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A Sleeping Brother Gets Blown

By Sebastianfforde

submitted November 7, 2008

Categories: Family Fun

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After my brother Bud and I spent the night watching pornos together, I could not stop thinking about one particular blowjob scene, and about all the cocks and cum. I thought about that scene every night when I jerked off. I would wait until I could hear Bud’s snoring from the top bunk before I would begin stroking my cock. I would always imagine myself as the woman getting hot sperm pumped into my mouth.

Later that afternoon Bud kicked me out of our room. “I gotta make a phone call. It’s private, so don’t come in here until I’m done!” I tried to do my homework in the living room, but I couldn’t concentrate because I kept thinking about that porno.

Bud came out of our room after about 15 minutes. “Corey, can you take care of yourself for a while? I’m gonna hang out with Mike and Jeff. I’ll be back before Dad gets home.”

After Bud left I went into our bedroom to go jack off again. I had never really had a sexual fantasy about doing it with a guy before. But this time, I felt I had a purpose. Watching the woman suck those two dicks had gotten my dick very hard, and I was going to shoot my load while thinking of the blowjob I had seen in the porno.

I hated sharing a room with Bud because he was such a pig. He threw his dirty laundry, smelly socks and stained underwear on the floor all the time.

I picked up his underwear off the floor and was about to throw it in the hamper when I noticed it was really sticky. “Eew, gross!” I said to myself as I examined the stuff that was all over his underwear and now on my hand. Then I realized it was cum. My brother’s cum.

He must have been beating his meat when he went into our room after we watched the movie, I thought. I guess the video had made him just as horny as I was.

I brought the underwear to my nose and sniffed. The smell reminded me a little of Clorox. The woman in the movie had eaten cum. I wondered what Bud’s cum would taste like. Slowly, I touched my tongue to the glob on my thumb. It tasted a little bit salty and creamy.

My dick was really stiff now. Quickly, I got my shorts off and took Bud’s underwear to the bed. I began jerking frantically, thinking about what it would be like to have a woman suck my dick. But I found my thoughts drifting, instead of imagining the woman in the movie suck my dick, I kept imagining myself as the woman sucking those two giant, hairy cocks. Then I began imagining myself doing the same to Bud. I held Bud’s slimy, cum-stained underwear to my face with my left hand as I jerked off with my right hand.

I licked and sucked all the cum off his underwear until I came. At that point something changed in me, and I knew right then that it was my destiny to suck cock just like the woman in Horny Hospital Gang-Bang.

It drove me crazy to know that the brother I shared a room with had a nice big cock. I had had many chances to see it as we were growing up.

After that first taste of my brother’s sperm, I always examined his dirty underwear to see if there was any more cum I could lick up while I was jerking off. I rarely got a chance to lick up any fresh cum, but I enjoyed sucking out the dry cum and piss stains, which always smelled strangely like celery to me.

I wanted to ask Bud if I could suck him, but now that I knew that was a ‘queer’ thing to do, I was afraid to ask him.

Finally, I had an idea. It was a hot summer, and Bud slept without sheets on the top bunk. And when he slept, he slept like a log. When I was little we used to go camping and we shared a sleeping bag. No matter how much I moved around, I could never wake him.

It occurred to me that night that I might be able to play with Bud’s cock while he was sleeping. Eagerly, I waited for bedtime, and when we were in bed, I waited until I heard Bud snoring. My heart was beating like crazy and I could barely contain my excitement. I was going to touch my brother’s dick! I just hoped he wouldn’t wake up.

Slowly, silently, noiselessly, I climbed the ladder up to the top bunk. I paused at the top rung and admired my older brother’s body. He was wearing nothing but a pair of stained white underwear, and he had thrown the covers off the bed because of the heat. He was fit, thin and not too muscular, not hairy except for his legs, tufts of fine hair under his armpits, and a little trail of hair on his belly leading down into his underwear. And the bulge in his underwear was pretty big. I could see the outline of his cock and balls very distinctly.

