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My First Steam Bath Sex

By Bob_N_Head2

submitted October 22, 2008

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, Chance Encounters, First Time

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It was the early afternoon of the day after my birthday party and the peculiar taste of Alvin’s cum was still in my mouth. I had used Listerine and some other mouth washes but I finally realized that it was the essence of his love juice and not the actual organic elements that made it up that I tasted. Alvin had already gone back to duty at Camp Pendleton so another serving of cock soup from him was impossible.

I still had the porn magazine that I had found a few months before so I dug it out of the bottom drawer in my chest of drawers hoping a good jerking off would satisfy my wants. I only looked at a couple pictures when I found a picture story where this guy went to a steam bath and the pictures recounted all the exciting things he did while there.

“Hot Damn!” I exclaimed out loud. I knew that there was a couple steam baths in the bigger city that was near where my Mother and I live and I decided to visit one that very day. Remembering how Alvin carried a supply of necessary articles for a good sex party with him, I took my older but still sharp Mustang car and spent some time in WalMart where I found KY, super size condoms and I even bought one package of regular size condoms in case I had the urge to learn to be fucked. That last experience I was hoping to allow Alvin to be my instructor but who knows what happens when passions are racing in a guy’s head?

I called my Mother and told her I was going to a movie in the city with some friends from school and I might stay over if I got an invite. I occasionally had stayed overnight with a couple different guys but always slept on the couch and no hint of anything sexual.

When I was younger, I heard that eating raw eggs would make masturbation better so I tried it and found it was somewhat better. I went to a small market and bought a dozen fresh eggs and a quart of chocolate milk. By the time I had ingested the dozen eggs, I was feeling full so I skipped eating dinner at my favorite fast food place.

I had no idea how to go about going to the steam bath house which I had heard of in church when a guy in the choir with me told me it was a bad place. This guy, his name is Arty, said he heard that men make love to men there and he was against it. Finally I decided to just go to the place, walk it and ask how much to stay for the night.

I very nearly chickened out at the last minute but I followed the above plan and, after paying out a fairly large amount of money, I had a key to a room and a nice white towel.

The room was on the second floor. It was small and only a single mattress on a wooden platform and a full length mirror and a shelf to put my personal stuff on. Oh, I left my watch, rings, car keys and other valuables with the clerk and got another key for the strong box or drawer the clerk put my stuff in. I had a hook to hang my clothes on and there were several signs warning of the AIDS epidemic going around. The signs made me think for a moment. I decided to play safe only; I had a condom stuck in my towel. There was a clock in the hallway to the showers and I saw I had started my big adventure at 5:30 PM on the dot. I looked about and only saw some men who I guess were at best, middle-aged and somehow they did not really appeal to me at that time of the evening.

My first stop was in the showers where I was alone. In a minute a man came in and turned on the hot water and seemed intent on cleaning up his swollen cock so I thought he had been fucking some guy. The thought made my cock pop up so I had to turn away as I did not want the man to think I was interested in him. I was enjoying the shower and the man left with a clean but soft and shriveled up penis. Before I finished my shower another man came in and spent his time leaning against the wall examining me from head to toes and stroking his small cock. I ignored him the best I could and soon turned off the shower and left.

When I had dried off I went into a room where there were several benches and four beds. On one bed there was a very fat man sound asleep, his little cock looking even smaller on account of his enormous ass. On the other occupied bed there was a man in his fifties or sixties trying to get his cock hard. I left that room.

I went to a room where the steam jets were and found two men laying on a tile bench and one was sucking other guy’s semi-hard cock and not really seeming to enjoy doing it When they saw me watching the show they got up and left..

Upstairs I found a room where a male porno was playing and no one was watching. All male porno’s being new to me, I stopped and watched. Finally, I saw a guy in his twenties come in and he sat down to watch the movie and he began to play with a decent size cock. I watched the newcomer for a few minutes and I let him see my hard prick. The e guy did not ask me for permission but he took a hold of my boner and began to suck on it and moan in pleasure. Now, being young, I can cum easily three times in one night and sometimes four but I was not ready to get sucked off. I let the guy continue to suck on my cock, but I knew I would not cum for him and then finally the guy jerked himself off and muttered, “Thanks,” and left.

