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Getting Pregnant By My Neighbor's Dad, Part 4

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My mouth hung open and drool dribbled off my lower lip. I was half crippled; dazed from the relentless, sexual ravaging my poor body had just endured.

Mr.Rutledge tied a length of rope around my scrotum and the base of my schlong. He cinched it tight causing my package to stand firm and erect, away from my bald pelvis. He attached a small chain to the rope and then let drop a five pound weight. The steel disc dropped hard, yanking my trussed cock and balls painfully. I yelped in surprise and pain as the heavy, iron weight swung below me. It hurt but at the same time I felt a dull, throbbing pleasure creep over me and I moaned my approval. Somebody attached another rope to the ceiling and pulled tension on to it. Now my balls and my prick were being tugged in different directions. My entire package protruded out from between my thighs like some lewd tail… God it felt so good. I liked getting my cock and balls tormented. Jerry slapped my nuts a few times for good measure. I felt….not only helpless and feminine, but slavish and pig-like as well. I wanted them to abuse me. I wanted to be manhandled and roughed up.

My belly was full of man-cum and piss. All the hair on my body had been removed. I felt completely “womanized” and I laid there moaning, feeling very girlish and submissive. My man-pussy, moist and soft, quivered in anticipation of being defiled and sexually abused by five horny men. My helpless genitals bound cruelly and exposed for the pleasure of these hunky studs.

Jerry Rutledge stepped forward and bent over me. His big brush of a moustache wriggled as he gathered saliva in his mouth then spit in to my mouth. How dirty and submissive I was to accept the frothy wad and then swallow it like a hungry chick being fed by its mother. I gulped it and eagerly opened my mouth, inviting another mouthful of spit. He did it again then tongue kissed me deeply before I could swallow it. I stuck my licker out as far as I could and Mr. Rutledge sucked my tongue in to his mouth. He swirled and flicked his own tongue around mine and bobbed his head so it felt like he was sucking a dick. Our spit intermingled and drooled from between our meshed lips. I wasn’t used to kissing men but his warm, wet mouth engaged mine nicely.

Buck and Kevin both had their mammoth cocks out. Kevin was hairless and smooth and he wore a chrome-metal cockring. His dick was about 11 inches and it wasn’t even hard yet. It looked to be about as big around as my forearm. What a beautiful appendage! I couldn’t wait to play with it…to stroke it and massage it. A single droplet of pre-cum oozed from the slit at his cock-tip. His big, smooth balls were as big as a softball and they bounced beneath his giant, black schlong which waved around lewdly in front of him. Jerry Rutledge stepped away from our wet, spit-soaked kiss and let Kevin step forward. He stood above me so that when I hung my head back his cock was right in my face. I turned my attention toward his bulky, black penis. Kevin held his dick to my lips and wiped the tip back and forth across my face. I opened wide and stuck out my tongue, tasting him for the first time. He used his hefty meat slab to slap and tease my mouth, smearing his gooey nectar across my pouty lips.

“Yeah, little tied-up pussy boy. You like tasting black dick? I bet you’re dripping cum out your dick hole just thinkin’ ‘bout havin’ my dick jammed down your throat!”

“Awww f-fuck! Yes I am dripping!” I answered. “And my ass-cunt itches to be stretched and filled with your cum-stick stud! I need your fuck seed up inside me so bad! I can’t get enough cum from you black fuck bulls.” I lamented, looking up at him while slathering some spit on to his cock knob.

“Mmmm…I like ta hear you talk dirty like that pussy-boy. That slutty mouth of yours makes my dick hard” He stroked his thick slab as he spoke. “Keep that shit up punk” He demanded. “Tell us what you like to do. Tell everybody what a greedy little fuck pig you are.”

‘Mmmmmm Hmmmmm! I ‘m YOUR greedy little fuck pig, stud! My ass is yours! I want you take turns breeding me with your slithery nigger sperm ‘til my belly gets full and round with it. Knock me up with a black butthole baby…make me pregnant with all that slimy dick milk!”

My sordid talk was getting all six of us even hotter

I really DID need black bull cum in me. I needed it in my asshole, on my hair, down my gullet, in my eyes & ears…everywhere! For some reason I was addicted to the stuff. The smell of a black guy’s nut-juice drove me absolutely wild. I tasted different too--like it has some lusty, manful-magic in it or something. The way it felt inside me, the texture of it as it slid down my throat, the sheer volume of a single black studs ejaculate was greater than two or three white guys put together. The way the pearly, opal-like fluid contrasts with the dark pillar from which it comes is so visually amazing….I could climax just watching a hunky black stud shoot his cum-load! I sure wanted as much nigger-sperm up my horny fag-pussy as I could get. I was willing to do anything they wanted….I’d endure any defilement or desecration upon my body if only I could have their spermy fuck loads. I was here, bound and helpless before them and eager to indulge any perverted sex act they could dream of…all I asked in return was to be bred, fed and bathed in their funky baby-batter.

