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High School Seniors: A Circle Jerk (small)

By TJ Tachet

submitted March 13, 2009

Categories: Tales From School

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First thing the next morning I called Will.

“Hey TJ, how’s it going?”

“Um, fine, fine, Will. Um, what are you doing Friday night?”

“Friday? Well, I guess me and Peggy will catch a movie or something. Why?” Peggy was Will’s girlfriend, but I don’t think she had the hots for my best friend in the same way I did. I doubted she’d ever deep-throated his man-meat.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I was disappointed that Will wasn’t able to come over and hang with me considering the mess I’d gotten myself into with Joey’s cousin. But I tried not to let my voice give me away.

“Why TJ? What’s up? Do you have something better I should be doing?”

“Um, well, no, I mean, yes, well. I don’t know?” I stammered, losing my cool completely. I covered the phone with my hand.

“TJ, what’s going on with you lately? You been a little weird,” Will said. He was right, of course. I’d been having sex with just about every guy who crossed my path lately. And it was still freaking me out!

“Nothing,” I lied.

“TJ cut the shit! Why are you asking me about Friday night? Do you need something?”

I stared at the phone and didn’t answer.



“TJ, talk to me. What’s up dude?”

I felt my eyes tear up a little. I sniffed.

“I, I just seem to have gotten myself into something I can’t handle,” I said finally.

“What is it TJ? Drugs?”

I burst out laughing.

“Is that it TJ? Are you into coke or something?” I kept laughing.

“No, no, no, it’s nothing like that,” I giggled. “Do you think I could afford coke?” I asked, wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve. Even though we had both turned 18 last year I know for a fact that neither one of us had ever touch anything like that. We had smoked grass a few times but nothing more.

“I don’t know,” Will said. “Is coke expensive? I have no idea.”

“Um, I think so. Anyway, shut the fuck up! I’m not on coke. I’m not even smoking any pot lately unless Andy gets us some.”

“Okay then. Well that’s good. I’m glad,” Will said with some finality. There was another awkward pause.

“So what is it then?”

I wiped my eyes again. “Will, you’ll think it’s really stupid.”

“TJ, just tell me. What’s going on?”

I waited. “Okay, okay, here goes. But promise me you won’t think it’s stupid.”

“TJ, so many things you do are stupid. How could this be any worse?”

“Thanks buddy, that really helps,” I said.

“Sorry,” Will said. “So what is it?”

“I’m supposed to give somebody a massage on Friday night,” I explained finally. I exhaled long and slow.

I could hear Will breathing rhythmically through the phone.

“Um, Will, are you there?” I asked, knowing he was.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m there. Um, TJ, why is this a big deal? So you’re giving a massage. How did this happen?”

I thought for a moment before answering. “It’s for Joey’s cousin. He’s in college,” I said, as if this provided all the information Will needed to understand the mess I’d created.

“Joey who? Joey Collucci?”

“Yup. Joey’s cousin is like the quarterback at Loyola I think.”

“Okay, that’s good. So why are you giving him a massage? How did you meet him?”

“Um, well, you know, well, I don’t know, I just did.”


“Well, I don’t know! Shit! You know I’ve gotten to be, you know, pretty tight with Joey…” I paused, waiting for Will to respond, wondering if he was mad that I had another friend beside Will.

“Yeah, I think that’s awesome,” Will said. “Joey’s a pretty cool guy, I hear.”

“Yeah, he is.” If Will only knew how Joey and I had become such good buds. That we were fucking! But he didn’t, and I wasn’t ready to tell Will about Joey. I didn’t think that Joey would appreciate that.

“So what’s the deal with this massage thing then?”

“So, I don’t know, I guess I got into giving Joey massages after practice sometimes.”

“You did?” Will’s voice was even, but I could tell he was thinking trying to figure out where this was heading.

“Um, well yeah, we made a deal. I gave him massages and he taught me football.”

“He taught you football?! Why did he touch you football? You don’t play football. You run. You’re too skinny,” Will said, reminding me that my status relative to the biggest stud on campus was pretty pathetic.

“Well, you’re right. It’s not likely I’ll go out for football in college. Unless I get into a college of very untalented midgets who have no hands.”