In the hallway I saw it was now close to 6:30 PM and I was thinking the whole thing was a bust. I went into the dry sauna and sat on my towel while I watched a young black guy laying on a bench and moving his big black soft cock about from one leg to the other.

“You want to suck on this? Dude,” the black guy asked me as if he had asked fifty already and was willing to let anyone have it now.

“No. Thanks.” I replied. The black guy acted like he expected that answer so I added, “Never can tell. Maybe later,” That seemed to make the black guy very friendly and he started telling me how many time he had been sucked off in this bath house and why the one in the other end of town was better. I listened and learned a little about the way I should be acting in this place. Without thinking, I let my towel drop and when the black guy saw my cock his eyes snapped open.

“Hey, Dude.” My ebony friend remarked, “I bet you could pound my tonsils with that white monster.” I smiled but said nothing. “Iffen I sucks it, will you fuck my black ass until I shoots off?” I just smiled and repeated my last words with the anxious young man and he said, “I’ll sure be awatching for you in the orrgee room.” Since at that time I did not know what an orgy room was, I kept on smiling. I gave a few minutes thought to perhaps letting this guy give me oral service on my joy rod but before I could tell him to start sucking, he got up and left me alone again.

I realized that I had been concealing my manhood from possibly interested eyes and I needed to advertise my equipment to get into action. While I was contemplating what to do, I thought that I really had not decided just what I hope to have happen. Did I want a guy to suck me off like Kenny had done or did I want to practice cock sucking on my own? Was the possibility of fucking a guy like I had fucked Alvin in my plans or did I want to experience the effects of being fucked and feel what Alvin had seemed to enjoy when I had been pumping my dick into the warm hole he offered me? I realized that if any of this was to happen I would have to be bolder and not embarrassed by being naked in front of strangers who were being naked in front of me.

My introspection thoughts were interrupted when a guy about my age entered the hot room and when he removed his towel to sit down I saw he had a semi-swollen six inch cut piece of tasty looking meat between his legs. I dropped my towel and opened my legs for the new guy’s view.

“Wow!” the new boy exclaimed. “That is one fine looking cock, Man.” I smiled and I felt a hand gently caressing my awakening prick. “Can I suck it, Fella?” the guy asked and when I nodded in agreement, the boy bent over my lap and engulfed my willing penis into a very nice mouth. There was a period of time when I leaned back on my bench and found pleasure in being serviced.

“You are a great cocksucker,” I felt I should say and the guy looked up at me and smiled and then returned to the activity he obviously enjoyed.

“Do you want to go to my room so I can really take care of you?” the young man asked after maybe three or four minutes. When I agreed, we got up and, after covering up our erect cocks, I followed my new friend to his room. “Will you stand here while I suck you on my knees?” the boy asked and then he dropped to his knees as if I had told him it would be okay. “That has to be the best cock I have ever had in my mouth!” the young cocksucker exclaimed after giving me a tongue bath on my cock, my balls, and the inner part of my thighs. I was feeling really good and was entertaining the thought that I would return the favor by sucking on my sucker’s attractive prick.

I felt the boy’s hands turning me halfway around and then his face pressed between my ass cheeks and his probing tongue was trying to enter my anal opening. This was a new and exciting feeling as I knew that oral attention to my ass hole was much more personal than sucking my cock. To help my attendant, I reached back and spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could as the boy nibbled lightly on my puckered ass opening.

“My name is Allan,.” my new friend declared and I responded by telling him my name. “I sure like being here with you, Bob.” the young cock sucker stated “I would sure like to be your slave if you want one.”

“I am new to this stuff, Allan,” I replied. “What do you mean about being my slave?” I went on to question the boy.

“Oh, I thought you were a top,” Allan went on. “I like masculine guys like you rule me and use me like the submissive person I am.” I must have looked like I did not fully understand the offer the boy had made so he went on, still on his knees but by then I had turned around again and he was also caressing my hard love tool. “I have a condo and you could come see me anytime you wanted sex. You could even bring a friend or some friends and order me to service them also. If I don’t act right, I would expect you to whip me with your belt or maybe torture me by sticking toys up my ass. In other words, Bob, I would be your personal cum dump to do with me as you want.”

