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Bookstore Bear Sex

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My Johnny bear and I were near my hometown when we decided to stop in at the local adult book store. We were looking for a double sided dildo for the both of us. There were a few different kinds, but we decided on the 18 inch purple one. We paid for it at the counter where Johnny saw a sign about the viewing booths. It said something like, ”$5 minimum to enter.” He looked at me and asked, “Do you want to go in?” I had never been in one before, so I said okay. The cashier told us that we couldn’t take the dildo in with us so he said we could pick it up on the counter when we come back out.

With our 10 dollars in coins, we made our way through the narrow, dark hallways. I couldn’t help but think that it was very creepy. We went to the booth farthest away from the entrance and put in a few coins. Some straight porn came on as soon as the first coin fell in. We began to change the channels and found that there were 2 gay channels, playing basically the same thing: two skinny guys in their mid-20s to 30s. That’s not my style at all, but there was nothing better to choose from.

I turned around to give my bear a kiss and felt his bulge. He was getting hard… and so was I. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to reveal his growing cock. I slowly let it enter my mouth and pulled his foreskin forward. With my tongue I licked in between his foreskin and the head of his dick in circular motions. He always loves this little pleasure that circumcised guys like me will never get to experience.

It was at this point that I noticed that there were no doors on any of the booths. I’m sure the owners decided to do that so people wouldn’t be doing exactly what we were doing now. The lack of doors didn’t stop us, but I was starting to wonder if any creepy guys would come around the corner and watch us. I should have known that eventually they would find us.

I continued to suck on Johnny’s uncut cock until he grabbed underneath my elbows to raise me back up to a standing position. He whispered in my ear, “Let me lick your ass.” Up until this point my pants were still on, zipped, and buttoned. I turned around and revealed my ass to my bear. I heard him say, “Oh, God,” as he knelt down and shoved his face between my cheeks. He started slow, just barely touching my hole with his tongue, and as he got more excited, he pushed his tongue farther into me. My ass and his face were all wet with his spit and that got me wanting more. I knew he wanted more, too, with his cock sticking straight out of his unzipped pants. I kissed him and smelled the musky scent of my ass on his mouth.

Bent over once again, I spread my ass for my Johnny bear to penetrate my hole. I put my hands on both sides of the TV that was placed inside the wall and noticed that someone had cum all over the screen. I decided that it was better to just touch my toes, instead, finding that the floor was even more coated with dried cum and dirt. The conditions of the booth were not too overwhelming to make me not want to get fucked, though. Johnny plunged his cock into my ass and started thrusting. I pulled his pants, which were currently held tight around his thighs because of his wide stance, down to his ankles and unbuttoned his shirt. Johnny is such a handsome bear. His chest and belly are covered in light brown fur with a little bit of gray at his chest. He’s so sexy. Johnny was pumping his dick into my ass and groaning with every push. I let a few moans out, but tried to keep quiet. It was too late, though, and it seemed like we had attracted an audience. I could see that there were two shadowy men standing right behind Johnny, getting a good look at our fucking. I didn’t know if they thought it was a line for me or what, but neither of us was going to let them touch me. Johnnie kept shoving his hard dick into my ass, ignoring the people watching from behind. He started bucking and shot his load inside me, letting out a few more grunts and squeaks that pretty much always come out on their own when a man orgasms. Johnny filled my ass with his cum and now I was ready to cum, too. He got down and I only needed to stroke my cock a few times before it was shooting down his throat.

Now that he was not blocking the exit to the booth, I could clearly see the men watching us. There was one standing directly behind us and another looking around the corner from the hall. I was a little scared at this point, but I knew that Johnny could take them if they started anything. We were finished and had pants back on, but neither of the men left. I thought to myself, “Okay! Show’s over!”

Johnny held on to my hand and we walked out of the booth, past the two men. The one that was standing right behind us said something to the effect of, “A live show is better than a video any day.” We got back into the narrow hallway to find that there were at least 5 more guys standing outside our booth. They must not have known that Johnny and I came in together and were leaving together. Back in the light of the book store, we grabbed our double dong and left. Johnny put all of our extra coins (which were probably close to 7 dollars-worth) on the counter and walked out. It was a scary, but exhilarating fuck.

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