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Black Sex Superstar, Part 2

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Disclaimer: The following is just a fantasy. All the characters in the story are fictional. Please do not go further if you are under 21 and/or you are not looking for stories that explicitly describe men-to-men sex. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After secretly spying Luke getting fucked royally by his father, Kevin was hurt and angry. Kevin thought that he and Luke were only pleasuring one another...he had no idea that Luke was doing the same thing with his father! Well if Luke was going to be like that then he would be too, Kevin decided, and he knew exactly he wanted to make feel good: his Uncle Mike. Kevin had been in lust with his uncle since the day he moved in with Mike and his grandparents, and now Kevin was dead set on having him,

Mike Williams was Kevin's uncle. He was a senior in high school. Standing at 6'3, he was a star player on his high school's basketball team and was being courted by several colleges. He also was one of the most handsome young men at his school and in the neighborhood, and he always had a girlfriend. Mike had a perfectly chiseled body, a body young Kevin had admired for some time, catching glimpses of it all the time since Mike always paraded around the house bare-chested and/or in nothing but his boxers. Mike always was hanging out at the house with his buddies from the basketball team, and Kevin made sure he had a front row seat each and every time the sexy high school jocks peeled off their shirts to reveal their athletically built pecs and six-pack stomachs when they took to the basketball court in the backyard for some hoops. In addition, Kevin and Mike shared a bathroom upstairs that was between their respective bedrooms, with doors leading to both bedrooms. Thanks to this, Kevin was able to tiptoe into the bathroom late at night, crack open the door to Mike's bedroom, and, when he got lucky, be able to watch his uncle masturbate from time to time.

Kevin, by now a professional eavesdropper as well as dick sucker, had recently been listening in on the phone conversations the popular Mike had with the various girls that called the house, and Kevin also took notes on all the conversations full of sexual boasting and bravado Mike and his buddies shared. From this spying Kevin had learned that Mike and his teenage friends, just like older men such as Owen the pimp and Luke's dad, really liked getting blow jobs. Unfortunately, from what Kevin could piece together, the all the 'good' girls that Mike usually dated, the ones from good families whom Mike's parents approved of, pretty much all refused to even consider taking a man's penis into their respectable mouths.

Just a few nights after Kevin witnessed Luke getting fucked by Mr. Snyder, Mike had his current girlfriend, Claire, over at the house supposedly studying in his bedroom while his parents were out at a dinner party in the city. Knowing full well that horn dog Mike would have nothing else but sex planned, Kevin pretended to be asleep in his bed when his uncle poked his head into the youngster's bedroom to check on him. Of course Kevin snuck into the bathroom and cracked open the door to Mike's bedroom just in time to catch the following exchange:

"But Claire, it won't hurt or nothing like that!" Mike was insisting as he stood in front of the pretty young girl, who was sitting on the edge of his bed. "It's not like I'm asking you go all the way!"

Claire exhaled loudly in an annoyed manner. "Isn't your nephew in his bedroom?" she asked.

"Don't worry about Kevin," Mike replied. "He's asleep.

Michael, I have already told you that I am not going to put your thing in my mouth!" she snapped. "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

Mike laughed and grabbed at his crotch with his hand. "I think you are a fine ass girl who when I look at you sitting on my bed you make my dick hard, so will you please just suck it for me?"

"Michael Williams, you are disgusting!" Claire yelled and jumped up from the bed. "I'm going home! If you want oral sex you should try going down to the ghetto and getting a hood rat to do it for you!"

Before Mike could say anything else, Claire stormed out of his room and out of the house. "What does a nigga have to do to get his fucking dick sucked?" he asked aloud.

"Fuck!" Mike yelled in frustration, slamming his bedroom door shut. Kevin watched as his uncle yanked open the bottom drawer of his dresser and pulled out a bottle of vodka and a VHS tape. Mike popped the tape into his VCR and then stripped down to his red Tommy Hilfiger boxers. He turned off the lights. He flopped down onto his bed and took several swigs of the vodka just as hardcore pornographic images appeared on his TV screen. He propped several pillows up against his headboard and laid back watching the porno intently. He stripped out of the boxers and threw them onto the floor beside the bed. He kept taking gulp after gulp of the liquor while slowly jacking on his semi-hard dick.

In the dark bathroom, Kevin had his hand in the front of his own underwear playing with his erect dick, getting more and more turned on as he imagined having his uncle's manhood in his hungry young mouth.

Kevin was hoping to see his uncle ejaculate, but unfortunately the vodka got to Mike first, and after about twenty minutes he was knocked out cold, snoring. Mike was perhaps one of the heaviest sleepers known to mankind.

This was his chance, Kevin thought as he slowly opened the door from the bathroom leading into his uncle's room. Kevin slowly tiptoed into Mike's bedroom and over to the side of his uncle's bed.

The porno was still playing, the sound on mute but the hardcore images lit the otherwise pitch dark room. Mike's beautifully chiseled nude body was illuminated by the light from the TV screen. He was laying on his back on top of the covers, one hand behind his head and the other holding his big balls.