To say I was surprised at what I had just heard would be understating my thoughts. “Gee, Allan,” I said, “I guess I am too new in this gay stuff but I don’t think I could or would be what you want. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but what you ask is to strange for me to want to get into.” Allan looked disappointed and got up and sat on his bed. “I had a master but he was a Marine and he got sent to Iraq and then he is going to go home to Ohio so I need a new one. My last master used to bring guys from his platoon and make me suck them or let them fuck me and I was happy with that.” The boy was silent for a few minutes and then he spoke up, “Maybe I should look around to see if I can find a guy who will be my master. Sorry I didn’t suck you off but I thought you were just what I was looking for.” We both accepted the fact that our session was over and I left the room after wishing Allan luck in his search.

Back in the mainstream as it was of the steam bath, I went into the room I had seen when I had just got to the baths. Now the room was busy with maybe eight or ten guys in the nude and a couple were paired off in sexual activities. In one corner, a man with a beer gut was sucking on a man who was in his sixties at least. A few steps away, my black friend from the sauna was fucking an older man who was cupping his breasts with his hands as he bent over to receive the young black cock in his ass. Both of these two couples were looking pleased with themselves and oblivious of the rest of us in the room. A Mexican man near the age of my Uncle Jim, came up to me and played with my cock for a few minutes but became discouraged at my lack of reaction and he left to grope another man nearby.

Mainly, the other men in the room were either talking to each other or groping each other. I watched the action for awhile but there was no attraction there for me. I went upstairs to walk around and I found another video room showing male porn so I sat down for awhile to watch. While I was playing with my hard cock under my towel, Allan looked into the room and completely ignored me as he left to continue his search for the master he felt he needed.

After a short time, the room became full of young guys my age who were speaking Spanish. I asked one guy who sat down next to me while showing off a medium size semi-hard cock that was dark colored who all these guys were. In good English he replied, “We are in the University in Mexico. That is Mexico City. We are on a tour and there are maybe ten of us who were told to come to this steam bath house by friends at home.” For a few moments the Mexican boy watched the film on the TV monitor and then he turned to me and speaking quietly he asked, “Would you give me service? I like to have my tool sucked.”

Here was a stranger who I would never see again if I found I did not like to suck cock and he was also a handsome boy with attractive equipment to practice on. I told him to follow me to my room and I lead him there. “I am not very good at sucking cock,” I told my guest. “I have only done it one time and that was very fast.” I reached for his prick as Allan had done for me and he smiled as he extended his groin to help me fondle him.

“I desire for you to put me in your mouth,” the Mexican boy said slowly, “But I must tell you I have not the desire to put you in my mouth.” Since this was to be my practice session I saw no reason to change the way things were going. “My nombre is Luis,” the Mexican visitor stated so I told him my name also. We stripped naked and I dropped to my knees.

“Have you had many men give you service, Luis?” I asked trying to follow the same syntax the boy used when the asked me to suck his cock.

“Oh, yes, Bob,” Luis replied. “I think when a man is young and not ugly he has many how do you say it…oopportunatties to be served by men with wants to suck pingos.” As the boy spoke, I pushed back his foreskin and his pink knob was revealed.

“I hope I do this right,” I said.

“You will, I think.” Luis replied.

I was holding Luis’s cock close to my mouth and the boy put his hands behind my head/ I shut my eyes as Luis pulled me towards him and his hard black cock slipped between my lips. While there was little taste, the thrill of having another man’s penis in my mouth was exciting. After opening my eyes, I tried all the tricks that Allan had used a short time before and Luis was moaning in pleasure.

“Si, Si.” Luis was saying. “You suck muy bueno! It was good for me I found you.” The boy began to fuck my mouth with short fast strokes. I began to use my hands to feel the Mexican boy’s lower body, his balls, and his bubble of firm mounds that was his buttocks. My index finger found his ass crack and I felt the short wiry hairs near his small tight ass hole. I stroked his puckered hole and he relaxed it enough so I soon had one knuckle inside of his love tunnel. “Si, Bob.” Luis said with a slight panting in his voice, “You may give my black hole a beso…I mean a kiss.” Luis removed his cock from my mouth and turned around as I had done for Allan. There, for my attention I saw, in a nest of course short black hairs,, his anal opening.

“I have never done this before,” I told Luis as I spread his buttocks apart to get a better look at his asshole.

