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Please Fuck Me!

By tight n black

submitted February 17, 2009

Categories: Neighbors, Black and Beautiful

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On my hands and knees looking behind me as daddy lubes his huge cock. I wiggle my pretty sweet hot black ass, begging this stranger to fuck me. Staring into his ice blue eyes, this huge red headed stud starts to jack that monster dick. I look at him and his cock. Nice and thick, huge cock head, huge balls, just hairy all over. God knows how I craved that cock, my ass twitching, my mouth dry, my ass high in the air, wide opened, wishing that he would fuck me.

But he would have to go slow, as I have only been fucked once in my life by a puny little cock that was maybe 5 inches. Now this is a man’s cock. 10 inches of throbbing man, mean cut head, veiny... What a cock! He moves forward, and after all of my pleading he asks if I was ready. I was and told him so. I still look into his eyes as he presses that cock head into my tight asshole. I take a deep breath, and push back and soon he pops in. I hurt, but want more!

I am insane for cock, huge daddy dick. I break out in a sweat as this is one huge dick, but I am determined to get that monster. Still looking at each other, I grind and struggle until I am sitting in his lap. I have him balls deep!!! I see the stars as he starts to fuck me nice and slow, making sure that I savor all of him. Please fuck my ass!!! I feel his veins, that sweet cut dick head. His balls beating mine as I staining to take him all. I squeeze my anus, as he goes in and out. I am cumming!

As I shoot massive amounts all over the room. My dick stays hard as he is hitting my prostate over and over again. I cry out as he goes deeper with each stroke. Grabbing my hips like I am the bitch, and goes to town. Good dick I think as the room smells of man love. We are both sweating, breathing heavy, in lust. This is a pure fuck and only a fuck. No love, feelings, just raw passion, hot man-to-man sex. That great dick starts to swell, and then releases deep into me. I am overjoyed that my sweet ass could bring so much joy to this great stud!

We lay next to each other, panting. I am looking at the massive cock, as it is still rock hard! Viagra he states. And I am glad because I plan to give this man the best blowjob of his life. I look at him as I am sucking his cock, watching him squirm as I edge him. I look at him, and ask him to please fuck my ass. I lay back so that I can watch him and kiss him, as I look at that stud pound me while taking me to heaven. Oh what a night!

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