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Locker Room Rape

By persophany

submitted May 6, 2009

Categories: Tales From The Locker Room

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This was the same month I saw Matt naked in his bathroom (see Bff's to fuckbuddies), Matt was perfect and I was not willing to give up the fantasy anytime soon, but there was an other guy I knew, Kaylum Whitaker; he was the star athlete at my high school (in grade 12).

One night after a tournament, we where the last two in the changing room when he asked me if I was gay. Naturally I said yes, not being a person to lie a lot, he responded with a comment I never expected, "You want to fuck?"

"No, you pig, fuck off!"

"Well that too bad you gay ass SOB!" he responded angrily. With a snap of his fingers, in walked James Hartwell, Sicle Orange, and Cory Bulsy all in my school, all big guys, and all gay. As I tried to leave, they grabbed me and threw me into the shower. Without any lube or a condom Kaylum drove his dick in my ass’ stretching it farther than ever before.

Then James joined him in the back, while Sicle forcefully shoved his dick in my mouth, the whole time Cory held me down. To my painful horror Kaylum and James put both their cocks in my ass at once, causing unbearable pain. About half an hour later they where still going strong and showing no signs of stopping when Sicle hit me in the head with a baseball bat knocking me out cold.

When I woke up five hours later, I was tied to a bed in Cory's house, my as burned and they where still fucking me. By next morning I managed to convince them to let me go, but it was not the last time. I was abused by the same four idiots and this horrible trend kept up for my final high school days--until Cory was killed and the others where beaten to a pulp by a much larger guy they tried to do the same thing with.

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