“I think you will desire to beso mi culo, Bob. Many men like you have done it and I think it is very exciting.” Luis said as he pushed his butt closer to my face. I felt that I had encouraged this new thing by fingering his hole and now I was trapped.

I have found that when I am to do something that at one time I would have found repulsive, I shut my eyes and then do it blindly. Do any of you have that odd habit?

With my eyes shut and my tongue out I closed the distance between me and Luis’s ass opening and when I felt my tongue on hot flesh I opened my eyes and began to lick and suck the hole and I planted kiss after kiss on my target.

“Oh! Bob mi amigo, you are making me so muy caliente. I feel so hot in my culo with your kisses. Por favor do it mas.” Luis was mixing English and Spanish in his excited state of mind. The Mexican boy bent over further and I thought he wanted get his asshole in a better position but then I felt his hand join my hand on my hard cock. I removed my hand and let the boy have sole control of my love stick.

I continued my kisses on his hole but then I made my tongue stiff as I could and tried to force it into that tight hole. Luis was moaning louder and I could hear my own sounds coming from my throat like an animal that was eating a freshly killed prey.

“Bob,” Luis suddenly cried out, “You must enter me with this beautiful prick. This bonito fuck tool.” I was surprised but willing and when the boy added, “Mi Amigo, I want you to take my virginidad.” I knew I wanted to fuck the boy as much as he wanted it. When I asked him if he meant he had never been fucked before the told me that was indeed the case but he had had dreams and now he wanted the real thing. “But you must not tell my friends if you meet one as I will soon be married to my amore.” I told him his secret would be safe forever with me.

We got up on the bed. I suggested that maybe Luis would like also to suck on my cock before I used it to enter his sexy asshole but he said he was not interested in doing that. I took some KY and used a generous amount to lubricate the tight pucker of his fuck hole. When I started to put a condom on my cock, Luis surprised me by saying he was sure I was clean and he assured me he was clean. When I put the condom back into my box of rubbers, Luis told me that he wanted me in him without a condom as he would think that I thought he was infected if I insisted on being protected. I accepted his statement and I arranged my intended fuckee on his hands and knees.

I soon realized I should have waited to use the KY on Luis’s ass until I was ready to do the penetration as I wanted to tongue the boy‘s ass some more and I did not like the KY on my tongue.

With Luis urging me to continue, I lined up my cock to his love hole and slowly pushed my way in. I have to say that Luis pushed back and the entry was done without too much difficulty. I had an urge to sink the entire ten inches up the hot Mexican fuck tube but I only used the same six inches I had used on Alvin. It was enough as Luis was soon doing most of the movement on my dick by fucking himself.

“Remember, my friend,” I told Luis, “I want to suck your cock so don‘t make yourself cum.” The boy indicated that he was in agreement so he slowed down and after maybe ten minutes I could see the entire ten inches of fuck meat was up the boy‘s ass. “Let me know when you want my cum to fill your guts,” I told my friend from Mexico City and he understood.

We did it dog fashion for like ten minutes and then Luis said he wanted me to fuck him face to face like he was my girl friend. I did not tell the boy I did not have a girlfriend but I helped him turn over so his knees were up to his chest and his pleasure hole was right where it should be for a good fucking. We did it that way for awhile until I got the urge to kiss the boy’s handsome face with lips that begged for love.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard now!” Luis commanded after a long and passionate French kiss and I obeyed with pleasure. I felt my nuts swell and cause a nervous reaction that I could not control and I shot five and maybe six ropy blasts of cum into the willing hole. I was still cumming when I pulled out of his ass and I bent down and took Luis‘s cock in my mouth and that set off a rush of hot cock soup that had a definite Mexican flavor..

Something we had been doing made us both sleepy and I collapsed on Luis’ stomach for three or four minutes.

“Thank you, Bob,” Luis said as we separated and stood up. “I must get back to my friends now. This will always be in my memory of when I was loved like any girl would give her all to be loved.”

“And you must always remember the boy who gave you his first full blowing of your hot Latino love tool.” I said to Luis and on an impulse I pulled his face to mine and gave him a intense full tongue kiss. We were both weak in the knees as we walked back into the hallway.

