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Me, My Buddy and our Tighty Whities, Part 1

By LandonCruise

submitted August 27, 2008

Categories: Underwear Action

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Not many guys in my high school wore tighty whities. In fact, I think I was one of three guys who still did. The thing was, no one had a clue I wore them. I stupidly wore boxers over my Calvin Klein briefs so none of my male peers would pick on me. There was no way I would have survived high school gym if I wore only boxers. I was prone to several uncontrollable erections all day long and it was incredibly hard to hide my 8" erection. Tighty whities kept my erections a secret from the outside world, plus I liked the way they looked on me.

However, seeing another guy fill out a pair of tight white briefs was the hottest thing in the world to me. The first time I saw another guy in his tighty whities I was hooked. They looked so masculine and definitely left few things to the imagination. Lucky for me, one of the three guys who wore tighty whities was in my gym class. His name was Eli and he was one year ahead of me. Everyone knew Eli. He was captain of the football team, a state champion in the hurdles and president of every club he belonged to. Most guys like him would be assholes, but what made Eli even hotter was his humble attitude. He was the nicest guy I knew even though his appearance would give the opposite impression. Standing 6'3" tall, weighing 215 pounds of almost all muscle and not to mention his muscular legs and ass...all these things made him the most impressive physical specimen at our school.

Our friendship was a almost nonexistent one. We said hi to one another in the hallways and the locker room, but we never had any in depth conversations. I wasn't a nerd or anything. I had managed to lose some body fat and gain a decent amount of muscle. My body was muscular and athletic but I was shorter than most of the other guys. I was 5'9" and weighed 175 lbs with only 9% body fat. Others let me know they thought I was hot and I was happy to hear it. No matter how athletic I got, Eli was the one we were all compared to.

All the girls drooled over him as he passed them in the hallways. All my girl friends asked what his body looked like when he took his shirt off and all that. I told them I didn’t pay attention which was a huge lie. My locker was in the same row as Eli's so I got to see him undress each day of the week. He dropped his pants exposing those muscular legs and his huge bubble butt that was framed by the white cotton of his BVD's. The other guys in the locker room hooted and hollered at him making harmless comments about his tighty whities, but it didn’t bother him. He just got dressed and headed out of the locker room for the gym.

Halfway through my senior year Eli and I had our first real encounter. He and I were both auditioning for the school play and ended up bonding throughout the three day tryouts. As it turned out we discovered we had a lot in common. We came from similar families, liked the same music, classes, movies and athletes. It was obvious we were becoming fast friends.

We were both cast in the school play which meant we were going to be spending more time together. During one of our conversations we found out we both got out two hours before the rest of the school was released. He was a senior and I had taken extra classes during the summer. Since we both were constantly working out, we decided to meet after our school day ended and get our workouts done before play practice started. Some days we would workout at the school and other days we would go to the gym we had memberships to.

The first day we were meeting to workout, I had been hard almost the entire day. Nervously I walked into the locker room as we had discussed the day before. Eli was already there fiddling with the lock on his locker. He turned to look at me as I entered the room and smiled.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked with a sly grin on his well sculpted face.

"Hell yeah bro," I replied enthusiastically. "Bring it on."

He laughed and turned his attention back to his lock. I unlocked my locker as well and reached in to get my gym shorts and shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eli drop his shorts. I slowly turned around as I stole a quick glance at his package. It looked like he was packing some big equipment in his briefs. He removed his shirt so he was standing there in nothing but his BVD's that seemed to be tailored for his body. In a effort to keep from staring, I took off my pants and immediately pulled my gym shorts on. After I put on my shirt I turned back around expecting to see Eli in his gym clothes. To my surprise he was still in just his briefs.

"So I thought we would do some sprints on the track today," Eli stated.

He was holding his college football workout book in his hand and pointing to a particular page. Eli had received a full ride football scholarship to an in state university. He had to start his training before he went to freshman football practice in the fall.

"Sounds like a plan." I said.

Eli pulled his shirt over his head and finally pulled his shorts up and over his beautiful butt.

"Shall we?" he asked.

I didn’t say a word. Instead I walked out of the locker room and became very aware of my throbbing hard on. Just to be safe, I looked down at the crotch of my gym shorts and noticed my hard on was somewhat noticeable. I adjusted myself in order to push the erection down.

