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Straight Buddy Screws Me in the Basement

By seattlecock

submitted October 18, 2008

Categories: Best Friends, Friends, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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The flight seemed to last forever, but now I was finally settled into my buddy’s home. I had flown from Seattle to Oakland, California to spend some time with my old friend and his family. It had been nearly 3 years since we last saw each other.

Now, I was sitting in a lazy-boy in his “lair”. This was his private space in the basement where he could go to get away from the family and also, where he would be sent when they wanted to be rid of him for a while. It was not a marriage based on respect. Apparently, he spent a lot of time down here as it was practically a separate residence. The only thing it was missing was a bed, but the couch appeared to have had it share of nights doubling as a bed.

We settled in for an old fashioned bull session like we used to have. While we talked, I sat back and watched as he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his jeans, not even seeming to be aware that I was watching him intently. When we were roommates, who seemed like a lifetime ago, he would frequently undress in front of me as he changed into his lounge wear. I always enjoyed watching as he’d pull down his zipper or snap open the fly of his 501’s.

There was something about that act that I always found extra exciting. Now, as he did then, he wore striped boxer shorts. Often, the fly would pop open and I could catch a glimpse of the side of his cock. As if on cue, the fly popped open as he slightly bent and twisted to pick up a pair of sweats. The limp shaft of his cock resting against his large, crimson colored balls was in plain view through the open fly. Time moved slowly as I reached out and slipped the tip of my index finger into the loosened fly. I gently ran my finger down his shaft and softly encircled the tip. His cock quickly throbbed as I pulled my finger out of his boxers and sat back, smiling broadly. Holding his unfolded sweats at arm’s length, Teal turned his head, showing a look of shock on his face. He looked at me while I beamed back at him. “Some things never change, huh,” I offered. He continued to look at me and then dropped his sweats. He now fully turned to face me, standing there in his blue t-shirt and striped boxers. The fly of his boxers was openly splayed, his cock raising to attention and pointing straight at my face. My eyes were glued to his crotch. His voice was low and quiet, but commanding as I heard him say, “Actually, some things do. Why don’t you wrap those soft, wet, cock-sucking lips around my prick?”

I looked up at him and the lust that I saw in his eyes was something I had never seen in him, at least not with me as his object of desire. I reached out and freed his cock from the tent it had created in his boxers. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and gently pulled him to me. I felt Teal’s hands rest on my head as I swathed the head of his cock with my lips. Teal gently pulled my head onto the shaft of his cock, the head coming to rest at the back of my throat. A quiet moan rattled from his throat as I applied suction to the wonderful phallus filling my mouth. Teal, being straight, never allowed me to serve him like this before. I expertly sucked up and down his shaft, tickling the head of his cock with my tongue. Quiet exclamations of pleasure kept pouring from him while I blew him. Teal slowly pumped his hips into my face, driving his cock deep into the back of my mouth.

Teal then pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth, and grabbing me by the shoulders, pulled me up to stand in front of him. He pulled me to him and placed his lips on mine. We kissed passionately, his tongue filling my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and felt his hard cock pressing up against my groin as I wrapped my arms around him. Teal’s hands rubbed up and down my back and came to rest on my ass. He cupped my ass cheeks and pulled me even harder into him, grinding our groins together. The touch of his naked prick against my denim clad rod sent waves of electricity up and down my body. I pulled my mouth off of his tongue and licked up his jaw line to his ear. I whispered into his ear, “Fuck me man, I want to feel you deep inside me.” Teal replied with, “Yeah, I want to give my cock to you. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your faggot ass.”

We separated. I pulled my shirt off and ripped open the button fly of my 501’s. Teal bent over and opened a door in the small table next to the lazy-boy. He retrieved a large jar of Vaseline and opened it up, placing it on top of the table. He quickly pulled his boxers off, telling me to turn around and drop my pants. I did as I was told. I felt Teal position himself behind me, his hands strongly grabbing my hips and the fat head of his cock rubbing against the crack of my ass. He retrieved a glob of Vaseline from the jar and applied it to my quivering hole. I felt a finger slide inside of me, rubbing the walls of my tight anus. A second and third finger followed and Teal began to finger fuck my hole, loosening me for the impending rod that will soon fill me. I turned my head to see that Teal was scooping another blob of grease. I could hear the sounds of him lubricating his cock behind me. Teal pushed me forward, forcing me to lean against the wall in front of me with my ass slightly jutting out. Quickly I felt the burn of his cock sliding deeply into me. Teal had drove into me quickly and came to rest with seven fat inches inside of me. I quickly adjusted to the length and breadth of his rod and after a moment, felt him start pumping in and out of me. I was filled with exquisite fire as Teal drove himself into me while holding my hips.

