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Zac Efron's Trailer and Me

By LandonCruise

submitted October 26, 2008

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy, Underwear Action

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After I saw the movie Hairspray, I knew I had found the newest member of my Top Five List. By that I mean the list of the top five male celebs I get to have sex with if given the opportunity. I knew the guy who was bumped for my newest crush Zac Efron, wasn't aware he was on my list so he wouldn't be offended if he was removed for a hotter, younger guy.

The day I was cast in the new Zac Efron film was the most thrilling day of my life. Thousands of guys auditioned to play his older brother and I thought I was just another face in the crowd. Thankfully the directors, and from what I heard, Zac himself saw something in me that landed me the role. This was going to be my first major motion picture so to say I was nervous was the understatement of the century. For the past few weeks, I had been feverishly memorizing every line of the script so I was prepared for my first day of shooting. My character was one of the main characters meaning I was going to be on set from the very first day until the director called "cut" for the very last time. The role required me to be in superior shape and I was positive I had done the right amount of work to exceed the director’s expectations. After all, there had been so many pictures of Zac shirtless or coming out of the gym looking ripped and I refused to look flabby when I stood next to him.

My plane landed at LAX and soon after I was greeted by my driver. He took my bags and escorted me to the Escalade that was waiting curbside for me. I climbed in the back enjoying all of the looks I was getting from all the curious passengers. The driver closed my door, climbed in the front seat and pulled away from the curb.

"Where are we headed?" I asked my driver who still had not told me his name.

"I was instructed to take you to the movie set and help you get situated in your trailer," he replied in a somber yet friendly tone.

"Great." I said as I leaned back into the soft leather seat. "I'm sorry what was your name?" I asked.

"Thomas sir," he replied as he looked at me in the rearview mirror.

"Good to meet you Thomas," I replied. "I appreciate you picking me up."

"My pleasure sir."

Thomas told me there were beverages in the built in fridge to me left and I was welcome to anything I wanted. I opened the fridge door and grabbed a bottle of water without looking at the other drinks. My mouth was dry from my nerves so I chugged the bottle of water in a matter of seconds. Thomas watched me in the mirror and I could see a slight smile cross his face. I was sure he was use to seeing first time actors reacting nervously as they were taken to their first movie set. I grabbed another bottle of water and once again sat back to relax.

The rest of the ride went by both fast and silent. Thomas seemed to adhere to the "speak only when spoken to" philosophy which made me uncomfortable. At last he pulled the SUV through the gate of the movie studio was shooting the film at. I had seen the gates before but only as a tourist. Now I was being driven in a huge, luxury SUV to my very own trailer. Thomas drove for several minutes past large warehouses and outdoor sets that were from some of the most popular TV shows on the small screen. After what seemed like an eternity, Thomas stopped in front of a large camping style trailer I was use to seeing attached to large trucks on the freeway. It didn't look like much but I didn't care, I was too excited about being where I was.

Thomas opened my door and walked me to the door of the trailer. My name was in large black letters on the door which made me smile uncontrollably. I reached into my pocket to grab my cell phone. I took a picture and made sure to send it to my boyfriend and mother back home. They were both so excited I had finally got a major acting role and I couldn't wait to show them what their support had helped create.

I pulled the door latch and climbed into the trailers main area. The outside did the interior no justice at all. It was much roomier than I had imagined with large flat screen TVs, plush leather couches and a king sized bed. The bathroom and shower were a bit small, but what it lacked in size it made up for in luxury. Thomas soon walked in behind me with my bags and placed them on my bed.

"Will you be requiring anything else sir?" I heard him ask.

"No Thomas I think I'm covered," I replied still awestruck by my new home for the next two months.

"Very well." He said as he reached for the door handle.

"Oh I almost forgot," I said as I turned to catch him. I took a twenty dollar bill from my wallet and handed it to him. "Thanks again Thomas for your help. I really appreciate it."

