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Forced Sex With the In-Laws

By briankieth55

submitted September 6, 2008

Categories: Bisexual, Family Fun, Foreskin Fun--Uncut, Mature, Orgies

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My wife and I had been married about 25 years when we started thinking about buying some type of vacation home. When my wife's parents heard about our interest, they said that they had a friend who needed to sell a place in the Ozarks really cheap. It sounded like just the kind of place we were looking for. We planned a trip to go see the place as soon as possible. It was to be me, my wife, and my mother and father-in-law.

My in-laws had always been great. I loved being around them. They were both getting up in age, both were around 65. My father-in-law was the typical big bellied gray haired man--probably pushing 220 pounds, but always kind and considerate. My mother-in-law was his twin--chubby and huge sagging tits. I had seen her nipples a few times by accident and through her clothes and they really stuck out, at least an inch when she was cold.

My father-in-law, Keith, had gotten detailed directions to the mountain home and a key from his friend. The day before we were to leave, my wife got word that she was needed at work for an audit. She really wasn't that upset as she didn't like long car trips. So it was just the three of us.

We left early Monday morning on our voyage with the goal of spending only one night in a motel. We arrived late at a Motel 6 and got only one room. Sharing a room was not new for us as we had done this on many trips with them before. I think the in-laws had long stopped having sex.

The next morning, we got back on the road and were soon in the mountains of the Ozarks. The scenery was incredible. My mother-in-law, Helen, was in the back seat having the time of her life. Keith was helping me navigate in the front seat. After we turned off of the main road, we were strictly on dirt back roads with no markings at all. Fortunately, the map we had from the owners was fairly detailed. We were at least 40 miles back in the sticks when we finally reached a cabin perched on the side of a mountain. The view was incredible. The air was clean and cool. We knew that this was the place for us.

The three of us quickly got out and looked the place over. Keith opened the cabin and we went inside. The place had a nice kitchen, two bedrooms and a huge living area. The living area also had a king size bed pushed into one corner.

We had just decided to unpack the car when we were startled by a booming voice from the front door. "What you folks doin here?" We all turned to see a large elderly man wearing overalls standing in the door. He was also holding a shot gun. Keith stepped forward and began, “I’m Keith, this is my wife Helen, and that is our son-in-law, Mark. We're here to look at the cabin. The owners are friends of ours and we're thinking about buying it." The man quickly replied, “I’m the owner of this place, and you folks are trespassin’."

I could tell my father-in-law was getting a little nervous as he told man, “I don't think we're in the wrong place, but we will be happy to leave until we can sort this situation out." "I don't need no sortin’, you are trespassin’. Now the three of ya, back up against the bed." We all moved back against the bed in the living room. The burly grampa then stated, "Now you need to pay for your crime." Me and my father-in-law began reaching for our wallets. "I don't need no money, I want some entertainment. Now all of you strip."

Helen had been very quiet up until this point, but she immediately began protesting and sternly telling the old grandpa that he was out of his mind if he thought we were going to strip. That's when we heard the shot gun being pumped as a shell was readied. We knew at that point he was serious. The three of us slowly began removing our clothes until we were all down to our underwear. I have to say that seeing my in-laws in their underwear was giving me a hard on, just when I didn't need one. "Off with the rest of it, NOW!" our captor shouted. At this point I noticed he had lowered the shot gun and his hand was reaching inside his overalls past his huge belly. I knew he was rubbing that old grandpa cock.

We all slowly removed our underwear. To my surprise, Keith was also showing signs of a hard on. The foreskin on his old uncut cock was beginning to slide back just a bit as I watched him lower his boxers. It was no use hiding my hard cock. It was at full staff as I dropped my underwear and everyone in the room was looking at it. I didn't think I could get any harder until I turned to see my mother-in-law uncovering those 44DDD tits. Her nipples were sticking out at least an inch, with huge saucers behind them. She then leaned over to pull down her panties. That is when I saw the most beautiful hairy cunt I have ever seen. It was incredible and she knew every male in the room was looking at her pussy. I could almost smell her cunt.

Our grandpa captor then ordered the three of us onto the bed, with Helen to be in the middle. "Boys, each of you take a tit and suck it", we were instructed. I didn't like being in this situation, but I had always wanted to suck her tits. Keith and I both took a tit in our mouths and began sucking. Helen was very rigid at first, but I could tell she was beginning to get aroused just like the rest of us. Her breathing was beginning to speed up as we sucked on those hard erect nipples.

I soon heard, "Hey son-in-law, keep suckin’ that tit, but you need to reach over and stroke your daddy-in-law’s cock." I had never ever touched another man's cock, but I realized I really wanted to stroke Keith's cock. I reached over and began fondling those huge hanging balls and was soon moving my hand up and down on his shaft; all the while sucking Helen's tit. Keith now had a solid hard on and I knew he was enjoying it. I knew it wouldn't be long before one of us would cum, but our captor decided it was time for me to change position. "Keith, you keep sucking that tit, but son-in-law, get between her legs and lick that cunt and asshole."

