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My Hot Trucker

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This is a true tell about my Florida trip in 2000. My elderly parents live outside of Tampa in a retirement community. I visit them a couple of times per year. Well, its April, 2000. I plan to visit my parents for a four day weekend, but I remember a friend telling me about this gay resort hotel in Orlando that was hot. Well, I remembered the name -- the Parliament House -- and decided to tell my parents that I would be there late Saturday, but made a reservation at the resort for Friday night, and I flew out Friday afternoon.

Anyway, I land in Orlando, rent car and drive to The Parliament House. I check in and, wow, men, men everywhere, from hot, fit teens, to elderly gents. My room is decent; overlooking pool, only thing remarkable is that next to the ashtray on a small table are a couple of complimentary condoms. Now, you don't see that often in a "straight" hotel, I think. I throw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt, with dock shoes and decide to tour the place, its late afternoon. The place looks like an older motel complex with two levels of rooms in a large square surrounding a big pool. In one building there is a large bar and disco and restaurant. In another building there is a small western/leather bar. Now, I'm not big into western or leather, but definitely I am not the disco queen. So I decide that I'll hang out at the western/leather bar that night. I grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. The food is actually pretty good. And, I must admit, seeing a bunch of guys, some pretty skimp dressed, has my libido working overtime. After dinner, I decide to take a nap because I'm tired from the flight. But, randy thoughts keep me awake. I take a long shower and dress in my "evening clothes," a tight pair of a-little-too-short denim shorts, no underwear, sleeveless white T-shirt, and, thinking ahead, utility boots. Now, you have to remember that I had been to a gay bar less than five times before and each time was way too scared to even think about being picked up, plus I've never been to a western/leather bar, so I dressed according to what I thought was the code.

Anyway, I stroll in about 7:30 or so. Now, the bar isn’t what I would believe from hearing stories, a "typical" leather bar, it’s pretty small, large square bar on one side, probably about 20-25 bar stools around it. Other side had a pool table, small dance/mingle floor, and small area in back for whatever. When I arrive, there is only one guy sitting at bar, other side, clearly already three sheets to the wind, and a hot young couple with very short, tight denim shorts on, no shirts, playing pool. I sit at the bar, to the left side, so I can see the door and the whole place and order a beer. Now, young thing No. 1 is leaning way over pool table, ass high and you can almost make out his crack. I momentarily daydream about leaning him over the table, pulling down those shorts, spreading his tight butt cheeks and tonguing his very tight little ass button until he moans loudly..."Hmmm, enough of that Bob, not doing you any good," I think.

About an hour and a half, and three beers passes by, a lot of guys come in, some stay. A few guys look my way, but no one really strikes my fancy. Too young, too leather, too needy, too "yuk". I'm about ready to give, god forbid, the disco a try, when, wait a minute, who's this. In walks a guy, around my age, tight jeans, a slight stomach but otherwise wow, black t-shirt, dark hair, olive complexion, two day’s beard growth. I think, "oh, please, oh please, stay and sit my way." Sure enough, he sits at the front of the bar, last seat before it turns my way, there is empty at my end next to him, then me. He orders a beer, looks around, then at me since I'm the closest to him and says "cheers" and raises his bottle. I say "the same" and we clink bottles together. Now, I must say, for me it was probably the first, and as of now, only time that I felt lust at first sight. But, I thought he was quite hot, and after three beers, I was even more "randy." He asks me what brings me there and I tell him I'm visiting elderly parents but wanted a little "R & R" first. He tells me he is long-haul truck driver and every time he is in the Orlando area he makes it a point to also stop by for some "R & R." We small talk, the usual shit, for a while over a beer, and I find out his name is Ray.

Ray asks me "So, you staying here."

"Yep, how about yourself."

He replies, "Haven't got a room yet, kind of hoping I'd get lucky."

Wow, I think, my breath getting quicker, and I reply as seductively as I can, "Well, play your cards right and you just might." When I go to the bathroom and come back, I notice he has ordered us another beer and that he is now sitting in the seat next to mind. I thank him for the beer and talk some more, but now we are being touchy, touching a leg when we express something, each touch lingers a little longer and goes closely to the inner thigh. Man, am I hot for this guy. The pool table opens up and I suggest we play some pool. We do. Then, on one shot I'm bending way over the table. Just before I shoot, I feel a pool cue sliding up between my legs. "Hey!" I say, and turn toward him. He replies "Well, your buns looked like they needed something between them.”

I lean back as I whisper in his ear, quite unlike me, "I bet you have something you could stick there," and flick my tongue lightly around his ear. We look at each other for a second, and then we kiss, open mouth, wet, my cock growing instantly. We quickly finish the game, and then he goes and buys us another beer, while I lean against the wall.

It’s now about 10 and the place is getting busy, I can smell the manly musk and that certain odor of men on the prowl for sex, which is making me even hornier. Ray returns and we small talk, but as we do my hand slips into the back pocket of his jeans, while he has a hand around my waist, and he slips a finger inside the back of my shorts and is rubbing the top of my ass crack. He whispers in my ear, "So, am I going to get lucky tonight?"

I don't say a word, but take his hand, slowly lick his palm then suck on his index finger, slowly at first, then faster and more suction. He smiles, "To your room then…" I lead him out, a lot of guys are around, some talking, some making out. He wants to show me his rig. So, we walk to the guest parking lot, there is his big purple colored rig with sleeper. When I touch it I say, "I love big things." He pushes me from behind against it, pulls my t-short until it’s around my neck and presses up against me. I can feel his hard cock through his jean shorts press against my ass. His hands reach around and roughly twist my nipples hard, as his hot breath is on my neck, and he groans, "I want to fuck you all night long."