“Oh, Luis,” one of his friends called to him as we went to the showers, “Did you fuck your friend good like only we Mexicans can?” The friend was laughing and had made a ring of his index finger and thumb. In the center he was poking his other index finger.

“Si, Ramon,” Luis answered with a laugh, “I fucked his so hard he has begged me to take him with me to Mexico.” To play along, I put my hand on my asshole and gave a look like I was in pain.

At the showers, we parted after Luis told me to remember him and I said I would for the rest of my life.

In the shower I made sure no one could see when I washed the KY and ass juice off my deflated fuck tool. After Luis, the rest of the guys had no attraction to me.

The Mexican group was leaving to go to their hotel while I was watching a movie in the reception area with my towel well concealing my endowment. As Luis walked by with his group of friends, he gave me a wave and a smile and I returned the parting sign. I think I will remember that boy for a long time at least.

I was now a complete cocksucker with cum in my stomach to prove it.

As I was going to the orgy room I saw a good looking guy in his twenties go in ahead of me. I liked the way his ass moved without swishing and I sought him out among the fifteen or more guys in various types of either watching others while jacking off or be the active participants in man to man sexual play.

My target had sat down on a bed and he let his towel open to reveal an average size cock in a semi-hard condition. At the moment every other guy was busy. No one in the room was having a conversation so I just got to my knees in front of my target and took his cock up so I could lick his balls and then I let his prick, now hard and throbbing, fill my mouth.

“Yeah, Kid,” you are a good cocksucker,” my man said and it made me feel good. I went all out on the juicy cock in my mouth and I noticed that several bodies had surrounded us. I heard guys in my audience commenting on my fellatio skills and someone was feeling my asshole with a greasy finger. The guy I was sucking let loose with four or five hot cum blasts against the back of my mouth and he left to go to the showers.

Another cock was slipped into my open mouth and I resumed where I had left off. That guy gave me his cum load and another guy took over. I kept a count of the first five guys but then there was someone trying to fuck me and I was preventing that while sucking more cocks. I would guess there were ten guys I made happy in that time period. I have no idea of how they looked as I only clearly saw my first target. When a thick black cock was at my lips, I had to get up and tell the guys I would be back after I got a 7-UP.

“Hey, Bob,” I heard one guy say, “I was next so let’s go to my room.” I looked carefully at the speaker and saw he was a classmate in my high school. “I never would have thought you were such a hungry cocksucker by the way you act in school,” my classmate laughed and I remembered his name is Hank but the last name I couldn’t think of.

Surprisingly I was not embarrassed by being recognized. Instead I reached down and felt Hank’s hard seven incher. “We can go to your room if you blow me too,” I told Hank and he said he was willing. In his room, Hank fell in love with my cock and it was ready to be sucked again. Most of the time I spent with my classmate, he was sucking me and I was jacking him. Finally, we got into a 69 and when I shot my cum in his throat he let a few dribbles of cum on my tongue. We parted good friends but we each then went our way in search of action.

With my asshole virginity still intact, I went back to the orgy room but the pickings were pretty awful. Getting ready to go home, I went into the shower and there was a guy there who had just arrived. He was facing the other wall and cleaning his ass hole. I turned on my shower and my companion turned around. We were both surprised when we saw each other.

The other man was Glenn Carter, the bachelor who lives across the alley behind our house.

“Damn, Bobby!,” Glenn exclaimed, “I have dreamed ten years of seeing you naked where I could put my hands on you. I never saw you here before.”

“I know it sounds made up, Glenn,” I replied, “but I got the hots for you at my birthday party and I‘ve been thinking of you every since.” I dropped to my knees and in the shower I sucked on Glenn‘s six and a half incher for a few minutes while he .told me I was a great cocksucker which I thought of as a compliment.

“I have a guy here tonight, Bob,” Glenn told me as he helped me stand up straight. As Glenn bent over to suck a few sucks on my cock, he finger fucked my ass. “That is a great cock you got, Bob. Let‘s get together in your work shed,” Glenn gave a little laugh and continued, “and this time there won’t be anyone peeking through that knot hole next to the fence.”

Leaving me with my mouth sagging in surprise, Glenn walked out to meet his friend and it took me a couple minutes to recover my composure so I could get dressed and head for home. It was 4:45 AM by the clock in the hallway.