Carefully, I crawled onto the bed, my nose an inch away from Bud’s crotch. I gently touched the bulge with the tip of my nose. Bud didn’t move. I got a little bolder, rubbing my nose up and down his piss-stained underwear along the length of his cock. I inhaled the scent of dried piss and sweat and funk that was coming from his underwear.

Was it my imagination, or was Bud’s cock getting slightly stiff? I kept rubbing it with my face for a few minutes. Suddenly Bud moved. My heart almost stopped. Was he awake? No, maybe he was just dreaming.

Very gently, I pulled at the elastic waistband of Bud’s underwear. I could see the bush of wiry hair as I peeked down there. I could also see Bud’s dick, hanging there like a lazy, fat, flesh-colored snake. He still didn’t wake up. I got bolder. Slowly, I slipped his undershorts down. There it was, a beautiful, thick cock, big fat balls and plenty of dark, curly hair.

I gently licked Bud’s cock head. He didn’t move. I licked it again. This time I got a good taste of dried sweat and piss. Now my own dick was hard as a rock. I wanted more. I picked up Bud’s dick and put it up flat against his belly, so I could lick the underside with long strokes from the balls to the head. His cock twitched. It was definitely starting to get hard.

I was excited that Bud was getting a hardon in his sleep, and that he hadn’t woken up. I had only planned on looking at it and maybe licking it a little, but here it was beginning to stand up. Instinctively I knew I had to finish what I had started.

I remember the way the woman in the porno had sucked cock. She didn’t use her hands very much. She just put it in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it. I put Bud’s entire cock in my mouth, which was easy to do since he hadn’t gotten fully hard yet. I buried my nose in his pubic hair, enjoying the scent. I could feel his cock getting bigger in my mouth.

Soon I felt his cock head at the back of my throat. I almost gagged and pulled it out very quickly. It was the first time I had seen his cock fully erect. I was amazed that I had had that much of it in my mouth!

There wasn’t much else to say about that first blowjob. I didn’t really have any technique, so I just kept going up and down on his dick. I desperately wanted my brother to cum in my mouth, and to cum quickly before he woke up.

As I sucked my brother’s cock, I was filled with conflicting emotions. I was nervous and scared, and felt dirty about what I was doing. But I also felt very proud. Even though my brother was a jerk, I somehow felt it was my duty to make him happy. I felt like I was being a good little brother. I was also amazed that he didn’t wake up. I was worried that the orgasm would cause him to wake, but the sex education book had talked about ‘nocturnal emissions’, so I thought I might have a chance at making him cum without waking him.

I knew how nice it felt when I played with myself, and it made me very happy to know that Bud’s dick was feeling just as nice, but because it was in my mouth. I just wished he could be awake to really enjoy it.

I moved my head up and down faster and faster, trying to make him cum. Still, it wasn’t fast enough. My lips were starting to feel a little numb from all the sucking.

Eventually, I got my reward. Bud shifted in bed, I heard him gasp, and then I felt my mouth filling up. At first I didn’t even realize it was cum. I just thought my mouth had just made a whole lot of new saliva at once.

When I realized I had a full load of my brother’s cum in my mouth, I felt so proud and happy. Mission accomplished! What a good brother I am, I thought. I swished it around in my mouth a bit before I swallowed.

I noticed that either some of Bud’s cum had leaked out of his dick, or else I had accidentally spilled some when I had taken his dick out of my mouth. There were a few pearly gobs in his pubic hair and on his pelvis. I didn’t want him to wonder what happened, so I dutifully licked it all up.

Satisfied, I pulled his underwear back up and crawled down to my bunk, where I played with myself while I savored the taste of my brother’s fresh cum.

The next morning, when Bud woke up, I asked him how he slept.

“Not good,” he mumbled, looking for his sneakers. “Too hot last night. Had some fuckin’ weird dreams. Hey Dickwad!”


“Did you take my Swiss Army knife again?”

“No, it’s right on the desk.”



“Whaddya want? I’m not even awake yet.”

“What did you dream about last night?”

“Oh, sex stuff. But it was all kinda crazy. You know how weird dreams are sometimes.”

“Yeah, I know,” I agreed. “Maybe you’ll have some more dreams like that tonight.”

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