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Camping With Justin

By Phantom

submitted August 4, 2008

Categories: First Time, Sexual Identity Discovery, Camping, Best Friends

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I'll never forget that wonderful night. I always knew I was attracted to men, but had never explored these feelings beyond Internet porn and masturbation fantasies. I had long had a crush on my best friend Justin, but couldn't bring myself to tell him. I was afraid of rejection and didn't want to loose a friend like him. We did everything together. One day, he called me and told me that his family was going camping and it was ok with them if I came along. Being 18, my parents wouldn't object, so I said yes. I knew there was no way I could do anything with Justin with his parents around, let alone his nine year old brother who was known as the spy of the family. He liked collecting dirt on Justin and his sister, who was 14 at the time. Justin was the oldest at 18.

When we arrived at the cabin, Justin and I unloaded our stuff and took it inside while the rest started unloading their stuff. Being teenage guys, we travel light. I was really disappointed to find the place only had two bedrooms. We would have to share the big on with the kids if this was going to work. i was beginning to wish I hadn't come and resigned to take my stuff in the bedroom when Justin caught me.

"We're not staying here", he said. "After we eat, we are taking the tent and hiking to our campsite. The others are staying here."

"How far is the campsite from here?" I asked.

"Far enough that we need to leave as soon as we've eaten."

"Just curious, are there any other campsites near ours?"

"Nope; we'll be all alone out there. In this park, they let you camp most anywhere you want, but most won't leave the main sites because they don't want to be far from the restrooms and most that come here use RVs anyway. Not many tents. Why? You scared of being out there alone?"

“No. I was just wondering." I couldn't tell him the truth. I wanted him bad. He was about three inches taller than me at six foot even. He had a nice, slender build, but was toned. His hair was brown like mine except a little darker shade of brown. He's very straight acting. I had never seen him naked, though I did take a chance and check out his package in his swim shorts at the beach a couple of years ago. He looked like he had an ample package. I couldn't stare long or I'd get a hardon. I just looked him over when he wasn't looking my way. At this point, I had resigned myself to the frustration of never getting in his pants.

After we had unloaded everything, Justin and I grilled the steaks while his mother got out some potato salad she had fixed for the trip and set out the plates and drinks. His father was trying to keep order with the other two kids. I think they were both happy we were old enough to look after ourselves. The steaks were great, but my mind kept drifting to that piece of meat in Justin's pants. I wanted to take it out and suck on it. I wanted him bad. I began to get hard and had to focus to bring myself back to reality. Lucky for me, Justin did it for me.

"Troy, we've gotta get going, man", he said. "We need to get to our campsite. I want to get the tent up before dark."

I agreed and we got the tent, sleeping bags, and our supplies and started what his dad had said would be a long hike. After we were out of sight of the cabin, Justin turned away from the main trail and headed through the woods. We pulled off our shirts because we got warm from the hiking and the afternoon sun.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "I thought we had to get to the campsite."

"This is a shortcut". Justin replied. "My dad doesn't know this way. Our destination is only half a mile away. He thinks it's more like three miles. The main trail winds around a lot, making it feel further away than it really is."

"Why the deception?"

"I just wanted to get away from them. My parents are okat, but my brother is driving me crazy. Besides, I want to talk to you about something."

We hiked on a little until we came to a clearing. Justin put his stuff down and just stood there.

"This it?" I asked.

"Nope," he replied.

"So what's up?"

Without saying another word, Justin spun around and pulled me close to him. His lips found mine and he kissed me passionately. I had never kissed a guy before. I got hard right then right there. I embraced him and kissed him. Never had I felt such pleasure. After what felt like an eternity, we separated and looked into each other's eyes. I just smiled, but Justin decided to break the silence.

"I've wanted this for a long time, but I couldn't find a place where we wouldn't be found out. I knew you wanted me and this seemed like a good time to tell you how I really feel. I love you, Troy. I've never been with anyone. I want you to be my first."

"How did you know I would be interested", I asked.

"Remember that trip we took to the beach a couple of years ago? I had dark shades on so I could check you out without you knowing. While pretending to look straight ahead, I was really looking at you. While doing this, I caught you looking me over."

"Why haven't you said anything before now?"

"We couldn't have done anything at either of our houses. I really wanted a comfortable place where we could take our time. My brother watches everything at my house and you share a room with your brother."

"Can your brother find us out here?"

"He won't try. He's too scared to go into the woods alone. Besides, where we'll be, we'll hear anyone coming long before they can see us. Troy, I want you."

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled him close and we kissed again. After a very long, but meaningful kiss, he pulled away and got out a beach towel and spread it on the ground, then returned to kiss me again. By this time, I was hard as a rock and leaking precum, my shorts feeling far too tight. His shorts looked like they had a tent pole in them. He began kissing my neck, moving downward slowly. He took his time on my nipples, licking and sucking them. This drove me crazy. Finally, he came to my hard cock. Neither of us had seen the other naked before. He took his time, pulling my shorts down slowly, making this moment last as long as he could. I was breathless with anticipation as he slowly pulled my past my hard cock. He gasped when he saw it.

"That's a big piece of meat you've got there," he said with a smile on his face.

With that, he started licking up and down the shaft. I moaned with pleasure as he did this and almost blew my load when he ran his tongue all the way around just below the head. Finally, he took it in his mouth and the warmth of his mouth met my cock. I let out a long sigh and whispered "Oh, yes!" as he began sucking on my hard meat.

