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The Farm Hand


submitted November 20, 2008

Categories: Fantasy, Gay Erotic Stories, Older/younger, Sex On The Ranch

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I had barely become a teenager when he showed up on our farm. Like all the others before him, the twenty-two year old man hawked the merits for work and promised to work hard in helping to maintain the farm. In fact, he promised as long as my parents provided him with three square meals, a roof over his head and a bed, they would have little or no worries about the farm being taken care of. Never had we heard a hand claim all that.

He knew they’d be watching, and that I’d have occasion to work beside him. True, growing up on a farm when I did served to be just as the elder folks said it would be your life. Same routine day after day, buckets of sweat spent maintaining the house, the fields, and all the animals. Lots of hard work, but my parents did go to town on occasion to see the relatives. That was when I got my home-schooled education on the ways of the rest of the world, from my cousin. Although we talked about sex between all makes of people, and even rubbed our dicks while we sneaked peeks at those naked books, we never had sex. Hell, he had no idea that I liked guys, but I knew it.

By the time senior year of high school had crept up on me, the attention I was getting in the showers after gym class made me realize I had gained a more manly physique. With it came more knowledge about what turned me on, and that humpy twenty-seven year old Farm Hand started to look much better to me.

Since that remained my feeling, and I had to keep close to him, when my work got done I began to hang out where he worked. The first few days, he only stared for a few and then he moved to another area. But before too awful long, he’d hang out where he worked. Almost stand his ground against me. At least that’s how I took it. Probably because it turned me on and made a wild fire burn in my loins.

“Why you been followin’ me?” he asked.

“Any crime in watchin’ somebody work?” I replied.

“Maybe you ought try doin’ some of this work.”

“I get my share done in the mornin’, right on the other side of the farm.” I said as I pointed in that direction. “I got the animals to feed, cows to milk and eggs to gather. Your work I like to watch, but can’t say I’d wanna work it.”

“Why you like to watch my work?” He asked with a furrow in his brow that made me swallow hard.

“Just…like the way it’s done.” I stammered.

“Think you might wanna watch me toss some hay?” He asked in a lower tone.

“Where?” I eagerly asked, and was surprised at myself.

“Come on.” He said, shouldered the pickax and led me in the direction of the barn on the far side of the farm.

He hadn’t had a shirt on when I walked upon him, and as we walked into the coolness of the barn, I realized there was no sight of one in his left rear pocket where it normally hung. I leaned against a post as he set down the pickax, picked up the pitchfork and looked at me. His eyes looked as gray as gunmetal and held the gaze of my dark blue ones until he hefted the tool in his big hands.

“Ever toss hay?” he asked in that deep baritone voice.

“A time or two, but not for very long.”

“You know it’s good for ya, right?” He continued as he began to toss the hay over the hay wall.

“How’s that?” I champed at the bit.

“It makes your chest get bigger. Makes it turn into hard muscle.” He said and made my cock begin to harden.

“Kinda like yours.” I said and hoped he’s let me touch him.

“Yeah, just like mine.” He said and then stopped tossing hay to turn towards me. “So, let me ask you a question. Do you think I kept my promise about the farm gettin’ taken care of?”

“Why does it matter what I think? My parents…” He stopped my words with a shake of his head.

“I wanna know what you think.” His words put a bit of silence between us.

“Sure you have, and it’s been nice havin’ you around. We never really said much to ya, but I want you to know we like ya.”

“What about you? How do you, personally, feel about me?” He took a step towards me as he spoke the words.

“I like ya. Always have, I guess. You seemed different from the rest. Guess it was the promise you made, and have kept. We’d never heard that one before.”

“Well, I’ve grown to become fond of you folks too. It’s also been nice watchin’ you grow to such a strong man.” He patted my back. “Your work does turn your chest into hard muscle something like mine?”

“Well, I don’t know…some. But nothin’ like yours! No sir, nothin’ like yours.” My hands went to sweating as he stepped even closer.

“Take off your shirt and lets see what your work has done for your body.” He said slowly.

