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Silver Daddy State Trooper, Part 2

By theduke

submitted June 12, 2008

Categories: Cops, Older/younger

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While in the shower I turned the water to a very cool temperature to lower my body heat...it felt great!!! I think it was the best shower I ever had in my life! I was washing my hair after just standing under the cool water enjoying every drop that hit my scorched body when I thought I heard a voice calling to me. I stopped what I was doing and listened to see if I were hearing things.

I heard it again ...it was the trooper , he was standing outside the door making sure I was ok .I guess I took advantage of the cool water longer than I thought . I finished my shower and put his large robe on. It felt very nice and comfortable ...so much it made me horny thinking my naked body being inside his coat rubbing against the parts his naked body rubbed also. I walked to the living room to find him sitting on the sofa.

"Boy! I bet you feel better don't ya." He said, while looking and smiling at me with twinkling eyes beautiful eyes. I smiled and said hell yeah I do and thank you very much for being so nice and for the shower and stuff. "Your clothes are in the washer, and when do you wanna go do something about getting your truck tire fixed?"

I told him, “I can't really do much since I have your robe on with no clothes to wear”

He said, “No problem, I probably have some old clothes that will fit you.”

I looked at him and laughed saying “You’re a bit bigger than me, they'd fall off me for sure".

"Wouldn’t that be a surprise!” he said with a wink and a flirtish grin.

I laughed and said, “Yes it sure would.” .I didn't really know how to take what he just said. He was putting exciting thoughts in my head and really turning me on. He was a beautiful older chubby daddy trooper. My fantasy silver daddy .He went to the back of the house returning with clothes in his hand.

“I used to be about your size in the waist a few years back. I gained all this weight and now I'm a fat ass,” laughing as he said it. "Well you carry it well and you don't look fat at all."

“If you keep giving me compliments like that I won't know what to think.” I went to the bath room and put the clothes on ... they fit great except for the leg length.... I had to roll them up a little.

"They look very good on you. Are you ready to go now?"

“Yes... let’s get this over with... I hate to leave my truck sitting there on a road unattended.”

On the way to my truck he asked if I had anything to do for the rest of the day. I said no...What's up? He asked if I liked to drink beer and that his shift would be over with by the time we got my flat fixed. I said sure...I'd like that very much...You seem like a nice enough guy. I'd really got to liking him. It was like we'd had known each other forever.

We got the tire fixed and I followed him back to his ranch. We were sitting and talking back and forth when the buzzer went off on the dryer. “Your clothes are done . You wanna go for a tour of the ranch?”

“Sure, I'd love to.”

We walked around by the stables and checked out the horses and went inside the barn. I was starting to feel the beer at this time and I think he was also. As we were around the horses his stallion suddenly got a hard on as big as a tree limb. I laughed and jokingly said, "I wish I had a dick as big as his!”

He turned and snickered saying, “Mine is almost that big.” I told him to stop dreaming and get me another beer . He said, “For real; mine is almost as big as my hors’s dick. My nick name in school was Stallion! Trooper Stallion."

I snickered as twisted to playfully hit him in his arm. He said, “I'll show it to you if you don't believe me.”

“If you have a dick that big, I want to see it!”

“Let’s go back to the house and get another beer and I'll give you a look.”

On the way to the house I started wondering if he was for real and wandered if I could hold back and keep my composure, not to want to touch it. We entered the kitchen and grabbed a beer each. When he handed me my beer he sat his n the counter top and started to unbutton his pants. When he unzipped his zipper out it came ...it was certainly the biggest tool I'd ever seen on a guy. I was almost hypnotized by the size of it . Without realizing my dick had gotten full-blown hard.

He noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, “Looks like you like what you’re looking at. He caught me off guard and it embarrassed me greatly. He said, “Don't feel badly about getting a hard on. Why do you think I asked if you had anything to do tonight? When I first saw you walking on the road today I wondered if you liked to play around with guys. I've been thinking on how I was going to ask you if you'd want to spend the night with me and fool around in the sack.”

I looked back at him and said, “I felt the same way when I first saw you.” When the ice was finally broken and we knew what we wanted from each other the day got a lot more interesting! I told him that he was a fantasy come true today. He looked at me in a curious manner and asked, “What do you mean--fantasy?"

I told him that I had always wanted an older chubby Trooper to have sex with. As he had his giant size dick already out of his pants and in his hand, I reached over to wrap my hand around it to touch my fantasy silver trooper daddy's dick. My dick was raging hard at this time almost busting through my zipper .He noticed it also.

“Let's go where we can be more comfortable and release some tension.” He took me by my hand and led me to his bed room. I went to set on the bed when he grabbed me and turned toward my face kissing me while undoing my pants. As they fell to the floor I pulled his down to the floor unleashing his mammoth dick and balls. We sat on the bed at the same time hugged each other very hard and laid back onto the bed.

The trooper had silver hair all over him with a rock hard chubby belly, arms bigger than a tree trunk and rugged daddy hands. His dick was a beer can uncut with enough for skin to let me dock half my dick in. I instantly went south on him. I grabbed his for skin with my mouth and French kissed the head of hid shaft. He had pre cum oozing like crazy moaning as I took him in my dream land. I kissed and licked every inch of his manhood. I guess he got pretty turned on by what I was doing to him he turned me around with his burly arms and put us into 69 position.

He could really suck; he knew how to please a man. I began to feel him starting to breathe rapidly and shake. I knew he was going to explode soon. I was getting close as well. Not long after I tickled his ass with my finger, he shot out a load with the force of a fire hose. As he came he grunted and moaned with pleasure. The more he got off the harder he sucked on me until a soon came in his mouth.

After we got off and caught our breath, he looked at me and we both started laughing and telling each other how glad we were that we’d just met up today. When we finally got up, we both went to the shower and bathed each other.

We are still good friends and play together on occasion.

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