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Two Plumbers

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I rarely stop at this particular rest stop, but nature called. While I was in the stall doing my business, I felt a little horny and started to stroke off a bit. I leaned back against the wall and noticed that cubicle wall did not mount flush against the wall and I had a clear shot at the first two urinals.

As I sat there stroking, two men in khaki overalls entered. The dropped the bib fronts and exposed two huge sausages as they pissed into the urinals; neither had underwear on. When they were done, the on closest to me reached over and shook his buddy’s cock free of any remaining piss. Then the second guy reached back and did the same for the first buddy.

I stopped stroking and dressed quickly and followed them outside. They went to the vending machine for soda. I did the same. While standing there I casually groped myself so one of them could see me. He nudged his buddy and they both watched as I rubbed my crotch with a visible hard on down my pant leg. Both men reached into their overalls and removed their t-shirts and slung them over their shoulders. We exchanged nods and I followed them back to their cargo style van. The driver asked if I had the time, I answered sure, always. He laughed and said so do we, follow us to the next exit.

We left the rest area and they passed as the passenger was removing his bib overalls. I followed them to the next off ramp and we turned west on the country road. A few minutes later, we came upon two older storage or small warehouse type buildings. They pulled off the road and drove to the back of the buildings. I followed suit. At the back, the garage door was raised and the van drove inside. I stopped at the garage entrance and got out of my car.

The van stopped, the driver got out of the truck and had one side of the overalls unbuttoned. He walked to the back doors of the van and opened them. The passenger, BuddyTwo, I never did get their names, was standing in his work boots and sox but with nothing else on and sporting a raging hard on. Both men were hot looking, just under six feet, comparable builds, both muscular form the heavy lifting and work they did. Both looked to be in their late twenties. Both were Mediterranean, Spanish, Greek or Italian decent. Both had big brown nipples that stuck out about an inch when hard. Both had shaved balls and no hair above their cocks, but they had hairy pits and a tuft of hair between their chest mounds and across the bottom of their chest right up to those delicious nips.

I entered the garage and BuddyOne lowered the door behind me. He stepped out of his overalls and climbed into the van with his good buddy. They swapped sloppy kisses and grabbed and stroked each others man meat while I undressed and joined them. They continued to play with each other while I alternately sucked each one’s nips, licked pits and slapped their asses. The van smelled of testosterone, stale cum and man sweat. Finally we would get to real business.

BuddyOne explained that they were cousins and shared an apartment, shared sex and sex partners. BuddyTwo was mostly a bottom and BuddyOne was mostly a top, but also loved to get his ass pounded some times while seeding his cousin. BuddyTwo was the younger (by months) and thus he had to always submit to his older cousin. What they had in mind for today was Two would hold onto the seatback while One fucked him and I fucked One in return. While this sounded hot and lots of fun, I wanted to use my many oral talents first so I suggested they both hold onto the seatback while I rimmed them first. They agreed. Both holes tasted sweaty and musky. Both of them had been fucked recently as the taste of man seed was clearly deep inside both chutes. While I rimmed One, I finger fucked Two. Then while I rimmed Two, I finger fucked One. One was really into getting fingered so I reached around Two with my other hand and stroked him to keep him hard while rimming him.

I grabbed Two by the cock and led him over to One and aimed his cock right at One’s now very moist man hole. I shoved Two’s ass forward and he slid right inside One with no effort at all. I mounted Two’s ass and slammed my cock all the way in with one shove. I whispered into Two’ ear, do what I do. I grabbed Two’s chest, squeezed both mounds and pulled hard on both nips at once. He did the same to One. I held Two’s nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched as hard as I could. He did the same to One. They both howled and moaned like tow hot bitches in heat.

I stuck my tongue into Two’s right ear, and then nibbled on the right side of his neck and back of his neck. He did just as I had done to his cousin One. Next, I stuck my thumb in his mouth for him to suck while I slapped his left chest mound then pinched his left nip again. Two repeated my actions on One. For the next fifteen minutes we pounded ass, played with nips, nibbled ears, slapped chest and munched on necks. Finally, two let go several volleys of hot cum up his cousin’s ass. His own ass spasmed and I shot my load deep inside Two. Buddy Two pulled out of BuddyOne’s ass and began to suck out his own cum from One’s ass lips. He really chowed down on that hole. As he squatted to lick clean the ass in front of him, his own man hole began to drip cum out of it onto the floor of the van.

One was still standing there holding onto the seat back with trembling knees. We both looked at him and he had shot several loads on cum all over the back of the seat and it dripped onto the floor. Two asked him how many times he came and One said he shot four different loads--the first right after being mounted, the second when his nips were crushed the first time. The third was five minutes later and fourth was when Two unloaded into his ass.

The boys thanked me for their afternoon workout. I dressed; they opened the garage door but did not dress. I left.

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