He smiled and nodded before he walked back to the Escalade. I was alone now in my trailer and was suddenly aware that I was fully erect. The excitement of being here on set was apparently a turn on. I adjusted myself so my boner was less noticeable and went on with my self guided trailer tour.

I noticed an envelope with my name on it taped to the mirror next to my bed. The mirrors would provide a great side view of me having sex I thought to myself. That thought alone made my cock swell more than it already was. I rubbed my crotch for a moment as I watched myself in the mirror.

"Later!" I said out loud shaking my head. I reached for the envelope, opened the letter and read what it said. According to the director, I had about an hour to unpack and make myself at home. After that, I was instructed to wait outside until my assistant came to take me to the first script reading. After I finished reading the letter I decided I should unpack my belongings before my assistant arrived.

I unzipped both of my bags and started grabbing whatever was right on the top. After 15 minutes I had found a suitable place for everything and decided to read over the script again. I lay onto my huge soft bed and opened the script to page one. As I was about to say my first line aloud, I head a knock at my trailer door. I immediately looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was still 30 minutes before I was suppose to be on the set so I knew it couldn't be my assistant.

"Come in!" I yelled without getting up.

The door opened and in stepped my co-star Zac Efron. I popped up to my feet and stood perfectly still at the foot of my bed. He was far hotter in person than I thought was possible. I noticed he was wearing very casual attire. A pair of gray cotton shorts, a plain white t-shirt and a white fitted baseball hat. It looked as though he had just came from the gym and was just stopping by the say hello.

"How's it going bud?" he asked with a huge smile on his face. "I'm Zac."

It took me a second to notice he had extended his hand to shake mine. "Chris." I said quickly, "It's nice to meet you."

"Same here," he replied still smiling. "You just get here?"

"Yeah about 30 minutes ago," I said trying to calm my nerves.

"Cool," Zac said. "Pretty nice spread huh?" he asked looking around my trailer. "I'm in the one next to you."

That surprised me, given the trailer next door was no bigger than mine or any of the other ones. "Great." I said enthusiastically. "That makes you my new neighbor I guess."

"Seems like it."

There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. "Well bro, I'm gonna shower before we meet for the script reading so whenever you get done getting set up come on over." He stepped towards the door to leave. "Just come on in when you get there. We can head there together if you want."

"Sounds good," I said as calm as I could. Inside I was about to explode. Zac nodded and stepped out of the trailer door. "These readings are pretty casual so you may want to wear something a little more comfortable," he added.

"Thanks, I will." I called after him as I watched the door close. Did I even have anything that was considered relaxing? I brought several pairs of workout clothes but when I relaxed at home all I wore was a pair of white briefs. I knew that wouldn't be an option so I looked for a workout outfit to wear to the reading.

After I stripped out of my jeans I noticed my boner had not subsided. It seemed Zac's presence made my erection even more rock solid. I hoped it wasn't noticeable to Zac when he was here. My stomach immediately churned thinking about what he must have thought if my hard on had been apparent. Hiding an 8" erection was no easy task, a fact I had to learn in high school of all places. I told myself my briefs had held it down enough so Zac wouldn't have noticed a thing as I got dressed in a pair of Under Armour shorts and a Calvin Klein short sleeved t-shirt. I replaced my black shoes with my Nike Free Trainers and covered my short brown hair with a matching Nike baseball hat. I looked myself over in the mirror, grabbed my script and walked out of my trailer towards Zac's door.

Once I was at the door I took a deep breath before entering. He said not to knock so I just pulled the latch and walked in.

"Zac?" I called out before venturing in more than two steps.

"In the shower!" he called back. "Just make yourself comfortable I won't be that long."

His trailer was a perfect twin of mine. I had expected it to be more luxurious and well equipped given his star power. As I walked around the sitting area I heard the bathroom water turn off.

"Dude can you hand me my towel?" I heard Zac call from the bathroom.

"Excuse me?" I said in utter disbelief.