"I don't know how you guys can wear those." I hear Eli say from behind me.

"What?" I asked in a shocked tone.

"I don't know how you all can wear boxers when you workout and run." He repeated.

"Oh, well..." I suddenly drew a blank, "I wear whatever my mom buys me." I know it was an incredibly lame excuse but it was the first thing that came to me.

"Ah," Eli replied. "Well you are almost an adult so you could purchase your own underwear if you don’t like them."

It was true. My parents were wealthy and gave me a considerable amount of money for clothing each quarter. Everyone knew my family which made my lie even more apparent.

"True enough." I said not knowing what else to say.

The conversation ended there. We had a great workout and returned to the locker room drenched with sweat. The locker room was now full with last period’s weight lifting class as they got changed before class began. Eli and I made our way to our lockers and plopped down on the bench. We both removed our sweaty t-shirts at the same time. I looked at Eli's body all sweaty and ripped with great admiration. He looked up and smiled at me as if to say, "That kicked my ass." I smiled back and looked down at the floor.

After a few minutes I stood up and turned to face my locker. I pulled down my gym shorts, but didn't realize how sweaty they were. They had clung onto my boxers so as my shorts came down so did my boxers. As soon as I noticed it I pulled my boxers back up as fast as I could. I looked back to see Eli looking at me with a strange look on his face. Had he seen the waistband of my Calvins? He didn't say anything. Instead he stood up and pulled his gym shorts completely off. I watched as he did this and immediately noticed how see through his white underwear had become. His crack was clearly visible and I ached to see if the front of his underwear was equally revealing as the back. By now the locker room had cleared out for the most part.

He turned around exposing the crotch of his underwear to me. Just as I had hoped, he had sweat so much that the front of his briefs were completely see through. The thick outline of the head of his cock was clearly visible as was his shaft. His cock looked huge in those tighty whities. My cock swelled immediately as I watched Eli stand there in his sweaty briefs.

He glanced at his underwear noticing how wet they were. He laughed and said, "Good thing I brought an extra pair huh?"

I laughed uncomfortably as I diverted my eyes away from his impressive package. Eli pulled his soaked underwear completely off and threw them at my head. They hit me right on the side of my face.

"DUDE!" I yelled in disbelief. Eli howled with laughter at my reaction. I turned to face him and saw him completely naked for the first time. Now that his cock was free, it hung down at least 4 inches. I could only imagine how big he was when he got a hardon.

"I'm sorry bro," Eli said through bouts of laughter. "That was wrong but your face..." His voice trailed off as he laughed even harder.

His laugh was infectious and I couldn’t help but laugh. He wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way to the shower. There was no way in hell I was going to shower with him with this monster boner in my shorts. I took this opportunity to take off my wet boxers and briefs and put on dry pairs from my backpack. I barely got the boxers pulled over my tighty whities when Eli returned to his locker.

"You're not gonna shower?" he asked.

"Nah...I will shower at home later." I said.

I put on my jeans and t-shirt, and then put my sweaty clothes in my gym bag. Eli didn't seem to notice the wet boxers and briefs that were on the floor.

"See you at practice bro." I said to Eli as I grabbed my bags and headed for the door.

"Wait for me dude." He said. "Let me get dressed and I’ll go with you."

I nodded and took a seat on the bench in front of my locker. Eli started a conversation with me about football which required me to look in his direction as he spoke. It was torture watching him drop his towel, dry off his cock and balls, and slide everything into a fresh dry pair of tighty whities. I was sure my cock had never been harder in my life. After what seemed like forever, he was dressed and we headed out of the locker room.

"Can I catch a ride after practice?" he asked.

"Absolutely bro. No problem." I said happily. "Let’s go drop these bags off in my car."

We chatted and laughed as we walked to my Mustang GT. I popped the trunk and then threw our bags in. As we walked to play practice Eli told me about how his parents went to their cabin almost every weekend and he has the place to himself. I knew he wasn't a party guy at all so any parties were out of the question.

"I was thinking about having a guy’s weekend whenever they are at the cabin," Eli said. "Would you be interested?"

Without thinking I said, "Fuck yeah dude that would be great!"

