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Love Lost - TENGA

By sexy tenga

submitted November 25, 2008

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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My past few relationships have been rocky and I started to wonder if I am gay but denying it. Actually don’t see myself as gay, but admittedly sex with men is more satisfying…

Asians men are by far the cutest in the world. My first man-to-man encounter was with this ultra gorgeous Chinese (Australia) dude when I was in Singapore. Maybe because it was the fear of being discovered that made the act even more exciting. After all, a straight guy would hate to be caught engaging in sex with another man. Not something I want for myself. The place is Changi airport to be precise but I will not tell which Terminal in case the authorities stepped up security features there.

He had a nice golden tan and had the most beautiful smile. And everything about him makes me horny all over. Maybe it was the way he looked at me, or his mannerism. He is masculine and confident and had that take charge feel, yet at the same time I can sense he just wants to pleasure me, and I want that too at that moment. It was like I am under a spell - captivated, aroused, and captured. I know I want to get off very urgently, my erection was strong and the lust is something savage.

I gave in without second thought when he went into a stall. I don’t recall if there is anyone there that day that moment but I know I wanted him. I want to know if it will be good. I want it bad!

I walked into his stall and close the door and shut it. A part of me resisted and wanted to just run away. But the other part of me wanted to feel him and see what he wants from me. I feel desired, I want him to touch me because he was just too perfect. But before I have time to rationalize, he hugged me from behind and I felt weak in my legs, I feel desire - the good kind. It was like love. I felt love.

He kissed the back of my neck and I can feel his hot breadth flowing down my back. His hands were on my body and giving me a firm hug as if he is assuring me that everything is ok - that I am safe, that he knows what I need, what I want, what I can have. I stopped thinking - I just want to feel; to experience; to enjoy the many new sensations that my body is giving me. I just want to surrender and give in. Let him have his way with me, let him exploit me.

I just close my eyes and wait.

His hands moved lower from my chest to my waist and he gave me another firm squeeze. I can understand why victims of vampires are able to immobilize their prey because that is exactly how it was for me. I stood there frozen. I cannot move, I don’t want to move!

His hands began to pull out my shirt and he went on to touch my torso with long smooth strokes. And he continued to plant soft kisses on the back of my neck. I did not realize it feel so good. The gals just want me to fuck them and fuck them hard, fuck them senseless. This guy just wants to devour me slowly, and I want him to take his time because I can feel my body coming under his control. For some reason I trust him.

His hands moved lower and he unbuckled my belt and jeans. I let my body slumped onto him. I guessed my weight was too much for him when he nudged me to stand and lean on the door instead. With one quick and unexpected thug, my jeans were now around my knee. The breadth that was originally behind my neck is now at my ass, and crack. His hands are now at my waist feeling every inch of me. My erection is so hard I was ready to explode. I yearn for him to come closer to my swollen organ but at the same time was afraid that I would cum.

Gently he turned me around and planted a kiss on my dick and it got harder. I close my eyes and throw my head back and wait for him to do whatever he wants. The next sensation came and I was in a heavenly bliss--soft, moist and warm - all over my dick. Slow and deliberate. The gals suck on my dick like they want to wash it. This guy wants to drive me crazy. He wants me to remember it.

I was so high I want to moan and groan and I must have because he stopped moving suddenly. I sense this and bit my lower lips to indicate I got the hint but I was still breathing hard.

The sensation at my dick continued and I had a high like never before in my life. I want this to go on forever but maybe the sensation and my urge is too strong for me to contain. I feel an ache at the base of my penis like it was on fire and it burned. I bit on my lips harder to kill the moans but it was just too much for me: I came--on and on the contractions came and each more powerful than the other. At the end of it I thought I heard myself whimpering. My hands were tight fists and I was perspiring like I am in the middle of the desert.

Finally I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I was expecting him or his face to be covered with my cum but to my amazement, he just smiled and he stood up. His hand was holding onto an object, like a tool or something I have not seen and he put a cap on it. Gave me a wink and said he wanted something from me and he got it as keepsake. Gradually I found my tongue and asked what was it he was holding (I mean what I wanted to know is ‘what the heck just happened and what was the thing he had in his hand).

He said ‘tenga’. That was not helpful. He is not helping me to make sense of the situation.

He said I cannot let you come into my mouth so you came into the cup instead. I said what cup and he took out an object from his back and said this is tenga. This one is new so you can use it another time. I am keeping the other one which you had come into.

Somehow the rest of the blood took a longer time to reach my brain and I was too drained to ask any more intelligent question. He shoved the cup to me, made me take it and said he would like to see me again at the same place.

With one hand holding onto gawd-knows-what I was incapable of dressing myself so he helped me to pull up my jeans and gave me another hug from the front this time. Once the urgent sexual urge is satisfied, the straight pride in me returned and I actually felt weird to have another man hug me in such a manner. He must have sense my unease and hurriedly grabbed his bag and whispered see ya, opened the door slowly, peeped outside and left, leaving me in the stall to recover.

I must have stayed there like 20 minutes before I dressed up and left the stall still clutching onto the object my ‘rapist’ gave me. Half the time regretting what I have done and half the time wonder if I can have the same great experience again. I felt anxious yet relieved and happy all at the same time.

I left the airport and took a cab home. In the cab I had the chance to take a closer look at the object he had given me (called deep throat) and I slowly was able to piece the whole story together. Did my research and now i am a fan of this Japanese sex toy.

A trip to the airport to see an old friend off turned into my first M2M encounter, and my first experience (and addiction) to tenga.

I regret not getting his name or contact. Perhaps it was better this way. So to remember him by, I decided to call my online name and blog as Sexy Tenga. And I hope I have a chance to see him again.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you want to check out TENGA. See http://www.tengatango.com or http://www.tenga.wordpress.com

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