"My towel is on the bed if you can grab it and hand it to me that would be great"

I was suddenly very aware my mouth was open due to the surprise I had just experienced. The towel he requested was lying on the corner of his bed just past the bathroom door. He hadn't bothered to close the door and neither would I given the small size of the room. It dawned on me I was about to see him naked if I chose to look that way. I decided to try and take a quick peek as I passed by the shower to see if there was anything visible.

My steps slowed as I approached the bathroom but my gaze stayed focused straight ahead. Once I was directly in front of the open bathroom door my eyes shot over quickly, shot back and without my control immediately went back to looking in his direction. The door of the shower was open and Zac was standing there dripping wet and naked with what appeared to be an impressively well hung endowment between his toned legs. My eyes fought me as I tried to regain my gaze upon the towel he had asked for what seemed like an hour ago. I grabbed the towel and averted my gaze as I handed the towel into the small steamy room.

"Thanks," he replied in a manner that let me know he hadn't noticed my inappropriate glance at his naked physique. Without saying a word I darted back into his seating area and took a seat on the edge of his black leather couch. It didn't take long for me to realize my choice in shorts was the wrong one. Under Armour shorts were notorious for showing off packages no matter if they were hard or flaccid. I tucked my erection further between my legs until I was physically uncomfortable. That should make it go down I thought to myself.

"So how are you feeling?" Zac asked from his bedroom.

"Oh, well I guess you can say I feel a bit overwhelmed." I replied truthfully.

"I can't hear you bro," Zac said loudly. "Come back here so we don't have to yell."

Without thinking I stood up and started walking to the bed area as instructed. Something caused me to stop dead in my tracks. Zac Efron was standing there at the foot of his bed in a pair of Fruit of the Loom tighty whities and nothing more. I had seen pictures of the waistband above his jeans in the tabloids but I always assumed they were boxer briefs. I couldn't have been more thankful to be wrong at that moment in time. Zac didn't seem to notice my shock and continued to look through his clothes while he talked to me. "You were saying?" he said facing me this time.

My eyes shot down to look at the bulge in the front of his briefs. It wasn't just wishful thinking it seemed. He was definitely packing some serious inches under that thin layer of white cotton.

"I was just saying it was a bit...overwhelming," I finally blurted out at last taking my eyes off his crotch.

"I know how that feels dude believe me," he replied. "There is nothing like the first day on your first major movie set." He looked at me and smiled. "From what I saw in your audition videos, you will do really well."

A huge smile soon covered my face. "I hope so." I said feeling even more excited.

Zac turned to look for something in his drawers allowing me my first glimpse at his well framed ass. His hard work in the gym was paying off without a doubt. I had read he gained 10 pounds of muscle for his role in this movie. He and I were brothers who both enlisted in the Army at the same time. Both of our parents had died and we had no other family to speak of. We joined the Army to find a new family and end up getting sent overseas in the same unit. However, I am higher ranked than him and therefore his character has to answer to me. He defies me numerous times until one of his stunts goes to far. I get severely injured trying to save him and the rest of the movie is about him trying to make amends for his mistakes. The script called for nudity and several scenes of us in our underwear. Based on what I saw here and now, I couldn't wait to shoot those scenes.

The view of Zac in his tighty whities didn't last too long. He pulled on a pair of workout shorts and another white t-shirt. Within minutes he was ready to head out the door.

"Shall we?" He asked with that same amazing smile.

"Let's do it." I replied and headed out of his trailer.

The rest of the day went really well. Our assistants picked us up and took us to the reading. I got a lot of good insights into my character as well as Zac's. We took a lot of notes and after several hours we were done.

The whole cast was then led to the cafeteria area for dinner. There was no one else there and when I asked why Zac said the cast members eat first. In order to maintain our ripped bodies Zac and I were brought special meals prepared by a healthy chef. The food was better than I had expected and definitely filled me up. Zac and I talked the whole time about everything we could think of. The director had told us to spend every waking moment together so our portrayal of us being brothers was as authentic as possible.

