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Black Sex Superstar, Part 1

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Disclaimer: The following is just a fantasy. All the characters in the story are fictional. Please do not go further if you are under 21 and/or you are not looking for stories that explicitly describe men-to-men sex. ------------------------------------------- This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse, incest, and Dominant/submissive themes between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental.

When Kevin was eleven his mother got locked up on theft charges and her parents took him in. They lived in Arlington, a suburb to the west of Dallas in a big house in a nice middle class neighborhood. Kevin's grandfather was a respected minister at a local church and his grandparents welcomed him with open arms. Also living in the big spacious home was Mike, Kevin's uncle, Sonya's younger brother who was thirteen when Kevin moved in.

Kevin began playing soccer with a neighborhood team and soon became best friends with Lucas Snyder, a cute blonde haired white boy who lived around the block and was on the same soccer team. The team's coach was Lucas's father, a friend of Kevin's grandfather. The two boys spent lots of time together and were always at each other's homes, including sleepovers on most weekends.

They'd been friends for a year when Lucas spent the night of Kevin's 10th birthday party at the Williams' home. As always the two boys slept in the same bed, Kevin's big queen-size. Kevin was so glad to have a friend like Lucas. He loved him with all his heart, and that night he wanted to show Lucas just how much he loved him.

So once the lights were out and their bodies were right next to each other under the warm covers, Kevin spoke.

"I love you Lucas."

"You do?" Lucas asked.

"Yep," Kevin answered. "You want me to show you how much?"

"How are you gonna do that?" Lucas asked.

"Like this," Kevin answered and planted his lips on top of Lucas'.

For a moment Lucas was taken by surprise, but soon he returned Kevin's kiss. After a while they were tasting each other's tongues and holding and caressing each other.

It was that night that they became lovers...


Two years later Kevin and Luke were still secret lovers, making out with each other almost every weekend. It was one winter Saturday night that Kevin was spending the night at Luke's house, and Luke's father told the two boys that they could sleep in their sleeping bags downstairs in the Snyder family's den so that they could watch movies on the big screen TV.

Kevin and Luke impatiently sat through two PG-rated movies that night, waiting to make sure that Mr. and Mrs. Snyder had gone to bed upstairs before they started their ritual of making out. Finally after midnight Luke told Kevin the coast was clear, and they both undressed and lay together on top of the sleeping bags on the floor in front of the TV.

They started off kissing each other passionately and touching and feeling each other's young bodies. From there the more experienced Kevin took Luke's little penis into his mouth and sucked lovingly on it, making Luke moan in pleasure. Soon they switched positions, as Luke took Kevin's nice black dick between his lips.

As the boys engaged in the sexual tryst, they had little idea that Robert Snyder, Luke's 34 year old father had had an ulterior motive for telling them to camp out in the den: Mr. Snyder did so because he wanted to secretly watch his son make out with the cute young black boy. Mr. Snyder had accidentally spied the two kissing each other earlier that day in Luke's bedroom and overheard them making plans to really get busy that night. There was a second-floor balcony in the Snyder home that opened onto the den, and from that position Mr. Snyder had a perfect view of what was happening in front of the den's TV set.

Mr. Snyder was incredibly turned on by the sight of his son and the black boy kissing and licking all over each other's nubile young bodies. When Kevin sucked Luke's cock, making Luke feel so good that he cried out in pleasure, Mr. Snyder reached into his terrycloth robe and began to jack his hardening 8 inch dick. Then when Kevin lifted Luke's legs into the air and started rimming his white asshole, Mr. Snyder felt his breath get caught up in his throat, and the father almost blew his load. However, he stopped jacking to keep from cumming because he wanted to save all his seed for a special place.

Instead, Mr. Snyder retreated to his office/study on the other side of the house. He went to the VCR and popped in a new movie he had just purchased. It was a porno, kiddie porn in fact. Mr. Snyder sat behind his desk masturbating as he watched a big bear type gleefully make a twink, who couldn't have been anymore than fourteen or so, first suck his huge soda ca cock before the bear bent the boy over a table and fucked him hard and fast. Once again Mr. Snyder jacked himself right up to the threshold of a climax and then stopped before he shot off, tied his robe back up, and quietly walked back to the balcony above the den.