I unfastened my overalls in the same manner, did as he’d asked and watched his eyes widen. I couldn’t help but make my chest heave a bit as his interested eyes crawled over it, and then down to my trim stomach. Man, I’d been wantin’ to show him how my body had filled out, but I felt so nervous right then I wanted to cover up and began to. He reached out and touched me again.

“No, please don’t. I…haven’t seen it all. Hope you don’t mind if I touch ya?”

“No.” I spoke in an eager whisper.

He reached out and slid a work-roughened hand over my chest. I inhaled, held it for a few seconds and then let it out slowly. My cock was fast to become a twisted mass in my overalls; my eyes stared down his body and saw his overalls had the same tent. His finger eased over my nipple, I gasped and looked at his face. He smiled, made me feel most comfortable. After he slid the hand down to my stomach and made me tense it up, he stepped almost nose-to-nose with me. I felt his breath, we stared into each other’s eyes as we reached out and I found that his tent contained something a little bit longer than mine, but that felt all the better.

“You want that, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, but I…” He touched a finger to my chin to keep me from turning away.

“You never done nothin’ with another man?” He asked with obvious disbelief.

“So I blew a man for a little while a time or two, but that’s all.” I blurted and then felt my face grow red hot.

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, alright?” he consoled. I nodded and then took his offered hand. He led me behind the hay wall, laid me down in the hay and then got beside me. While his hand again slid over my chest, I put one of mine on his face. So masculine and square jawed, I let my fingers crawl like mad over his thick black moustache and several days of soft beard growth that covered his strong chin.

“That feels good.” I watched him say, fascinated by and even a bit hungry for the thick tongue that flopped round in his mouth. I dragged a finger over his lips; he opened his mouth and took it in. I groaned and licked my own moustache, then tugged a bit on his lower teeth. He bit lightly on my finger as he smiled and moved his face closer to mine. When our lips touched, as lightly as they had, it acted like gasoline on an already raging brush fire. I pressed mine to his right hard; he backed away and put a finger to my lips.

“I’ll show you what I know, alright?” He asked to have me nod while I stared over his handsome and smiling face.

His lips again pressed against mine; I got mental grip on myself and concentrated on what he was doing. To feel my lips part made me inhale, but our tongue contact was what made it all happen. My eyes fell closed, head turned opposite his and we went to exchanging tongue wildly. His mouth scorched hot and mine followed and devoured it in exacting order like the kiss had always happened between us. My fingers tangled themselves in his head of thick black hair, wrangled through for a few seconds and then I slid them down his face to his cheeks as the kiss continued. Without breaking it, he groaned, got atop me and then slid down a bit to cover our two-inch height difference in the six-foot range. I loved the feel of his dick; it had gotten so hard! And it throbbed against my inner thigh with so much heat I couldn’t help but slide an eager hand between us to get a feel of it. That was what made him break the kiss.

“You want that dick?” he asked.

“Yes! I want you! I want you to take me! Show me what you know, please!” I heard myself beg, and loved the rush from it.

Instead of words, he simply engaged me in another heated kiss till we got to snortin’ through our noses like pigs, and then he left me…hanging on to the feel of that kiss all by myself. The fall came when I opened my eyes, but his wide and beautiful, hair-surrounded smile made up for it.

“Will you stand and take those overalls off for me?” He asked while he grazed fingers through my chestnut hair. “Do it slow, huh?” I all too eagerly did stand to accomplish his request. For my first time really being with a man, my farm hand had me feeling so secure and uninhibited in what I did. He lay below me, watched me unfasten the sides of my overalls. All the while he rubbed his hands over his sexy body and then unfastened the zipper. He reached in and pulled out his meat just as my overalls fell past my knees and exposed my eight inches.

His open-mouthed grin told me he liked what he stared at. My admiration for his cock remained the same, but my need became to lie beside his hairy body. He moved quickly to kiss me again, but added his hands rubbing over my body, and it kept those heated surges rolling. I followed his lead, and soon got to going at him like I knew him well. My fingers touched the head of his cock; the jolt of sexual electricity made me moan.

