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Submitting to Black Cock

By RowdyInWranglers

submitted July 15, 2008

Categories: Interracial

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My lover and I had been in a long dry spell. He had very little interest in sex of any kind. I on the other hand stayed horny almost constantly. A couple of months ago he went to another state on family business for a weekend. I decided it was time to get some satisfaction.

I live in the French Quarter of New Orleans so there were plenty of places to look. I spent the day walking around the Quarter, browsing the shops, stopping to eat and checking in all of the several bars looking for the right man to ease my pain.

No one caught my interest so I went home & beat off. That helped for a while but it didn’t last long. Around 10PM I got in the car & headed to the local trash bar. There’s a second floor bar where people basically suck & fuck at will. I walked around the darkened room for a while and connected with a good looking leather man with a nice, fat cock. I sucked him off and we parted. A short time later I felt someone grab me by the waist and pull my ass to his crotch. Without asking, he reached around and unsnapped my pants. I felt his beard brushing my neck and his tongue on my ear. Then he pressed his body against mine… Nice, very furry, nice chest, felt good on my back. Before I knew it there was lube in my ass and my hairy stranger was pushing his cock into me. I felt back to make sure he had on a condom. He did so I just relaxed and let him take me. It was exciting. Right there in the middle of the darkened room a hairy stranger was fucking me. He pulled me back against his body and buried his cock inside me. Long, slow, deep strokes seemed to go on forever. Around me I heard moans of pleasure and felt sweaty bodies brush against me. Soon I heard his breathing get harder. His grip on me was stronger and his cock was pounding harder & deeper inside me. With one final thrust he came, and the as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone in the crowd leaving me limp and wet.

I cleaned myself up and left the bar, driving home sticky and less horny, but still unsatisfied. Yeah, I’d had sex, it had been exciting and physically pleasurable, but it wasn’t what I had in mind. I wanted someone in my bed. I needed passion, foreplay and not just an anonymous cock in my ass. I got in the house, showered and had a beer. I knew this was my last chance for satisfaction and I didn’t want to miss it. In 32 hours Todd would be back home and I would have lost my chance. It was 1am, but I got dressed and walked into the Quarter again. I went into a bar known as strictly a pick up place, bought a beer and looked around. There was sex going on in the back room and more in the bathroom. I’d already done that so I wasn’t interested. After a while I noticed a tall, attractive black guy standing in the corner. He was good looking and I’ve always been attracted to black men. As a whole, they are very sensuous and sexual. Their skin is smoother and feels silky to the touch. I like the contrast of my white skin against their dark and let’s face it, for me there was also the excitement of the “forbidden” Not only was I Southern, but I descended from Plantation owners on both sides. Every time I go down on a black man there are 10 generations of Devereaux’s turning in their graves!

So I look him over and crossed the bar. I’m white, average build and in my mid-40’s. He’s tall, good looking with a nice athletic build and maybe 30. I’m sure he’s not interested, but he’s the only guy I’ve seen that interests me. What the hell, the worst he can do is say no.

I walk up to him and speak, he says hello. After a few minutes of idle chat I decide to go for broke- “Look, it’s late and I’m horny. I’m not interested in a quickie in the back. I live 4 blocks away. Want to come home with me?” He just nods and we leave.

Okay, wow! I’ve got this young, hot black guy following me home. We didn’t talk, didn’t ask what the other one wanted, but hey, for him I’m game for almost anything.

We get to the house and start to undress; he stands back and waits until I’m naked, then he takes off his shirt. He’s got a great body, nice arms, strong, broad shoulders and a tight, muscular chest. His abs are tight and his waist looks like a wasp. His skin is a deep, chocolate color and it’s smooth. He walks forward and pulls me to him and kisses me. His lips are thick and soft, his tongue fills my mouth. His hands are on my ass and I feel his cock growing thru his pants, so I reach down and unbuckle his belt. DAMN! As his pants fall to the floor his huge cocks springs out. It’s thick and uncut, nice fat head but thicker around the middle. He’s at least 10” long and not fully hard. He pushes me down to my knees and rubs his cock across my face. Already he’s pre-cumming and he leaves slick, wet trails across my cheeks, over my lips, teasing me with it, Finally he takes it and pushes it into my eager mouth. I’m running my tongue around the head under his foreskin and I have both hands around it,. He’s literally pouring precum into my mouth and it tastes so good. I start sucking on that beautiful cock, looking up at that tight, muscular body lit by the moonlight streaming through the window.