Just as he had hoped, the boys were now fast asleep. Smiling, Mr. Snyder tiptoed over to his son and leaned down to the boy's ear.

He gently shook his son and whispered into his ear, "Luke, son, follow me to your room. Be quiet so you don't wake Kevin."

Luke groggily stood up and did as he had been told. In the bedroom, Mr. Snyder switched on the little Lego lamp that sat next to Luke's bed. He looked at his half-asleep 13 year old son as he stood before him and licked his lips, his manhood hardening quickly inside his robe.

"I saw what you and Kevin were doing tonight before you fell asleep," Mr. Snyder said in a low tone, staring his son straight in the eyes.

"Dad, it's not what it looked like..."Luke attempted to explain.

"Shh!" Mr. Snyder cut him off. "I saw you put Kevin's little black cock in your mouth, son," the father revealed and stepped closer towards Luke.

Luke's heart was beating fast and he began to shake nervously. "Dad, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..."

Mr. Snyder held his hand in the air and nodded. "Shhhh. Dad is going to make everything okay. You've been a bad boy, Luke, so now dad has to teach you a lesson son." Mr. Snyder then untied his robe and let his now rock hard manhood spring out, and it shot straight out in front of Luke's face like a flag pole.

"Yes, son," Mr. Snyder continued, a lustful sneer on his face, "everything will be fine as long as you let me do what I like to do. When I taught you how to give me head son I didn't think you'd go off giving blowjobs to others. Now you go ahead and do to me what you did to Kevin when you put his little black cock in your mouth.

Luke knowingly dropped to his knees, opened his mouth as wide as he could, took a deep breath, and then took his father's big cock into his mouth.

"Ah, yeah son!" Mr. Snyder exclaimed under his breath, taking Luke by the back of his head with one hand as the father slowly started working his cock in and out of the teenage mouth.

At first Luke gagged and coughed some, but soon enough he relaxed and started to suck his Mr. Snyder as the father had taught the son a few years before.

"Yes, son you are an excellent little cock sucker," Mr. Snyder sighed in pleasure as he fucked his son's face. "Dad is not mad at you for having some fun with Kevin. In fact, I liked watching you two play. It made me all hot and bothered. Especially when you let Kevin eat your tight little asshole. You liked it when he did that?" Mr. Snyder pulled his cock completely out of Luke's mouth.

"Uh huh," Luke replied, staring up into his dad's face with his face covered in slobber.

Mr. Snyder felt a fresh wave of desire wash over him as he flashbacked to Luke laying on his back on the den floor with his little black friend rimming his ass out. Mr. Snyder's prick swelled even more and, in a fit of lust, he abruptly rammed himself back into his son's mouth, shoving the full length of the cock down into Luke's throat. He was completely overtaken by his perverted desire as he embedded himself down the boy's throat and held Luke firmly by the back of the head for several seconds.

The action choked Luke, who gagged violently with his father's dick lodged down his throat. Tears burst from the boy's eyes and he coughed and sobbed. Finally, Mr. Snyder released Luke's head and pulled his cock out of his son's mouth. Luke immediately gasped for air.

"Daddy will forgive you for what you did," Mr. Snyder said as he breathed heavily and stroked his hard dick, "and I'll even allow you to keep fooling around with Kevin. But you have to let me do to you what I did a few months ago. You know, the same thing I do to your mommy all the time."

A look of confusion formed on Luke's face. "You mean Kevin and I can do the stuff you saw us doing tonight?"

Mr. Snyder nodded as he pulled his son's pajama bottoms down to his ankles. "Yes son as long as you two make sure no one finds out about it. All you have to do is just let me do this." The father peeled the blanket off of Luke's bed and gently pushed the boy down onto his stomach on top of the sheet-covered soft mattress. Then he reached into the side pocket of his robe and pulled out a small tube of lubricant.

"But Dad," Luke protested as Mr. Snyder let his robe fall to the floor. "You told me if I let you put your thing in my mouth then I wouldn't have to let you put it in my butt again."