He was such and cool, down to earth guy. In the papers he seemed reserved and introverted. It turns out he is just the opposite. His behavior was a cross between a intellectual book nerd and a high school jock that every guy wanted to be. During our conversation we discovered we had a lot of common interests in music, hobbies and life philosophies. We talked for over two hours until the crew and extras had eaten their meals as well. It was dark by now and we both had an early call time tomorrow so we decided to head back to our trailers.

My assistant gave us a ride to our new homes and told us what time she would be there in the morning. After she left Zac and I stood outside continuing our conversation about the sports we played as kids.

"Do you wanna come in for a bit?" he asked in the middle of a sentence. "I am not at all tired bro."

"Yeah dude sounds good." I agreed.

He led the way to his trailer and walked inside. I walked into the sitting area once again as I listened to him tell a story about the wrestling team he was on when he was younger. I watched as he walked into his bedroom and flipped on the light. He removed his hat and tossed it aside before pulling off each of his athletic shoes and socks.

He had come to a part in his story about his first weigh in when he had to strip down to his briefs and step on the scale in front of a room full of people. Almost as if he was acting out the story, he removed his t-shirt and shorts leaving him standing there in his FTL tighty whities again. I expected him to put on another pair of shorts or something along those lines, but instead he walked from his room and into the sitting area where I was. He hadn't missed a beat telling his story but my mind had completely wandered off and had not heard a word he had said.

Zac took a seat on the couch across from me, leaned back onto the back rest and sat comfortably with his legs slightly opened. My eyes were helpless and couldn't look away from his impressive package wrapped in white cotton. My face must have been showing some sort of uncomfortable reaction because Zac stopped his story and asked me, "Does this make you uncomfortable bro?"

This unexpected question snapped me back into reality. "What?" I asked.

"Does it make you uncomfortable with me lounging around like this?" He repeated. "This is just what I do when I am hanging out at home and I forget that it may make others uncomfortable."

I took my time before I responded. "No dude not at all," I said confidently. "I actually do the same thing when I'm chillin at home. It drives my roommates crazy."

it was true. At home I always walked around in my briefs regardless of who was there. My roommates were forewarned before they moved in and they assured me it wasn't as issue.

"Seriously?" he asked in a excited tone.

"I swear," I assured him.

Zac had completely forgotten his wrestling story and started telling me about how he had been doing this since he was a kid and how his friends and family all thought it was kinda strange. He asked me question after question about why I felt more comfortable like that and when I started doing it. While I told him the story, I noticed he kept adjusting himself. It was almost like he was tucking his growing erection down so I wouldn't notice it. Sensing this was what he was doing, I steered the conversation in that direction.

I told him about my friend who had no problem with anyone seeing him in his Hanes and how he would proudly walk around in the locker room with a boner. Zac laughed and seemed genuinely interested in what I was telling him. It took a while but he stopped adjusting himself and was now sitting there with an obvious half erection.

I finished my story which was actually 100% true and had got the response I was hoping for. Neither of us spoke for a moment and then Zac asked me,"I don't want to sound pushy or anything, but you have told me all about how you hang out all the time in your underwear but you are still wearing all your clothes."

It was a statement I hadn't expected from him. "Oh," was all I could manage to say. He stared at me intently and I knew what he was waiting for me to do. By this time I was fully erect and had been pre-cumming for quite some time. I stood up and removed my hat first. Zac watched me with a smirk on his handsome face. Next I pulled my shirt off and put it on top of my hat. Zac's eyes fell to look at my shorts and nodded indicating he wanted me to take them off as well. I happily obliged and pulled my shorts completely off.

"Good." Zac said with a nod of approval.

We stayed up talking about normal guy bullshit for several hours. Finally we turned on the flat screen to watch a movie but we both passed out in the first 10 minutes.

