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Sissy Bottom Boy

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I would like to take the time to tell you about an experience I had a few years back. I was 18 years old living at home still in school and quiet innocent, I had not so much as even kissed a girl.

Our house had two detached rumpus rooms, I lived in one and my parents had a lodger living in the other. The lodger’s name was Darren; he was 28 years old, red hair, and had a large muscular build. Darren and I had become quiet close and it was like having an older brother. We used to do everything together and spent a lot of time together alone.

Darren would tell me all about girls and I was eager to learn more and always asked questions. I asked what it was like to French kiss. He tried to explain, but I just didn’t understand what he meant. That’s when he walked over to me leant in and gave me the best longest French kiss I think I had ever had. Then he asked if I liked it and if it was what I expected. I told him I loved it, and he just smiled. It was getting late so I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep all night I was so turned on by that kiss.

The next day when he arrived home from work I was already waiting in his room. He was shocked to see me there and asked if everything was okay. I told him how I tossed and turned all night and how turned on I was. He told me he got very horny too and had to wank off twice last night to relieve the pressure. He asked if I wanked my cock. I told him shyly that I did, and he suggested we wank off together.

Before I could say a word he had his cock out and was wanking it. It looked amazing it must have been 7” and quite thick. As he wanked I just sat there and stared. That’s when he said since I wasn’t wanking mine I may as well wank his. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and I slowly began to wank his cock. I was so turned on my cock was straining to get out. I wanked him slowly at first but the more he moaned the quicker I got. All of a sudden he came and it sprayed all over my face and hair. I was amazed at how much he came and how thick it was. He apologised and went and got me a towel. He said I should relieve myself as well and he sat back and watched as I wanked off and came in the towel. He said he was tired so I went back to my room and wanked off some more thinking about what we had just done.

A few days later my parents had gone out of town and we had the place to ourselves. Darren suggested we run Muck; I wasn’t sure what that meant, but agreed to it anyway. He said he was going to go get some stuff and that I should go clean his room so it’s nicer for us. A couple of hours later he returned, I was still busy cleaning his room as it was such a mess. I had his clothes in the washing machine, had changed the sheets and was just vacuuming the floor when he walked in. He smiled and thanked me; he then handed me a bag off stuff and said I should put it away.

I put the beers in his fridge, the food in his kitchen cupboard and then I found some strange stuff in the bottom of the bag. There was a black ladies’ G-string a small black bra, some stockings a red dress and some KY jelly. I went over and asked where he wanted these put to which he replied that I should put the clothes on and leave the tube of KY jelly in his night stand. I looked at him in horror and asked what was going on?

He said that I would love what came next if I put the clothes on and trusted him. I told him I did trust him and I started to get changed; it took quiet some time to change. When I was finally done I shyly went and stood in front of him he smiled and said I looked great, I just needed a little make up. He pulled some make up out of another bag I had not seen and he began applying it to my face. Once he had finished he told me to go look in the mirror.

As I stood in front of the mirror I could not believe my eyes, I looked like a teenage girl. While I was standing there he came up behind me and started to rub his crotch against my ass. He said he was going to call me Sarah. We both laughed and started to dance to the soft music on the radio. He held me so tight it felt amazing, as we began to kiss I could feel my heart pounding with excitement--he was such a great kisser.

He slowly danced me over to his bed and lay me down. He began to slowly undress me and kiss my entire body once I was in my under ware he stood up and slowly stripped for me. My cock was rock hard and I could not take my eyes off of him. As he approached he grabbed my arms and sat me on the edge of the bed. I slowly started to wank him thinking this was what he wanted. But he pushed my hand away and pulled my head into his crotch.

I opened my mouth and tried to do what I had seen in the porn movies. Darren thrust in and out of my mouth and I gagged as his cock entered my throat. After a few minutes he began to moan and pulled his cock out. I felt empty when he withdrew and found myself wanting more. He told me to get on my hands and knees. And as I did I new what was about to happen was going to hurt. He got out the KY jelly and began working his finger into me. First one finger then two it was hurting like crazy but something inside me wanted him to do it.

All of a sudden he pulled his fingers out and placed his cock at my entrance. With a sharp push he entered me; I could feel his cock slowly sliding inside me until he was all the way in. Once it was all the way in he stopped and held me there as I whimpered and moaned. After a few minutes the pain slowly eased and he began to pump his cock in and out. I began to moan uncontrollably and he started telling me what a dirty slut I was and that Sarah was loving his big cock. I was talking dirty and telling him how great his cock felt when he tensed up and blew his load deep inside of me. He stayed inside me till his cock was soft and slipped out, I fell to the bed exhausted and he lay next to me stroking and caressing my body.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember is Darren waking me in the morning with a big kiss. He got up and showered and I went and made him breakfast. After breakfast he left for work giving me a kiss and telling me he would see me tonight. I was still tired so I went back to bed. I awoke later as Darren sat on the edge of the bed. I asked what was wrong because he looked so angry. He said I was a lazy bitch and that he expected his wife to have cleaned up and had his dinner waiting for him.

I got up and tried to kiss him but he pushed me away. I hurriedly cooked his dinner and then did all the cleaning and washing I had finally finished a few hours later and when I was done he was finally smiling. We went to bed and as we snuggled up I asked what he had meant by wife? He pulled out a beautiful ring set and said that I was his wife. He placed the rings on my finger and kissed me. We talked for hours and he told me what I was to do and what our life together would be like. I asked if he need sex and he said he was too tired so I should just suck him off. I slipped under the covers and gave him the best blow job I could, it wasn’t long and he had came in my mouth. It was my first taste of cum and I loved it, it was very salty and thick but knowing I had taken his man seed was so hot. I asked him how I could cum. And he told me I should only ever wank my cock while having sex with him so I could cum. I fell asleep in his arms and felt so loved.

The next day everything went like clock work we woke up. I made him breakfast, afterward he kissed me goodbye and I started cleaning the house. Around 4:40pm I put on dinner and it was ready as he walked through the door. As we ate dinner he told me about his day and after dinner I did the dishes and then joined him in front of the Television for a while before going to bed. He made love to me that night and I didn’t even have to touch my cock to cum.

Afterward he told me how proud of me he was and we dozed off. We did this for three months without my parents ever knowing, until one night they walked in on us. I was dressed in my new pink dress with it hiked up around my waist while Darren was fucking me. They screamed at us and the next day they kicked him out of the house. He left and I have never seen him again. I miss him so much and have been searching for him ever since. I love my husband and will always love him.

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