Teal grunted quietly as he drove himself up my chute. I found myself riding back onto him as he drove forward into me. With a divergent rhythm, Teal explored my insides with his cock. After a few minutes of exploration, he returned to the steady pace of a good screwing. He grabbed my shoulders to hold me while he pitched in and out of my burning ass. My right hand moved down to start stroking my own rock-hard cock while I held myself up against the wall with the left. I wanted to cry out with pleasure, but was cognizant that we needed to be somewhat quiet so as not to bring the attention of his wife and daughter upstairs. I panted as Teal began to fuck me harder and faster, his cock throbbing inside my guts. With a few more thrusts I felt Teal slam himself against my ass, driving all 8 inches of his cock deep inside me. He held himself there and my own cock throbbed to painful extension as I jerked myself off. I could feel his cock throb and the first shot of his hot cum erupted into my ass. This sent my own cock over the edge and a long stream of cum flew out my cockhead and splattered against the wall in front of me. With six hard and rapid thrusts, Teal dumped his whole load into me, huffing his orgasm into my ear with each pump. Teal bit down on my neck as I continued to pound on my squirting cock. Teal slowed his pumping to full in and out thrusts in my ass as I quivered with orgasm.

Teal pulled his now softening cock out of me as I fell forward to fully lean on the wall. I could feel Teal’s strong hands wrap around my chest as he nestled himself against me. He then pulled me backwards, so that I leaned against his chest. His right hand traveled down my chest and came to rest on my slick and soft cock. He wrapped his hand tightly around it, holding me securely against him. “Fuck, you got a really wonderful ass, buddy. I wanna fuck you again.” He slowly masturbated my slimy cock as he ground his own cock against my ass. Neither of our cocks responded as they had just blown their loads and needed time to build up again. I turned and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him gently on the lips. We held each other as our bodies glowed in the aftermath of our screwing. After a few minutes of holding and caressing, we let go of each other. Teal picked up a towel that was on the ground next to the lazy-boy and wiped the Vaseline off of his cock. He reached out and wiped the cum off my cock and turned me around to wipe the grease and cum out of the crack of my ass. I kicked the jeans off as they had been trapped around my ankles. I dug in my bag for some sweats while Teal pulled on the sweats he had dropped to the floor earlier.

We lay on his tired couch, cuddling with me nestled half-way onto him while we watched TV and talked. I slowly stroked his cock through his sweats, feeling the naked shaft rubbing against the soft material while I pumped my own cock against his leg. Teal’s hands kept rubbing up and down my back, stroking my ass and slipping under my sweats to feel my naked cheeks. When he got hard again, I slipped my hand under the elastic band of his sweats and slowly stroked his fat cock. I stroked and played with his cock for nearly an hour. Later that night, after his wife and daughter had gone to sleep, we screwed again. His strong and calloused hands stroked my cock while I rode up and down on his throbbing rod. I blew my load all over his chin and chest while he forced his cum deep into my guts.

We fucked several more times over the next few days. Each day, Teal would take me somewhere so we could be alone together. One day it was fishing up in the mountains where we fucked like rabbits on a blanket in the woods. My legs were wrapped around his hips while he pounded me forcefully as he blathered filthy rants about loving my tight faggot ass. Another day I rented a motel room in a seedy part of town. Teal fucked me 3 times that day. Neither of us held back as we grunted and groaned loudly for any and all to hear. Several times I sucked him off while he drove us to our destination for the day, and it didn’t matter if we were on a country road or rolling down the boulevard in town.

We tried every position our perverted little minds could think of. I also taught Teal how to suck a cock, and of course, he was a natural at it. 69’ing became one of our favorite positions. Even though we stroked and sucked each other off, Teal was a confirmed top; always fucking me up the ass but never allowing me to show him this same pleasure. My final fuck on that vacation was in the restroom at the airport. I was taking a red-eye flight, so the airport was pretty empty. Teal pounded me roughly in a stall. I thought we were going to rip the pipes out of the wall as he screwed me, but they held while he dumped his load deep into my ass. Teal kissed me right before I entered the gate leading to the plane.

Once on the plane, I settled down and relived all the memories of the sex Teal and I shared over the past 5 days. I was exhausted but blissful as I felt his cum slithering out of my ass and into my shorts. It was a very nice plane ride home.

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