Will laughed. “So you’re pretty good at massage then?” It was an innocent comment.

“Um. Well I don’t know. Maybe.”

“I mean if Joey Collucci’s cousin heard about you, then you must be pretty good.”

“It’s pretty easy I guess. I didn’t mind doing it for Joey. He was, you know, really nice about it. He was usually pretty wiped out after practice. I’m not sure I really helped him that much, but we became good friends through the whole thing,” I explained in my best matter of fact tone.


“So anyway, Joey’s cousin Tino stopped by the other day when I was over there at Joey’s place. And well, Joey was going on and on about how great I was and well, I don’t know, Tino just like invited himself over to my house for a massage.”

“Wow,” Will said sounding disinterested.

“No really, I don’t even know this guy Will. Now all of a sudden he’s coming over to my house. And you know, I’m supposed to, you know, well, I don’t know…..what the fuck am I supposed to do?”


“Will! Come on! Can you like come over this Friday?”

“And do what? Help you rub his butt?”

“No,” I giggled. “You know, just be there, just in case.”

“Just in case? Just in case he’s lying there buck-ass naked and wants to start talking football?”

I laughed again. “Will! I can talk football! After all, I did it with Joey all those times.”

“Right, I’m sure you did.”

“Just, you know, in case he tries something.”

“Tries what?” Will asked.

Will was gonna make me say it. “In case he tries to have sex with me!” I whispered.

Will was silent on the other end of the line.


“TJ, I’m here. I don’t understand. I mean, he’s a football player. Why would you think something like that?”

“I just got a feeling,” I said.

“So, you think he knows about your penis?” Will asked, baiting me.

“No! What the hell, Will? He doesn’t know about my fucking dick!”

“Maybe because he doesn’t go to high school with us,” Will said evenly. “Everybody else does.”

“Will, they do not. I do not talk about my penis. Nobody talks about my penis. Only you talk about my penis. I certainly didn’t mention it the other night when I met Tino.”

“TJ, everyone I know has heard about your dick. It’s like we were talking about that time, you’re proud of having an eight inch penis, so you know, word has gotten around.”

“Eight and a third!” I reminded him, before I could catch myself.

“See, there you go, eight and a third! You’re proud of it.”

“All right, so maybe I’ve mentioned it before at school. Are you gonna help me out this week or what?”

“Okay, okay. So I’ll check in with Peggy. Maybe we can, you know, meet up at your place and go to a late movie or something. I don’t know though. There’s something going on with her too.”

“Um, good, thanks. Okay, see you then. Great,” I said. Will’s comment about Peggy only registered with me deep in the back of my head.

Friday night I was still totally freaked out. But at least Will was going to stop by so if anything weird with Tino happened, I had him there. What exactly Will was going to do, I had no idea.

There’s no question Tino was hot. Maybe too hot. He sort of had Joey’s swarthy Italian looks but maybe a little softer and a little lighter. Joey’s body was cut like a statue out of Florence or something, and his butt…well, Joey’s butt was just fucking amazing! Tight and firm and juicy in all the right spots. So why on earth was I at all worried about rubbing down Joey’s cousin Tino?

I don’t know!

I thought about calling Will to tell him not to bother coming over when the phone in my room rang. It was Tino. He wasn’t going to be able to make it because the coach was asking him to look at some films or something. I told Tino not to worry about it, that I had all sort of other plans anyway (which was, of course, not true). Tino apologized and it sounded like he was really disappointed. He asked for a rain check and I think I agreed.

When I hung up the phone, I was strangely a little disappointed myself. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

After a few minutes, my hands wandered down to my jeans. I started thinking about Tino. He had gorgeous brown eyes and a perfect nose. I hadn’t seen him without clothes on but I could imagine just fine.

My dick got hard and I pawed at myself through my jeans. I thought about Tine’s strong back, my inexperienced hands rubbing my mom’s hand lotion all over him. I opened up the button and slid my hand inside. My cock was a rock. I had the hand lotion on my dresser so I grabbed it. It smelled like cucumbers. Why did my mom have a lotion that made her hands smell like cucumbers?

