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My First True Love

By swimbuns

submitted September 17, 2007

Categories: College Days, Athletics, Coming Out

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When I was 18 and a sophomore at university I fell in love for the first time. This was not like the crushes I had as a younger teenager but more like one expects to experience when they meet the man of their dreams. In my case his name was Greg, 18 years old and a freshman on the swim team and I was to be his mentor.

Back then, I was a 6’4”, 210 lb, blonde and built like the typical swimmer; tall, wide shouldered, slim hipped and very toned. I was also gay and had had quite a bit of experience with other guys starting with my cousin Garry and continuing with one of my high school teachers and various other horny guys my age when I was in school and during the previous year at university.

All the non-freshmen were asked by the coach to mentor and support the new guys to help make their transition to university life and school easier. We were also supposed to help with social connections and getting the new guys out to events where they could meet other people and start to feel at ease in the university environment. I believe the coach really just wanted us to get the guys laid so they would at least have that to look forward to at school even if they were missing their friends and family at home and having a tough time academically.

Greg and I didn’t really hit it off so well at the start as he found me a bit intimidating and aloof and I found him to be somewhat of a “country bumpkin”. He came from a very small town in a rural area and had little sophistication, had not travelled much and was constantly nervous. In his favour he was also 6’3”, blonde like me and gorgeous. It took us a while to really get to know one another and feel comfortable together so that he felt he could rely on me for support and friendship.

The pivotal event was one evening after about a month at school when he showed up at my apartment seemingly distraught and confused. I invited him in and asked him what was on his mind. He had been out on a date with an attractive girl from one of his classes and I thought he would be getting laid at just about the time he was banging on my front door. He related that the date had gone quite well until they went back to her room in the dorm and started fooling around. Even though he found her attractive and funny, he stated he had a difficult time getting aroused and performing as he should. He was embarrassed relating this to me and tried to hide his shame in this feeling of inadequacy. I could see that he was truly upset so I told him that this kind of thing happens to most guys at sometime and not to worry about it. He probably had too much to drink or was fatigued from swim practice and not to let it get him down. He seemed to cheer up slightly at these encouraging words but it was obvious to me that we were not out of the woods yet.

I asked him if there was something else on his mind that had gotten in the way of his enjoying his date that night. He shifted his gaze away from me and seemed to hesitate before he responded. He quietly asked me if anything like this had ever happened to me. I wasn’t sure how to respond in that I knew I was gay and that I was pretty sure he had no idea. I admitted though that I had some trouble a couple of times getting it up for girls when I was in high school. (This of course was technically the truth but the reality was that I had never had any difficulty getting it up for a guy I was really attracted to or sometimes only slightly attracted to.) This admission seemed to help him relax and finally he said that he wasn’t really sure that girls were his “thing”.

Now I had to take a deep breath and try to focus on what was best for him and try to ignore the rising lump in the crotch of my gym shorts. Could he be saying that he was into guys I wondered or was he merely just not ready yet to be sexually active with anyone? I, of course, hoped that it was the former as beauty such as his should not be wasted especially when there were so many horny gay guys around who would sell their sisters for a chance to crawl into his pants – I was certainly one of them!

I asked him what he meant and he said that he had never had a girlfriend other than a couple of almost platonic ones early in high school and then only because it was what was expected of guys in general. He was never really attracted to any girl sexually and had only recently started to think that there was something wrong with him because he had no interest in girls’ bodies, hetero porn or any of the other things that normal guys seemed to focus on. In reality, he had gotten into swimming during high school as a way of convincing himself that he was a normal guy just by being on a sports team. That part of his logic floored me as like figure skaters and gymnasts, swimmers were way up there on the gay jock scale. Of course I didn’t say anything about this.

I was now though having a tough time focusing on just his needs and what was best for him. I had a roaring thick hard-on that showed no sign of fading and was starting to think not from my head but from a part of my anatomy not known for altruism. I decided that I would just ask him what I already believed to be true. “Are you turned on by guys?”

He blushed, blinked and then stammered that he thought he was. He admitted that he liked being a swimmer because he got to see so many guys in next to nothing and that he, on several occasions, had to run into the showers to get the vision of some other guy’s body or bulging crotch in a skin-tight Speedo out of his head. He continued to blush and stated that this had happened at the first practice when he was introduced to me and that he was so certain that I thought he was an idiot. I assured him that I didn’t even notice anything other than the fact that he was nervous and a little overwhelmed but that I put that down to the new environment and the higher expectations of competing at the university level. This seemed to relax him a bit, or so I thought. The reality though was quite different.

He turned away and started to heave. I realized that he was crying so I moved closer to him and patted him on the back just to let him know that I was still there. This did seem to comfort him but then he let loose with a howl that I was certain would wake all my neighbours. I suddenly felt like I might be in over my head with all this and worried that he was having a breakdown. I tried the usual soothing sounds and rubbing his back but nothing seemed to ease his pain. I finally asked him if he needed to talk to someone else like one of the counsellors in the Student Health Centre. This seemed to bring him back into the moment and he said he would really like it if I would just hold him and keep talking to him.

Now I was the one ready to have a breakdown because through all of his antics, my erection had not gone down one bit. In fact it was probably as big and as hard as I could ever remember it getting. How would I be able to hug him without him noticing? My deliberations were made moot as he turned toward me and dove on top of me forcing my arms to wrap around him just to stop from falling backward off the sofa. I gently held him then suggested he let me get more stably seated and I would hold him for as long as he needed.