"It won't hurt like it did last time son, I promise," Mr. Snyder replied, squeezing lube onto his prick from the tube of lube. "Dad will make it feel like you felt when Kevin put his tongue in it. You liked that didn't you?"

"Yes sir," Luke nodded and relaxed and let his father position him on the bed with the boy's face down into a pillow and his young creamy white ass pointed up in the air.

"Okay then," Mr. Snyder said as he parted the boy's ass cheeks and squeezed generous amount of lube into the crack from the tube.

"Ohhh," Luke cooed as he felt the cold lube being rubbed up and down his crack and around his tight puckered asshole.

"Shh!" Mr. Snyder hissed. "We can't wake your mom up son."

Luke buried his face in the pillow as his father rubbed his well-lubed cock between the slippery boy's ass cheeks before lining the head up at the entrance. "Here we go son," Mr. Snyder whispered and then placed his hand over his son's mouth before he began slowly pushing his hard cock into the extremely tight hole.

"Oh son..." Mr. Snyder moaned as the head of his dick slid through the taut opening, followed by two, and then three more inches. "Son you are so tight...you feel even tighter than the first time I put my cock in your ass and popped your cherry. Just stay still and let your dad do this."

At first Luke had tried to adjust to his dad's big hard cock's slow invasion, and even though it wasn't as painful as it had been before, the 13 year old still felt as if his tiny asshole was being ripped apart.

The highly pleasurable sensation, coupled with visions of his son getting rimmed by Kevin, sent Mr. Snyder into another lustful level of perversion that made the man see stars, and without warning he suddenly shoved the entire length of cock into the boy's ass.

This sent Luke into pure agony, and he screamed and wailed, but the sound was caught by Mr. Snyder's hand, which was clasped tightly over the boy's mouth. Luke tried to crawl up the bed and away from his dad and his punishing dick.

"Where you going son?" Mr. Snyder asked and firmly pinned the boy under him by collapsing onto his back. "I'm just beginning."

Luke bit down on his bottom lip as his dad started to drive his tool in and out of the hole. Luke tried as best he could to relax, and he too flashed back to his passionate encounter earlier with Kevin in order to take his mind off the stabbing pain below his waist.

Luke's ass muscles loosened somewhat once his hole adjusted to his father's dick. This met with approval from Mr. Snyder, who moaned deeply as he fucked his son.

"That's a good boy, Luke," he moaned as he slid in and out. "This is exactly what I wanted, what I knew I had to have when I saw you with your little black friend. You both were so sexy I almost blew my load just watching you go at it, but I knew I really wanted to shoot my seed up your tight little ass again. So you hold on and let your dad ride you until I cum."

Mr. Snyder picked up the pace of his fucking slightly and soon developed a steady rhythm. Eventually the pain Luke felt initially subsided and turned to mild discomfort. Then when his dad started long-dicking him and his dick head began rubbing the boy's prostate, the discomfort turned to flickers of pleasure. Sensing this, Mr. Snyder removed his hand from Luke's mouth, and a low whimper of pleasure escaped from the boy's lips.

"Yes son, let me fuck you good," Mr. Snyder moaned and then put his mouth over Luke's and forcefully rammed his rod all the way into his son. "Dad is about to open you up and drop all his seed inside you." Mr. Snyder forced his tongue into his son's mouth.

The father began to fuck his son fiercely, and Luke whimpered over and over as his dad forced his spit into the boy's mouth. Luke's eyes again filled with tears, but now he was feeling a combination of both pain and pleasure that he had to admit felt good to him.

"I'm about to shoot deep in your ass son. You're about to feel all your dad's hot cum filling you up. Here it comes!"

Mr. Snyder gave one final shove and then buried his face in the pillow beside Luke. The father let out a thunderous roar into the pillow and his embedded cock unleashed a flood of semen into his son's guts.

Luke moaned into the pillow uncontrollably as he felt wave after wave of his dad's steaming hot cum shooting all up inside of him.

And standing outside in the hallway, Kevin saw it all through the slightly cracked door...

To be continued…

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