"Cool." Eli said smiling. "They are heading up north Thursday night so if you wanna stay over starting then that would be cool."

My dream was coming true. "Sure. That should be cool with my parents."

Eli nodded with a look of excitement on his face. Play practice went by fast and soon I was driving Eli home. We talked about sports and people in the play the entire way home. It seemed like we never ran out of things to joke about no matter how dumb it seemed.

I dropped Eli at his house and drove home in a daze. My dick was hard as a rock and I could tell there was a considerable amount of precum in my underwear. As soon as I entered my room, I stripped down to my Calvin's to assess the wetness. It looked liked I had sweat through the crotch of the underwear. By this point I was so turned on, I just stroked my cock using the precum as lube. It took me no time to blow a massive load into my underwear. I pulled the cum soaked briefs off and tossed them in the hamper. It took three more jerkoff sessions that night to get my boner to go down. Finally I was able to put on another pair of white Calvin's and get into bed.

Thursday came very fast, but the actual day dragged on. I was so excited to stay at Eli's house just the two of us. As soon as play practice ended, Eli and I hopped into my car and drove quickly to his house. We pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine.

"It's no mansion, but it's pretty nice." Eli said about his house.

It was a nice house from what I could see. I popped the trunk and grabbed my backpacks that had my schoolbooks and my clothes. We headed into Eli's house and walked directly to his room. He had a queen sized bed that fit perfectly in his room. It was a typical teenage jock’s room. Slightly messy, sports posters and trophies lined the walls.

"You can put your bags over here," Eli said pointing to his computer desk.

"Nice room bro," I said looking around. "Looks like my room."

"Thanks." he said proudly. "Let me give you a tour."

He showed me the rest of the house and told me to make myself at home. I sat on the couch in the living room as Eli headed back to his room. He was gone for less than a minute before he returned to the living room in just his BVD's. I looked at him in shock wondering what he was doing.

Noticing my expression he said, "Dude this is what I wear when I'm at home. I hate clothes."

"Even when your parents are here?" I asked.

"Yeah dude why not?"

"WOW." I said shocked. "I am not that comfortable in front of my parents."

"They are use to it." he said. "I have done it since I was a toddler."

"Old habits die hard." I replied.

This scenario was more than I could ever have dreamed of. He was lying sprawled out on the couch with his legs spread wide open. Immediately my eyes went to his massive bulge. He looked so amazing in his tighty whities. I had never seen another guy who looked so perfect in their underwear in my life. I shook my head to get myself out of the trance his crotch had put me in.

"Get comfy bro." Eli urged. "What do you wear when you're at home?"

"Normally just workout shorts and my underwear."

"So you wear two pairs of shorts at home?"

"Yeah I guess so," I said. "But I sleep in my underwear."

It became apparent to me that Eli was subtly referring to the amount of clothes I had on. My jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes seemed to be forbidden in this house. I took the hint and walked back to Eli's bedroom to get into my lounging clothes. I pulled off my shoes and t-shirt before I unbuttoned my jeans. As usual I had boxers and briefs under my clothes which made me want to get into my workout shorts quickly. I pulled my jeans off my feet and was standing there in my boxers/briefs. Eli appeared in the doorway and watched as I looked in my bag for my shorts.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked after a minute. "I was thinking about ordering pizza."

"Sounds good," I replied. I pulled my shorts from my bag as Eli walked back towards the living room. "Dude, don't worry about the shorts bro. You aren't at home tonight."

I tossed my shorts back on top of my bag, took a deep breath and walked back into the living room; all I could think about was keeping my erection hidden and covering my briefs.

Eli was on the phone ordering pizza so I took a seat on the other couch. He hung up the phone and said, "Thirty minutes."

"Cool." My legs were together as I sat stiffly upright on the couch.

"Relax dude," Eli said sensing my tension.

I did my best to relax but found it hard to since my cock was in the process of becoming fully erect.

"Can I ask you something?" Eli asked.

"Sure." I replied.

"Why do you wear boxers over your other underwear bro?"

"What?" I asked in shock.

"I saw the waistband of your other underwear the other day in the locker room and just a minute ago in the bed room. Plus you can see the outline of them around your butt."

I decided to tell him the truth. "I don't want other guys to know I wear tighty whities. They pick on the guys who do and I want to fly below the radar in the locker room you know?"