Kevin cupped one hand under my chin and gripped the base of his shaft with the other hand. I opened wide and he slid his elephantine member into my servile throat. “Ohhh hell yeah” He whispered as I relaxed my gullet, opening my neck to accommodate his girth. I fought the reflex to gag and my eyes began to tear. Glossy rivulets of saliva gushed forth drenching my face and his dick. Muffled grunts and gags emerged from my throat as I managed to swallow all of him. His bald pubic mound pressed up against my nose and his taut balls pillowed my chin. I choked back the urge to gag and cough as tears and snot drooled from my well stuffed face.

“Uh huh…that’s my sweet little faggot cock whore! Swallow it all bitch! You ready to get face fucked punk?!? Huh? I’m gonna wreck your neck with this here pillar!” All I could manage was, ‘Mmmph Hmmmph!’ and I braced for his onslaught. He withdrew the hefty dick-column almost all the way out then slammed it back down my throat. I gagged and sputtered but he didn’t miss a beat. He started fucking my mouth with intensity. I loved being used like this. He forced his dick down past my esophagus over and over…uncaring and without regard for me or my throat. My mouth watered and spit flew everywhere as he assaulted my face…My own hard dick flopped and waved about in the air, still trussed and roped lewdly to the ceiling. I was turned on by the black hunks commanding use of my mouth as a fuck-hole…..I loved being dick-fed big nigger cock… The mere effort of trying not to gag is such a turn-on! My throat was his pussy and he slammed in and out of it.

Suddenly I felt Crisco being smeared on to my asshole. Dr. Rutledge had taken handfuls of it and was coating my smooth ass-melons and my inner thighs liberally. I moaned around the black dick in my mouth and tried to open myself up to the Doctor. Rutledge was soon fingering my pliable sphincter as he clutched and ruffled my genitals. My tender male fuck-pussy expanded around three of his fingers, enveloping his probing digits. He tickled my prostate causing me to jerk and writhe. He played with my asshole for a minute then abruptly folded his thumb in to his hand and stuck his whole fist up my sleazy male cunt. My eyes widened and I sucked air in through my nostrils as his entire forearm crammed into me. Clear fluid spurted up out of my dick and my balls constricted, causing them to jerk about in their confines. My prostate went crazy, forcing out its fluid. I gushed semen all over myself. I was thrashing and flailing as much as I could in my hogtied position. My butthole yawned and gaped around his arm as he began to punch my prostate. My insides went crazy with fervent convulsions and my whole body quaked as he fist-fucked me. My bladder gave out and piss surged out of me with each inward thrust of his hand. The act of releasing a combination of pee and cum was overwhelming and I grunted and squealed in orgasmic delight.

Suddenly Kevin grunted and buried his dick deep down my throat.

“Ungh! Uhhnnn! Uh Huh! Y-yeah bitch! Drink my load faggot! Take it all punk ass fuckin’ whore!” He gushed his spermy issue down my gullet and fed me his boiling man-broth.

“There’s your nigger sperm pussy! I gulped as best I could around his girth and accepted into my belly. It coated my internal swallowing muscles and mingled with my spit. Some of it overflowed out of my mouth and streamed down my face and neck. He slapped me hard as he finished cumming then withdrew his massive schlong from my violated throat.

“Fucking cock sucking faggot! That’s a good little whore…you drank all my cum… fuckin’ pansy ass little cock slut!” He degraded me as I thrashed about with Dr. Rutledge’s fist working my hole.

With my mouth empty I was now able to vocalize my intense pleasure/torment. I screamed a high pitched scream and wailed as load as I could.

“Aaaawwwwww Gawwwd Y-Y-eaaaahhhhh!!!” Cum bubbled up from my throat and I burped sperm. “Yessssss! Fuck meeeeee with that fist sir!!!!” More cum and piss flew out of my quivering dick. “Fist me hard baby! M-make me cum daddy! Make my pussy spurt! Make my asshole in to a sloppy cunt sir!!!” I felt Corey straddle my head and lower his muscular ass on to my face. He spread his cheeks open and fed my moist hole.

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