I could have spent the entire night just sucking that cock, which by now was a good 13” at least. He pulls me up and pushes me toward the bed, then climbs in on top of me. He’s all over me, passionately kissing and caressing me. Our bodies are writhing around each other and I feel his cock find its place between my ass cheeks. He keeps kissing and caressing me and starts gently thrusting that fat cock against my tight hole. GOD it feels good! My ass cheeks are completely slick with his precum and his head if pushing against my hole, each thrust brings him closer to entry. I’m completely intoxicated by the feel of his lips, tongue, smooth, silky skin and the warm wet probing between my ass cheeks.

Finally, I feel the head start to push past my sphincter, and there’s a sharp pain as he enters me. “Be still, open that white pussy up for me; I’m gonna tap this ass. I’m gonna hurt you like hell, but it’s gonna to feel so good in a minute.”

The pain got worse, he’s about 4 inches into me and I’m starting to try to pull away. He holds my hands down by my side and continues to probe, each thrust sending not only a searing pain, but another shot of precum, lubing my burning hole so the next thrust can go in deeper. He’s still holding me down and I’m helpless to resist. It seems like forever but finally I feel the scratchy pubic hair against my hole & I know he’s all the way inside me. I’m amazed that he managed to enter me with a cock that large with no lube, but there he is, I feel so full.

He leans down again and kissed me long and deep. “Oh man, that’s some hot, tight pussy around that fat cock. Damn this is some good white man pussy!” Then he starts moving inside me again, slow, easy strokes. The pain is easing and being replaced by an incredible feeling or warm, wet pleasure. Oh damn this feels so good, He picks up momentum and his strokes get longer. He’s pulling his cock almost all the way out then sending the entire length back into me, over, and over again. His body is wet with sweat and it’s glistening in the moonlight. We’re both wet and slippery with it as he continues to pound himself into me, although now it’s met with my eager return motions. Suddenly I realize that he’s about to cum, and there’s no condom.

“No, don’t cum in me, there’s no rubber.”

“Oh yeah baby, I’m going to bust my nut in you. You know you want it, stop fighting me. I’m going to mark this hole, shut up and take this nigger cum!”

I know I shouldn’t but he’s right, I DO want to feel this handsome young black man pumping his seed into me. I want to feel the full heat of his orgasm. And let’s face it, what can I do. He outweighs me and he’s going to breed me whether I like it or not. I relax and submit totally to that incredible cock pounding inside me.

“Oh fuck yeah, man, breed me. Dump that load in my hole!” I shout as his body starts to tremble and his thrust become faster, deeper and more intense.

“Oh yeah fuck man! Here it comes; I’m going to seed your lily white ass with this black man’s cum! Fuck, take this nigger dick man; BEG me to breed your ASS!”

With that he let loose a torrent of cum. I could feel it pumping thru that fat cock filling my stretched to maximum shaft. Wave after wave of cum came until he finally collapsed onto me.

I lay there, my ass stretched tight around this huge cock that was still strong and hard inside me. My hole was warm, wet, full and I lay there feeling all of the sensations. His cock still buried in me, his wet, hot body laying on mine and the slight prickling of his pubic hair against my ass cheeks.

I can feel his pulse beating in my ass and it starts to slow. I’m thinking that this has been the most incredible fuck I’ve ever had, and then he starts to move again. Slowly I feel his cock moving around in my ass, and then he pulls out and turns me over. I’m lying on my back and he mounts me again. The window is directly over the bed so he was completely illuminated by the street lights and the moon. For the first time I fully realized what I had just gotten. He was on his knees between my legs and I was mesmerized by the sight. He was tall, handsome and his sculptured body was glistening in the light. My eyes traveled down to the huge cock in his hand, now fully hard again. I’m amazed that this had been inside me; I never thought I could handle a beast like that.