The next morning we were awakened to the sound of Zac's assistant knocking on the door of his trailer. We had slept through the night and didn't set the alarm.

"Shit!" He whispered loudly. I dove for my pile of clothes on the table next to the couch and started pulling my shorts on just as the door started to open. Zac must have been incredibly fast because I never saw him sprint to his bedroom area.

"Good morning," we heard the assistant call out. "Are you ready to go?"

She looked between the bedroom and the sitting area and seemed surprised to see my shirtless on Zac's couch. The puzzled look on her face was quickly shaken off as though this wasn't the oddest thing she had seen when picking Zac up for his call times.

"Joanna is next door waiting for you as well." She said in a pleasant yet commanding tone. "We are heading to the wardrobe trailer, then to the hair and make-up before we go to the set."

I pulled my shirt over my head and nodded to let her know I understood what she had just said.

"I'm ready to go," I lied.

She half smiled and quickly shifted gears to deal with Zac's tardiness. By this time he was dressed in the same clothing he wore to the reading the night before.

"Running low on clothing are we?" She asked.

"Heather I wore this for a few hours last night," she rolled her eyes and headed for the door.

"Five minutes," she called over her shoulder as she left the trailer.

Zac and I looked at each other, laughed at the uncomfortableness of the situation and both headed for the door of the trailer. Heather had taken it upon herself to run to get my assistant Joanna. She was a very organized woman it appeared and wouldn't let anything throw her off the schedule.

That day we shot on location for over 12 hours with a half hour break for lunch. Zac and I joked and chatted the whole time which made the work seem much less stressful. The director was pleased with how much we had seemed to connect in such a short period of time. We had to shoot all of the pre-military scenes first before we got our military buzz cuts. He and I were both looking forward to it actually.

After work Heather and Joanna took us to eat dinner, told us the outline for the next few days of shooting and asked repeatedly if we needed anything else for our living quarters as they called it. Before we arrive on location, we are asked the same question so our trailers would be fully stocked when we arrived. We assured and reassured them that we didn't need anything else at the time and would let them know if we did.

We ate quickly because we wanted to get back to Zac's trailer to play his Nintendo Wii. Once we were dropped off we entered Zac's trailer, stripped down to our tighty whities and played Wii Sports until our arms were sore.

"Our trainer is gonna be pissed if we can't do our workout tomorrow," I said after the 10th or 11th bout of boxing.

We had both worked up a good sweat from all of the swinging and punching we had been doing over the past few hours. Zac's FTLs were slightly transparent along the waistband which made his ripped body look even more stunning. I inherited my dad’s sweat glands and was slightly damper than Zac appeared to be.

"You know what game they need for the Wii?" Zac asked as he grabbed us two bottles of water from the fridge.

"What?" I asked.

"Wrestling." Zac said enthusiastically. "But not that fake shit you see on TV," he continued. "Actual wrestling like they do in high school and the Olympics."

"How the hell would that work?" I asked. It was a good idea but didn't seem practical for the Wii system.

Zac thought about my question for a second and admitted he had no clue how they would be able to do it.

"Damn I am good at wrestling," he said.

"Show your big brother some of your moves then," I joked.

"You're on," he said as he jumped up from the couch.

We moved the couches so we could have as much empty room as possible. "Okay dude get down on all fours," he said once he was satisfied we had the right amount of space.

I did as I was told and waited for him to get into position. He told me what he was going to do with his arms, his legs, etc before he did the move. Despite my efforts I always ended up pinned in very little time. After using me as his test dummy for 10 or so moves, he told me to try a few on him. We were both so sweaty now that our white underwear was almost completely transparent. The outline of Zac's massive manhood were even easier to see than before. The whole time we had been wrestling I had been semi erect. Feeling Zac's bulge pressed against my ass or getting pinned with his crotch inches from my face were making it more difficult to stay focused on the actual wrestling moves.

"How did you not pop a boner when you wrestled in school?" I asked finally deciding to acknowledge my semi.

