed at last, and said: “Wow, you’re HOT! Didn’t have such a hungry pussy in a long time!” He lied down beside Jim, and hugged him. Jim curled against his strong body, moaning softly like a puppy, he wasn’t ashamed; he just wanted to belong to him.

The man kissed him, saying: “Was it really your first?” Jim nodded, not able to speak. “God, boy, you’re a born bottom then!” He kissed hi again. “Listen, kid, I gotta go, but I wanna take your ass again. okay?”

Jim nodded. “Not now, you hungry bitch… I’ll pick you up tonight, be at your door at 10. Don’t bother to wear any undies!” And he laughed. “Think I’m gonna make you my boy… Gonna teach you what you need… Want that, huh?”

“Yeah…” Jim whispered, and he kissed him passionately.

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