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Big Gym

By stormt25

submitted February 5, 2009

Categories: Gym Workouts

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The year I turned 24, my boyfriend and I moved to a new city. I am tall, lean, blue eyes and very attractive I am told. So I got a job working a later shift. I got a membership at a gym that closes late. A few days after I started going, after my work out I went for a shower. The locker room and showers were in the basement of the building. There was only a muscular black guy showering. After a while he started stroking and starring at me. It started to turn me on and my dick was getting hard. He motioned me to come in the corner and we started stroking our hard cocks. Soon after, I saw somebody come in so I moved away. The black guy said he had to go and that we would see each soon. Then another guy walked in, white nice build a little bit of hairs, probably late 30s. As he was showing he looked at my half hard cock and smile. He started to stroke his, that's when I notice that it was big, very big.

Mine went to fully hard almost immediately. He got closer and touched me all over and said nice. I grabbed his cock and felt it, it was massive. He told me to follow him and we went to the steam room that was out of order. We stood there touching each other and getting hard. I lower myself to start sucking and was shocked by the size of his cock, double-digits, cut and super thick. I started suck it the best I could, he told me that I was doing a good job. Enough pre-cum was leaking allowing the cock to slide easily in and out of my mouth. He was gently face-fucking me holding the back of my head and telling me how I was good sucking a big cock. I could only take about half of it in my mouth wide open.

He was teasing me with stuff like, "You like that don't you? Good boy." Then he asked me if I was going to take his load. I could just make a muffled sound that sounded like yes. "Good boy, I hope you are hungry, I have a big tasty load for you."

I was very turned on, I felt close to shooting without touch myself. His massive piece became even harder, leaking pre-cum steadily, I had already swallowed a few mouthful. "Fuck yeah!" he tensed up and unloaded a big load, I swallowed twice and it was still dripping on my face. I was overwhelmed by the taste and the quantity of cum that I had just taken in. It felt more that when I suck two.

He made me clean his cock, which barely got softer. "You are a hungry little cocksucker; it was nice; you know how to suck a huge cock. I bet you like to get fucked too." We showered and left on a "see you around".

When I got home, I told my boyfriend what happened, he was really turned on, he likes to watch me service big ones. I sucked him and took a solid pounding from his thick 9". He told me to bring him home next time so he can watch me take that big cock. That leads to another scene that I will tell next time. Like to hear from you, like to trade big cock stories, I have many more.

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