I squirted some of the liquid onto my palm and then realized I’d need both hands to get my pants and underwear down. I looked for a place to put the lotion.

I pulled up my t-shirt and rubbed the blob of greenish cream on my belly button. That freed up both hands and I shoved my pants and shorts to just below my knees. I lay back down and looked down at myself.

I was thin, Will was right. I’d been running on the cross country team since I’d started high school so my legs were pretty toned. I had the beginnings of a six-pack, but nobody would probably call it that. Maybe if I did more sit-ups. I hated sit-ups.

My dick itself I’d always liked. After all, if you don’t love your own dick, how are you gonna get somebody else to love it for you? That was pretty stupid. But I really did love my dick. It was plenty long and generously thick. Nothing like Joey’s beer can cock, but it seemed proportioned just right. I had a little dark red circle around the end where it got really sensitive. My balls seemed about average. After all the guys I’d been fooling around with lately I had seen plenty to know how I compared in that department.

I slimed some lotion onto Mr. Happy. First I dabbed some on the end in an artsy sort of way and then made a line of lotion dots down the side. I regarded my work and smiled. What a dimwit, just yank it already!

The doorbell rang.

After jumping out of my skin, I looked around for a towel but hadn’t remembered to bring one into my room. I had cucumber hand lotion on my hand and on my cock. What to do? The doorbell rang again. Shit! I pulled my pants up and fell over onto the floor trying not to touch anything with my greasy hand. Finally I gave up and smeared the cream onto my pants on the back pocket. I think that was safe so long as I didn’t sit down. I scrambled down the stairs and looked through the peep hole.

It was Will!

I opened the door.

“What’s up?” I said, hoping my hard-on was well-concealed in my jeans.

“Hey, that took a while, where were you?”

I looked at my crotch and it seemed all right. “In the bathroom,” I said. “Sorry.”

“No biggie,” Will said. “So can I come in?”

“Um, yeah, well sure.” I opened the door wider and let Will in. “Is everything okay? I thought you and Peggy were supposed to…”

“We were,” Will interrupted. “She broke up with me.” He looked really awful and his eyes like he’d been crying or something.

“What? Are you kidding?”

“I’m not kidding, TJ.” Will exhaled through pursed lips and sat back on the couch. “She fucking broke up with me!”

“Will, I’m really sorry man, what happened?”

He didn’t answer right away. He put both fists over his eyes and I listened to the wall clock tick-tocking while Will just sat there.

“Did she, I mean, did she say she’s seeing someone else or something?” I asked. Peggy was probably the type to jump from guy to guy.

“Yeah, yeah, she said there’s this guy on the football team.”

“Fuck! I fucking knew it! A football player!”

“I know, they’re such idiots,” Will said, removing his hands from his face. His eyes were even redder than before. “Total muscle-heads.”

I giggled at the word. “Yeah! Muscle-heads. Did she say who it was?”

“No, I didn’t ask. I don’t really care,” Will said his voice breaking.

“I can’t believe it Will. You two were like so close. I thought maybe you’d be together forever or something. Did you have any idea this could happen?”


“Did she, you know, ever stand you up or something?”

Will chuckled now. “Nope,” he said. “We were actually having sex this afternoon when she just like froze up and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’”

“You’re kidding? She told you while you were humping?”

Will laughed even harder. “Did you really just say ‘humping?’ Where do you get words like that? AP English?”

“Fuck you. No. They don’t teach that in English. I don’t know where I picked it up. Humping is maybe not the best term for it I admit. If you weren’t…fucking, humping, whatever, what were you doing?”

“She was smoking me.”

Now I laughed. “She was what?”

“She was smoking me. You know, sucking my joint. Praying to the pubic gods. Giving me head.”

“Till you were dead.”

“Yup. And she’s pretty good at it too.”

“So, did you like come in her mouth or something and that set her over the edge?”

“Nope. We didn’t get that far.”

“So how could someone be…praying to your pubic god… or whatever and then just decide to break up with you? I don’t get it.”

Will sniffed.

“Beats me.”

“Hmm. Sounds like another double entendre.”

“A double what?”

“Never mind.” I looked away, thinking to myself.

“What?” Will said.