"The tightest underwear I had in my possession," he replied. "I wore briefs I had kept from when I was in middle school and junior high."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Did you wear your Superman Underoos or something?"

He laughed and said,"That wouldn't have gone over well in the locker room."

"I bet it wouldn't."

"I just hung on to a few pairs of my kids sized briefs that looked similar to the adult ones I wore normally. They kept my hardons under wraps and no one knew they were kids briefs."


It was time to get back to wrestling 101 and this time I was getting to put the moves on Zac. First he asked me to try and do the moves I remembered which was at most three. Even though I did the moves correctly, I still ended up getting pinned although it did take more than a minute this go around. We went through all the same moves he did on me but I kept getting pinned. He wasn't lying. He was in fact a very good, fast and powerful wrestling opponent.

The second to last move I managed to pin him for three counts breaking his winning streak. Of course I had to act like a badass and do some shit talking just to rub it in. As we caught our breath I noticed Zac was sporting a full on boner.

"Look what you did." Zac said pointing to the huge poll that was currently threatening to rip through the cotton fabric. He smiled a sly, crooked smile letting me know he didn't mind all that much.

"Then we are even," I said. "Your one hard on isn't equivalent to the 30 or so semis I have been getting all night."

He and I sat there for several minutes waiting for his meat to go soft, but it was not showing signs of doing so. "Dude, I am gonna have to jerk off," he admitted sounding defeated.

I fell backwards laughing at his remark. His face was so serious that I couldn't help but crack up. "Do what you gotta do," I said after regaining my composure. "You want me to leave you alone for a few minutes?" I asked.

"You don't have to," he said. "We can have a race to see who cums last and the loser has to..." his voice trailed off. "He has to buy the winner a new pair of underwear everyday for the rest of the filming."

"Are you serious?" I asked hoping he was.

"It's the ultimate test of speed and masturbatory skill," he said dryly.

Once again I laughed out loud and agreed to the terms of our new and unorthodox race. Zac grabbed a piece of paper and wrote the conditions before handing me it to sign. Once he signed the agreement he went to his room and grabbed a large bottle of lube from his bedside drawer.

"Costco?" I asked sarcastically in regards to the industrial sized bottle.

"Shut the hell up dude," he said smiling. "It gets lonely sometimes on these sets and a man has got needs."

All I did was smile and nod at his huge bottle of jerk off lubrication. I held out my hand and he squirted two shots into my palm. We sat on the floor about 6 feet apart and faced one another. Zac pumped lube into his palm and then put the bottle aside. We will count to 3, whip it out and beat off until once of us cums first. I nodded and continued to look him down like we were having a wild western showdown.

"ONE...TWO...THREE!" We both yelled at the same time. Our cocks were out and both he and I were stroking our cocks as fast as humanly possible. My arms were already exhausted from the hours of Wii and wrestling matches which caused me to switch hands every 10 seconds. Zac was obviously having the same issue as me since he was also frequently changing which hand he was jacking off with. I took a moment to look appreciate the impressive size of Zac's tool. My cock was considered big at 8 thick inches but he had me beat. His cock was the thicker and longer which made me wonder how he was able to contain all that meat in his underwear pouch.

My arms were screaming at me in exhausted pain which is why I didn't feel the sensation of cumming at first. "Yes!" I thought to myself, "I'm gonna win this competition at least."

My breath became more shallow and intense as the wonderful sensation of blowing a load was becoming stronger and stronger. I looked across and saw the Zac was showing similar signs that he was about to shoot his load as well.

"Oh fuck." I said breathlessly, "I'm cumming dude."

My eyes closed as I felt my entire cock contract and then release the first of many streams of cum. This was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had in my lifetime alone or with a partner. My body began to relax and the muscles in my arms stopped screaming once the cumming had stopped. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Zac standing in front of me with his cock inches from me face. He moaned loudly and before I knew it huge, hot streams of his cum were shooting all over my face and chest. The sounds he made when he was cumming were so intense, masculine and animalistic I couldn't believe how hot it was.

