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Ugly Guys Need Love Too

By prozac4me2

submitted July 24, 2008

Categories: College Days

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My second year of college I had a roommate that was pretty unattractive, at least his face was, his body was above average but the head kinda downplayed that fact.

As his confidence in our friendship grew there were times when he would confide in me that he was a virgin and then he would say, “I’m just not good looking and I know it." That would break my heart when he would say that and I would try to convince him that that was not true but without much luck.

It was his birthday and he was depressed I could tell and late that night with the lights off we talked and he told me that he just wanted to have sex and touch another person.

With that I got up and told him, “I can get you some sex, but only if you will do what I say.” He sat up and excitedly said yes. I told him to cover his face and do not look, I will go get someone; he reluctantly agreed and I left the room for a few moments. When I returned I walked differently than I normally do. He lay there with his face covered, holding the sheet with his hands; his underwear tenting slightly. I reached for the waistband and pulled them down, he moaned and his cock popped up hard and ready, to my surprise he was hung like a horse.

I go down on him thinking he thinks I am a girl and I quietly suck him, loving every centimeter of his virgin cock. The taste of his precum was strong, he was leaking like crazy. I looked up now and then to make sure he was still covering his eyes and he was each time.

His cock swelled and his body stiffened and he shot a huge amount of cum in my mouth, which I greedily swallowed after running it around his shaft with my tongue. He shot at least six times--almost too much for me to swallow and he grunted with each shot. As he finished I thought I had fooled him and I quietly started back to the door to make my exit, and then come back congratulating him on getting laid.

I am at the door when I hear his voice almost a whisper "Alex I know that was you." I turned and froze; he was not covering his face, but had his hands behind his head staring right at me with a big grin on his face.

I sheepishly turned and went toward my bed; he leans up on his elbow and says to me, "Aren't you forgetting something?" I said what? "Umm you getting off too, this is not a one-way street you know, bring that cock here and let me work it."

I got up and went to his bed, he grabs my shorts and rips them down hard, taking my cock in all at once, humming as he ate my dick. He was so cock hungry I thought he would suck it right off my body. I was getting close to cumming when he moved like a cat going from side blowing me to on his hands and knees with his ass pointed at me.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard Alex." I spit and milked some precum and rubbed it in his ass, he was virgin tight but in the heat of the moment I put my cockhead in his hole and I pushed; I pushed hard, almost too hard but I wanted it so bad.

He grunted and turned red, but he pushed back into me, I felt his ass stretch around my thick dick, so tight it almost hurt to slide in and out of him. only about a minute of fucking him I began to cum. I grabbed him and slammed him so hard my nuts crashed between us enough to hurt me, but I didn’t' care; I just kept fucking his beautiful tight ass.

We collapsed together on his bed; after several moments of recovery I turn to him and I mean it when I said it, "You’re beautiful." He smiled and blushed, and at that moment he was beautiful to me, and it didn't hurt that he did have one rockin’ body.

This turned into a hot and wild love affair between us that lasted almost two years; still sometimes I think of him and wish we were still together.

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