"Dude that is ridiculous. They barely give me any shit for wearing briefs and I don't care if they do."

"I'm not you though," I said in defense. "It became a habit freshmen year when I was overweight. I got teased so much about that, I didn't want to add the underwear ridicule on top of that."

"But you're in fucking awesome shape," he said as he adjusted the crotch of his briefs. My eyes became fixated on his crotch again.

"I know dude," I said shyly. "It's stupid but it is just something I do."

"You wear Calvin Klein's right? I read your waistband."

"Yeah always."

"You got nicer ones than I do. I got these old school BVD's."

"Yeah but they fit you perfect." I said without thinking.

"LOL thanks for noticing homo," Eli joked.

I realized what I said and tried to back track. "What I mean is, they don't look old school. They actually fit you unlike most guys, like me."

"Yeah they are pretty comfortable dude." He said as he snapped his waistband. "What about your Calvins? Do you have any regular brands?"

"Not anymore," I said. "I stopped buying Hanes, FTL and all those kinds when I lost the weight. These fit much better, are low rise and look better on my body type."

Eli nodded and then fell silent. "Let me see them." He said looking at the TV.

I didn’t say a word. I just watched him watch TV wondering if I heard what I heard. Eli looked over at me and repeated, "Let me see them."

Now I was fully erect and didn't want to show Eli this was turning me on. I didn't want to lose his friendship. "I don't think that’s a good idea." I said.

"Dude, come on," he said more emphatically. "What's the issue? There is no one here to pick on you."

I barely heard what he was saying. My mind was focused on coaxing my boner to go away. Finally I agreed to show him my underwear. I stood up and started walking to Eli's bedroom so my cock had more time to soften.

"Where are you going?" Eli asked.

"Just putting my boxers with my stuff," I said.

My cock was as close to soft as it was going to get given the situation. It looked like my bulge was pretty impressive rather than looking like I'm horny for my buddy. I removed my boxer shorts and stood there in my tighty whities thinking. I threw my boxers onto my bag and walked back out to the living room. As soon as I saw Eli looking me up and down in my underwear my hard on returned. There was no hiding it now.

"This making you horny dude?" Eli asked after noticing my swelling crotch.

"Nah bro," I denied. "I am pretty much always semi-hard."

"This is more than semi-hard my friend." He said with a smile.

"It has a mind of its own I guess," I said.

"It's cool bro," he said eventually. His hand slid down his thigh onto his crotch that was quickly getting bigger. "Mine does too."

It took less than five seconds for his dick to become fully erect. My previous assumption regarding his size was accurate. His boner couldn't be contained by the confines of his BVD's. The swollen head and first inch of the shaft stuck above the waistband.

I let nature do its thing and soon my hard on was sticking above the waistband of my underwear.

"How big?" Eli asked as he stared at my erection.

"8 inches long and I don’t know how thick. You?"

"Nine and a half long and pretty thick," he replied holding his huge meat in his hand.

"Damn." was the only word I could manage.

"Grab the bottle in the top drawer of my desk that has a big J and O on it please."

I did as he asked and returned with the bottle of what I assume was lube. "Sit here." He commanded as he patted the couch cushion next to him.

My mind was racing as I walked over to where Eli had ordered me to. He was slowly stroking his cock as he watched me come closer. Before I could sit down, he reached for my cock and swallowed the whole thing into his warm mouth. Needless to say I moaned uncontrollably as his mouth glided up and down my entire 8 inches.

"Oh fuck," was all I could say over and over again.

About two minutes into him sucking me off, I felt like I was going to cum. He noticed as well and took his mouth off my shaft. "Feel good?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"Absolutely bro." I said breathlessly. I sat on the couch as he stood up and turned to face me. He straddled my legs and moved his cock towards my mouth. Without hesitation my mouth opened as wide as I could. His cock was too massive to fit it all into my mouth. He thrust gently in and out of my mouth causing me to gag multiple times. I didn't want to stop. The way my lips felt on his cock was a huge turn on as was watching the enjoyment my mouth was providing.