“Go ahead, touch it!” He broke the kiss long enough to tell me. I did so happily and loved the feel of the foreskin as it slid so easily along those eight and a half by two thick inches. My mouth watered to suck it, but his hot mouth felt and tasted so good, it appeared next to impossible to break away. He got grip on my cock and moaned while he began to stroke it. I felt it coming on, and knew there existed no way to stop it. Once it began, I groaned and backed away from him.

“What’s that about?” He asked while he kicked his overalls further down the stall. I looked at my softening cock. He did the same and chuckled. “You think it’s bad for it to have a little drool before the shootin’? Well it ain’t and mine does it too. Let’s keep on doin’ what we are and you’ll not only see it, you’ll like it.”

Being that I like just the look of a cock, I let him suck mine while I played with his for a minute. Just as I decided to take it back into my mouth I saw the bead of clear drool form at the slit. My mercy, how it turned me on to watch it grow larger with each up and down stroke of my hand. When it grew too large and ran down the shaft, it looked like slow motion. It made me open my mouth slightly to watch it happen, and it also made him release my cock and look down at me.

“If you feel the need to lick it away, please do. I love the feel of a tongue on the head. Unless…”

“Yes, I do enjoy just watchin’ this thing do what it does.” I said while I slid a hand over his large and hairy balls. He moaned and widened his legs. “You like that too do ya?”

“Yes, whatever you wanna do to them, feel free. I like to have ‘em licked, sucked, oh yeah, that too man! That too!”

My thing became to do both. I took one in my mouth at a time, licked it, sucked it and rolled my tongue all the way around it. Then I slowly sucked them both in and rolled my hungry tongue over them as long as he allowed me to. Within mere minutes his cock had put forth quite a lot of clear drool on my chest. It felt so warm, wet and wonderful to have that long dick sliding over me so easily. So high rose my curiosity that I dragged a finger through the clear drool till it almost dripped and then I brought it to my lips and tasted…not bad. In fact it tasted like a man; salty, sweet, a bit pungent but masculine. One more taste or two and then I took his long hooded thing fully back into my mouth. I bit at it, licked over and slid my tongue beneath the heavy hood of skin. He moaned around my dick a few times and then shoved his down my throat. An instant afterward he took mine down and went to pumping it with his throat like a milker. Well, I just had to let his dick go so I could get out the groan that welled up. But he didn’t let go. I moaned, groaned again and wrapped my arms about his legs as I went to pumping back. Didn’t take many pumps before I felt my shootin’ want to happen.

“It’s gonna be shootin’!” I warned.

Though he let go from the tightness, he kept on moving his head up and down my dick real fast. I kept pumping and tried to suck his, but I ended up with a hand wrapped round it and I stroked it as fast as he sucked mine. I kept waiting for him to let go and watch my seed go shootin’ but he didn’t. He kept sucking as it spilled forth into his mouth. His moans got louder and deeper with every new one and then his started to spill. I’d never done it before but I leaned forward, took that cock head in and tasted his. At first it tasted bitter and I wanted to spit it out. But I quickly swallowed and the next shot came. It tasted almost like his clear drool, but thicker and more on the sweet side. Before I really knew it we had both taken all of each other’s shootin’. Then dicks got let free and we turned round to face each other. I had so much running through my head, but something about the look on his face told me it wasn’t important. So we just took the chance, curled up and went to sleep.

Nobody hung around when we awoke, but dark had surely fallen. Don’t know why my parents never said anything about our missing dinner by several hours. It was just reheated, put before us and that was that. He and I talked later, decided that they knew something kept us away and then left it better we not know if they knew why for sure. After my graduation, even though I had found a job in the city, I continued to live and work on the farm for another five years. He continued to teach me what he knew about being with a man. After my parents died, I moved closer to my job, the farm ended up being sold and my farm hand moved on.

Sure, I’ve had experiences with other men, and learned more, but. No other man can take the place of my first real man !

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