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By prozac4me2

submitted September 25, 2008

Categories: Family Fun

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My sister had married a total hot guy, large frame, square build but wide shoulders and chest, dark hair and eyes and ruggedly handsome face. I could tell just from the mound in his pants that he must be hung like a horse but even if not I would have jumped at a chance to have him.

My sis was picking up some things to take back to her place and I would be alone when she left and I had already planned on lying on a float naked in the pool having some hot fun with myself when she left. We lived in a secluded area and naked fun in the pool was had often when I was alone.

She got her stuff and put in the car and as she is leaving she is on the porch saying, "All right Alex I’m off I have a lot of unpacking to do so I am gonna send Travis over for the heavy stuff okay?"

As I am saying, “Sure, no problem…” in my mind I am already working on how I can do something. So I say as she is getting in the car, “Will he be coming soon?”

"Yeah, he will be in about half hour I guess,"

“Ahh okay, do you think he can stay for a little while, or does he have to get right back? “

"Nah he can visit if you want for a while; I got more than enough to keep me busy" ok talk to you tomorrow just send Travis on over maybe for a swim, "Okay will do." She pulls out and I begin my plan which I’m making up as I go along actually.

My small frame was for sure boy, but had its "sweet" spots like my ass was small and round and for the most part, very cute. I am hairless except for pits and pubes which are light color and almost transparent but I have a large dick for such a small guy which I’m very happy about.

10 minutes later I’m at the pool;, I take off my shorts and get on the float on my tummy positioning myself to make my ass look its best in my mind, I listen for his arrival wanting to make sure when he comes through the gate I will be positioned showing him my best side.

I hear his truck pull up, I pretend to be unaware but using my fingers on the side of the pool I make myself float so that my back is to the gate but not straight on just slightly sideways, fully naked.

I hear his footsteps but hold my position; I hear the gate clank only partially as if it was half done, then he tried to subdue the noise. I lay there pretending to not know he was watching. As a moment passed with no noise I think he must like what he sees. So I with my eyes closed I turn on the float slow and making it seem like I’m just hanging out in the pool alone. I turn over letting my semi-hard dick be fully exposed it lays heavy on my leg; I adjust it, giving it a good tug and placing it sideways. I peek through my eyelids only enough to see if he is there and he is watching.

A few moments of this I hear him stir, he walks over to the pool and clears his throat, I open my eyes and try to seem shocked. 'OHHH, hi Travis, didn't know you would be here this fast."

With a chuckle he says, "Apparently…" I slide off the float in the shallow end and stand waist deep with my dick floating in the water, pretending nothing is wrong. In my mind I’m thinking I will just act like it’s nothing to be naked around him. So we do the idle chit chat, "So you come to get the other stuff?”

"Yeah might as well get it done today."

"Well do you have to go back now or can you stay for a swim?"

“Ummmm, I could stay for a bit I guess, no rush to get back.”

“Good want to get the stuff first then swim?"

"Yeah I think that would be best."

“Okay, I’ll help you.”

I come out of the pool and not even try to hide anything; I notice he doesn't look away his eyes stay on me the entire time. I grab a towel and dry off not covering anything; just holding the towel in a ball and rubbing it around and up and down quickly. "Come on we can do this in two minutes, then get back to the pool."

I take off naked to the house, he follows, I go right to the boxes like it’s completely normal for me to be naked. He follows with a bewildered grin on his face. We take the stuff and go to his truck and put it in the back. "Okay Travis, let’s go get wet.” I almost Cackle as I half run in a trot back to the pool gates. He watches and then starts to follow.

We go to the pool and I go right in the water and get on the float sitting up on it, as I spin in the water he just stands on the side. “Come on Traivs, get wet…” as I splash some water in his direction.

"I don't have a suit, didn't know I would need one.”

I smile like an idiot at him and say, “Duh man…you don't need a suit.” I can see his color change a little and the smile never leaves his face his head drops a little and he mutters "Ummm, you sure your parents or anyone won't be home?”

"No man they are 3 hours away and no one else to come, so don't worry about it just get naked and get wet.”

With hesitation, he starts to strip, looking around to see if anyone is close and he sees nothing but woods and house. Down come the pants, off the shirt and he is in his underwear and starts to get in, "Ahh come on man, don't wear those" he stars at me a moment then steps back up and off come the underwear, he faces me and I see his HUGE dick and balls swinging in front of him as he pushes his hips out slightly with his hands on his hips, I can't help it my mouth drops open and I without even thinking about it say "Dammnnnnn dudeeeeee,, awesomeee".

He smiles proudly and gets in the water, on purpose now I keep drawing attention to it looking down at it floating on the water from him being so tall as to make his nuts about water level in the shallow part. "Dude you got the STUFF man, wow!”

“Yeah, yo sis thinks so too" he chuckles.

"Lucky girl, mmmp mmp mmmmmm" he walks over to my float and grabs it and steadies it from the side, only inches between his body and mine, my dick growing on its own standing up off my leg slightly now. "You tell your sister everything you do?"

“Not at all dude" I smile, “You… ummm, you seem to like my , umm stuff as you put it" I come off the float right beside him I look up in his beautiful eyes as I bend my knees going down in the pool watching him as I find his cock and take it in my mouth,, approval on his face as he rocks his head back and closes his eyes and pushes his cock toward me. I take his massive cock in as deep as I can, smelling his sweaty musk mix with the chemicals of the pool. I taste him as I glide the front half of his cock in my mouth tightly. He groans a little and I take more of him.

"Dude you give better head than your sister,” he grunts. I let him out long enough to say, “I takes a man to really please a man.” Then I pop him right back in sucking him in deep.

