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Sex With Brandon, Part 2

By cowboylover

submitted December 16, 2008

Categories: Sex On The Ranch

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His dad stood there in what we couldn't tell if it was amazement or shock. He walked in to his only son getting fucked in the ass by the farm hand. He slammed the door, and went back to his room. We just cleaned up, and went to bed. Neither of us spoke we just rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to an empty bed. I was not sure if Brandon was going to be ashamed his dad saw us like that, or if he would just shrug it off. I got up and took a long shower, and headed out to pasture to do my chores. I threw on my boots, and grabbed my hat.

I was walking past the barn when I heard Brandon's dad, Brad, talking to someone. His voice was very stern and very gruff. As I got closer I realized he was talking to Brandon.

"I can't believe you; do you realize what people would think of our family if everyone knew you were a fucking queer? How the hell did you get like this? You play football, you rodeo, you work to the bone everyday, like any other cowboy, and instead of finding a girl to screw you decide to let the farmhand fuck your ass? If your mother were still around she would agree that you should be ashamed. This family deserves a better name. Get to work, I will finish this later."

Brad left the barn, but I hid around the corner. I went into the barn to find Brandon crying. When he noticed me he wiped his eyes and stood, and coughed in a low voice, as to reassure me he was not crying. "Hey man what’s up," I said.

"Not much you start working the pasture yet."

"No, but I did hear what your dad had to say to you, I’m sorry I got you in trouble."

"It's okay, I am a man and I made my own decision. Besides just because I am not gay doesn’t mean I did not like it." he said with a smirk, "Let’s get out there and get some work done."

We worked all day, and were riding back in at the end of the day. Just like the day before Brandon was hot as ever. He had a huge bulge in his pants, and he was covered in sweat. He did not have a shirt on. We were kind odd similar build…both pretty hairy, and well muscled chest, and six-packs. It is the work from the farm that makes us that way. He is just a bit taller than me a 6 feet; I am 5'10". His chest hair matted to his pecs from all the sweat. My cock was starting to get hard, and at 8 inches it is not easy to hide in skin tight wranglers. His dad was outside the barn when we rode up; he scoffed and walked inside the barn. We rode up, got off our horses, and walked them into the barn. We were putting the in their pens when his dad said, "So how was you guys’ day? Anything out of the ordinary happen?" This was a sarcastic remark obviously.

Brandon said, "Yeah dad we fucked each other all day, my ass is so sore, Erik's dick is so huge, h’s such an awesome man. I can't wait to have more. Oh he and he sucked me off, and it felt so good." His dad was stunned, this did not happen as much as I wish it did, but his dad was standing in amazement.

"I am guessing by the tone of your voice you are joking, but I wouldn’t put it past you," his dad said.

"You know if your son wants to do something he can, he is his own man," I said to Brad.

"A man doesn't like dick up his ass, a man likes his dick in a cooter!" he started to yell.

"Well, I guess you are wrong. Your son is a man, a man is person who is respected by others for his actions, and will do anything for his friends, family and his lover, male or female," I quipped at him.

He got really quiet, and turned away. He began to speak,” I know that, I just have had some life experiences that have led me down a path I did not like. When I was your age Brandon, I got caught fucking at a rodeo in the stables. I mean I was getting fucked in the ass by the hottest cowboy I have ever seen. My uncle John caught us, told my dad and word spread fast. That is why we moved from Texas to Alabama. I disgraced our family name, and I was hated by the rest of my family since then. That’s why you never see your cousins, or grandparents. They’re ashamed of me."

Brandon and I were in awe. This man liked guys; he was a man’s man. I mean no inkling of gay in him. He was a fucking hot man; I mean tan, hairy, bulging muscles, pecs, six pack, nice ass, huge bulge in his pants.

"Honestly, I still think about guys all the time and have wanted action for awhile. You guys want to get me in on your action," he asked.

"Hell yeah dad, I would not say I am gay, but I loved when Erik was fucking my ass."

Brandon went over to his dad and gave him a huge hug. From there they inter locked lips, like they had been lovers for years, searching each other’s mouths with their tongues. I moved over to them and they both put an arm around me. Brandon broke their kiss, and put his lips to mine. It felt so good to kiss him. His dad bent down and licked his nipples, and sucked on them. He then moved to mine, and then he came up and pulled Brandon's head away and drove his tongue in my mouth. Brandon reached down and massaged his dad’s huge bulge.

"Dad this has got to be the biggest crotch I have ever seen." With that he went down and started sucking on it through his jeans. I ripped away Brad’s shirt, His hands were making his way down my body until he got to the top of my jeans, where he unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down. He reached in and said," That’s a nice piece of meat you got there Erik, I’m gonna suck like never before."

Brandon was still at his dads crotch, which was obviously about to break through the jeans. "Take my jeans off son; they’re starting to hurt me". With that he took them off and gasped," Erik looked at this, it was fucking huge. Brad was at my dick like a kid with lollipop, bent over, "Holy shit that is amazing!” It was the biggest dick I have ever seen. His dad pulled off , "It’s 13 inches long and 7 inches around.”

Brandon was the only one with pants on, so we moved to him, his dad undid his pants, and pulled them down," Sorry I am not as big as you dad. Is it okay?"

"Of course son, besides six inches is average, Erik and I are just above average. But you know the rule right?"

"What’s that dad?"

"Smallest dick gets the middle."

"So Erik you want his ass or his mouth? I’m up for either."

"I’ll take his mouth; I want to see that monster dick in his ass?

"Bring it on guys, I’m game"

We all got on our knees with Brandon in the middle; he got on all fours like he was a pro at his. He started at my cock while his dad got behind him. He was using spit to lube up his cock, and his sons ass. “I hope you’re ready ‘cause I’m going in." He put his cock head on the asshole and started to push, Brandon’s ass resisted this huge prod. But brad just pushed harder, and his cock head popped in his son’s ass.

Brandon let out a cry of pain, but tried to hold it in. As his dads went farther he started to cry," Dad stop please you’re going to make me rip in half, stop please."

"Cowboy up, and be am man. Suck on Erik’s dick and shut up!"

He slid in some more, and Brandon had my dick in his mouth just trying to bear the pain. At a bout 7 inches in his dad pulled out and went back in, and just started to go in and out faster and faster until he was balls deep in his own son’s ass. Brandon was obviously getting used to it as cries turned to moans, and he started working my cock, real good. I grabbed the back of his head and started to fuck his mouth. We were going at him so fast and hard. His dad and I got a rhythm down, so we would go into him at the same time. When we went in all his chiseled muscled would tense.

"I’m going to blow," I announced.

"Me too, I’m going to give you the seed that made you, deep inside your ass," his dad said.

"I’m gonna go all over your face. Yeah, I’m here it comes, oh yeah,” I pulled out and came load after load on his face, some making it onto his back.

"Son, you are gonna get the biggest load ever!" He started thrusting so hard it threw Brandon forward. Then one big thrust his dad Grunted. You could see the ecstasy on his face. When he pulled out, loads of cum drops on the hay below him. He was our little cum receptacle, and Brandon was just smiling, because now it was his turn...