Kevin's mouth began to water as his eyes zeroed in on Mike's flaccid dick. It was soft, yet it was already at least 4 1/2 inches and long, the color of dark brown chocolate with a deep purple head. It was surrounded by a thick bush of curly black pubic hair, which stretched down to the two watermelon-sized balls Mike was holding in his hand.

Kevin took a deep breath, dropped to his knees, and then gingerly took his uncle's limp dick in his hand. He tried jacking the dick a little, but that made Mike stir a bit. So to avoid waking him up, Kevin instead opened his young mouth wide and in one motion he swallowed Mike's dick fully until he felt his uncle's pubic hair tickling his face.

Mike immediately moaned, but his eyes remained shut. At first Kevin was motionless, simply letting Mike's dick be sealed between his lips and surrounded by heat and moisture. Kevin closed his eyes and savored the taste and breathed in deeply through his nose, which was buried in Mike's crotch. The kid couldn't believe his fantasy was finally coming true! He actually had his sexy Uncle Mike's beautiful dick in his mouth!

It didn't take long at all for Mike's dick to begin to respond to the velvet wet heat of his nephew's expert mouth. Without Kevin even sucking on it or anything, the dick started to expand and swell in the young hot mouth, and the feeling sent chills down Kevin's spine. As the knock-out Mike mumbled and moaned under his breath, speaking incoherently in his sleep, his college-bound dick grew long and hard in Kevin's eager mouth, leaking a nice amount of precum that his nephew greedily swallowed.

This continued for at least ten minutes or so until well after Mike's dick had inflated to its full 9 inch size, the big purple head coming to rest comfortably at the back of Kevin's throat. Finally, Kevin began to gently suck on it, using his tongue to sensually lick around and massage the precum-leaking head.

Mike moaned loudly and pivoted his crotch towards the ceiling, driving his prick down Kevin's throat. Kevin then began sucking him with gusto, bobbing and slurping masterfully, waiting for the golden moment when he would feel the pressure start to build in the base of the dick and then rise up the shaft, signaling his uncle's approaching climax. Excited by the thought of Mike's semen shooting into his mouth, Kevin sucked even more intently with determined force on the long black dick, anxious for his ultimate prize of nutt down his throat.

Kevin was so engrossed in giving his uncle the best blow job ever that he failed to realize that Mike's eyes has slowly opened, and his head lifted up off the pillows to look between his legs.

"What da fuck?" a shocked Mike asked loudly. "Kevin?!?!!!" he exclaimed when he saw his fourteen year old nephew's head bobbing up and down on his ready-to-blow dick, which Kevin promptly and suddenly swallowed whole, gripping the shaft firmly with his jaws.

Before Mike could figure out if he was either having the most freaky and perverted pipe dream of his life or what, the jock involuntarily thrust himself ball-deep into his nephew's face, grabbing Kevin with both hands by the back of his head, pushing until the enflamed purple head crashed into the back of Kevin's throat. At that exact moment Mike let out a scream and his dick erupted like Mount St. Helens, blasting gusher after gusher of hot thick salty teenage semen down Kevin's needy young throat, quickly filling the kid's belly full of tasty cum.

"Ah fuck!" Mike yelled as his dick kept shooting off, and Kevin continued to milk every drop with his throat, jaws, and lips even as his young mouth too filled up with his uncle's cream. The nutt began seeping out of the corners of Kevin's mouth, and when Mike finally pulled his dick out of the oven-like mouth, it still shot off three more times all over his nephew's face. Little Kevin, completely satisfied and proud of his accomplishment, rested his head on his uncle's crotch, which was soaked now with a combination of Mike's semen and sweat as well as Kevin's saliva

For several moments Mike simply laid in his bed, holding his still pulsating dick in one hand, staring straight up at the ceiling in shock and disbelief. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. His 14 year old NEPHEW had just sucked his dick! What was more astonishing than that was the fact that the kid was so damn good at it! Mike had never cum like there ever before!

"Kevin, man," Mike finally managed to say, his voice raspy and breath quick. "What just happened?"

Kevin lifted his head and looked at his uncle with a smile on his face and Mike's thick nutt all around his mouth and covering his thick juicy lips.

"I gave you what you wanted Mike," Kevin answered simply and innocently. "I knew you really wanted your dick sucked badly, and Claire wouldn't do it so I did. I just wanted to make you feel good."

Mike couldn't believe his ears. "Where did you learn how to do that?" he asked.

"Uncle Owen, mama's friend, taught me how to do it a long time ago," the kid answered, licking his lips and savoring the taste of Mike's nutt. "He told me it makes grown men real happy, and he taught me how to do it real good. I've wanted to do it for you for awhile now, and I'm glad I finally did it."

Mike couldn't believe this, but his dick was still throbbing, so he just shook his head and looked at Kevin. "Well in that case little nephew, put it back in your mouth and do that again."

Kevin was happy to oblige...

To be continued...

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