“You like what you see, white boy?” he said, obviously noting my gaze. You want some more? Beg for it.”

“I want you in me again, please.”

You gonna have to do better than that, if you want some more of this dick white boy. I force bred your ass so now it belongs to me, You gotta BEG for some more or I’m gonna take it somewhere else, you hear that?”

I wanted it badly “Please fuck me again. I want you to use my hole to make that cock feel good. It’s all about satisfying you. Please fuck me!”

“That’s better”, he said, and with that I felt that fat head pushing against my hole again. I position myself so he’s got the best possible angle, and I take a long hit of poppers. With that he slides the entire length of cock into me.

FUCK! Oh man that was amazing! He’d roughly forced me open before, and he’d dumped load after load of cum into me so I was open and wet and ready for him this time, the pleasure was unparalleled. He started taking long, slow, deep thrusts, bottoming out then pulling the entire 13” out, then back again and again. He’d unloaded already to the sense of urgency was gone, and he was taking his time, enjoying his new conquest, and giving me pleasure I’d never imagined before in the bargain.

I rubbed that hard, beautiful chest and watched those 8-pack abs flexing with every inward thrust. I think I was enjoying the visual part almost as much as the physical. By now he’d opened me up to the point that he was balls deep in me, and with every thrust I felt a little scratch from his wiry pubic hairs at the base of his cock that were going into me with every stroke. It was an unusual and exciting sensation.

With every stroke, I pushing back against him…giving him (and me) the maximum pleasure. He picked up the pace and urgency and I knew he was about to seed me again, but this time instead of fighting him I welcomed it, opening up so he could dump that precious load as deep inside me as possible.

“Oh yeah man, here it cums! I’m busting my nut again man,” but then he withdrew and shoved that fat cock into my mouth and pumped gush after gush down my throat, I was choking on it, but I didn’t want to waste a drop. No matter how hard I swallowed it came too fast and too much volume to swallow so it spilled out of my mouth and on my chin and face. He pulled out and I took my hand, scooped the overflow from my face and put it in my mouth. I didn’t even think, I just swallowed it. I couldn’t waste any of it.

Without a word he positioned himself and raised my legs to his shoulders, and I felt him enter me again.

No way! He’s going to fuck me again?!?”

I felt him move into me, then pull out, reposition his cock and push it back as far into me as he could. In seconds I felt it….

Damn, he’d cumming already?”

A warm wetness slowly spread and filled my ass. Again he had my arms pinned down by my sides as he continued to fill me. But wait, it’s too warm, too much… “Man, I thought, He’s filling me with his piss!”

“Now, take that stretched ass to the bathroom pussy boy and empty it out,” he instructed me.

I did as I was told. Now he was in total charge. He’d made me submit to him totally. Not only had I sucked his cock, licked his balls and had him fuck me, but I’d taken his load both up my ass and down my throat. Now he’d used me as his toilet. I should feel shame, but instead I was satisfied and honored to have this incredible black man use me to satisfy all of his urges.

I expelled what seemed like a quart of piss and a pint of his cum, cleaned myself back up and returned to the bed. He was laying there snoring, naked and beautiful. I climbed in next to him and fell asleep. Three times during the night he awoke and with out a word, entered me, bred me and fell back to sleep without saying a word. By now I was stretched and well lubed by his cum and precum. There was no pain, only incredible pleasure. Even though he made no attempt to get me off, all three times I came without touching myself. Just the thought of him pumping his seed into me and I gushed.

Morning came and he showered and left. I watched him walk down the street and disappear around the corner. I made no attempt to give him my number or ask for his. I knew better. If I had him again I knew that he’d sexually enslave me. I had a night most guys only dream of, and I’d use those memories to get myself off probably for the rest of my life…

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