“I don’t know. I’m just shocked I guess,” I said.

“Yeah, me too. There I was with my penis hard as a bone and she’s got, like pre-cum, all over her face, and then well, she just stops. She wipes her mouth and looks up at me and says that she’s seeing somebody else.”

I whistled. “Just like that?”

“If I wasn’t so fucking horned out right now, I’d probably really be upset about it,” Will said.

I had no response for this.

“Hey, can I use your bathroom for a sec?”

“Um, sure, you know where it is.”

I sunk deeper into the cushions of the couch in our living room. We never really sat here, only when company came over. Everything in this room was so clean.

Shit! The cucumber lotion! I was getting it all over my mom’s good furniture!

I sprang up and stood over the spot. It was there all right. A whitish, greenish glop of gooey grease right where my butt had been. My folks would kill me! I ran into the kitchen to get a towel. I was bringing the towel over to the couch to wipe up my mess when I heard Will’s voice from the bathroom.

“Hey, what happened to your massage dude?” he shouted.

“He cancelled.”


Will walked back into the room. He was still tucking his shirt in.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Nothing,” I lied.

“TJ, what’s with you? It’s like you’re not yourself anymore. You’ve got a towel in your hand and a bottle of Mr. Clean. Doesn’t look like much of a big secret, so what’s the big deal? It’s not like I asked you some deep, dark secret. What the hell are you doing?”

I stopped and tried to give him my best puppy dog face. I looked down at the towel in my hand and the industrial size bottle. I tossed them onto the couch and sank onto the floor.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible friend lately. There’s, there’s really nothing I’m trying to hide. It’s just that, it’s stupid.”

“Come on, TJ, we tell each other everything. We’re best friends man.” Will sat down on the couch and put his feet up on my mom’s coffee table. I shuddered and swallowed hard. I liked how Will placed the emphasis on the word ‘best.’

“It’s really stupid man. I was about to clean up the couch cause I got some of my mom’s hand lotion on it.”


“Jesus Will, I was sort of jerking off when you rang the doorbell and well, I didn’t have anywhere to stick the lotion all of a sudden like that, so, you know, I wiped it on the back of my pants, and then I forgot. And now it’s, well, it’s all over my mom’s good couch.” I pointed to the grease spot that was looking rather mean and nasty to me.

Will started to laugh really hard at my explanation.

“What?” I said, not getting the joke. But Will kept on laughing and laughing and I just stood there until I caught what he had and started to laugh myself. Will doubled over and pulled his knees up to his chest. I was laughing so hysterically that I fell onto the couch and landed with my butt on the pillows again. When I rolled away and saw that I’d made another grease spot, I found this incredibly funny and laughed all the more.

Will pointed at the Mr. Clean I had dropped on the floor and busted up all over again. We both fell off the couch we were laughing so much and we wound up flat on our backs staring at the ceiling when we both finally able to stop.

It was Will that spoke first.

“So I guess we both haven’t gotten off yet today,” he said.

I stopped breathing. I looked over at him but I couldn’t see his face. I said nothing but I took a deep breath and let it out very slowly.



“TJ, you didn’t come did you? I mean, I interrupted you wanking your monkey, right?”

I smiled. “Yes, you interrupted me.” I wanted to teleport myself out of the living room.

“Wanking your monkey?”

I giggled. “Yes, wanking my monkey.”

“So, let’s do it. I’m so fucking horny I could fuck…I don’t know, Melissa Mueller!”

“Oh my god, gross! You could never get even within ten feet of that fat cow!”

“Well, you’re probably right, not Melissa, but, well I don’t know, I just gotta get off!

“So, I know where you can get some great cucumber hand lotion.”

“Bring it on dude!”

I put my hand over my ears and bent my neck to look at the floor. I was considering what the right thing to do was.

“TJ, go get the fucking lotion. Let’s jerk off. Let’s have a….what do they call them?”

“A circle jerk,” I answered quickly.

“Yeah, a circle jerk. Let’s have a circle jerk!” Will stood and unzipped his pants. I watched him step out of them and throw them on my mom’s good couch. His boxers were baby blue with navy sailboats. His strong legs were a little more hairy than mine.