Do you have any good bath house you can tell me about?

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I was at the private entrance to the club at seven o’clock although Kyle had told me to be there at eight. I wanted to get prepared for what I hoped would be an evening of carnal pleasures.In the room set aside for performing members, of all grades, I found some nice furniture and a large, maybe a 60 inch, television with a vcr and players for Cds and DVDs. A container of canned... read more

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I stood up as Tyrone finished his part of our oral sex session. I still had the job to do to swallow his copious cum load and, using the index finger on both hand, to wipe all the creamy sauce that had leaked out of my mouth back into my mouth for the full pleasure of Tyrone’s gift to me.“Gee, Mister Cocksucker,” Thurman spoke up after watching his brother’s fully first class job of... read more

A Visit to TJ, Baja Part 1,Coming home one night a few weeks ago, I got a call on my “red” cell phone and that call had to be from Uncle Clarence. He is the only one who has that number.“Bob, I hope I did not interrupt anything.” That was my uncle’s standard opening line on that phone. I made a quick analysis of his voice for if he was in a joking mood, I had some good joke answers... read more

After Raul and Hector had left the hotel, I went to the coffee shop and had a coffee and a roll. I asked the waitress where I would find the Maitre de of the dining room and she said he did not come to work until about six o’clock. I could not wait that long so I caught a cab at the foyer. In a few minutes I was again in downtown, TJ.What I wanted to see was not the housewives buying... read more

The Sheik Rules

Sep 14, 2011

The Sheik Rules Part 1.If you have read my recent story of “My Lucky Night At The Club,” you have been introduced to my Uncle Clarence. In that story, I did not elaborate about my uncle but I will tell you a little more here. Uncle Clarence is a promoter who has had a lot of success. His wife, my Aunt Jenifer, however is an invalid and not capable of having sex anymore. There are... read more

The Sheik Rules Part 2

Sep 14, 2011

The Sheik Rules. Part 2.I don’t know how he could do it. When Jim opened the door to Jeff’s room, we found Jim’s brother sound asleep, dressed only in an expensive set of boxer underwear.“Well, I think I told you how my brother controls his mind.” Jim remarked. “He can sleep like this knowing that he has a rough hour or so to go through with some big cocked guy and then a worst... read more

Last night, I was in Oceanside and I met a good looking guy in an ice cream place eating a big dish of ice cream. He told me his name is Josh and he is almost 19 years old. I could tell from his manner of speech that he was not well educated even before he told me he had joined the Marines in St. Louis after he left his uncle’s farm in the Ozarks. He informed me that he was taking some... read more

A Tale of Texas Ranch Hands Part 4.Once back on the floor of the big room, Tim and Ozzie hurried over to me to hear all the news of what had happened with Cousin Ronnie. I told them that he had suggested I service him like he was a stranger and so I had. The two both said they wished they could have watched me sucking off a cock as big as my own. I laughed. Tim and Ozzie drifted... read more

A Tale of Texas Ranch Hands Part 3.By the time we got to the private room, I found out that Ronnie was two and a half years older than me, was engaged to be married to the daughter of the richest man in the county and he wanted to tell me a secret.“Let me get comfortable, Bob,” Ronnie opened the conversation, “I don’t like to walk around naked as you are when I’m downstairs, but I... read more

A Tale of Texas Ranch Hands Part 2.“Should we shower first,” Ozzie asked as we three became stark naked in the bedroom of the little house. From the window, which was large and open to the sky, we could see for miles the rolling land of the ranch. The way the house was situated we had complete privacy even with the blinds open on that window.“Those eggs was not enough for me,” I... read more

A Tale of Texas Ranch Hands Part 1.We got home a couple days ago and I have been sleeping a lot since then.Since I last wrote a story, my Mother and I have been to visit some Texas relatives on one of the ranches the family owns. These were my mother’s family, the Normals. This one was a cattle ranch in the area of Dallas and Fort Worth but not close enough to drive to in less... read more

There is one saying that I can only say is true. Sex is where you find it.I suggest you read the four part story of “A Tale of Texas Ranchhands” to get the full meaning of this story today. This story starts, Sunday morning after that story being on Saturday down in Texas. I will assume you have.With the dawning sun only beginning to light my room at the ranch, I came suddenly... read more

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