He fucked my mouth for several minutes and gradually increased his force. His huge balls slapped my chin which turned me on even more. Suddenly I felt Eli's hand on my cock applying lube from the bottle I retrieved. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Eli tore away the ass of his underwear and then forcefully lowers his ass onto my slick cock. It took a bit to get the head of my cock in his hole, but once it slid in Eli moaned louder and deeper than he had been previously. His powerful legs were flexed and working as he lifted himself up and down my pole. My eyes shot back and forth between his dripping cock and his facial expressions of pleasure.

I had nothing to compare it to, but Eli was really good at riding my cock. He used his hips to make my cock go deeper inside him. This drove him and me crazier as our moans became louder and louder. He began sweating making all this muscles glisten in the light. I had never been more attracted to him than I was at that moment.

Eli quickened his pace and increased the volume of his moaning. "Are you getting close to cumming?" he asked short of breath.

I had been close to cumming for several minutes but somehow was able to fed those feelings off. "Yeah definitely." I said.

Eli nodded, leaned back putting his hands on my knees and slammed himself onto my cock harder and faster than ever before. His moans were turning me on so much and I was unable to hold back anymore.

"Dude I am gonna cum." I warned. No sooner did I say those words then my cock exploded a monster load into his tight hole.

"Fuck that’s hot," Eli moaned. "I'm gonna shoot!" he said.

"Wait!" I shouted. "Aren't you going to cum in me?" I asked.

Eli pulled himself off of my cock and pulled me to my feet. He forced my head down towards the couch and held it there. I felt him slide the waistband of my Calvin’s down exposing my ass. He rubbed lube onto my hole and slowly inserted the head of his 9.5 inch monster. The pain was intense and I uncontrollably yelled out loud.

"You okay?" Eli asked seeming genuinely concerned.

"You're fucking huge dude!" I replied shrewdly.

"I know bro I can't help it. Do you want me to pull out?"

By now the pain was subsiding and pleasure was replacing it. "Fuck no!" I exclaimed.

I reached around, put my hands onto his muscular ass and pulled him into me as I slid back onto his cock. This caught him off guard based on the way he moaned in pleasure. "Oh my god your ass is so tight." he said in ecstasy.

"Fuck me dude." I ordered.

He took orders well and began working over my hole. Everything he did felt amazing. I hoped he would be able to keep from cumming too quickly so this feeling could continue for a while.

"You aren't close are you?" I asked.

"I got my second wind bro," he said enthusiastically.

The hardcore fucking continued for the next ten minutes at least. "Dude I don't think I can hold it much longer." he informed me, "This just feels to fucking good."

"I wanna face you when you cum in me."

Eli pulled out, flipped me onto my back and pulled my legs onto his shoulders. Without missing a beat, his slid his huge pole easily back into me and began his domination of my ass. His cock must have been hitting a new spot because I felt like I was about to cum again. "I'm gonna blow another load." I shouted.

"Fuck I'm cumming!" Eli moaned loudly. With each thrust I felt him fill me with a massive load of cum. He maintained his intensity even after he shot his load until I was on the verge of cumming a second time.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled, "I'm gonna cum!"

This orgasm was even more intense than the first as I shot huge white streams of cum all over my well muscled torso.

"Damn dude!!" Eli said in amazement. "That was a huge second load."

"I know." I agreed in disbelief.

Eli pulled out of my ass slowly then fell back onto the other couch. His torn underwear was hanging loosely around his thighs. Mine wasn't ripped at all just pulled slightly off my ass.

I pulled my tighty whities back into place and laid exhausted on the couch.

"Can I have those?" Eli asked pointing to my underwear.

"Yeah sure." I said as I pulled them back off. Eli took them from my hand, stood up and put them on. They were a little small for how muscular and tall he was, but he still looked hot.

"Wait here." Eli said and headed back to his bedroom. When he returned he had a pair of clean BVD's in his hand. "Put these on." He requested.

I did as he asked and slid the tighty whities into place. They were a little big but still fit well. "Keep those." He said as he stared at my admiringly.

"Shower?" Eli asked after a minute or two.

"Yeah that would be good." I agreed.

We both stood up and I began removing my underwear before we showered off. "No!" Eli said quickly. "Leave them on in the shower."

He smiled and started walking towards his bathroom. As we showered off I could only think about the rest of the weekend. Our guy’s weekend was turning out to be the best experience I have ever had. I look forward to what comes next.

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