"Congrats," he said to me after he squeezed the last drop of cum from the head of his cock and rubbed it in my hair.

"You nasty ass mother..."and before I finished the sentence I had tackled him to the ground.

He was laughing hysterically at what he had done just then. "You shouldn't have closed your eyes then."

I was on top of him with his forearms and legs pinned to the ground. He tried to move but was unsuccessful. My rock hard cock was pressed hard against his huge rod which was flopped onto his stomach. His FTL’s were halfway down his quads making it even harder for his legs to move an inch.

"You're poking me," he informed me.

"I know. What do you plan on doing about it?" I asked.

"Tell you that I prefer to be poked other places so you can make the necessary changes to our current position."

This last comment shocked and confused me all at once. Had I heard what I thought I did? My grip on him loosened which he took advantage of immediately. Instantly I was on my back with him kneeling victoriously on my chest. His aggressive move had ripped his tighty whities almost completely in half. Only the remains of a waistband stayed on his sweaty body.

"Like I was saying," he said. "There are other places I prefer to be poked." I felt his strong hands reach back to grab a hold of my throbbing cock. In an effort to give myself more freedom to move, I slid my underwear down around my ankles. Zac reached over for his over sized bottle of lube and used it to grease up my impalement. He rubbed the left over lube onto his hole and used his other hand to guide me cock into him.

With every inch that slid into his ass his moaning got louder and more intense. It took a minute or two but finally all 8 inches of me were deep inside the ass of Zac Efron. His ass was the tightest, warmest ass I had ever been inside of. Most guys I had been with were too loose or so tight they couldn't get me in them. It was like Zac's ass was the perfect fit for my cock.

"Don't move," Zac said. "I'm doing all the work."

I nodded and refused to move a muscle. He moved his hips gracefully up and down, front and back trying to enjoy my cock from every angle. His downward thrusting onto my robe became much more aggressive causing his rock hard python to thump loudly against my chest. I did as Zac asked and didn't try to move. All I did was lay back and watch the hottest guy in the world slam my hard on deep into his hole and moan with intense pleasure. This went on for 20 minutes before Zac demanded we change positions. We rolled over so I was on top in missionary position.

"Fuck me," was all he said. The look in his eyes told me he didn't want me to be gentle with him. I started by pulling almost every inch out of his ass. Just before the head of my cock was about to slide out, I thrust my hips downward and then upward. This sent Zac into an absolute sexual frenzy. I did the same thing several more times each time with more force. He was begging for me to not stop and had gone completely limp. His body was mine to control and he was enjoying every second of it.

In normal sexual situations I am not able to last all that long, but I had never had a partner react this way to my fucking them before and I was not about to disappoint him by cumming before he wanted to. For the next hour and a half Zac and I fucked on every piece of furniture, every counter top, the shower and the bed before he admitted he was ready to cum. It occurred to me that he hadn't stroked his dick once this whole time I had been fucking him and yet he was ready to cum. His hands were on his bed supporting him and I fucked him relentlessly from behind. His moaning became even more uncontrollable and filled with masculinity and I knew what was about to happen. I pulled out and flipped him onto his back. He scooted down so his ass was right on the edge of the bed making entering him easier for me. He held his legs back without my having to tell him, he moaned "oh fuck" a dozen times before I felt his hole begin to tighten. His hand started to reach for his cock but he quickly realized he wasn't going to need to touch himself in order to get off. He reached up and pulled my face down to his to kiss me.

Our tongues wrestled like we had on the floor earlier in our mouths. I could feel the vibrations of his moaning against my tongue so I kissed him harder. Suddenly his hole tightened one final time and I watched as he shot massive shots of warm, sticky cum over his shoulder, on his neck and chest until there was nothing left but a thin wisp from the head of his huge cock.