My mature mother-in-law slowly spread her legs as I release suction on her nipple and repositioned myself between her legs. Her pussy smelled so good. It was powdered and very hairy. I slowly began to lick up and down on her slit and it quickly began to open for me revealing a wet pink interior. Her pussy juice was heaven. I buried my tongue into her as deeply as I could. She softly began moaning as her tit was being sucked and her pussy stimulated. Her clit became aroused and sprang up about a half inch. I responded by sucking on it like it was another nipple. Just when I got into a good pattern of licking, Grandpa ordered me to start on her asshole. I had to get my hands under her thighs and lift them so that I could gain access to her rosebud. It was already wet from the licking and pussy juice that was leaking out. My tongue began circling her opening and then pushing deeper as it relaxed and opened. I could see Keith's cock was throbbing as I know he could hear the slurping I was doing on his wife. She was actually squealing as my tongue was in as deep as I could push it into her asshole. I thought I would cum any second as I experienced the smell and sounds of rimming my 65 year old mother-in-law.

Our Grandpa captor had other plans though. "Boy, you want to fuck your mamma-in-law?" He knew that I did and I knew that Helen was ready. Grandpa ordered Keith to lay on his back and for Helen to begin sucking him. My mother-in-law then revealed that she had never sucked a cock and wasn't about to start. My pour father-in-law had never had his cock sucked. Our captor, though, told her bluntly, “You either suck his or you suck mine". She slowly began licking and bobbing on Keith's hard cock. "Now son-in-law, move in behind her and fuck her doggy style". I was ready. My cock slid in with no resistance. I think it startled her a little as my cock appeared to be about 2" longer than Keith's. I had entered a virgin region of her pussy and she was loving it. Keith was also about to cum as I noticed the strained look on his face. I couldn't take anymore and began slamming my cock hard into my mother-in-law. She stopped sucking Keith to scream and I saw stream after stream of my father-in-laws cum pump onto her face. I buried my cock deep into her cunt and held it there as I pumped a full load of cum into her cunt. She was licking the cum off of her face as I finished squirting the last drops into her warm pussy.

I was slowly pulling out when I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see our Grandpa captor stepping out of his overalls and he was showing the thickest cock I have ever seen. He really was as thick as a beer can. Not very long, but I don't think I could have put my hand completely around it. I could also see the look of surprise on Keith's face as well. Helen was still up on her hands and knees and had no clue that she had another naked man in the room staring at a gaping cunt with lots of cum leaking out of it.

Grandpa quietly pulled me aside and aligned his sausage with her cunt. Keith was really getting into watching this old man about rip his wife's pussy apart. Keith looked at me shook his head as if to say, let him do it. I moved aside and watched as the tip of the old cock was rubbed against her soaking pussy lips. She still thought it was me playing with her as she began rock back against the old man's cock. His cock was finally wet enough the he began pushing in and penetrating and stretching her pussy walls. He was about half way in when she realized that something was different. Just as she turned her head to see what was happening, Grampa forced his sausage all the way in. Helen screamed both from the size of the cock inside her and from seeing that it was our captor now fucking her. She didn't know quite what to do as she looked at Keith for guidance. Keith just smiled and said, "You have to let him fuck you".

Keith and I both saw the shot gun lying on the floor, but neither of us was interested in stopping what we were doing. Seeing his wife fucked a second time had given Keith and me raging hardons again. My father-in-law reached over and began stroking my cock as he led me onto the bed next to where his wife was being stretched and fucked. She was really enjoying herself at this point as she was rocking onto the huge donkey size cock.

Keith meanwhile had pushed me down and was beginning to lick and suck my cock. It was still covered with cum and pussy juice from fucking his wife. He seemed to relish the sucking even more as he cleaned my cock and balls. Keith then raised my legs and began licking my asshole. I had never had this done to me by anyone. What an incredible feeling. I'm not sure who was squealing more, me or my mother-in-law.

Keith had stopped licking my asshole but he was still lifting my legs in the air. I was about to be fucked. I didn't know what to think. He was doing this on his own without being forced to by our captor. I was hot and delirious and I wasn't about to stop him. I could feel his cock head massaging the opening of my ass. Then he inched it in ever so slowly. It was a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure and then I could feel his balls and body against mine. He was all the way in. Slowly, he began to pump my ass. He sped up until he matched the rhythm of the old man fucking his wife.

They both were side by side pumping their own respective pussies. I now knew what women feel when they are being fucked and I liked it. The two old men were continuing to speed up and they were close to emptying their seed. As if it were planned, they both began to jerk. I could feel the warm cum filling my insides. My mother-in-law was screaming like a wild animal. She was cumming harder than she had ever done in her life. Suddenly, my prim and proper mother-in-law was screaming, "fuck me" over and over again. It surprised everyone in the room.

My father-in-law was lying on top of me as he let his cock finish emptying into me. He then stood up slowing pulling out of my ass. Grampa was doing the same as everyone was exhausted from the fuck fest.

The old man then walked over and began dressing in his overalls. "I hope you folks like the place and buy it. Love to do this again sometime". With that, he grabbed his shot gun and left.

My in-laws were very quiet as we dressed and left for home. We had driven for about an hour when my mother-in-law said, "We need to buy this place and come back". Keith looked at me and winked as we both knew that our sex lives were about to dramatically improve.

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