Once rearranged, I offered him my arms and he fell into them as if he had never been held before. My heart was racing in fear that he would notice the firmness in my crotch and think that I was trying to take advantage of him in this vulnerable state. Not to worry though as his breathing slowed and he seemed to be calming down. After about 15 minutes of this and neither of us saying a word I felt like I could try to move him to a seated position beside me. I now realized that he was actually asleep in my lap. So much for worrying about him noticing my not so insubstantial erection! I slipped out from under him and placed a pillow under his head. I decided to leave him there and covered him with a blanket and went into my bedroom to get ready for bed myself. I brushed my teeth and took off my shorts and sweatshirt and climbed naked under the covers.

Perhaps an hour later, after tossing and turning before eventually falling into a fitful sleep, I awoke to the feeling that I was no longer alone in my bedroom. You know, that creepy feeling that someone else is nearby and you just haven’t seen them yet. I slowly opened my bleary eyes and saw a vision standing at the foot of my bed. There was Greg, as naked as I and staring at me almost willing me to wake up. I didn’t move as perhaps he was unaware, in the very dim light, that I had seen him. Maybe he was just disoriented and looking for the bathroom or he was sleep walking or… What ever other theories I had evaporated when he said “Why did you leave me alone? Don’t you even like me a little bit? Can’t I sleep with you?”

“I thought you would be okay out there on your own,” I said quietly. “You seemed comfortable and I didn’t want to wake you.”

“But I am not okay. You still haven’t said anything about what I told you. You haven’t even said if you thought I was a freak or anything!” he blubbered angrily.

“Of course you aren’t a freak but you were really upset and I just felt like you might not want to wake up with another guy you really didn’t know that well, or perhaps even like, sleeping with you and holding you.”

This seemed to mollify him and he quieted a bit and seemed to think about it. “So you don’t think there is something wrong with me then. You think what I told you is normal!!”

Now I had to bite the bullet and confess. “I am into guys too,” I stated matter-of factly. “ I also think you are just confused about what you realized about yourself tonight and I didn’t want to confound you any more with my disclosure of my queerness.”

“So you do like me then?!” he both asked and stated almost in wonder.

“Didn’t you feel my cock underneath you when we were on the sofa. I have been hard for you from the time I suspected that you really were like me. Now that I know for certain I can barely stop thinking about you; those beautiful brown eyes, your silky hair, your incredible body. What’s not to like?”

Like a large predator landing on an unsuspecting meal, he dove on top of me in the bed. After I got some air into my lungs I could feel that ponderous erection that was grinding into my own. I threw off the sheet and pulled his hot smooth body against me. My hands seemed to be everywhere at once, on his back, his ass, in his hair and all the while pulling him even tighter against me. I could feel his lips against my neck and his tongue sliding toward my mouth. When finally we moved back far enough to actually see each other there was nothing but two huge grins and perhaps slight tears in the corners of both sets of eyes. We kissed as if we had no other purpose on this earth and I knew, without a doubt, that I had never felt like this before about anyone.

“Have you ever done this before? “ he asked shyly.

“A few times. “ I replied modestly.

“Show me everything!!” he whispered.

So I did just that.

I rolled him onto his back and started kissing him from the top of his head all down the front of his body. I pulled his sensitive nipples into my mouth and sucked and chewed on them until he was squirming. I continued my oral assault down toward his groin but never actually touched his thick curved cock. No, I licked around it and continued down his thighs, nibbling and licking until I reached his toes. I sucked each one individually then took all five on each foot into my mouth at one time. Through all this he moaned, twisted and groaned but never once even hinted that I stop. He seemed both shocked and amazed that I could get that much into my mouth at one time. Oh, the surprises I had for him.

I could barely contain my own excitement and knew that if I didn’t attend to his cock soon, he would shoot without much more provocation. I crept back up his body and pulled that rigid hunk of flesh into my mouth. With no further preliminaries, I swallowed the whole thing down to his downy ball sac. I constricted my throat muscles around that purple head and tried to milk him without moving my head away from his body. He thrust his cock even further into my gullet and grabbed my ears, holding me firmly in place. This was not enough for him though. He rolled over on top of me and pounded that cock even further into me until I could feel his pubic bone grinding into my face. I had to push him off a little so I could catch my breath but then I dove back on that cock and pulled his tight firm buttocks toward me.

He rode my face like a jockey. Rubbing his groin into me and grinding my chin up into his balls and perineum. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer as his vocalizations became less intelligible and more animalistic. Then it happened. The scalding hot jizz was pouring down my throat and I had to swallow quickly and repeatedly to keep up with the flow. Eight, ten, twelve shots, I couldn’t tell how much of that delicious cum he unloaded into me but I knew I had never had such a huge load before.

What I didn’t realize through all this is that I had shot all over his back and into his hair without ever touching myself. He was covered with creamy cum from the base of his spine all the way to the top of his head with a few drops hanging from his hair and dripping down his chiselled chest. We collapsed in a heap and held each other.

Once sufficiently recovered, we started laughing and giggling like school girls. He rolled on his back beside me and just held my hand firmly in his.

“I wonder if the other mentors have had to work this exhaustively on any of the other freshmen?” I pondered.

“Are you complaining about your responsibilities?” he asked with a smirk.

“No, just wondering… and hoping that some of the other guys find ways to be as useful to the rest of the newbies.”

“You just focus on me and stop even thinking about other guys! This was only the first lesson and I am a very slow learner. I am certain it will have to be repeated many, many, many times before I really have it mastered and we can move on to the more advanced lessons.”

“Give me ten minutes and you are on!”

Our lessons continued for three years, not necessarily achieving mastery in all areas but always striving for new ways to express our love and desire for each other’s bodies. We separated when I went off to another city in a different part of the country to do graduate work and he took a job coaching swimming and teaching back in his home town.

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