"I'm cumming too!" I warned him before I tried to pull out. His hands grabbed a hold of my ass and pulled me back into him.

"Shot your load in me," he begged. His face was soaked with sweat and his ass had been put through a violent pounding so I decided not to argue. "I want to feel what its like to have a guy shoot in me."

I moaned louder and louder until I released my monster load into his perfect hole. The orgasm was so intense that I collapsed exhausted onto Zac's cum covered torso.

"That WAS INCREDIBLE!" He said patting my back. My cock was still inside him. I didn't yet have the strength to pull out and nor did I want to. "You are a fucking madman in bed dude!"

How he had energy after what had been through this evening was beyond me. After a couple of minutes, my strength returned and I pulled myself slowly from Zac's ass.

"How are you feeling?" I asked wiping my sweaty hair off my face.

"Like I just got nailed in the ass for an hour or two," he replied.

"Was it that long?" I asked in amazement.

Zac pointed to the clock which read 2:30 in the morning. We started our jack off race around 12:20am and we started fucking not long after that.

"WOW!" I said shaking my head, "I normally blow my load much faster than that."

"I noticed," Zac replied. "Expect your first pair of underwear tomorrow."

"What kind?" I asked curiously.

"Wait and see what Heather can find," he said with a wink.

"Are you going to tell her what they are for?" I asked.

"Yeah dude why not?"

"I didn't think you were so open with her is all."

"She doesn't ask questions," he said confidently.

I nodded and went to grab a towel from the bathroom so he could get cleaned up. There was a green bath towel on the counter that I tossed to him on the bed.

"I'm actually going to hit the showers and then go to bed," he said.

"Yeah I should head next door so Joann doesn't think I am trying to avoid her wake up calls."

"Well if you want," Zac said before stopping mid sentence to think. "If you want you are welcome to stay here with me again...in the bed this time though."

My face must have looked utterly shocked because he quickly said, "Only if you want to. No pressure at all."

"That sounds good to me actually," I said trying to suppress my ear to ear smile.

"Great." He said smiling back at me. "Need to grab some clothes for our workout tomorrow morning and your toothbrush stuff?"

Actually I did and was thankful he reminded me. I threw on my Under Armour shorts and a pair of Zac flip flops to go grab everything I would need for the next day. Once I was alone in my trailer, I sat down to make sense of what had just taken place. It was unbelievable in so many ways, yet I knew it was real. I would have a lot of explaining to do when I got back home with my boyfriend but I would think about that later. Now Zac had asked me to stay with him and I couldn't say no. I grabbed my workout clothes, my shoes and a couple pairs of underwear and threw them all in a backpack. Then I went to grab my toothbrush and face wash before heading back to Zac's trailer.

"What took you so long?" he asked when I stepped inside.

"Just making sure I had everything," I assured him.

He was already lying in bed on his stomach wearing just his trademark FTL tighty whities. I took a second to look at him and admire just how beautiful and cool this guy was.

"You gonna shower?" He asked.

"Yeah just a quick one though I swear."

"I got your pajamas," he said as he tossed a pair of his tighty whities at me.

"Is that the required sleeping apparel?" I joked.

"Damn right!" He replied in a funny, authoritative way.

As promised I took a short shower, brushed my teeth and pulled on my pajamas he had instructed me to wear. I stepped out of the bathroom in just Zac's briefs and saw he was lying on his back with his hands behind his head.

"HOT!" He exclaimed as soon as he saw me.

It didn't take long for the bulge in his tighty whities to swell and I knew we weren't going to be getting any sleep tonight.

"You want me to do that to you again?" I asked with desperation in my voice.

"No," he replied. "This time I return the favor."

Immediately my body responded to his words and my package swelled until I was once again fully erect. Zac had flipped his huge tool up so the rock hard tip of his cock was two inches above the FTL waistband.

I dove into bed, kissed Zac passionately and within minutes was enjoying to greatest fucking I had ever received and deserved.

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