“Will, man, we can’t do this on my mom’s couch. I’m already gonna have to do the dishes for the rest of my life just for this little stain I made.”

Will looked around. He flipped off his boxers and kicked them with one leg so that they spiraled in the air and landed in his right hand. “Your room then. Grab the cucumber stuff.”

I followed Will up the stairs. I watched his ass flex and extend on each step and felt my own jeans get tighter.

When we got to my room, Will put his hand on the light switch and stopped. He craned his neck around to look at me.

“Lights? No lights?”

I thought about this. “Um, lights,” I said. “I want to make sure it’s my own monkey I’m wanking.”

He flipped the switch on and hopped onto my bed. I hadn’t done a good job making it so Will landed sort of half on my bedspread and half on my sheets. I stayed in the doorway and looked at Will. His dick was not hard but it lay against his thigh like a leftover hot dog bun. There was a bend in the middle as part of it was forced by its sheer weight and gravity to go lower. I sighed.

“TJ, chill out. Get your pants off and get over here and let’s have a circle jerk.”

I felt myself get fully hard and I tugged at the front of my jeans to give myself a little more room. Will’s balls were touching the bottom sheet on my bed.

“I see you shaved your balls again,” I said, stupidly.

Will put his hand down to cup them and his dick fell of his thigh.

“Yeah. Peggy liked it, so I kept up. You?”

I stared at Will’s scrotum. I thought of a brown horse I ridden on once back at summer camp.

“Me? Um, well, yeah, I do, I mean, yeah, I shave them every once in a while.” I walked over to the bed and took my socks off. It seemed like the right place to start.

“It feels weird sometimes, but I have to say, Andy was right, somehow it’s sort of a turn-on! Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it is. You’re right,” I said monotone.

Will held his hand out, palm up.

“What?” I asked.

“Cucumber me.”

I smiled and squirted a small pile of the hand lotion into Will’s palm. The room was suddenly filled with the smell of salad. Will lathered up his growing cock and I put the bottle on the bed where it could be between us. I undid my pants and pulled my shorts down along with them to my ankles. I was already at full mast and Will looked at it. He smiled.

“Way to go, TJ,” he smiled. “Zero to eight and a third in less than ten seconds.”

I looked at my boner and smiled. There was already a little bit of pre-cum leaking out.

“Yup,” I said. “I seem to have no problem with that these days. Usually not even three seconds!”

Will didn’t seem to hear me. He had both hands around his own hard-on and was stroking it up and down like he was hand-painting a fire pole. My own dick throbbed.

“Are you gonna sit down, TJ?”

“Um…” Will was completely erect now and seeing his gigantic penis up so close made me a little light-headed. I sat down beside him, my eyes glued to his mid-section. I was ridiculously close to coming and I hadn’t even touched myself.

“Here, do you want some of this lotion? You gave me too much.”

“Um, sure,” I said.

Before I could react, Will grabbed my cock with both hands and wiped off the excess lotion on me. I yelped. I pushed Will’s hands away.

“Careful!” I said. “I’m like totally close dude.”

“TJ, come on. Nobody comes that fast.”

Will’s much bigger arms shoved mine to the side and he grabbed my dick again and pumped it a few times. I yelped louder and shot a massive load of sperm all the way up to my shoulder.

Will looked at me and laughed. He put his hands back onto his own penis.

“That had to be a world record,” he said.

I was in a very funny state of mind, sort of in that post-orgasmic relief state, part of me still extremely turned on to have my best friend in my bed with his dick of death.

Still another part of my was even a bit horrified that I had come so quickly and had a huge squirt of come on my shirt. Once again I had no towel. I looked at Will.

“Don’t look at me TJ,” he said. “I don’t want to come that quickly.” Will was still using both hands to move the skin of his dick up and down. As he did his balls lifted just slightly off my bed sheets. I felt my mouth fill with saliva and closed my lips so I wouldn’t drool or anything.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I took off my shirt and dabbed at the cum on my cock. I looked up at the poster on my ceiling and sighed again. The sound of Will’s hands rubbing himself filled me with an amazing sense of comfort. I settled into my bed and closed my eyes.

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