“Ain’t it the truth,” he groans a little.

We move to the steps and he sits leaning back his dick so long it actually arches a little under its own weight coming upward out of his body but bending from gravity in the mid section and the huge head pointing almost level to the pool. I get between his knees and go down on him again, my own dick throbbing. As I suck with conviction he groans and moans and licks his lips finally after many minutes of it he leans up "Dude, you take it up the bum?" a hopeful look on his face.

"Hell yeah dude I take it up the ass for sure.

He gets up and I get out of the water we walk over to a table that’s made of wood and very sturdy. He leans me forward on the table, my feet still on the ground but my body bent and my hands supporting my weight on the table. He gets behind me and I feel his hands on my ass cheeks. A finger tip explores my anus, finding my hole and feeling around it.

I turn a bit and whisper "Dude, I’m a precum fountain, use it for lube.”

He reaches between my legs and milks my dick getting a huge glob of clear liquid. Going back to my hole he rubs it then inserts a finger, I tighten on his advance but he persists and pushes in, "Little bro you got one tight hole here"

“Yeah, it’s cool man, I’ve been fucked by a few guys, but it just tightens back up later.”

He milks my dick again and rubs it on his cockhead, I assume the position and brace myself, I know from experience that first entry hurts like hell but you got to be a man and buck up and take it. I feel his dick touch my hole and he grabs my hips and without hesitation or mercy he plows into my tight ass with his absolutely huge dick. I scream out for him to stop but it’s like he is another person all of a sudden, his hand slams into my back and pushes me hard down on the table.

“Shut up you fuckin’ little whore!” I grunt and groan as he pushes me hard against the table; his cock out of me at the moment but my ass puckering and pulsating from the first invasion.

He roughly kicks my legs back apart, still holding me down with one hand his other hand guides his cock to my hole again and he shoves hard. I cry out again for him to stop but he laughs as he drives into me. Both hands now hold me down and he pulls back completely out of me and drives back in as far as he can, he grunts and I cry out as he rapes my ass. He drives in deep and holds it lays down on me and with a smirk in his voice says, “Like it don’t ya bitch; you like that big cock in your little ass don’t ya…”

I groan out a no and he laughs and starts to fuck hard and says, “Yeah ya do; you know ya do you little slut.” He then holds me by my hips so tight I know his fingers will leave bruises; he pulls me hard against him with each thrust, his massive cock bottoming out in me I feel it hitting me deep inside, sometimes pulling all the way out just long enough for my hole to pinch closed then driving it back in hard with a little laugh each time as my body stiffens and I grunt with the pain.

I always had fantasies about being raped, but it was much rougher than I thought it would be. My mind wonders as he continues. I think of how I used to jack off thinking of getting gang banged by the football team but now I see I might not have liked it as much as I think. His cock swells and pulsates even more and he grunts and moans as he drives into me and stops and I feel him quiver and then a squirt of hot liquid hits whatever his cockhead is pressed against inside me. Another thrust and the same thing, five times he shoots deep inside me.

As he cums his hands dig into me so hard it takes my mind off the pain in my ass. As he finishes his grip loosens. His body goes softer and his cock softens a little and he slowly withdraws, it seems to take forever for his dick to inch its way out of me.

As he slowly moves away from me I start to get up. I turn and look at him and he immediately says, “Oh fuck, Alex. I’m sorry man; I’m really sorry I just did that to you, but Man I got this problem; I just lose control and I just fuck and fuck until I cum. Then I realize how hard I have been on whoever I’m with and man I wouldn't have hurt ya on purpose I swear Alex I’m really, really sorry…”

I listen and watch as he apologizes and I see his is being sincere and I got a big soft spot for guys like him anyway so I immediately forgive his roughness. "Travs,"

"Yeah Alex if you will suck my dick and let me watch you swallow my cum then we are cool.”

"Okay Alex, no problem dude,” he goes down on his knees and takes my still hard dick in his mouth and starts to give it the best blow job it ever had, rolling it around, cupping it with his tongue, sucking on it just enough to make it almost hurt then softly. within moments I was cumming and his beautiful dark eyes were looking up at me as he swallowed my jizz, huge load, I always cum a lot, but this was a even bigger than normal one, at least 7 good shots then 4 small ones.

I finish and he slides me out never breaking eye contact with me he stands and takes a deep breath, wipes his mouth with his hand. "We okay Alex?"

“Yeah we're okay Travis; just one thing…”


“You do not tell my sister about this.”

“Oh…hell no man I never would!”

“Ummm, you won’t tell will ya Alex…anyone!”

“No, but you know this is our little secret and well, it’s not going to happen only this one time,"

“What? What do you mean?”

“What I mean is you and I are gonna be very close, do some things together that make it so we are alone together; get it Travis? I want it again.”

"You do even after the way I lose control and well... I know I’m big and all, so I know it’s got to hurt, but I can’t control it.” "Travis, stop… you idiot, I liked it, I want it, again, and again; I am your little bitch slut now, you can fuck my sister every night just remember to make room for me now and then.”

A huge smile came to his face "You really mean that; you really like it?”

Yes Travis, I love being roughed up.”

A huge smile on his face as he shakes his head and points a finger at me and says, “Damn dude I knew; I knew there was a reason I liked you, but I couldn't put my finger on it." He laughed and that made me start to laugh and we both went in and cleaned up and got our clothes on just in time for my sister to come pulling in to get Travis because she needed some help with something.

Now I know why she was so head over heels in love with him; about two weeks after they started dating. I suspect she likes hot guys with huge dicks that get rough with her--just like her little brother!.

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