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The Restroom at the Beach

By barking spider

submitted November 25, 2008

Categories: Bathroom Tales

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The following is an experience that I had in a park restroom. A few years ago, I was on vacation in South Florida and visiting one of the town’s beach/park areas. After spending some time walking on one of the wooded trails in the park, I was beginning to get that feeling you only get when the weather is hot and humid, and you're half bored with what you're doing. At that time I was approaching an isolated restroom, so I figured I would go in and deal with that "feeling".

As I went in, I noticed there were two urinals next to two stalls. The first stall was occupied, so I went into the second one. I immediately saw two things: a six inch hole in the partition and what appeared to be a good thick 7 1/2" erection being stroked on the other side. I thought "Holy, Shit!", as I stepped in took a seat and stepped out of my shorts. I tried to discretely lean forward to see what was happening in the next stall as I was nursing my own erection along.

As I looked through the gaping hole, I noticed the guy was sitting back, with his legs opened wide, slowly stroking himself. I sat there for a while watching, slowly working on my own unit, enjoying the show. Well, I must not have been as discrete as I was trying to be; because he started putting on a bit of a show by bringing one hand up out of my sight for a second and then it re-appeared dripping with saliva, heading between his spread legs, where it found another moist opening.

It was about this point where I figured I wasn't going to be able to take much more of this, and needed to do something quick. I started running my fingers along the edge of the hole, to see what his reaction would be. Not surprisingly, he stepped out of his shorts, stood up and stuck his dick through the hole. I immediately got on my knees and took him in my mouth. I still remember the stray grains of sand from the beach, still stuck to him.

He must have been really aroused, because I only had him in my mouth for a couple of minutes before he started moaning and getting really hard. At that point, I backed off for a second and sat back on the toilet, and then I started to stroke him. After a couple of minutes more of stroking him, he started cumming. And, boy, did he cum! He shot six good, thick, creamy ropes across one leg and on to my other leg. To this day, I have never seen so much semen come from one guy at one time.

After he came, he quickly put his shorts on and left the restroom, leaving me there by myself, reflecting on the last ten minutes of my life. The only proof I had that it wasn't a dream was the deposit of cum on my legs (which was slowly beginning to run off on to the floor). I was extremely aroused at this point. I started scooping the cum off my legs, and ate some of it, and rubbed the rest of it on my unit and between my ass cheeks and in my asshole, making everything good and slick. As I was about to cum, I leaned back on the toilet, and let fly on my belly, with an orgasm of my own that was quite impressive.

Afterwards, I massaged my cum in with his, on my cock and balls, and ass, and put my shorts on without cleaning up any, and went back out on the trail from before, still soaking with com, sweat and a new erotic memory. To this day I still fantasize about this experience, with variations of taking that load either orally or anally. Just the thought of that load slowly leaking out of my ass sends me over the edge, every time.

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