My skin is on fire, my cock rock hard. Now, there are guys around, talking, etc. But, I didn't care anymore, I just wanted, needed him. I turn around and he pushed me to my knees. I roughly squeezed his box. M man was he big and hard. I quickly unsnapped his beltless jeans and tears open his fly. Out popped a huge 9" cut beauty, big mushroom head leaking pre-cum. I opened my hungry mouth and he forced feeds me his big cock, grabbing the back of my head. I gagged at first but love the feel and taste, my hands pulling on his big nuts.

Now, the other men I have been with were gentle. Ray, on the other hand, was aggressive, roughly giving me his cock. I liked it, liked him taking control. He pulled me roughly, but not painfully, by the hair up and turns me around, roughly pulling my shorts down. "Oh man," I think, “I'm not into public sex like this." But, his hot breath against me and his big cock rubbing up and down my crack convinces me not to care. I then hear him spit a lot, obviously lubing his cock. I brace for the onslaught and knew it was going to hurt. I could feel him lining his cock head up with my hole, then he pushes in hard and I let out a squeal in pain.

"Relax baby, it will be okay," he moans in my ear and begins to fuck me. It hurts like hell, but I'm horny as hell, and soon, it starts to feel real good. I start to press back against him. "That’s it honey, feel my big dick up your man-pussy," he moans.

I can hear someone nearly yell, "Yeah, fuck the bitch good, man."

Ray is pounding his meat in and out of my relaxing ass, I'm moaning in lust, my own still hard cock pressing against the steel of his rig. But he stops and pops out of my ass and whispers, "Just a taste of the night, Bob lets go to your room."

Now, I'm in heat and would follow him anywhere. We race back to my room, I fumble with the key, open the door and he pushes me in and to the bed then he just strips me, pulling off my boots, shorts and T-shirt, and then his own clothes. Man, does he look great, olive complexion, just a little stomach, dark hairy chest, bug wet dick sticking straight up. He jumps on top on my and we passionately kiss as our bodies intertwine, my hands squeezing his nice tight buns pressing him into me. I never have kissed liked that. Then, he quickly licks down and the starts to roughly bite and twist my nipples, as a hand grabs and strokes my hard cock, them he raises my ass and begins to finger fuck me. I feel like a real bitch and loving every minute of it.

Ray is turning me into his bitch. I'm withering in pleasure on the bed as his tongue, lips, teeth and hands tease me, making my nipples sore, my cock hard as hell and my asshole twitch for more. His finger fucking is expert. I am his and he knows it, especially when I catch a glimpse of his hard love stick glistening wet hanging between his legs. He tells me to stand up as he retrieves a bottle of oil from his gym bag that he got out of his rig, man does he come prepared!

He throws a couple of beach towels on the floor next to the wall, then tells me to stand with my back to the wall, and he pours a liberal amount of oil over my head and his and we begin to spread it across each other's bodies. It’s slick, but very erotic, especially as he presses in against me, our bodies slippery against the other, his greased wet cock pressed against my stomach, as we deep kiss. He then forces me to my knees and I am confronted by his beautiful, swollen cock, standing up, its 9 inches wet and slippery. I lick it as I'm now in love with this incredible cock, as Ray slides it into my open mouth, my lips wrap around its greasy shaft, as he slowly face fucks me.

"Why, Baby, I think you love my dick,” Ray whispers my thoughts. He then lifts me up and turns me around facing the wall, my hands high up against the wall. He presses his slick body against mine, his cock sliding between my buns, as his hands run over my torso, twisting my nipples, stroking my slick, hard cock. "That’s it, Honey, stop thinking and just feel. Feel how good my cock feels against you." He is right, my body is on fire, his touch feels like it’s burning me.

I'm in bitch heaven, especially as he guides his cock head to the entrance of my now open, hungry love-hole. "Just let yourself feel as my cock enters your pussy," Ray whispers. His cock slides easily in now, every nerve of me alive. "Your dick feels like heaven" I groan, as I eagerly push my ass back to meet his inward thrust. I feel so full, so great, I know I've turned into a complete bottom bitch and somehow feel proud of it.

Ray knows how to fuck, as he alternates long, slows strokes in and out, his dick head almost not completely exiting before sliding in, with hard, fast strokes that has me moaning in pure lust. I think my asshole must look a mile wide by now. With his dick still in me, we slide to the floor, me doggy style, as Ray mounts me and begins to ram his cock in and out of me. I feel like a complete whore and love it. "Yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder" I hear myself scream as his balls are banging hard off my ass, and he continually slaps my slick ass cheeks red. I feel my knees get rug burns. The sound of our fucking is loud as hell.

"I'm going to cum, Baby" he say as he pulls out and almost flips me on my back. He straddles my face, his cock huge, wet with pre-cum, oil and my ass juices, and he just thrusts it down my throat. I can't get enough as he fucks my mouth hard. I've totally lost any pride as he shoots a huge load in my mouth and down my throat, as I struggle to swallow it out.

When I finish licking him clean, he gets between my legs and only with a couple of strokes and a lick or too of his tongue, I shoot all over my stomach. We just lay next to each other like that, our greased bodies intertwined, for a long time...

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