As Justin sucked on me, I felt like I was in heaven. I didn't want this moment to end. I just couldn't believe how good this felt. He took my cock out of his mouth and I was about to protest when he started licking and sucking on my balls. I moaned even louder when he did this. After a couple of minutes, he returned his attention to my hard cock and started sucking harder, taking it as far down as he could go. I really liked this, but I was getting close and I warned him. He just kept going. I was about to go over the edge and warned him again. He started sucking even harder. This was more than I could take. I blew a huge load in my best friend's mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, some cum leaking from his mouth. Finally, he released my still leaking cock and kissed me passionately, sharing what was left of my cum in his mouth. I loved the taste and took as much as he would offer. This time, I was the one that broke the silence.

"I've never felt anything like that before," I said, almost out of breath from my intense orgasm. "Thank you!"

"It's not over yet, Troy. We've got all night."

I kissed him again and did just what he had done to me. Like him, I wanted this moment to last. I slowly pulled his shorts down, wanting to see his cock and balls so badly. His cock wasn't as thick as mine, but it was longer. I just did exactly what he had done, except I licked and sucked on his balls before swallowing his rod. His reactions were similar to my own. After only five minutes or so, he pulled away. Wanting to suck him some more, I asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing,” he said. "I just don't want to cum like this."

"Why not?"

"Because I want to cum in your butt."

I jumped back a little. "I've never done that. I don't know if I can take it."

"I'll be gentle and I have some lube in my backpack to help make it easier."

I wasn't sure about this, but I took his hand and he led me over to the beach towel he had laid out for this moment. I got on my back and lifted my legs so he could lube my hole in preparation for entering me. The truth was I did want this. I wanted it bad. I was just nervous. I flinched as he inserted a finger into my tight hole. It didn't take long to relax and enjoy his probing. I pleaded with him to be gentle.

"Relax, Troy", he said calmly. "I will go slow, you know I could never bring myself to hurt you."

Justin positioned himself and tried to stick his hard cock in my hole. The pain was intense and I tightened up. He stopped pushing, but kept some pressure going to try to get my hole to relax and open up.

"Try to relax," he said, still applying some pressure to my hole. "I'll never get in with you this tense."

I tried to relax and after much effort, he broke through my virgin hole. The pain was intense. I felt as though I was being split in two. After getting the head in, he stayed still for a moment to let me settle down and get use to having something in my butt. After I loosened up and the pain subsided, he started pushing in more. It took a while, but I finally got it all the way inside me. He pulled back, almost all the way out, but pushed slowly back in. It didn't hurt as much that time. After a few minutes of this, I started to enjoy it. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. He was lost in the pleasure of sliding in and out of my tight butt. We were both loving this. I don't know that I would have enjoyed it as much if it were someone else. I was still hard, but did not want to get off again just yet. My cock had other plans. After about five minutes of him hitting my prostate, I shot all over my stomach and his chest, without even touching myself. It was so hot.

He was so turned on by this and started saying things like, "You're so tight, Troy" and "I love you so much". I was in heaven for sure now. Justin held me tight as he pounded away at my butt. He pulled out of me and turned me over on my stomach before inserting his cock in my now loose hole. This time, it didn't really hurt. It wasn't long after that that he was grunting and shooting his load in my butt. When he was finished, he just fell on top of me.

We stayed like that for a while, but soon realized the sun was getting lower on the horizon. We still had to reach our campsite and get the tent up. Getting up, I got my shorts and shoes back on and picked up everything I had brought with me. Justin did the same and he led the way to the spot he picked out. It was perfect. There was a lot of shade, rock formations, and a spring fed stream nearby. After the tent was up, Justin went to work on the fire since the temperature would drop fast after sunset. Meanwhile, I was busy connecting our sleeping bags to for one large bag for two. When everything was done, I pulled out a blanket and set it out close to the fire. That's where we stayed the rest of the evening, warmed by the fire and each other's embrace.

When the time came to go to bed, we got naked and got in the sleeping bag I had prepared. Justin liked the joined sleeping bags. We kissed and started the whole thing over again. When I went for the lube to prepare his hole for the pounding I was going to give him, he pushed away.

"I don't know about that", he said. "You're really thick and I've never had anything in there before."

"Come on," I protested. "I gave you my cherry. It's only fair; I promise to be gentle."

"I guess if I'm gonna give it up to anyone, it should be you. Please be gentle."

He let me continue and I got his hole ready for my hard cock. It took some work just to get a finger in. I think he was tighter than I was. It wasn't easy getting my stiff cock inside him either. It took a lot of work and a lot of patience. I had to take care not to hurt him. Tears formed in his eyes as I entered his hole, but he worked through the pain. After a few minutes, the painful look on his face, barely visible in the fading firelight, changed to a look of intense pleasure. I couldn't believe how good this felt. He was so tight and so hot inside. He just looked in my eyes smiling as I took his virginity the way he took mine only a few hours earlier. It didn't take me long to cum. I shouted as I shot my load into his hot butt. He had still not cum, so I gently pulled out of him and took his hard cock into my mouth. His moans were getting louder and louder as I sucked him off. When he sounded like he was ready, I took as much as I could into my mouth and prepared to swallow his cum. His orgasm was intense and as he shot the first stream, he whispered "Oh, Troy" as he exhaled. I swallowed every last drop.

That night, I slept in his loving arms. I slept like I never slept before. At dawn, I opened my eyes to find him just looking at me. We went at it again, this time flip-flopping, before getting up and fixing breakfast and taking down the tent. We again took the shortcut and took a break just before we came into sight of the cabin to kiss again. We both knew it was a night we would never forget. His parents were waiting when we got to the cabin.

"You guys ready for some fishing?" his dad asked.

"Sure," I answered, knowing nothing would be better than last night's catch.

"Did you sleep well?" his mom asked. "I heard it got cooler than expected last night."

Justin answered, "We stayed warm; the sleeping bags were very warm."

Fishing, boating, hiking and cooking outdoors were fun, but I couldn't wait until that night when we would once again return to our secluded campsite and I would be back in my lover's arms again, and he in mine.

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