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My First Time Being a Bottom

By marku59

submitted April 26, 2008

Categories: College Days

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This really happened back in the Fall of 1982. I was a Senior at Bethany Bible College of the assemblies of god in Scotts Valley, CA. I was struggling with my own sexual identity and had some encounters that past spring.

Well fall arrived and I was a Senior in Bible College and had to take a Freshman Class. I think it was Foundations of the Old Testament. I was sitting in the front row and in walked Scott Blow (yes that is his real name). 6ft 2in, about 210lbs blond hair, blue eyes and wearing 501 Jeans and I was eye level with his crotch. He was one of the most handsome guys on campus.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. For the next week or two we just talked casually. I was living in the Senior Annex and he was living in the Men's Dorm. One of my buddies told me to stay away from Scott, because he could sense that Scott wanted me. Well to be honest, I wanted Scott just as badly. One weekend Scott invited to his house for the weekend. Now I had gone to other buddies houses for the weekend and nothing had ever happened. But this weekend would turn out to be different.

Scott's room was in the basement, and he had a water bed. It was California King Waterbed. We started horsing around wrestling on the bed, and Scott torn my shorts off. He gave me a pair of his shorts to put on. I told him, that I could not sleep in the waterbed. So he told me we ought to go upstairs to his sister's room. They were gone to UC Berkley to College. They had two beds up there and right across the hall was his parent’s room. I could even hear his Dad snoring.

We lay on the beds and started talking about masturbation and other stuff. Scott asked me if I wanted a backrub. I said sure. He went and got some lotion. I turned over onto my stomach and he started rubbing my back, then the next thing I knew he had his HUGE 8.5 inch cock inside of me, and it didn't even hurt. He plowed my butt until he exploded inside of me. I came all over the bed myself. Then he kissed me.

I will not ever forget the first time a man made love to me. We saw each other for awhile. But I hurt him by confessing to the campus pastor about our affair. If I had kept my mouth shut. Who knows perhaps my life would have been different today.

Today, I have heard that Scott is a counselor in San Jose, CA. He is divorced and has two boys. Today, I am out of the closet and living with my life partner of over 15 years. But I will always remember Scott Blow…because you never forget your first love.